Chapter 662: Massacring Clans With A Smile

Chapter 662: Massacring Clans With A Smile

“I will only say it once. I gave you a chance, but all of you did not cherish it!” Li Qiye slowly said: “So now, there can only be one end, and that is to wash these stairs with your blood! Kill them all!” With that, he simply clapped his hands together.

Li Qiye’s arrogance caused many of the spectating bystanders to become dumbfounded. These words were too outrageous. Before him was a Virtuous Paragon! Even the monarchs looked at each other. At this time, they didn’t know what to do; should they take action or keep watching?

The Huangfu Ancestor glared at Li Qiye and remained still. He was still waiting to see what the Giant Bamboo Country was hiding up its sleeves.

At this time, a Heavenly King from the Huangfu Clan sneered and stepped forward. His blood energy immediately soared to the sky like a dragon as he shouted: “Ignorant fool, kneel before me!”

The moment these words came out, a huge palm instantly headed for Li Qiye, wanting to grab him alive.

Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye in the face of this Heavenly King’s palm, he still sat there motionlessly. At the same time, Madam Zi Yan and the eighteen monarchs became quite startled.

“Ba!” But before the gigantic palm could catch Li Qiye, a small sound appeared, and this Heavenly King was instantly turned into a bloody mist. He didn’t even have time to scream and he didn’t know how he had died.

“Don’t you dare!” In a flash, the Huangfu Ancestor loudly roared; this roar was capable of shattering mountains and rivers! At this time, he finally took action and immediately took out his true fate weapon. A divine saber soared across the sky, wanting to kill the thing that had just slain the Heavenly King.

“Boom!” But before the saber could slash downward, it was immediately shattered as countless little pieces flew everywhere. Next, a little “ping” came about as this ancestor’s body was nailed to the capital’s gate.

At this time, his eyes were still glaring at his opponent, yet they were filled with fear. He failed to see how the opponent made a move even at the second of his death.

Eventually, people clearly saw that the culprit that killed the Huangfu Ancestor was only a little bamboo branch with fresh leaves. This branch pierced the ancestor’s forehead and pinned him to the gate; the branch immediately destroyed his true fate. One branch, one fatal blow — this was too shocking.

This was a Virtuous Paragon! A great power’s ancestor! However, he died just like that without a chance to fight back. How could the spectators not be shocked?

At this moment, people were gasping with their mouths opened wide enough to fit an egg. They couldn’t calm down and their minds were completely empty.

“I have given all of you a chance, but you chose not to take it. Everyone only has one life, so I can only apologize.” While everyone was still shaken, Li Qiye slowly uttered these nonchalant and carefree words.

During the commotion, one person managed to calm down and shuddered with a blanched expression before stuttering: “My, my Qing Ancestor is the Pill King, an, an invincible Virtuous Paragon. If you, you dare…” At this moment, the Qing Clan Master’s soul had already been frightened out of his body and kept on retreating backward.

“Qing Clan? From today on, there will be no Qing Clan in the Giant Bamboo Country. However, I’ll give your clan a path for survival; to the elderly and young, all of you get the hell out of the Giant Bamboo Country.” Li Qiye smiled dismissively and commanded: “Destroy the Qing Clan and its ancestral ground!”

“Buzz!” Up in the high clouds, one could see glimmers of green rays moving from the giant bamboo tree. At this time, a bamboo branch in the shape of an arrow appeared. With a quiet sound, the branch immediately pierced through the sky and traversed the great distance to the Qing Clan’s grounds.

“Boom!” At this second, a boundless raging flame soared to the sky from the Qing Clan, lighting up the entire country.

“No…!” However, this raging flame was immediately extinguished in the blink of an eye. A miserable, shrill wail echoed across the world, followed by a loud banging noise. The earth shook once as if something had penetrated the earth in the far distance.

“Ba, ba, ba!” Amidst the confusion, the bamboo branch that crossed the domain earlier had returned. Countless bodies were dropped before the imperial palace.

“No, Ancestor!” The moment these bodies fell down, the Qing Clan Master let out a sad bellow: “Grandfather, Father, Uncle…”

“The Pill King…!” A cultivator yelled out in horror after seeing a very majestic old man among the corpses. This old man’s chest had been thoroughly pierced; he couldn’t be deader.

