Chapter 714: Origin Of The Emperor Suppression Art

Chapter 714: Origin Of The Emperor Suppression Art

The madam behind Li Qiye was also moved. Just one universal law was able to create the Allpine Treefather. Just how powerful and terrifying was this heaven-defying merit law named “Emperor Suppression Art”?

“I have always been comprehending this law. It was not until I reached the top that I finally derived all of its profound mysteries. At that point, I discovered the runes that had the name of this law, the Emperor Suppression Art.” The treefather explained.

“The Emperor Suppression Art, a cultivation method capable of suppressing Immortal Emperors.” Li Qiye quietly mused. He became quiet and recalled the past once more.

His words left the treefather and the madam astonished. Immortal Emperors were invincible in this world. Could someone actually manage to suppress them?

The treefather took a deep breath and had to ask: “This art can suppress Immortal Emperors?”

Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head to say: “I am not looking down on you, but you definitely won’t be able to do so. Of course, that woman is another story. Your Emperor Suppression Art is only a very small part of the complete technique.”

“So that is the case.” The treefather stated: “Nevertheless, this Emperor Suppression Art made me who I am today, so I am already very satisfied.”

“Your attitude is admirable. Perhaps it is because of this that you are able to have today’s accomplishments, it wasn’t just a coincidence.” Li Qiye smiled while gazing at the distance.

“I wonder if Young Noble Li can inform me about which lineage my legacy art came from?” Li Qiye still hadn’t revealed his art’s origin, so he looked at Li Qiye longingly.

For the rest of the world, the treefather’s cultivation was from self-enlightenment, but the treefather knew the truth in his heart. Although the treefather couldn’t leave Allpine Mountain, he had ordered his disciples to pay some attention to see if there were any lineages or merit laws in this world that were similar to them. However, after so many years, none of his disciples were able to see a merit law from the same branch as them.

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and looked at the treefather, saying: “It is fine to tell you. This Emperor Suppression Art came from Empress Hong Tian.” [1. Empress Hong Tian = Vast Heaven Empress, definitely a majestic title.]

“Empress Hong Tian…” The madam lost her voice and exclaimed after hearing this name.

Even the treefather was shocked: “The Empress Hong Tian Young Noble Li is talking about is the person who destroyed the legendary Divine Beast Realm!”

“Yes, that is her.” Li Qiye murmured. He suddenly felt a bit dejected as he secretly sighed. Hong Tian… Hong Tian…

The madam was astonished. Empress Hong Tian — this name was too shocking and carried too much weight. For millions of years, Immortal Emperors came and went, and some of the emperors were also women.

However, when it came to Empress Hong Tian, even other Immortal Emperors would quiver! There was a saying in the future generations: if there was someone in this world who could compare to Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, then it would definitely be Empress Hong Tian! [2. Jiao Heng = Proud Domination.]

The empress swept through myriad realms and suppressed the heavens. During her era, every existence and lineage perpetually trembled in fear!

Someone once said that Empress Hong Tian was the most powerful emperor in this world while others argued that Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng was the strongest. No one had an answer for this debate.

However, one thing was certain; though millions of years have passed, the name “Empress Hong Tian” was still a deterring force and a cause for fear. One could imagine just how powerful she was back in that era.

“Empress Hong Tian... Her legends include massacring the Thousand Emperors Gate and destroying the Divine Beast Realm.” The absent-minded treefather didn’t think that his legacy had such a grand origin.

“That’s nothing.” Li Qiye lightly said. For Empress Hong Tian back then, nothing was impossible. To be more exact, there was nothing that those two couldn’t do.

This included attacking the Immortal Demon Grotto! However, there were always some matters that couldn’t be helped in this world. Due to a few circumstances, they eventually parted ways.

“I don’t know too much about the Thousand Emperors Gate back in the Mortal Emperor World.” The treefather had to say: “But the Divine Beast Realm... This was the mythical lineage with a divine beast! A real divine beast! Alas, they still couldn’t escape the fate of being annihilated. In the legends, the Divine Beast Realm ruled over the Stone Medicine World for countless moons. Back in that era, even the Alchemy Kingdom was nothing compared to the Divine Beast Realm.”

