Chapter 674: Draco-Bulls Leaving The Water

Chapter 674: Draco-Bulls Leaving The Water

“Good, nothing could be better if Princess Jian wants his insignificant life. I’ll spare him so Princess Jian can take it.” After being slapped by Li Qiye, the princess felt extremely humiliated. There was nothing she wanted to do more than to peel off his skin and tear out his tendons or even drink his blood.

However, she couldn’t afford to offend Jian Wushuang, so despite her desire to kill Li Qiye, she could only obediently return to her ship after Jian Wushuang made her intentions known.

At this time, Jian Wushuang coldly glared at Li Qiye while he leisurely stood there without batting an eye. His feud with Jian Wushuang had been going on for a long time, but such a trivial matter didn’t bother him.

All the cultivators near the water outlet held their breaths while looking at Li Qiye. Many of them felt that this brat was too unbelievable. Offending the Dragon Princess was one thing, but he even dared to mess with the daughter of the Jian Clan? Who in the Alchemy Realm didn't know that the Jian daughter was not to be provoked?

Back at her ship, the Dragon Princess coldly glared at Li Qiye and inadvertently revealed a smirk. At this time, she wanted to see Li Qiye’s pitiful state after being killed by Jian Wushuang. Although she couldn’t personally deliver the punishment, being able to watch him die miserably would still be an enjoyable matter.

Meanwhile, the Golden Leopard Prince found the whole thing to be quite regrettable because Li Qiye had a Young King Medicine that he really wanted. However, with Jian Wushuang standing over there, he wouldn’t even dare to fart or try to use Ye Qingcheng’s name.

“How do you want to die?” Jian Wushuang coldly glared at Li Qiye with her always-arrogant demeanor. In her eyes, Li Qiye was already a dead man.

“Die?” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and said: “If you want to die, then I can help you. However, I am not in the mood and have no interest in doing so since I am here to catch Draco-Bulls. If you want to die, then wait and find me afterward.”

Li Qiye’s incredible response caused many people to become speechless. This fella was truly too much. He actually dared to say that to Jian Wushuang? However, he had just slapped the Dragon Princess without a care so it was not strange for him to provoke Jian Wushuang as well.

Jian Wushuang’s eyes narrowed and seemingly became two sharp arrows. At this time, she was surprisingly not angry and instead coldly said: “Very well, I will give you time to prepare a coffin. I’ll wait for you to catch a Draco-Bull and get a coffin before I take your dog life so that others won’t say that I didn’t even give you time to prepare a funeral!”

Jian Wushuang had quite a sharp tongue as well, but this time, she didn’t throw a tantrum and didn’t carry out a verbal bout against Li Qiye. In fact, she didn’t want to waste time talking to Li Qiye because she had already tasted Li Qiye’s sharp words. She felt that she didn’t have any advantage in this regard.

“Then wait.” Without batting an eye, Li Qiye lazily responded and proceeded to ignore her.

The arrogant Jian Wushuang was also too lazy to look at Li Qiye any further. She turned around and made her way to the top of a peak. She was in no hurry to kill Li Qiye since, in her eyes, he would be dead sooner or later.

After she left, Yuan Caihe looked at Li Qiye and smiled wryly before softly whispering: “Why must you make this so difficult? Sometimes, you can take a step back in order to see the boundless open vistas.” [1. Two different interpretations for this one. First, take a step back to understand how insignificant you are before the endless sky and earth. If you are such a tiny existence, then why bother putting up a front instead of just backing down when possible? Second interpretation to me is to take a step back from a confrontation and it will allow myriad possibilities instead of the inevitable fight.]

Li Qiye met her glance and gently smiled, revealing his snow-white teeth: “My vocabulary doesn’t include the words ‘take a step back’. When an enemy comes knocking, it is either them running away as far as possible under my mercy, or me letting their blood spurt freely as I walk over their corpse. It is that simple; this is my rule as well as style.”

The quiet Yuan Caihe couldn’t help but smile in the face of such a response and didn’t say anything else.

At this time, Old Demon Tie Yi raised his head from underground and cautiously looked around before asking: “Did she leave?”

“Yes.” Li Qiye glanced at him. He only wanted to stomp him back down into the ground after seeing his cautious demeanor.

Tie Yi looked around for a bit and noticed Jian Wushuang standing in the far distance. He shuddered and immediately withdrew his head back into the ground and whispered: “I, I really should just hide down here, the world outside is too dangerous.”

Yuan Caihe only smiled at this sight and said: “Don’t worry, no one will do anything to you, so there is no need to hide underground.”

The old demon laughed and replied: “Hehehe, Fairy Yuan, I am only a little ant unlike you guys. If I somehow annoy a great character, then they’ll kill me with just one stomp.”

