Chapter 703: Secret

Chapter 703: Secret

“Stop!” Right when Li Qiye placed the cloth above the fire, a cry came from the cloth. In the end, she caved in.

Li Qiye moved the cloth away from the fire and placed it back on the table while smilingly saying: “This is more like it. A sensible person is the true hero, right?”

“You wretched, despicable, vile, nasty, shameless bastard…” The small shadow was especially unhappy with Li Qiye’s threat and unleashed a barrage of insults. It seemed that she was spewing out all the crude words she knew to paint Li Qiye as the most heinous villain in the world.

Li Qiye didn’t care at all and propped up his chin while quietly listening to her insults as if the person being cursed had nothing to do with him.

After letting it all out, the shadow finally tired and stopped. Meanwhile, Li Qiye was still as cheerful as before. He said with a smile: “If you are tired from cursing and want to stop, then please tell me the method, I am more than willing to listen.”

The shadow on the cloth scowled and said: “Hmph! Bastard, listen well, this lord will only say this once. If you don’t understand, then don’t blame me for not making it clear.”

“Please, I’m all ears.” Li Qiye wasn’t angry at all. It was rare for him to have such a good temper and joyous mood.

The shadow had no other choice. Even if she didn’t want to tell Li Qiye, she still had to reveal the method to look at the words on the cloth.

After learning the method, Li Qiye immediately unfolded the cloth. In the blink of an eye, word after word from an ancient era emerged. A few archaic pictures appeared as well. Both the ancient words and pictures were records of a few extremely earth-shattering secrets of the past that were unbeknownst to all.

“Good, good, so this was the case.” Li Qiye had a dignified expression while examining the text. He would occasionally hit the table in exclamation after looking at these diagrams.

For countless years, Li Qiye knew more secrets than anyone else. For the ones without answers, he formulated his own theories regarding them. For these unknowns, he had started to find some clues, but now he was able to uncover the answers to some of them from this cloth, causing him to be extremely happy.

After carefully reading all the writings and examining all the pictures, he finally heaved a long sigh. He had already guessed some of these matters beforehand.

Li Qiye smiled and told the little shadow from within the cloth: “Maybe I can lend you a hand with your troubles.”

“Really?” The shadow was not very welcoming of Li Qiye; her cautious attitude was even more apparent. She had lost to him just now, so how could she not be on guard towards him?

“How about you tell me your stories? For example, why are you imprisoned in this thing? Who was the one who placed such a nefarious curse on you?” Li Qiye inquired with a grin.

The shadow didn’t seem to be interested and responded drily: “Who wants to tell you!”

Li Qiye continued on cheerfully: “How should I put this? Trust is built upon mutual understanding, correct? If you want to trust me, or if you want to earn my trust, then don’t you think you should tell me about your past? Then, maybe I can get you off the hook.”

The small shadow replied in a cold tone: “Is that so? Wait until you can go to… that place, then we can talk again. Hmph! Even if you can reach that place, how can I trust you?”

“Aizz, I am such a good and trustworthy person, yet I have to suffer such unwarranted suspicions. This is truly hurtful.” Li Qiye movingly stated.

The shadow only snorted and didn’t say anything else.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Of course, I am a patient person, especially when it comes to certain matters. I can wait for several million years. If you think it through one day, then you can come tell me at any time and discuss it. I am a person who readily accepts good advice.”

There was no response from the cloth. It was as if the little shadow was now completely ignoring him.

Li Qiye only smiled as he put the cloth back. It was just as he said, he was a patient person. One day, the shadow would have to ask for his assistance.

After obtaining a few secrets from the cloth, Li Qiye went into seclusive cultivation for three full days. Of course, the secrets from the cloth were not merit laws, they were only some ultimate secrets that outsiders would never know.

During this time, he began scheming for a way. He required an extremely grand plan. Of course, only he would know of this grand plan.

The madam didn’t want to bother him during this period. She didn’t know what her Young Master was doing.

On the second day of Li Qiye’s cultivation, Tie Yi finally returned and crawled out of the ground. He met the madam who was acting as a guard for Li Qiye.

“Hahaha, Your Majesty Zi Yan, please do not misunderstand. This little demon is only working for Young Noble, I am not a bad person.” Tie Yi hurriedly introduced himself after noticing the extremely sharp gaze from the madam.

The madam glanced at him and slowly said: “Young Master is currently cultivating and will not be seeing anyone right now.”

“Then this lowly one will just have to wait a bit.” Tie Yi was very sensible with his response. If he acted in a way that aroused even the slightest bit of suspicion, then the madam would immediately attack him. Because of this, he obediently stayed on the other side of the valley and didn’t take any frivolous actions.

