Chapter 70: Scheming (2)

Seeing the silence of the other elders, Cao Xiong wanted to strike while the iron was still hot; he continued: “If this was only a misunderstanding, it won’t be a grave punishment. We should sentence him to the Ghost Pavilion to meditate, facing a wall for half a year for being reckless and handling affairs impulsively!”

Hearing Cao Xiong’s words, Elder Sun grimaced, and he said: “Ghost Pavilion?”

Cao Xiong went on: “Even though the Ghost Pavilion appears to be sinister, but it is without danger. First Brother had experienced it himself, so I don’t need to say more. If we make him wall meditate in a different location, I’m afraid the other disciples will laugh at us for being too easy on him! Personally, I feel that the Ghost Pavilion is the most appropriate.”

At this point, Cao Xiong looked at Li Qiye, and he said: “Plus, Li Qiye is protected by the Patriarch. Him going to the Ghost Pavilion is extremely fitting. The Ghost Pavilion was the area where the Patriarch suppressed evil ghosts and foreign Dao; this is just in time to borrow the Patriarch’s heavenly aura again to suppress the Ghost Pavilion!”

Within the elders, Elder Sun was the most supportive of Li Qiye. He said while he frowned: “This… This matter is not fine.”

During the moment when Gu Tieshou was still hesitating, Li Qiye glanced at Cao Xiong, smiled, and he calmly said: “Since I have the Patriarch’s blessing, then what is there to be afraid of? Ghost Pavilion? So be it; this disciple is willing to accept this punishment!”

Staring at Li Qiye for a moment, Gu Tieshou nodded his head in the end, and he said: “Fine, since you are willing, then it will be the Ghost Pavilion. We’ll sentence you to wall meditation in the Ghost Pavilion for half a year; Protector Mo will be the overseer!”

Gu Tieshou’s arrangement was simply excellent. Instead of saying that Protector Mo would be supervising Li Qiye, it is more accurate to say that Protector Mo would be protecting him.

After the verdict, Gu Tieshou said in a serious manner: “Li Qiye’s actions are reckless and completely deserving of punishment. Sectional Leader Zhou instigating the whole event, also needs to be punished. Without the ignorance and foolishness of Zhou, the group of Protector Hu wouldn’t have died in vain! So, take away his position, and he will no longer be assigned to any duties in the sect.”

Hearing this decision, Cao Xiong’s heart was bleeding blood. He had lost two disciples and three loyal sectional leaders. Currently at his side were a few loyal hounds that were willing to do his bidding. The removal of Zhou’s sectional leader seat was a big loss to him. However, at this moment, he had no choice but to acquiesce; if one couldn’t bear the small matters, then it would ruin the grand scheme.

“Sectional Leader Zhou is ignorant and foolish, I also agree with big brother’s decision.” Cao Xiong gritted his teeth, and he accepted Gu Tieshou’s decision.

Even Cao Xiong had already accepted, so the other elders didn’t need to say anything. The decision became unanimously agreed upon.

The decision of the elders was quickly announced to all. In a flash, each and all of the disciples of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had heard news of this. Many couldn’t help but be without words because this matter was incredible.

At the moment when Li Qiye had joined the sect, there were countless disciples that laughed at him with disdain. Now, Li Qiye had killed three sectional leaders, one protector, and even Leng Shizhi, who was considered the number one genius disciple of the sect. This was an unspeakable matter.

What was even more frightening was that even though Li Qiye committed such a huge crime, the punishment was very light. This changed the expressions of many disciples and sectional leaders. At this moment, they were able to feel a different atmosphere.

As for the elite disciples of the sect, they were warned by their masters and protectors to not openly discuss this matter. Regarding the Dao instruction in Li Qiye’s dreams, this was a secret with a gag order from the elders. Outside of the elders and protectors, others didn’t have the right to ask or know about this matter!

Regarding this matter, in reality, the five elders had secretly discussed this. This was a decision made after the matter of Li Qiye’s punishment; Cao Xiong was excluded.

This was not a formal meeting, but it was privately discussed. Before the meeting, all five of the elders secretly sneaked out.

At that moment, Elder Sun made a suggestion: “We should let Li Qiye practice the Daylight Sky Merit Law!”

Elder Qian also nodded his head in agreement: “This we can do. The Patriarch protects Li Qiye, and he teaches him the Dao in his dreams. If we let him practices the Daylight Sky Merit Law, maybe we could obtain our Heaven’s Will Secret Law again!”

When Immortal Emperor Min Ren carried the Heaven’s Will, he was able to create a Heaven’s Will Secret Law; it was one of a kind. A Heaven’s Will Secret Law was the highest achievement in the life of an Immortal Emperor, and its power greatly exceeded the other Emperor merit laws. Heaven’s Will Secret law, one could say that it carries the Heaven’s Will godly aura!

Immortal Emperor Min Ren had left behind his secret law to the sect; unfortunately, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect lost this invincible secret law later on.

Currently, Li Qiye could be taught by the Patriarch in his dream, so all of the elders were hoping that they could find the Heaven’s Will Secret Law through Li Qiye. If they could regain this secret law, to the declining sect, it would be – without a doubt – a heart-saving medicine!

