Chapter 672: Water Outlet

Chapter 672: Water Outlet

After a while, Li Qiye caught up to Yuan Caihe and, of course, Old Demon Tie Yi volunteered to walk at the front to make way for them.

“What did you two talk about?” Glancing at the old demon ahead, Yuan Caihe smiled towards Li Qiye; this was a serene smile that was incredibly pretty.

Yuan Caihe never competed with others, so she was always quiet and amiable with a kind heart. However, this didn’t mean that she was a fool. On the contrary, she was extremely intelligent, so it was not an easy task to hide things from her. It was just that she normally didn’t want to make it difficult for others.

Li Qiye looked at the old demon and cheerfully replied: “Just some small talk.” He didn’t say anything, but not much could elude his gaze.

Yuan Caihe smiled quietly and didn’t pry any further. She was not a meddlesome or talkative person.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but look at her. He gently brushed the hair on her shoulder and said: “You are really a beautiful girl.”

This type of action would be quite frivolous and offensive if done by others, but Li Qiye did it in such a natural and comfortable manner.

“In terms of beauty, we have to talk about the Alchemy Kingdom’s Fairy Ming.” Yuan Caihe replied with a smile.

Li Qiye only chuckled and didn’t say anything else.

The three of them eventually made it to the Celestial Peak River. The moment they arrived at the outlet of the river, they found that there were many cultivators ready and waiting.

The Celestial Peak River(1) was also known as the Celestial Peak Great River(2) as it crossed the entire Celestial Peak Mountain Range. Its surging stream crossed this land and spanned for millions of miles. [1. This part is a bit awkward to translate to English for etymological reasons. In Chinese, (1) 河 refers to the majority of rivers. (2) 江 is reserved for very few bigger rivers. There are more than 2000 main rivers in China, but only a handful of them use (2) 江. Do note that the north and south use these words differently as well. I believe the author’s intent here with using (2) 江 was to create a sense of grandeur for this river with this alternative name. If I used stream or creek for (1), then it would make more sense for the translation, but it would be inaccurate in terms of the word and context.]

When standing at the outlet of this great river and looking further ahead, one would find a wide, flat expanse with beautiful, well-nurtured water grasses. It could be said that this was the most suitable place for Draco-Bulls to come to.

“This is a good location.” The old demon sighed while standing at the outlet and taking a look around. Then, he chose a good location for Li Qiye.

When the group settled down and took another look, only a huge but faint river could be seen before them. The old demon excitedly said: “We came at the right time, the Draco-Bulls still haven’t left the water yet.”

Li Qiye looked at him and asked: “Are you here for the Immortal Bezoar as well?”

“No, I’m just here to watch the fun.” The old demon quickly smiled and replied: “This little demon will watch Fairy Yuan and Young Noble show your might while I cheer on the sidelines.”

Li Qiye gave him a look and ignored whether he was telling the truth or not. He simply looked at the surging river ahead.

A Draco-Bull was a type of ferocious beast, but others also referred to them as auspicious beasts. Legend states that Draco-Bulls were the offspring of a True Dragon and an Impetuous Bull. Because they carried the bloodline of a True Dragon, they were called Draco-Bulls.

In fact, one could no longer find the bloodline of True Dragons in present day Draco-Bulls, not even the thinnest strand.

If a Draco-Bull contained even the slightest sliver of a True Dragon’s blood, then even if it was the most insignificant amount, this bull would grow up to be a king among its herd. The legend went on to say that such a bull, once it became more powerful, would have a chance at atavism and eventually turn into a True Dragon or Divine Bull.

Of course, people didn’t come today for the bulls with this bloodline because everyone knew that there might not be even one with such a bloodline out of ten million Draco-Bulls.

They all came for the Immortal Bezoar droppings from these bulls because they could be sold at an exorbitant price. Bezoar of excellent quality could even reach a sky-high price.

This kind of Immortal Bezoar came from a particular type of bull, Bull-Kings. Of course, the bezoar from a Bull-King was much better than those from an ordinary Draco-Bull. It had great effects, such as detoxification and the ability to dispel evil energy. When combined with other alchemy ingredients, it would have even more amazing effects.

Of course, not all bulls would have Immortal Bezoar. Among one thousand bulls, it was still not likely for one to have Immortal Bezoar. Because of this, its extremely high price was justified.

Moreover, to tell whether a Draco-Bull had Immortal Bezoar or not required an experienced alchemist. They had to look at the colors, demeanor, mane, and horns in order to tell if a Draco-Bull had Immortal Bezoar or not.

