Chapter 68: Violet Yang Ten Sun (2)

“Perhaps it is possible to test this once.” At this moment, Elder Wu, the youngest of the six elders, exclaimed: “Let Li Qiye practice a different minor Emperor merit law; that way, we could see if he could call forth the person in his dreams again. If he could write a different core Emperor merit law down, then this is enough proof that his dreams contains Dao instruction.”

Elder Qian also agreed and said: “This method is feasible.”

“If this works, then I’m afraid that what Li Qiye said was the truth.” This narrative was simply absurd, the elders and protectors couldn’t believe it! However, within this crazy narrative, there was a shining ray of hope for the elders and protectors of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to grasp on to!

Currently, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was declining, and all of the other big sects were watching closely. It was like they were a flock of fat sheep that were surrounded by a pack of wolves. To the elders and protectors, what they needed right now was a miracle; a miracle capable of reinvigorating the sect. If Patriarch Min Ren was watching from the heavens above, then maybe he would really appear in a disciple’s dreams.

So, Cao Xiong paused for a moment, and then he ultimately said with a deep tone: “If he is willing to prove it, then I would have no objections!”

“Are you willing?” Gu Tieshou stared at Li Qiye, and he asked in a serious manner. In reality, as the chief elder, he had experienced many winds and waves, he naturally knew that this matter was too irrational and too ridiculous; however, since he carried the burden of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, his heart yearned for such a miracle… A miracle where the Patriarch appeared in someone’s dreams!

“Elders, I stand upright without the fear of having a crooked shadow. No matter what the elder’s test will be, I am fearless.” [1]

Li Qiye’s brave and confident rhetoric garnered favorable impressions from the rest of the elders and protectors.

Afterward was the selection of the merit laws. The elders glanced at each other, and, in the end, Elder Qian said: “I believe we should pick the Violet Cloud Merit Law; regarding this matter, only Brother Wu has the most insight.”

It could be said that in the sect, Emperor merit laws were pathetically few in number. The only complete core Emperor merit law was the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, and it was also the strongest law in the sect. Outside of this, there were two other extremely formidable core Emperor merit laws. However, they were incomplete. One of these two incomplete Emperor merit laws was the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law.

Even though this was the case, the elders did not dare to carelessly cultivate the two incomplete Emperor merit laws, because with one mistake, they would suffer Qi deviation – this was akin to throwing one’s entire cultivation away. So, the elders chose a Virtuous Paragon merit law instead.

Elder Wu’s first cultivation method was the Violet Cloud Merit Law – this method was too crucial to him. In the past, he wanted to cultivate the incomplete Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law, so he heavily researched the minor Emperor merit law. However, in the end, he realized that the incomplete Emperor merit law was too powerful, and he wouldn’t be able to cultivate it. He had no choice but to give up and cultivate a Virtuous Paragon method instead.

In order to test Li Qiye, they had to pick one of the two incomplete Emperor merit laws because Elder Wu had such a deep understanding of the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law. After the elder’s deliberation, they unanimously decided to let Li Qiye cultivate the Violet Cloud Merit Law.

After the decision, Li Qiye went back to his Lonely Peak. At this moment, the six elders themselves were protecting Lonely Peak in order to watch over Li Qiye. The elders and protectors took this matter very seriously!

Cao Xiong was hell-bent on killing Li Qiye in order to avenge his two dead disciples. He wouldn’t be able to sleep without obtaining this vengeance. However, he had no say in the current situation. More importantly, Cao Xiong also had a different plan, so this matter of vengeance had to take a back seat.

The six elders agreed for Li Qiye to practice the Violet Cloud Merit Law, so during this process, Li Qiye was not allowed to leave Lonely Peak; he had to only focus on cultivation.

The Violet Cloud Merit Law was only a corner of the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law. This was also an Emperor merit law created by Min Ren, and even if its power was not as formidable compared to the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, within the Emperor merit laws, it was still incomparably powerful.

Li Qiye understood the original form of the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law more than anyone else. That year, the moment they first created this merit law, Li Qiye – as the Dark Crow – brought along Min Ren to the most dangerous of forbidden grounds, and they saw – with their own eyes – ten suns floating up and down, reenacting a grand Dao. After this scene, Min Ren was able to create this merit law.

During this entire process, Dark Crow Li Qiye gave Min Ren advice, and he helped him perfect this merit law several times over.

During his deep slumber, the memories of this merit law were erased; however, from the meticulous research of the Violet Cloud Merit Law, his previously erased memories and the profound truths of this method once again appeared in Li Qiye’s mind.

Li Qiye instantly retrieved the memories of the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law, but he was not in a rush to tell the elders. Days had passed, leaving the elders to become very anxious.

Day after day, month after month. At this moment, needless to mention other people, even the elders' hearts were wavering.

