Chapter 698: It Is Only Pill Refinement

Chapter 698: It Is Only Pill Refinement

Li Qiye essentially paid him no mind as he looked around to the crowd, still as calm and leisurely as ever. He revealed a faint smile and asked: “Does anyone here have alchemy ingredients?”

“I have one batch for five transformations fate pill and can help Young Noble out.” An older alchemist pondered for a moment before handing this batch over to Li Qiye.

At this key moment, there were still people who chose to help Li Qiye. This was not easy since ultimately, Li Qiye was opposing Huangfu Hao’s group.

Nevertheless, although many hated or were jealous of Li Qiye and wished to go against him, there were some old sly foxes who looked at things in a more practical way.

Who was Madam Zi Yan? She was a great Demon King and stronger than Huangfu Hao, yet she was still willing to stay by a no-name junior’s side and serve him. This junior definitely had something special that others couldn’t compare to.

“Hmm, there are still those with eyes in this world.” Li Qiye took this batch of ingredients and smiled to say: “Very well, I will also refine four fate pills. Anyone else have some ingredients for me? Let me borrow three more batches.”

“I also have one.” Another old cultivator hesitated for a moment before speaking out.

“Me too.” A Royal Lord also let Li Qiye borrow one batch. This matter had spread quite far, so many people from the previous generation had come to watch.

At this time, a few countries watching on the sidelines wanted to form an alliance with the Giant Bamboo Country, so this Royal Lord took advantage of this opportunity to perform a favor.

In a very brief period, Li Qiye was able to collect four batches of five transformations fate pill ingredients. Although he was a nobody, there were still spectators who held him in high regard.

Li Qiye received the ingredients and said with a smile: “Those with vision will eventually be rewarded.”

“Hmph. Hurry up if you are going to refine some pills. Don’t just stand there and ramble on. You think delaying the matter can save you from this bet?” Huangfu Hao scowled and sneered.

At this time, Li Qiye got up. He was still as unruffled as before as he coldly glanced at Huangfu Hao before smirking and saying: “It seems that you really want to see me make a fool of myself. But unfortunately, I’m sorry that you will be disappointed. Since you choose to bring your face out like this, I don’t mind giving you a resounding slap.”

“Strong words there.” Before Huangfu Hao could respond, the Vinepill King coldly said: “Wait until after you refine the pills before boasting, yeah? You think just anyone can refine one cauldron with four pills? You? Haha, you still have a long way to go if you want to beat Brother Huangfu.”

The madam shook her head gently at this retort. She had seen, with her own eyes, Li Qiye’s pill refinement and had absolute confidence in Li Qiye’s skill. Compared to Li Qiye, Huangfu Hao’s pill refinement ability was simply not pleasant to the eye.

“Zi Yan ah, nowadays, a few people really think their meager alchemy skill is peerless in this world.” Li Qiye smiled and told the madam: “If your Young Master doesn’t show a thing or two, these fools won’t ever know what peerless alchemy is. Very well, today, your Young Master will show them what is truly called alchemy!”

“Young Master will surely be victorious.” The madam revealed a faint smile that contained a trace of elegance and nobility along with a gentleness as soft as water.

Huangfu Hao was quite shaken after seeing Li Qiye and the madam’s intimate relationship, so he coldly uttered: “Stop spewing crap, go refine pills if you are so capable. Don’t just sit there and brag!”

“Very well, I’ll refine one cauldron right now.” Li Qiye smiled and stretched his back again before summoning the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron, then he shouted: “Open!”

The cauldron fell down; this was a very ordinary looking cauldron that appeared before everyone. No matter how they looked at it, this cauldron was plain without anything special about it, completely unlike a precious cauldron at all.

After it was bathed in the lost alchemy garden of the immortals, the cauldron had completely returned to the most primordial state, so outsiders couldn’t see its profundity.

“Haha, just a cheap cauldron. How shabby, can this type of cauldron actually refine five transformations fate pills? What wishful thinking.” The Dragon Princess viciously attacked. She and Li Qiye had a irrefutable feud, so how could she forgive him?

But at this time, Li Qiye controlled the cauldron and, in the blink of an eye, he instantly formed four fire contraptions. He then didn’t give it a second glance and casually threw all the medicinal ingredients into the fire contraptions.

