Chapter 715: The Deal

Chapter 715: The Deal

The treefather did not become angry. Instead, he stared at Li Qiye for a while before replying in a deep tone: “Young Noble Li, you should know that even Ye Qingcheng had beseeched me to become his dao protector. Moreover, I didn’t need to go with him, I was only required to point out his mistakes during his cultivation. By doing so, he would even worship me as his master.”

“Ye Qingcheng? Don’t know who that is.” Li Qiye flatly said: “Besides, I, Li Qiye, am not someone that nobodies can compare to. Treefather, I’ll be frank, you can be called a Godking, an apex existence. You are indeed amazing. However, you still have a long ways to go before reaching true invincibility.”

After her Young Master said such a statement, the madam felt cold sweat running down her back. Someone who was short-tempered would instantly become angry and suppress them.

However, the treefather was not angry at all. He nodded solemnly and said: “Young Noble Li’s words are true. Even in the Stone Medicine World, I am not unbeatable.”

Li Qiye went straight to the point: “Treefather, let me put it this way. If I truly needed someone to work for me, then back at the Giant Bamboo Country, I could have enlightened the Giant Bamboo. It was very willing to follow me; do you think that you are stronger than our Giant Bamboo? I didn’t enlighten it because I hoped for it to continue on forever in this world. In fact, even if Treefather does not agree to pledge allegiance to me, I can still find one or two existences like you in the Stone Medicine World to join my banner.”

Li Qiye paused for a moment before asking: “I left a spot for you, do you know why?”

“I am not clear on this, but I am all ears.” The treefather said slowly.

LI Qiye calmly explained: “The reason is very simple. First, I want to challenge the old villainous heavens. Second, it is because of Empress Hong Tian! Although you only received a portion of that legacy, I hope that one day, the Emperor Suppression Art can follow me to the glorious peak of myriad races and leave its mark!”

The treefather was slightly dazed by this answer. He had many speculations, but none came close to this reason.

He took a deep breath and said: “What does Young Noble Li want my old bones to do?”

Li Qiye responded: “My condition is very simple. I will leave you a general’s spot under my banner! In the future, I want you to sweep through the nine worlds and myriad races for me!”

The madam’s heart started thumping after hearing this. How domineering was this ambition? At this moment, she seemed to be able to see her Young Master standing proudly above all the races.

“So Young Noble Li wants to obtain the Heaven’s Will and become an Immortal Emperor!” The treefather said: “However, your opponents are numerous. Celestial Being Ye Qingcheng and Imperial Edge Mei Aonan — these are the strongest candidates for emperor-hood in this generation. In my opinion, both of them are very likely to become the next emperor.”

“Immortal Emperor?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile and say: “For me, Immortal Emperor is only the beginning. Treefather, there is no need to compare me to just anyone. Whether they are geniuses or fairies, I can’t be bothered with them as long as they do not stand in my path. However, those who try to block me shall be killed without mercy!”

The madam wryly smiled in response. Who were Ye Qingcheng and Mei Aonan? No one among the younger generation would dare to look down on them, but her Young Master simply didn’t pay them any mind.

However, she was confident that her Young Master would definitely be able to look down on existences like these two in the future.

Li Qiye asked: “Treefather, we are all sensible people here. Let us be quick and frank. Just one word, yes or no?”

The treefather looked at Li Qiye with a sagacious glimmer in his eyes. Others would find Li Qiye to be too boastful at this moment. Who was the treefather?! Li Qiye actually asked someone of his level to pledge loyalty to him. This was too irrational and inconceivable!

“Very well, since Young Noble Li is so confident, this old man will take a gamble. I hope that Young Noble will not disappoint me.” The treefather eventually said solemnly.

“One day, you will understand just how wise this decision is. This is definitely the best one you will make in your lifetime.” Li Qiye was very calm. It was as if taking in an existence like the treefather under his banner was not a big deal.