The elders craved for a miracle in their minds even though the matter was ridiculous; however, they truly hoped that such a matter would happen, that the sect would be watched over by the Patriarch.

“From my perspective, this animal was fooling all of us!” Cao Xiong coldly spoke, adding wind to the fire.

Regarding Cao Xiong’s instigation, Elder Wu fought back: “Brother Cao, you appear to be too eager. This is not the last step, so how could you arbitrarily decide? It seems like Brother Cao needs to bring Li Qiye to his death just to be at ease.”

Cao Xiong, with a grim countenance, gravely spoke: “Little Brother Wu, what do you mean by that? I am only committed to the protection of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect…”

First Elder Gu Tieshou interjected: “Okay, stop quarrelling. It doesn’t hurt to wait!”

Finally, after three months had passed, Li Qiye came out from his small courtyard, excitedly saying: “Got it, got it, got it…”

“Really?” After hearing these words, all of the elders at this time had forgotten about their statuses, and they immediately rushed in! Even Cao Xiong couldn’t suppress this urge.

Li Qiye wrote the method down really well, and he handed it to First Elder. He then said: “Elder, this is the method the old grandpa in my dream was teaching me. Is this the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law that you were talking about?”

First Elder excitedly accepted the method. In reality, the other elders were ecstatic as well, including Cao Xiong. However, he was excited for a different reason.

Eventually, the six elders personally took the method written by Li Qiye, and they carefully matched it with the incomplete merit law in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“Truth! He spoke the truth! This is a completed copy of the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law!” After the verification, Elder Wu was too astonished. He had dreamt about cultivating this method, but it was without success. He couldn’t believe that during his lifetime, there would be a chance to see the complete Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law!

Finally, Elder Wu with a matchless emotional excitement said: “This is not only the complete merit law, but it also contains mysterious interpretations. I think, outside of the Patriarch’s Dao instruction in his dream, I’m afraid that an ordinary disciple would have no chance of understanding this merit law to this level! Even a heavenly genius, given a complete merit law, wouldn’t be able to find profound truths like these!”

All of the elders were shocked; some were excited, and some were moved. This matter to them was just like a dream; this was so ridiculous and impossible!

An elder couldn’t help but exclaim: “The blue heavens have eyes, and they pitied our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect! Our Patriarch is watching over us from the heavens, and he didn’t wish to see the destruction of our sect! He had shown up in spirit to save us!!”

At this juncture, there was nothing in the world more reliable than the Dao instructions in Li Qiye’s dreams!

Cao Xiong’s eyes were restlessly flashing. Within the elders, he was the one to distrust this ridiculous Dao instruction in one’s dreams the most; however, what if there was a one in ten thousand chance that this was the truth? This caused Cao Xiong to ponder without break.

Finally, the elders once again summoned Li Qiye. Seeing his calm expression as he sat in the seat, the elders had an unspeakable feeling in their hearts. Could it be that the Patriarch had truly chosen this disciple with a Mortal Physique, Mortal Life Wheel, and Mortal Fate Palace in front of their eyes? Otherwise, there would be no other explanation.

The elders couldn’t help but recall the Jade Spiral Merit Law; maybe Li Qiye didn’t come up with it, but it was passed down to him by the Patriarch.

Whether this was the truth or not, it was no longer important to the elders. This was because they had seen a miracle. Li Qiye would be the key to the revitalization of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!

In the end, First Elder Gu Tieshou deeply said: “After the elder’s examination, we believe that you receiving Dao instruction in your dreams is the truth, so the Kun Peng’s Six Variants can’t be considered to be stolen by you. Also, the elders have decided that you will be allowed to practice the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law.”

After living for one thousand years, this matter still felt like a dream to Gu Tieshou. However, when it had reached this stage, he couldn’t not believe it. He hoped that this was the truth.

Li Qiye playfully smiled, and he said: “I heard from the elders that the current Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law from the sect was extremely incomplete. Today, I have brought forth a complete version. I wonder, could this be considered a grand contribution or not?”

Li Qiye suddenly wanting credits caught the elders unprepared, and they had to glance at each other.

“You could say that it is a grand contribution.” In the end, First Elder Gu Tieshou couldn’t deny this. For the sect, to find a core Emperor merit law, it was indeed a heavenly frightening contribution.

Li Qiye smilingly said: “If you say so, then I want to make a request.”

The elders looked at each other, and the first elder nodded his head: “We will allow for you to make a request; as long as the sect is capable, we will satisfy your desire.”

“My request is very simple. I heard that Nan Huairen and Protector Mo cultivate the Violet Cloud Merit Law. Since I have a grand contribution to use up, my request is for the sect to agree for them to cultivate the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law!”

[1] First line – a morally upright man with nothing to hide won’t have a crooked/slanted shadow.

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