These bodies were all great characters from the Qing Clan, consisting of ancestors, high elders, and elders. All had been pierced by this bamboo branch. From their expressions, one could tell that they were all powerless to resist — outside of the Pill King — and lost their lives in just one attack!

At this time, the Qing Clan Master was drowned with grief. He lost all hope after seeing these bodies because all the experts of the Qing Clan were here. Each of them was able to uphold a region by themselves, but now they were all dead.

“Kill them all, leave none alive.” Li Qiye slowly said without batting an eye.

“Buzz—” A green light fell down as a bamboo leaf slowly fluttered down. After seeing this leaf, all the experts from the sects and the Huangfu Clan lost their minds in fear. Someone screamed: “Shit, run!”

At this time, many turned to flee, but it was too late. “Pluff!” The bamboo leaf suddenly flashed and decapitated all the fleeing parties, including high elders from the Huangfu Clan and the Qing Clan Master… One by one, a bunch of heads started to roll for a fair distance on the ground.

The eyes on all of these heads were opened wide. They couldn’t believe it since, in this very instant, they could see a spring of blood spurting from their own necks.

These spraying fountains of blood were spectacular beyond words; the streams were brilliantly red and painted the ground, slowly flowing together.

Eventually, thuds could be heard as numerous headless bodies fell down to the ground.

After seeing this scene, whether it was the spectators or the monarchs or Madam Zi Yan, all were standing there looking silly without being able to speak.

At this point, all the sects and clans who appeared here were killed entirely. Not even one person managed to leave alive!

The verdant bamboo leaf gently flew into Li Qiye’s palm. Li Qiye gently blew on it, causing a drop of blood on the leaf to fall to the ground, permeating the mud.

The leaf was still as green and delicate as before. Li Qiye gently stroked it as if it was a rare treasure.

However, in the eyes of others, this was not a green leaf but the most terrifying weapon in this world! A ferocious weapon of murder!

At this moment, all were petrified and unable to calm down, including the madam. There were no thoughts running in their minds, only emptiness could be found.

No one thought that things would happen like this or that it would end in such a manner.

Prior to this, many had different speculations about this disaster. Some assumed that the imperial court would split, some thought that it would have a peaceful resolution, and some thought that the ruler of the country would change…

However, across all of the speculations, no one had thought about the giant bamboo, not even the madam. Although she was very confident in Li Qiye, she didn’t consider the giant bamboo. Not even in her wildest dreams did she think she would have the chance to see the giant bamboo take action during her lifetime.

The country had been named after the giant bamboo since it was their Divine Guardian. This story had been passed down for millions of years. Ever since the founding of the country, the bamboo had been there and was considered an auspicious symbol and the protector of the country.

In fact, the country rarely had wars, it had always been peaceful, so no one had heard of the giant bamboo making a move or killing an enemy.

Thus, despite it being referred to as the Divine Guardian, the majority of people had only considered it to be part of the beautiful scenery, the symbolistic attraction of the capital! Even the capital’s inhabitants had forgotten about this tree above their heads that towered into the firmament. To them, the bamboo had been integrated into their lives. The country had viewed the existence of the bamboo as something familiar.

However, people finally saw the giant bamboo in action today. One branch killed a Virtuous Paragon while another destroyed the Qing Clan, not to mention that one leaf massacred many Heavenly Kings and Heavenly Sovereigns.

This illustrious battle record was too terrifying and frightening. Such an existence was indeed worthy of being called a deity, and not just in name!

In the yard, no one had expected to see the giant bamboo attacking with its invincible presence, not even in their dreams. Who would have thought that this giant bamboo, that was only considered part of the landscape, was capable of slaughtering ancestors like pigs?!

The truth was that this should have come as no wonder. For millions of years, very few people dared to offend the Giant Bamboo Country. Existences like the Alchemy Kingdom, the Jianlong Clan, even their ancestors who didn’t know about the existence of the Dark Crow still knew that the Giant Bamboo Country was a forbidden ground. Through the long and arduous years, no one had dared to attack the Giant Bamboo Country, lest they be destroyed by a dark hand!

In fact, for a behemoth like the Alchemy Kingdom, even when their Immortal Emperors were alive, the emperors had warned their disciples to never offend the Giant Bamboo Country. Existences like Immortal Emperors knew that although the country was only of average size, it had an extraordinary status in the Nine Worlds.

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