Chapter 708: Immortal Devouring Evil Jar

Chapter 708: Immortal Devouring Evil Jar

“Little animal, I will grind your bones into dust and tear you to pieces!” The Heavenhoof Elder was livid after being mocked like this by Li Qiye; his expression was unsightly to the extreme. He roared as his blood energy became as vast as an ocean. The moment he took a step forward, others would feel as if the world was collapsing. A terrifying momentum appeared, causing people to feel as if their bodies were about to burst.

“Wow, incredible. Even though Elder Fu specializes in alchemy, his cultivation is quite scary as well. He’s actually a Myriad King! If he could take a step forward to become a Life King and defeat his Life Reduction, then he would be able to live for another ten thousand years.” Many cultivators standing to the side became emotional after seeing the Heavenhoof Elder take action.

The ravine had many characters like this Elder Fu. Moreover, he was far from being the strongest among its elders, and yet he was already a Myriad King. This was enough to show how powerful the ravine was.

When Elder Fu was approaching Li Qiye, a cold scowl appeared on his face. The madam stepped forward and instantly soared through the crowd to act as a shield in front of Li Qiye.

“Elder Fu, if you want to fight, then I will entertain you.” Madam Zi Yan, who was always benevolent, was now fierce and decisive. Despite her gentle nature, she was still decisive when it mattered due to being a great Demon King!

Elder Fu stared at the madam and slowly said: “Madam Zi Yan, although you have become a Demon King with great prestige in the Alchemy Realm, you need to know your own strength! Your power, at best, is only at the Thousand King’s realm. Do you think you can handle all of us on your own? Even if the Alchemy Saint and the others do not get involved, I alone am more than enough to take you down!” [1. Heavenly King realms: Hundred King, Thousand King, Myriad King, Life King, Earth King, Heaven’s Equal King.]

At this point, the eager crowd was watching to see how this storm would end.

Although the words of Elder Fu came out contemptuously, they were not without logic. The madam was the ruler of a country and was extremely brilliant and powerful among her generation. It was incredible that she was able to reach the Heavenly King realm at such an age.

Nevertheless, her cultivation was indeed not as strong as Elder Fu’s. Moreover, he was an elder from the previous generation. Whether it was his battle prowess or experience, they were all superior to the madam’s. In addition, he was an elder from an imperial lineage and cultivated emperor laws. This was something that normal great powers couldn’t compare to.

The Alchemy Saint raised his voice and declared: “Madam Zi Yan, all of us respect you as a king. However, a villain like Li Qiye is not worthy of your protection. His wanton actions are outrageous. A cruel and vicious person like him should be severely punished. You have to give the ravine an answer for him murdering the Vinepill King. Give the people of this world an answer as well!”

The Huangfu High Elder also snorted and coldly added: “Madam Zi Yan, although your cultivation is not bad, don’t forget that even though you are a Thousand King, it is not much compared to Brother Fu.”

The Alchemy Saint’s group all wanted to capture Li Qiye alive. A dead Li Qiye was of no value to them; only by capturing him alive would they be able to maximize his value. They naturally didn’t hope for the madam to take action. Although they were certain of defeating her, if Li Qiye were able to escape, that would make it more problematic.

“Is that so? Since this is the case, I would like to try the emperor laws from the ravine.” The madam calmly spoke. Although she was a woman, she was still able to uphold an entire realm by herself. She stood before Li Qiye with an impregnable momentum.

“Such a big tone, I also want to see if the Giant Bamboo Country has anything special in its repertoire!” With a cold expression, Elder Fu took a step forward, accompanied by his destructive aura.

The madam’s eyes became serious as a violet aura rushed to the sky like a towering, purple bamboo tree. She slowly spoke: “Since all of you wish to follow this through, then we’ll end it here. All of you, come together so that we don’t have to waste time."

This bold statement caused many people to glance at each other. Many knew that the Giant Bamboo Country had always maintained a low profile and didn’t compete with the world. However, the madam was now challenging the Crystallized Sea Sect, the Heavenhoof Ravine, and the Huangfu Clan just because of a junior named Li Qiye. How domineering was this?!

“Madam Zi Yan, you are too arrogant! You think you alone can challenge all of us?” The Huangfu High Elder immediately became angry. Her actions were simply shaming him, so he uttered: “Just I, alone, am enough to take you down!”