One only had the time of a blink of an eye to determine whether a Draco-Bull had Immortal Bezoar or not, so this required rich experience. Only highly skilled alchemists were able to gauge it accurately due to their heightened sensitivity towards alchemy properties. The extremely skillful ones were able to tell an item’s alchemy properties just by looking at its colors.

Due to this reason, many cultivators at this time chose to bring along and work together with an alchemist to obtain the Immortal Bezoar.

Draco-Bulls were very fast. They would come out of the river with extreme speed. At the same time, they were quite powerful, so capturing one with Immortal Bezoar was generally not a task that could be accomplished alone.

At this moment, many cultivators looked towards the group of Li Qiye. Of course, they didn’t look over here due to any of Li Qiye’s outstanding aspects or lack thereof, it was because of Yuan Caihe.

As one of the four prodigies and someone who frequented imperial lineages as an esteemed guest, Yuan Caihe’s status in the Stone Medicine World was quite high. Many experts and big shots came to greet her after noticing her presence.

Of course, these people didn’t pay attention to Li Qiye. Although humans were a rare sight in this world, no one really took note of him when Yuan Caihe was by his side.

The Golden Leopard Prince was also here with his group of experts taking up an entire peak that held an advantageous terrain. His cold eyes fell upon Li Qiye.

Of course, this was not because Li Qiye was charming but because he had a Young King Medicine on him — the prince only wanted this medicine. However, he didn’t dare to try a more forceful method with Yuan Caihe traveling with Li Qiye.

Naturally, if Yuan Caihe were to leave, then it was an entirely different matter. As long as Li Qiye was alone, the prince would definitely rob him of it.

“There are quite a lot of people here now, not bad, not bad. At least no imperial lineages are here, otherwise, there won’t be anything to see.” Old Demon Tie Yi took a look around and heaved a sigh of relief as he patted his chest with a cowardly look.

At this time, several thousand experts were gathered next to the outlet. The majority consisted of golems and demons that were in all shapes and forms. Some golems kept their rocky bodies while there were also those who had complete flesh and blood bodies. Of course, the demons were even more varied; some had the body of a serpent and the head of a human while others were in a humanoid form with antlers…

Among the experts here, some took control and claimed their own peaks while others seized the shorelines. There were also those who hovered high in the sky… Most of the cultivators here had an alchemist with them as they waited.

Although Immortal Bezoar was very precious and rare, the source was not limited to just the Celestial Peak Great River. Because of this, only a few of the great powers came here for it.

Li Qiye lightly said after seeing the cowardly appearance from the old demon: “Since you are so afraid of imperial lineages, did you do something unforgivable?”

“Young Noble, you are misunderstanding me again.” The old demon immediately explained himself as if he was making a vow and said: “Think about it, Young Noble. I am but a little demon, so how could I afford to offend imperial lineages? Hahaha, this little ant demon has never seen the world before, so I only got a bit nervous after bringing up imperial lineages.”

Of course, whether Li Qiye believed it or not was unknown since he only responded with a grin.

However, the moment the old demon finished his words, a huge ship directly landed from the sky. It was extremely domineering as it forcefully took the most advantageous shore.

This shore was initially occupied by a big sect, but the ship directly landed without any regard for the cultivators below.

“Get back!” The experts from the sect that were occupying this area were both frightened and furious. Among them, one great master carried all of his disciples away with haste.

“Boom!” The ship landed on the sandy shore and, just like that, it easily occupied this area.

This style was extremely overbearing and completely disregarded everyone, easily enraging others.

In fact, the sect that used to occupy this shore was uncontrollably furious. Their seniors all wanted to come forward and demand an explanation from the other side, but the moment they saw the flag on the ship, they had no choice but to swallow this anger.

“The Crystallized Sea Sect…” The experts from this sect couldn’t help but become astounded after seeing the flag that hung on the ship.

At this time, many people stared at this giant ship and saw that there was a group of people standing above in an extremely mighty manner with surging blood energies. They all came from the demon race; there was an eagle, a tiger, a snake…

They all stood around a woman with quite a beautiful and charming appearance; she was slim and graceful with many different colors. Her waist resembled a snake as it gently moved back and forth, causing quite an alluring scene.

“Radiant-Sea’s Dragon Princess!” Many changed their expressions at the sight of her. Although the giant ship was extremely overbearing, no one dared to say anything.

“It seems that I am not late.” The woman called the Dragon Princess smilingly said as she looked at the surging river.

Although they were extremely aggressive without any care for courtesy, no one dared to accuse them of such at this time.

The reason was quite simple, the Crystallized Sea Sect was a famous imperial lineage in the Alchemy Realm. Its force was quite mighty after being established by Immortal Emperor Jing Yu! With more than ten countries under its wing, its territory was vast, thus one could easily imagine its strength.

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