Elder Sun couldn’t help but exclaim: “I feel, that Li Qiye is currently the treasure of all treasures within our sect. We should let him learn anything that has to do with Emperor merit laws. With the Dao instruction in his dreams, we could regain all the Emperor merit laws that we have lost!”

“It is entirely true that we should let Li Qiye practice the Daylight Sky Merit Law; maybe it is the truth, that we could regain our secret law.”

First Elder Gu Tieshou nodded his head, and he carefully said: “However, we cannot be too impatient and emotional. The proverbs say: we shouldn’t bite off more than we can chew. If we ask for Li Qiye to practice the Daylight Sky Merit Law, there is a chance that he wouldn’t be able to understand it. Without this understanding, he wouldn’t be able to call for the Patriarch, so we should first let Li Qiye finish practicing the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law. When he stabilizes this merit law, then we can let him practice the Daylight Sky Merit Law.”

In reality, Gu Tieshou didn’t know that Li Qiye didn’t practice the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law. He had already practiced the Kun Peng’s Six Variants along with the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, so he didn’t need to practice the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law.

Elder Sun felt that statement was logical, so he replied: “First Brother makes a lot of sense. Li Qiye is the ultimate treasure of our sect; we have to slowly dig it out. If we are too hasty, then what if he suffers from Qi deviation? Isn’t this the same as destroying our future?”

After the secret deliberation, there was finally a decision. They prepared for Li Qiye to practice any methods that had something to do with Emperor merit laws of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

In a main peak of the sect, Cao Xiong was secretly meeting with Dong Shenglong. In the grand hall, there were only the two of them. The only difference was, Cao Xiong was no longer as calm as he was last time.

Cao Xiong impatiently said in a cold manner: “Brother Dong, the plan has been implemented. At this moment, mistakes definitely cannot appear.”

His last plan suffered great losses. He lost two disciples and three sectional leaders, so he wished to cut Li Qiye into countless pieces.

“Brother Cao, you can rest assured about this matter. From now on, you and I are in the same boat. From now on, there will definitely be zero errors. Within three days, Lie Zhan Hou will be here. I had turned towards His Royal Highness for commands. At that moment, the situation will be very favorable for Brother Cao.” Dong Shenglong smilingly said with his expression saying that victory was already at hand.

Having heard this, Cao Xiong couldn’t help but become shaken. Lie Zhan Hou – this was a great general of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, and he was bestowed this title by the Mortal King of the Kingdom himself!

Dong Shenglong cheerfully smiled: “Brother Cao, if the emperor sends down a command, this is a good opportunity for you to climb to the sect master’s position of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; you must grab on to this chance.”

Cao Xiong inevitably fell silent. Becoming the sect master was always his ambition; however, before this incident, he didn’t want to use these types of schemes to become the sect master. Now, he had no other choice. His hope that was placed in Leng Shizhi was destroyed by the hands of Li Qiye! To him, this was a grave blow, and it also broke his aspirations.

Cao Xiong asked with a deep tone that was filled with worry: “Brother Dong, can you confirm that after the successful matter, Lie Zhan Hou will leave and the Mortal King won’t offend my Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect?”

Dong Shenglong smiled and replied: “Regarding this matter, Brother Cao can rest assured. Brother Cao, think about it for a little bit. With the power of the Heavenly God Sect and the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom today, wanting to destroy your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is an easy matter, don’t you think? However, His Majesty is kind, and he never wanted to take action; what does this imply? What His Majesty wants is only the Heaven’s Will Secret Law; as long as you could obtain this secret law, the other matters are not a problem.”

Cao Xiong gravely replied: “Brother Dong, don’t worry; obtaining the Heaven’s Will Secret Law, I will take care of it.”

He didn’t want to sell the Heaven’s Will Secret Law of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. He had thought about this many times. Once he gained control of the situation, even if Lie Zhan Hou wouldn’t withdraw his troops, he wouldn’t be afraid because he has the portrait of the Patriarch in his hand!

As for Li Qiye… Hmph! A frightening killing intent flashed from Cao Xiong’s eyes.

Dong Shenglong naturally couldn’t read Cao Xiong’s thoughts, and he also didn’t know the matter of the Patriarch’s portrait. However, since he had the backing of the Heavenly God Sect and the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, he was not afraid. Even if Cao Xiong could somehow flip over the torrential ocean waves, in front of a gigantic monster like the Heavenly God Sect, it wouldn’t be enough to reach the apex.

On the other side, Nan Huairen had heard the news, and he was shocked.

Nan Huairen, with an ugly expression, loudly asked Li Qiye: “Brother, you really have to go to the Ghost Pavilion to meditate for half a year?”

“Could this be fake?” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled, and he said: “The elders had all decided, what else can I do?”

Seeing Li Qiye’s relaxed appearance, Nan Huairen couldn’t help but say: “Brother, do you know what type of place the Ghost Pavilion is?”

Li Qiye replied in a relaxed manner: “Didn’t you talk about it before? It was previously the Zither Pavilion.”

Nan Huairen couldn’t bear it anymore, jumped up, and then he said: “That was a long long time ago. In the past, it was called the Zither Pavilion, but a few ten thousand years ago, its name was changed; people called it the Ghost Pavilion! A coward would be scared shitless entering this place. Currently, not to mention this Ghost Pavilion, even the peak over there, no one dared to venture near it.”

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