After three days passed, the squeaking of the doors signaled that Li Qiye had finally come out of his meditation. He appeared to be quite fatigued as if he had just fought a great battle against an enemy.

“Young Master, are you alright?” The madam worriedly asked after seeing his fatigued appearance.

Li Qiye only slightly shook his head. He then saw Tie Yi, who was on the other side of the valley.

“Young Noble, you finally came out!” Tie Yi immediately came to greet Li Qiye after seeing him come out and excitedly said: “This lowly one didn’t let you down and obtained some results.”

Li Qiye looked at Tie Yi for a bit before telling the madam: “Zi Yan, I am a bit busy right now. You should take a stroll to relax if you have time.”

The madam understood that her Young Master had something to do and left without a word. Li Qiye opened the door and let Tie Yi enter.

Inside the room, Tie Yi solemnly took out a treasure box and told Li Qiye: “It was really incredible. That place was like a maze of thunder, no one can possibly take even half a step inside.” With that, he told Li Qiye everything he saw.

After listening to the story, Li Qiye’s eyes became serious as he stroked his chin and murmured: “A bit interesting, it seems that the Allpine Treefather is not having a good time.”

“Haha, this lowly one took a great risk and got something for Young Noble from there. Young Noble, take a careful look, maybe you can gain something from it.” Tie Yi raised the treasure box with both of his hands and respectfully handed it over to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye accepted the box and looked at Tie Yi, then he chuckled and said: “It seems that you are quite amazing as well. You were able to sneak inside without being detected by the forefather, and you even managed to take the item there. Such ability is extremely rare, I only know one secret art that would allow for this.”

Tie Yi wryly smiled and said: “Young Master is funny. I am only a little demon, me successfully acquiring this little thing was only due to your great fortune and protection.”

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t respond to Tie Yi’s flattery. Afterward, he casually took out a list and handed it over to Tie Yi before speaking: “Since you work for me, I will not mistreat you. You can count on me for your problem. The spirit medicines on this list aren’t that rare; you can go gather all of them. Whether you buy or rob them, that is up to you… After that, there are one or two important leading ingredients that can only be obtained from the main vein of the Alchemy Kingdom. At that time, you will go with me to the kingdom, and after picking the missing ingredients, I will refine the medicine for you.”

After hearing Li Qiye, Tie Yi became a bit jumpy. With a sluggish demeanor, he said: “To the Alchemy Kingdom? The Alchemy Vein is under the control of the imperial family.”

After seeing his expression, Li Qiye looked at him again and asked: “Is there a problem?”

Tie Yi coughed and rubbed his palms together awkwardly with a slightly embarrassed expression while saying: “There is no problem, it is only that this lowly one has heard that it is not easy to meet the imperial family of the Alchemy Kingdom. I wonder if they will meet us or not.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. It is not up to them to decide.” Li Qiye looked at Tie Yi and said: “Don’t tell me you are afraid of going to the Alchemy Kingdom?”

“Ah, Young Noble has seen right through me.” Tie Yi coughed and responded with an awkward demeanor: “Young Noble should know that a little demon like this lowly one has never seen the world before. My legs shake whenever I see a grand character.”

Having said that, Tie Yi swallowed his saliva and forced a smile to say: “Young Noble, you should also know what kind of existence the Alchemy Kingdom is. One sect, three emperors — the most monstrous existence in the Alchemy Realm! The imperial family is unreachable like immortals up in the nine heavens.”

Li Qiye glared at him and said: “Stop blabbering and get to the point.”

Tie Yi maintained his awkward expression while responding: “Young Noble, you should know that I am only a lowly character, I will fall and defecate myself the moment I see matchless members of the imperial family. While I might not be able to get back up, Young Noble is different. You are a one-and-only genius across the ages with no peers, the most majestic and supreme of them all. What if I embarrass myself and stain your reputation?”

“Do you think that I won’t twist you like fried dough if you keep blabbering on and on?” Li Qiye gave him a look and slowly said: “I don’t want to hear this crap. I want to hear something substantial, understand?” [1. The raw is, “I want to hear the words of a man, do you know what that is?” This is a Chinese expression that won’t make too much sense. Li Qiye is saying that the guy is bullshitting way too much, and he only wants to have a real conversation with him. This can be really insulting in a more regular setting because it would imply that the other party is an animal. This particular usage is not as offensive.]

“Haha, Young Noble misunderstood me.” Tie Yi quickly laughed as he had no other choice. He lowered his head and honestly said: “Young Noble, you are willing to make the medicine for me; I am very grateful and will always remember this in my heart. However, I am only a little demon and do not have the courage to enter the Alchemy Kingdom. How about Young Noble let me wait outside the Alchemy Kingdom’s border until after Young Noble grabs those ingredients, then we’ll reconvene?”

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