Chapter 679: Watch Me Die

Chapter 679: Watch Me Die

Li Qiye’s demeanor left Jian Wushuang vomiting blood from anger. His carefree attitude was simply an affront to her! She might not be the best genius in the Stone Medicine World, but she could still look down on the entire younger generation. But now, Li Qiye was treating this life and death battle so indifferently that it caused her to want to tear him apart.

“Die!” Her eyes narrowed and turned into a sharp glare like an arrow. In this moment, the Starshattering Bow in her hands lit up instantly and unleashed a shot. This arrow was incredibly fast and completely beyond one’s imagination. Space suddenly shattered as it traveled through the void.

Not only was it fast, it was absolutely domineering. Under this arrow, heaven and earth cried out as if even the stars in the distant horizon would shatter if struck by this arrow.

Li Qiye was still carefree in the face of this arrow. He only casually shot out one arrow in response as if he was courting death.

The result was not surprising at all. “Poof!” Li Qiye’s arrow was instantly destroyed by Jian Wushuang’s arrow, and her arrow maintained its previous velocity while heading straight for Li Qiye.

“Whooosh!” This arrow penetrated his chest, causing his entire body to be blown away, ultimately resulting in him being nailed to the side of a mountain.

It shot through his chest, causing his blood to spurt everywhere. It was as if Li Qiye had died as his eyes suddenly closed.

However, in a split second, a gray matter appeared in the middle of the penetrated and bloodied chest cavity of Li Qiye. In a flash, all the separated flesh and blood that was splashing everywhere receded back in place like a tide at an unbelievable speed and went back to Li Qiye’s body.

Next, Li Qiye’s penetrated chest suddenly healed. A gray mark appeared in front of his chest, then it disappeared into his body.

This scene was extremely strange and inconceivable because this was absolutely impossible. Unless one could reverse time itself, this could never happen.

However, Jian Wushuang was absolutely certain that this was not time reversal! This development left her with a shocked expression. She was one hundred percent confident in her arrow, that it would not only destroy Li Qiye’s body, but also his True Fate.

However, not only did he not die, his wounds immediately healed in a split second. No one would believe such an incredible tale if told.

“Did you forget to eat breakfast?” Li Qiye stood up with a slightly pale countenance, but he was still quite spirited as he smilingly said: “Your arrow had no force at all. It couldn’t even destroy my body, let alone my inner physique or True Fate.”

This comment left Jian Wushuang shaking with anger. Her pretty eyes turned fierce as she cried out:” Die!”

In just a moment, three arrows tore through space. These three were even more powerful and dominating than the previous one.

What was even more frightening was that these arrows aimed straight for Li Qiye’s weak points. No matter how he tried to dodge, they would penetrate the weak points predetermined by Jian Wushuang — they were simply unavoidable.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” However, Jian Wushuang overplanned things. Li Qiye didn’t even try to dodge as the three arrows penetrated his body in the blink of an eye. Deep bloody holes appeared on his body as flesh and blood spattered about.

However, the same frightening event happened. In just a moment, the wounds and spattered flesh and blood were infused by a gray shade and receded like a tide back to its original location. Li Qiye’s wounds immediately closed, and the same gray seals appeared once more.

“Die!” With an astonished look, Jian Wushuang caused her blood energy to erupt. The Starshattering Bow became a sun, and countless gigantic arrows flew out like stars.

In this moment, the heaven and earth was bombarded by countless gigantic arrows; the sun and the moon lost their brilliance. With this arrow formation, she could massacre saints and gods with an extremely overbearing style.

This endless rain of arrows struck Li Qiye’s body. In just a second, his flesh blew everywhere. However, the tiny remnants of Li Qiye’s body all turned gray and came back again as he instantly healed.

The arrow formation continued its barrage on Li Qiye, annihilating his body over and over again. However, his recovery ensued right afterward each time.

What was even more terrifying was that after each time he was “killed”, more gray matter would appear around Li Qiye’s spattered remains and become even thicker. Moreover, the gray seals became increasingly larger as his wounds closed time and time again.

However, the thing that frightened Jian Wushuang the most was her discovery that after each time she shot Li Qiye, the effectiveness of her divine arrows on Li Qiye continuously lessened. In the beginning, she could penetrate and destroy his chest with just one arrow, leaving behind a huge hole. However, as time went on, she could still penetrate his chest, but it only left behind a little bloody dimple.

It was as if the more injuries he received, the stronger his body grew. He could now withstand even more shots from the divine arrows.