Li Qiye coldly glanced at him and said: “Are you really an iron ant? In my eyes, it is more appropriate for you to be a mouse demon.”

Tie Yi continued to hide in his cave underground and cheerfully explained with a laugh: “Haha, Young Noble, something you might be unaware of is that an iron ant is even more cowardly than a mouse. Moreover, a mouse is countless times more powerful than an iron ant like me. They can also kill me with one stomp.”

Li Qiye was too lazy to waste time with this cunning Tie Yi, so he shifted his gaze towards the rolling river instead.

Time passed, but the water still surged towards the east with no signs of Draco-Bulls.

“Why are they still not out yet?” Stated some people who couldn’t wait any longer.

“Soon…” Compared to ordinary cultivators, the alchemists here could remain calm while gazing at the water. One of them said: “When the high tide comes again, the Draco-Bulls will definitely come out of the river.”

Although Draco-Bulls were called bulls, they had the habits of dragons. More often than not, they would lurk in the deepest parts of the river for half a year to a year, or maybe even longer.

Just like a dragon, these bulls would just dive deep into the water without eating and enter a long slumber. Moreover, these locations were very hard to find, so cultivators who wanted the bezoar had to wait until they grew hungry and left the water for food.

After coming out, these bulls would crazily eat everything, including all the spirit medicines in a radius of thousands of miles. After eating, they would dive down again and resume their slumber.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Finally, when the high tide came again, roaring sounds appeared as the river surface fluctuated. At this time, everyone could feel the earth shake.

They all sensed that a gigantic gate that reached all the way down to the deepest parts of the earth was slowly opening.

“The tide is coming!” No one knew who shouted this out, but at this moment, all eyes were on the suddenly rising river. The alchemists were even more focused because they had to use the shortest time possible to determine which bulls had Immortal Bezoar the moment they come out of the water.

“Mooo!” At this time, bull roars appeared, shaking the entire earth as if a giant drum had been struck.

Numerous dense shadows emerged from within the high tide. All these bulls came out of the water surface from the depths of the river.

“The Draco-Bulls are here!” Someone shouted and immediately, everyone here prepared themselves like winding arrows, poised to fire at any time.

“Spllasshh!” The sounds of water splashing resounded everywhere as the bulls left the water. At this second, flocks of bulls left the water, and even more were coming one after another.

A Draco-Bull looked like an ox except much sturdier. The main difference was that dragon scales covered their bodies as if they were adorned with armor.

Their horns were thick and considerably sharp and flashed lights as if they could pierce through everything in this world.

“Rumble!” When these Draco-Bulls left the water, they immediately ran like crazy, creating an extremely spectacular scene. It was even more moving than the mobilization of a great army.

They rushed outside of the river, intending to hunt for food to get full in the shortest amount of time so that they could return to the water.

After a brief moment, an alchemist recognized one that had bezoar and immediately shouted: “That one!”

In an instant, a group of shadows rushed towards the herd in order to capture the one that the alchemist pointed out.

“Ahh!” However, among the thunderous explosions was wailing screams. Some of those cultivators who tried to catch the bulls were immediately blown away. Some were even pierced by the sharp horns of the bulls in the blink of an eye.

The Draco-Bulls were not gentle beasts and instead rather ferocious. Ordinary cultivators were no match for them and would be attacked once they were close.

At this time, Yuan Caihe also picked her target. In an instant, she shifted her body and stepped towards one bull like a goddess intending to mount it.

“Go!” Right when Yuan Caihe was approaching the bull, the Dragon Princess also shouted and commanded the experts next to her. Two of these experts immediately rushed after Yuan Caihe in order to steal that bull from her.

The truth was that the Dragon Princess didn’t want this particular bull, it was mainly to disrupt Yuan Caihe’s plans.

“Ah!” However, the moment these two experts swooped out, they immediately screamed as their blood spurted due to the two arrows that pierced through their skulls, causing their bodies to fall to the ground.

At this moment, Li Qiye was armed with the Nine Words True Bow, and he killed the two experts with two arrows.

This sudden change left the astonished Dragon Princess with an unsightly expression. However, she couldn’t do anything about it since Jian Wushuang had already claimed Li Qiye’s life; the princess couldn’t harm Li Qiye.

At this time, Jian Wushuang was also gazing intensely at Li Qiye. Keep in mind that the Jian Clan was considered to be the most skilled at archery, and their Immortal Emperor Patriarch used the dao of the bow for his ascension. So now, when Li Qiye took action, Jian Wushuang also immediately took note of Li Qiye’s archery.

e matter.[/spoiler]

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