The treefather agreeing to the deal astounded the madam. This was the Allpine Treefather, an unfathomable existence, one of the two great demon forefathers of the Stone Medicine World, an expert whom others called “Godking”!

This would cause a great stir in the world if others were to know that the treefather had joined her Young Master. A Godking as the vanguard — just how tyrannical was this? Anyone would be shocked by such a sight.

Shortly after, Li Qiye and the treefather made a true fate vow at the same time. The treefather swore to always be loyal towards Li Qiye.

After the oaths were taken, Li Qiye told the treefather: “Very well, we’ll get started. Take me there.”

In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye and the treefather flashed and instantly disappeared. The madam didn’t know where they went. She stood there silently, waiting for them to return.

The treefather brought Li Qiye to the deepest part of the Allpine Great Vein, to the most mysterious place underground.

Here, it was as if there was a dragon lying down as boundless worldly energy swirled around like an ocean. Of course, this was not the thing that attracted Li Qiye's attention, he had seen many great veins before.

What drew in his gaze was the world of lightning before him. In this vast area, countless indescribably large roots surrounded the area. They were intertwined and formed the most terrifying prison to surround the endless world of lightning.

These thick streaks of lightning soared like crazed dragons with thunderous explosions everywhere, bombarding the void. It was as if this was the most dangerous and frightening location in the world. This area had become a field of lightning. Once trapped inside, anyone would be instantly incinerated.

The scariest part was that this lightning was created from magical runes. They had come together to form chapters capable of piercing and exploding all things in this world.

The treefather looked at the lightning field ahead and told Li Qiye: “This is the final tribulation that the heavens left behind after it slashed my lifespan. Although I managed to suppress it, I couldn’t dispel it. The lightning field here is my nemesis. It can break all of my suppressive methods.”

“It is not surprising for it to dispel your suppression. The old villainous heavens will not tolerate you.” Li Qiye looked at the lightning field ahead and said: “Your legacy is from the Emperor Suppression Art while the old villainous heavens slashing your lifespan is something that goes counter to it. The runes and chapters inside this lightning field are the opposite of your legacy; they specialize in countering your cultivation, so how could you dispel it?”

“In the beginning, I didn’t quite understand. Later on, I eventually understood the implications within as well.” The treefather gently sighed and said: “Unfortunately, time would not wait for me. If I knew ahead of time that the heavens would slash my lifespan, I could have prepared even more. However, after my life reduction, my blood energy was greatly injured and couldn't reach its peak state. I can only desperately suppress it; I don’t even dare to take a single step away from this place.”

“Don’t worry. After dealing with this tribulation, you will still be able to cultivate. The Allpine Grand Vein is truly a good location. With sufficient time, the worldly energy of this location will bring you back to your peak condition.” Li Qiye spoke while peering at the lightning field.

The treefather also nodded in agreement. The reason why he was able to live for so long was due to the grand vein. Otherwise, no matter how heaven-defying he might be, he still wouldn’t have been able to live until now.

“Let us begin.” Li Qiye told the treefather.

The treefather quickly said: “Do we need to prepare anything? Just let me know if you need any treasures or spirit medicines.”

“No need, we’ll begin now.” Li Qiye shook his head in response.

The treefather readied himself as his expression slightly changed. A thunderous rumble rang as these pillaring branches started to loosen up.

“Boom!” The lightning field was freed from the tree’s suppression and immediately exploded outward. In this instant, it seemed to have their own sentience and rushed towards Li Qiye’s group like an unstoppable tide that covered the entire sky, wishing to drown the two.

Even the treefather was alarmed in the face of such monstrous lightning waves. Without a defensive barrier, they would instantly incinerate him.

“Open!” At this time, Li Qiye cried out. His master palace rushed forward and, with an eruption, it was as if his palace was opening a world.

His tree of life was lush and verdant, his cauldron of life’s flame was scorching, and his pillar of life towered to the sky… With sonorous roars, the runes on the pillar of life began to spin and immediately created an ancient rune.

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