A series of crackling sounds appeared as if beans were being fried. Before everyone’s mind returned from the shock, Li Qiye shouted and instantly collected four finished five transformations fate pills into a treasure gourd.

From the formation of the contraptions to the addition of the ingredients to the completion of the pills, the entire process was all over in the blink of an eye. It was so fast that no one could react in time. Before everyone, Li Qiye didn’t try to hide anything, but no one saw his pill refinement technique.

Suddenly, everyone’s mouths were wide open. The Dragon Princess who had just uttered her teasing banter couldn’t close her mouth since she was blown away on the spot.

Her eyes were wide open as well. No one could believe that this was actually happening; they all thought that either they were seeing things, or it was just an illusion.

Here, outside of Li Qiye, only Madam Zi Yan had a calm air. She already knew that this would be the result since this was not her first time seeing her Young Master’s peerless alchemy. In her opinion, no one could compete with him regarding the dao of alchemy in contemporary times. Even the four alchemy prodigies were insufficient compared to him in this regard.

“Am, am I seeing things?” An old alchemist struggled to regain his sanity and told the person next to him: “Hey, pinch me, am I in a dream?”

A scream ensued right after as this alchemist was pinched by the person next to him. He then exclaimed in horror: “This, I’m not seeing things. This isn’t a dream!”

Everyone was suddenly woken up by this scream and became shocked and breathless as the entire scene became silent.

Such a thing would stupefy anyone. Even those who had seen many things in their life had never witnessed such a spectacle before.

Refining pills like frying vegetables — which alchemist had heard of this before? Even those who came from an Alchemy Emperor’s lineage would not believe such a thing. Pill refinement that could instantly produce fate pills like stir-frying vegetables while the crackling sounds resembled soybeans — such a thing was simply impossible.

Anyone who told a cultivator or alchemist such a thing would be instantly kicked out of the door for fabricating a lie since such a thing was absolutely impossible in this world.

Of course, this was until today when they all saw this scene unravel in front of their eyes. At this second, they were entranced as if they were in a dream. One had to know that anyone with a little bit of common sense knew that pill refinement was a very serious matter. One wrong step and the entire cauldron would be destroyed. Moreover, pill refinement had very stringent qualifications.

This was the most basic of knowledge, but today, Li Qiye’s process had destroyed everyone’s common sense. How could refining pills as if one was stir-frying vegetables not shock everyone?

Although many people had begun to regain their sanity, they couldn’t help but utter in a daze: “No, no way this is real.”

At this moment, no one knew how to express their feelings with words. As for the group of Huangfu Hao, the Vinepill King, and the Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint, they suddenly became confused and didn’t even know how they had lost.

At this time, Li Qiye gave the four refined fate pills to the four people who helped him earlier and smiled before saying: “Favors deserve to be reciprocated, so these fate pills are yours.”

“This, how is this possible…” The old alchemist who was the first to help Li Qiye accepted the fate pill and shouted in horror with his eyes wide open: “This, this is a five transformations fate pill with seventy percent purity! I have never seen a five transformations fate pill able to reach this level before!”

“It is not only seventy percent purity, this yellow color is almost golden. This is the highest grade… This pill will definitely help me break through to the Ancient Saint realm!” Another who helped Li Qiye also accepted a pill and screamed with excitement.

“No way, right?” In just a moment, many people gathered around, wanting to examine the pills in their hands.

“This is unbelievable.” A very respected old alchemist took a look at one of the pills and couldn’t help but utter in awe: “I have never heard of someone be able to refine a five transformations pill to seventy percent purity — this is simply impossible. Moreover, this near golden color, could anyone in this world actually refine this type of pill to such a level? If there is someone, then it has to be an Alchemy Emperor!”

“Incredible, I have opened my eyes now after seeing this scene.” In an instant, many people who saw the pills immediately discussed and commented while thinking that this was too amazing.

Meanwhile, the four people who helped Li Qiye earlier and obtained this level of fate pill were crazily excited. This level of fate pill couldn’t be bought; simply put, they were priceless treasures.

“Let me take a look.” The Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint couldn’t help but draw closer as well to look at the fate pill in the hand of one of them. His face quickly turned pale as he staggered backward while absent-mindedly murmuring: “How…? Only an Alchemy Emperor would perhaps be able to refine this type of five transformations fate pill...”

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