Chapter 711: A Mighty Showing

Chapter 711: A Mighty Showing

Li Qiye’s brazen words caused many of the spectators to take deep breaths. Ever since the treefather had reached his current level, countless lineages were wary of him, even imperial lineages like the Alchemy Kingdom. They had to tread with respect whenever they dealt with the treefather.

Even a Virtuous Paragon wouldn’t dare to offend the treefather, but now, a nobody like Li Qiye dared to utter such words at Allpine Mountain. Only Li Qiye would be able to do this.

The Maple King’s expression changed for the worse. He had ruled the mountain for so long and until now, no one had ever dared to challenge them like this. Li Qiye, alone, was daring to speak such contemptuous words. Despite his good temperament and great self-restraint, the Maple King’s fury simply couldn’t be described with words.

“Such a big tone!” The Maple King coldly said: “Young Noble Li, my Allpine Mountain will warn you one last time. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite. If you don’t comply, then we will take action. As for whether you get injured or die... You must bear the responsibility of your choice!”

At this moment, Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he chuckled to say: “Your Allpine Mountain scheming against me is truly unwise. It is your mountain’s honor to be graced with my presence for this birthday celebration, yet you actually dared to make a move against me — this is truly not knowing life from death. When I, Li Qiye, don’t come to cause trouble, even the heavens would have to show its gratitude. But now, you dare ask me to bow down? Very well, so what if it is a birthday? It is time to wash this place with blood.”

“Begin.” With a cold countenance, the Maple King and the majority of the experts from the mountain rearranged themselves into an archaic formation. This defensive formation was like a dense forest and covered the entire peak.

“No tears until sighting the coffin.” Li Qiye’s pupils flashed with a cold glint! In this instant, his death energy emerged with the activated Death Chapter. It unleashed an amazing power that caused the energy on the skeleton of the God-Monarch to surge like a river. [1. It is saying that people don’t repent or realize the gravity of the situation until it is too late.]

“Ooo!” The Dark Mantis God-Monarch let out a long roar. This cry was terrifying, it caused a sonic wave to pierce the sky and continue onward for countless miles all the way to the firmament, drowning the stars.

“Pop!” Under the impact of the sonic wave, the supreme formation of the Maple King’s army was instantly destroyed. All of the experts were blown flying away for hundreds to thousands of miles. Blood spurted everywhere as they were all left with grave injuries! Heavenly Kings were not even worth mentioning.

Even the guests watching in the far distance were affected by this terrifying sonic wave; they were blown away as well. Fortunately, the power of this roar had diminished by the time it reached them. Otherwise, many of these guests would have been injured.

Such a scene sent chills down everyone’s spines. This skeletal mantis was way too strong! Allpine Mountain’s great formation was instantly shattered. Just how unbeatable and overbearing was this thing?

People shivered and wondered about just how strong this mantis would have been back when it was alive. After all, it was already this strong in death!

In fact, this was no surprise. This mantis had the title of God-Monarch, so one could imagine just how powerful it was back when it was still alive. When it was still alive, not to mention ancestors from the great powers, even legendary masters were no match for it.

Although it had died millions of years ago, it was still very formidable after being summoned. Even if it was not as strong as it was in the past, killing Heavenly Kings was still a piece of cake for it.

“Boom! Boom!” Untouchable auras erupted from several peaks of Allpine Mountain. The auras of a group of Virtuous Paragon soared to the sky, making many weak in the legs. Very few could remain standing straight.

“A few ancestors from Allpine Mountain are about to come into being...” The masses trembled with fear after feeling the paragons’ auras reaching into the sky.

Although the treefather was the most famous existence in Allpine Mountain, in the past millions of years, his camp had also produced several Virtuous Paragons.

“Virtuous Paragons…” Li Qiye didn’t look at the Maple King and his experts who were blown away. He gazed at the auras of the paragons soaring to the sky. He narrowed his eyes and chuckled as he spoke: “In that case, gaze at my dao of slaughter! Let me bathe this ground with blood!”

Having said that, the Death Chapter’s energy overflowed like a heavenly waterfall and powered the God-Monarch. An endless amount of death energy instantly blessed the mantis’ skeleton.