She didn’t know that he wasn’t getting stronger from having more wounds, it was that he was accumulating even more Death Energy after suffering grave injuries. Because of this, his Death Seal became even stronger. The Death Seal was one of the four great techniques of the Death Scripture. It was able to transform injuries into Death Energy. The greater the wound, the greater the amount of converted energy.

Of course, as the Death Seal garnered even more energy, it became increasingly powerful, making it harder for others to hurt Li Qiye.

Because of this, Jian Wushuang’s onslaught became less and less effective due to the increasing efficacy of the Death Seal.

Of course, Li Qiye chose Jian Wushuang for a reason.

The Death Seal was able to convert injuries into energy. However, when applying this art, one would be greatly affected if they couldn’t find a suitable opponent.

For example, if the opponent was much weaker than Li Qiye, then even if they could hurt Li Qiye when he was using the Death Seal, this injury would be too trivial and it wouldn’t help the gathering of Death Energy.

On the contrary, if Li Qiye picked a far too powerful opponent like a great Virtuous Paragon, then although the Death Seal could still withstand the terrifying damage as well as accumulate a monstrous amount of Death Energy, the critical injuries would leave behind an incalculable trauma. An injury of this level would be eternal and would persist even after rebirth.

Under this permanent damage, even if one could recreate everything and come back from death, they would need to spend countless efforts and take a long period of time to completely treat such a wound.

Picking a strong opponent like that was very unwise, even for a Death Seal user.

Li Qiye picked Jian Wushuang because her strength was very appropriate. She was able to cause enough damage and even kill him. However, she was unable to inflict an eternal wound.

Because of this, she was the most suitable person for Li Qiye to accumulate his Death Energy.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” The giant arrows kept on pouring down like rain. Jian Wushuang was furious, and her blood energy was blaring loudly as she concentrated all of it into her Starshattering Bow.

She crazily pulled her bow string with her most violent stance, mustering her most ferocious attack to kill Li Qiye. Under the assault of endless giant arrows, the earth was being torn to many pieces.

It could be said that under such a crazy offense, Li Qiye himself was being blown into little pieces with his body parts flying everywhere. His head was penetrated time and time again.

However, the Death Seal that belonged to the Death Scripture, one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures, was peerless even across the long thread of time. There was no merit law or secret law in this world that was stronger than these scriptures.

Under Jian Wushuang’s bombardment, Li Qiye’s broken body healed at an unbelievable speed. The more injuries he received, the more energy he gathered, causing the damage that she inflicted to greatly lessen over time.

“Die already!” In the end, Jian Wushuang crazily roared. Her pretty eyes were glowing like a scorching sun. With a buzzing sound, the entire arrow formation disappeared in a split second. All of its energy gathered into one arrow that seemed to be heralding the arrival of an Immortal Emperor; it was as if an emperor himself was pulling on the bowstring!

Although the Starshattering Bow was not refined by Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian since it was created during a much more ancient age, it had followed him for his entire life so it was bathed in a very powerful imperial aura.

This one arrow instantly obtained invincibility the moment it was shot out. Time itself mouldered and myriad worlds shattered. This arrow would annihilate even immortals and gods since it had already achieved supremacy.

Against such an arrow, layers of barriers appeared before Li Qiye’s True Fate, such as the Kun Peng jumping in the sky with floating stars. There was also an endless sea that contained countless tidal waves blotting out the sky along with a great continent that empowered his momentum. In this split moment, the Kun Peng’s Six Variants transformed into a mighty defense for Li Qiye’s True Fate.

This could be said to be Li Qiye’s true first move as layers of powerful defenses protected his True Fate.

“Bang—!” Jian Wushuang’s impeccable arrow was absolutely capable of massacring a Heavenly King with ease!

Thus, Li Qiye’s multiple barriers could not withstand this arrow. All of them shattered one after another.

Ultimately, this arrow shot through Li Qiye’s last barrier that protected his True Fate. However, after piercing through this barrier, the power of this arrow had been significantly reduced.

“Pop!” Even though Li Qiye’s True Fate derived countless laws and had a moon and sun orbiting around the last barrier, this arrow still shot through these laws and bypassed the moon and sun. Due to the momentum of the arrow, Li Qiye’s True Fate was penetrated.

“Pluff!” Li Qiye’s body, that had already come back together, fell to the ground after his True Fate was shot by the arrow. His body immediately fell flat on the ground with his legs kicked upward. His eyes immediately closed as he tasted death on the spot.

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