“Omm—” However, a buzzing sound appeared at this split second. The madam opened her fate palace, and a jar emerged. The moment this jar opened, it signaled the opening of a world of darkness.

This jar was entirely black with flashing black glimmers that would frighten even people’s souls. The coming of this jar marked the beginning of a dark world ruled by an evil god. Faint howls emanated from within, stirring the souls of the listeners. It was as if there were immortals inside being refined into nothingness.

“The Immortal Devouring Evil Jar!” Even Elder Fu, who came from a sect with two emperors, was frightened at the sight of the jar floating above the madam’s head. He was forced to take several steps back!

“That is the Immortal Devouring Evil Jar?” Although the Huangfu High Elder and the Alchemy Saint didn’t recognize this jar, the moment they heard Elder Fu, their expressions greatly changed as they unconsciously staggered several steps backward as well.

The name of this jar was foreign to many people, especially the younger crowd. Very few had seen it before since it had always been hidden in the Giant Bamboo Country.

“What is the Immortal Devouring Evil Jar? Is it that terrifying?” Among the spectators in the distance, a young cultivator who had never heard of the jar’s notorious name asked his senior.

A Heavenly King from the previous generation gazed at the evil jar. His face was also shaken as he answered his junior: “It’s not just terrifying… Although no one has ever seen its true power, anyone would be dreadful of it. Legend states that it is the defining treasure that guards the Giant Bamboo Country, an item with an unknown origin that’s rarely seen by the rest of the world. Another tale claims that this jar had once refined an ancient True Immortal, but no one knows if this is true or not.”

After hearing such a story, anyone would have to take a deep breath. Refining an ancient True Immortal… this was too frightening! Keep in mind that the world had never seen a True Immortal before.

The madam coldly stared at her opponents and uttered: “I wonder if Elder Fu had brought a true treasure from Immortal Emperor Qilin or Immortal Emperor Jin She or not!” [2. Qilin = Qilin. Jin She = Golden Serpent.]

At this point, the madam was no longer the woman who was as gentle as water and instead was a Demon King ready to kill!

Elder Fu’s expression became unsightly as he retorted: “Do you think you are unbeatable with just this evil jar?”

With two emperors, the Heavenhoof Ravine was one of the strongest demon lineages in the Stone Medicine World. Both of their emperors were demons; Immortal Emperor Qilin was the first while Immortal Emperor Jin She was the second.

Although the ravine had Immortal Emperor True Treasures, items of this level were the sect’s defining artifacts. Even the ravine would not easily give these weapons to the traveling Elder Fu.

“You are correct.” The madam glanced over them and tyrannically declared: “Elder Fu, even if you have an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure on you right now, it still wouldn’t be enough to enter my sight. You would either have to bring a true treasure or become a Virtuous Paragon right this instant in order to match me!”

The madam’s domineering aura filled the sky. Normally, she carried herself in an amiable manner in front of everyone. However, it seemed that after following Li Qiye, she had been infected by his aggressive attitude.

“Madam Zi Yan, do you think you can rampage everywhere with just one treasure?” The Alchemy Saint sneered: “Not to mention the invincible ravine, my Crystallized Sea Sect’s true treasure alone is enough to suppress you!”

“That is a matter of the future. We can talk about it when you actually bring out a true treasure.” The madam aggressively declared: “But now, either all of you come together or get the hell out of here!” She was ready to kill at a moment’s notice.

The madam’s domineering aura and her courage to shout at her opponent left them — and even many spectators from afar — shocked from surprise.

No great powers would dare to oppose these imperial lineages. Even when they were wronged, they would still choose to acquiesce because once they opposed these imperial lineages, at best, they would come out heavily wounded. The worst case scenario would be complete destruction!

But now, the always-peaceful Madam Zi Yan of the Giant Bamboo Country was acting extremely aggressively and actually challenged the ravine’s group, so how could people not be astonished?

“You!” Elder Fu’s group was shaking with anger as all of their expressions paled. This was simply humiliating them!

However, they had to admit that the evil jar was very frightening. The damnedest thing was that they didn’t bring along items that could stop the evil jar since they came for the birthday celebration. Elder Fu didn’t bring along a life treasure, let alone a true treasure of an Immortal Emperor.

It could be said that in just a moment, all of their plans were derailed. They didn’t expect for the madam to be carrying the Giant Bamboo Country’s defining treasure!

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