The treefather sighed here before continuing: “Although I had not seen its strength, the old alchemist of the Alchemy Kingdom told me about it. No one was without fear of that realm during their era.”

The madam felt a chill after hearing this old story. In the present day, the Alchemy Kingdom was a monster that could be said to be untouchable by any lineage or existence. People wouldn’t be able to imagine an even more terrifying and powerful lineage. The Divine Beast Realm… a lineage that actually had a real divine beast!

Although many lineages have Divine Beast Protectors, they were not real divine beasts. Even the Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan couldn’t have real divine beasts. Their beasts only had the bloodline of real divine beasts.

A lineage with a real one was beyond imagination. What was even more inconceivable was that this lineage with a real divine beast was actually destroyed at the hands of Empress Hong Tian! How terrifying was this matter? One could only visualize the battle that was fought — stomping on an eternal lineage and killing a divine beast.

After hearing this old tale, the name “Empress Hong Tian” left an indelible impression on the madam.

“In this world, even a lineage that is more powerful than the current ones would not be invincible. An older lineage will not be eternal. Whether to continue passing on their teachings or not is up to them.” Li Qiye smiled dismissively.

Only he knew the inside story regarding the destruction of the Thousand Emperors Gate and the Divine Beast Realm. The battles of those years frightened the nine worlds and its inhabitants as its influence swept through everywhere.

The treefather gently sighed. After living for so long, of course he had seen the rise and fall, the beginnings and ends of many sects.

“Well, everything on my end has been taken care of.” Li Qiye smiled and said while looking at the treefather: “We can talk about your problem now. I can definitely deal with it, and you will definitely be able to separate from the Allpine Grand Vein. Moreover, living for this generation would not be an issue.”

“Really…?” Upon hearing this, the treefather was immediately ecstatic. No news could be better than this. After being punished by the heavens, he couldn’t even leave this place because he had to constantly suppress this grand tribulation underground. If not, it would destroy all things, including this Allpine Mountain that he had nurtured for millions of years.

Although he managed to keep his suppression in check, recently, it was becoming more powerful. If this continued, he wouldn’t just only die from old age, the entire mountain would also be destroyed.

“This is certainly true. I can guarantee to solve your issue without leaving behind any future complications.” Li Qiye calmly stated as if he had known everything beforehand.

The treefather looked at this young man ahead and didn’t know what to say.

“Oh? You don’t believe me?” Li Qiye calmly said: “If you don’t believe me, then there’s nothing I can do. It is fine to not accept this deal.”

The treefather took a deep breath and said: “I believe! The old heavens will always create a miracle.” The Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan were not able to solve his problem. And if these existences were not able to do so, then it was even more inconceivable for a junior like Li Qiye to. However, the treefather still chose to trust Li Qiye. Like he said, the old heavens would create a miracle.

To this, Li Qiye responded with a shake of his head: “In my eyes, the old heavens have never created a miracle. Only I, Li Qiye, will be able to create a miracle!”

How overbearing were these words? The treefather had seen countless young geniuses. Some were extremely brilliant across the eons, but none of them were as domineering as the one before him.

The treefather took a deep breath and solemnly stated: “What is Young Noble Li’s condition? Just say the word and my Allpine Mountain will meet your demands.” After living for so long, he naturally understood that there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

Li Qiye calmly replied: “My condition is very simple. Right now, I am missing a powerful Virtuous Paragon, and you just so happen to be the right man for the spot. What do you think?”

The treefather looked at Li Qiye and asked in a serious tone: “Young Noble Li is trying to say that you want me to be your dao protector?”

Li Qiye met his gaze and slowly spoke: “Treefather, this Li Qiye is not trying to look down on you. These words might be difficult to listen to, but if I really wanted to find a dao protector, then an Immortal Emperor would barely meet the requirements. Other people are not qualified to do so. Only I can be the dao protector of others, no one can be my dao protector.”

These unbelievably arrogant words left the treefather speechless. Even the madam standing next to him couldn’t help but smile awkwardly, but she was almost used to this attitude.

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