“Zzzzz—” With a buzzing sound, the mark of the Dark Mantis appeared in the sky with divine halos floating around its body. A shadow that wore a God-Monarch Crown actually appeared around this skeleton as if it had been reborn.

The moment this shadow emerged, the aura of a God-Monarch swept through the entire Allpine Mountain as if one had arrived. Countless beings trembled fearfully under this aura. Even the combined auras of the paragons was not as strong as this one aura from the monarch.

“Even Virtuous Paragons cannot halt my advance.” Li Qiye calmly uttered while he stood still.

Dread infiltrated the hearts of the spectators after witnessing this mark of the mantis in the sky. All of them felt cold chills throughout their bodies.

No one knew how Li Qiye was able to control this Dark Mantis God-Monarch, but this skeleton alone was absolutely capable of slaughtering Heavenly Kings like pigs.

“Seal!” When everyone at Allpine Mountain was still overwhelmed with horror due to the aura of the God-Monarch, an ancient voice suddenly came out from the depths of the mountain.

The moment this voice appeared, a supreme scripture descended from the sky and instantly suppressed the monarch from above. The monarch roared and wanted to attack this scripture, but it still couldn’t counter the suppression. With a popping sound, the monarch went back to the ground and suddenly disappeared due to the seal.

“Allpine Treefather...” Li Qiye became serious after seeing this scripture suppressing the monarch. In this moment, his gaze seemingly pierced across countless eons and fell upon a peak in Allpine Mountain.

“Allpine Treefather…” After hearing this name, many people shivered as countless eyes looked towards the deepest part of the mountain, towards a certain place.

The Allpine Treefather was a very powerful name in the Stone Medicine World. He was an existence at the top that still lived in this world.

In the other lineages such as the Alchemy Kingdom or the Jianlong Clan, they definitely had top level existences like the treefather buried underground. However, in the current Stone Medicine World, only the treefather was still alive.

It was easy to see just how terrifying and heaven-defying the treefather was to cause the Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan to treat him with respect.

And now, the treefather had personally taken action, causing many guests to feel fear in their hearts.

The guests subconsciously stared at Li Qiye. A junior like him wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble now that the treefather personally took action. Among the younger generation, even someone as supreme as the celestial being, Ye Qingcheng, still wouldn't be able to do anything!

“So it’s finally the old man’s turn to take action.” However, when everyone thought that Li Qiye was doomed, he was still as calm as ever, showing no fear towards the treefather.

“Everyone, return.” However, the next event surprised all the guests. The ancient voice of the treefather came again as he gave his command to the Allpine disciples.

After his command, all the auras of the paragons disappeared. These paragons who wanted to take action all became silent and stood still.

“Young Noble Li is an esteemed guest, there has been a misunderstanding.” The ancient voice rang again: “How about Young Noble Li come to my place to resolve this misunderstanding?”

The moment the treefather’s words came out, two pine branches stretched out from the far distance and came before Li Qiye. These two pine branches were like spirit dragons intertwined together and instantly created a wooden bridge.

This wooden bridge next to Li Qiye’s feet would bring him straight to the treefather's place. This scene caused many guests to hold their breaths as they waited for Li Qiye to make a move.

What kind of existence was the treefather? He was one who could be praised as a supreme Godking! Even big shots from the previous generation weren’t qualified to meet the treefather, let alone the younger generation.

But now, the treefather wanted to personally meet Li Qiye. This was quite perplexing to many here. What outstanding virtues did Li Qiye have to warrant this meeting?

“Since this is the case, why not?” Li Qiye looked at the bridge in front of him, chuckled, and spoke. Afterward, he boarded his carriage again.

This response left many people speechless. They all considered meeting the treefather as a great honor. After the treefather reached the peak, countless great demons and even monarchs with unparalleled talents came wanting to meet him, but they couldn’t.

Today, the treefather initiated the meeting with a nobody like Li Qiye, but his response was completely nonchalant and without a care. If it was any other youth, they would be overwhelmed with excitement.

Madam Zi Yan also sat on the carriage and took the reins. In fact, there was no need for her to do anything since the Imperial Draco-Bull immediately pulled the carriage towards the wooden bridge to head for the treefather’s dwelling.

All the guests watched the carriage until it eventually disappeared from their sight.

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