Chapter 66: Causing Clouds and Rains by Turning One’s Hand (2)

The disciple busily said: “My respect to the elder; first brother did not teach me any new methods. First brother was simply only deducing the defects in my Jade Spiral Merit Law and Flying Moth Swordplay that were present during my inception to the sect.”

“Repeat what your first brother had said regarding the methods, so I can hear a little of what he said.”

This disciple didn’t dare to be disrespectful; he hastily recited the merit laws Li Qiye had revised, as well as the individual corrections in the techniques to First Elder.

Having heard the words of this disciple, First Elder Gu Tieshou couldn’t help but change his expression. In reality, the first elder wasn’t the only one that was astonished, but the other elders and protectors were as well.

The first elder didn’t dare to believe what the disciples had spoke: “This is truly the method your first brother had said?”

The disciple sincerely replied: “My respect to the elder; this disciple doesn’t dare to lie, my words are thousands of genuine and innumerable truths." [1]

Gu Tieshou couldn’t believe it. After he recovered from his astonishment, he picked a few random disciples from the three hundred. These disciples recited their merit laws and flawed techniques. This caused Gu Tieshou and the elders, as well as the protectors, to be shocked.

Elder Qian, one of the six elders, inconceivably said: “How is this a foundational merit law? Ah! This is an entirely complete grand Dao guiding principle!”

Elder Wu, who was shocked, also said: “I have cultivated for more than one thousand years and have read the Jade Spirit Merit Law no less than one hundred times, but I have never thought that it was possible to understand this merit law like this. This interpretation, I’m afraid this is the ultimate profound truths of the Jade Spirit Merit Law, and this is the true essence of this method.”

Also supporting Li Qiye, Elder Sun said: “If this was an evil sect’s devil Dao, then our practices must be the real evil sect’s devil Dao. I’m afraid there is no one in this world that could create a foundational merit law and make it so mysterious with such an imposing grand Dao!”

This was not the first time Elder Sun had experienced the magic of Li Qiye; however, when he had heard these interpretations, he was still shaken. Elder Sun supported Li Qiye the most out of any other elders.

Even more elders and protectors were at a loss for words. Li Qiye’s interpretations of the foundational merit laws were mysteriously refined ten thousand times in a manner that lacked any defects. Li Qiye’s pointers on the flawed techniques could be said to hit the mark every time. They cultivated for hundreds and even thousands of years, but they still couldn’t interpret merit laws to this level. Today, they had finally found out that even the most basic foundational merit laws could be derived to this stage. Before, they thought they knew the essentials of the merit laws, but in reality, what they knew was only the skin and fur of the foundational merit laws.

A protector emotionally said: “If I could have understood the Jade Spirit Merit Law to this level that year, then it would have been enough for my entire life!”

It took a while for Gu Tieshou to regain his thoughts. Everyone knew that Li Qiye had a Mortal Physique, a Mortal Life Wheel, and a Mortal Fate Palace, yet he was able to deduced such fine interpretations. No one would ever believe this! Even a genius with talents as high as the sky still wouldn’t be able to have deductions at this level! It was unreachable!

Gu Tieshou emotionally stared at Li Qiye, and doubtfully asked: “These are really your meditation experiences?”

Li Qiye smiled, and he said: “Dear elder: this is merely one tiny part of my understandings; this is just a little experience, and it can’t be considered profound.”

Li Qiye having said this caused First Elder Gue Tieshou to suddenly choke on his words. If this was only a “tiny part of understanding and a little experience”, then the word genius was not enough to describe him. He could only be called “demon’s spawn”! [2]

“Older brother, it seems like we had missed a genius. Li Qiye’s perception is extremely frightening. Some time ago, I had a little problem with my cultivation, and it was Li Qiye who gave me valuable advice.” At this point, Elder Sun also revealed his matter in order to support Li Qiye.

The elders and protectors couldn’t help but become amazed after they heard Elder Sun’s story. This truly was unfathomable.

Elder Qian said with a changed expression: “There was a rumor that a person’s Physique, Life Wheel, and Fate Palace were not the only criterion to measure talent. I didn’t believe it and considered it to be a load of crap. It seems like today, the ancient wise men didn’t fool me.” [3]

Elder Wu of the six elders looked at Sectional Leader Zhou, and, at this moment, he said: “Sectional Leader Zhou, if this was an evil sect’s devil Dao then there is no correct path in this world. If you were confused, don’t be confused to this extreme.”

“I…” The sudden reversal of the situation caused Sectional Leader Zhou to be unable to react.

Li Qiye, at this point, said with indistinction: “I’m afraid this wasn’t confusion, but a scheme to get rid of me. To Sectional Leader Zhou, what I instructed was not important. The important thing was to eliminate me.”

Gu Tieshou’s eyes became fierce; his pressure immediately suppressed Sectional Leader Zhou, and he gravely said: “Sectional Leader Zhou, what is going on?”

Li Qiye’s understanding of the foundational merit laws alone was an extremely valuable treasure to the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, and, at this time, Gu Tieshou absolutely wanted to protect Li Qiye no matter the circumstances. He knew that Li Qiye was important not only because of the marital pact, but also because of his profound knowledge.

“I, I, I…” Sectional Leader Zhou, at the moment, couldn’t speak half a word, and he couldn’t help but to stare at Cao Xiong.

Cao Xiong knew the situation was not good, so he immediately said: “Sectional Leader Zhou was so foolish, and he couldn’t even see through the profound merit laws! This is worthy of punishment, but the traitor remains to be rebellious against the Dao. He killed the three sectional leaders, Protector Hu, and Zhi’er! This is absolutely unforgivable!”

To Cao Xiong, today was the day where he lost his money and only became ill. Not only could he not kill Li Qiye, but both of his disciples were killed. Especially Leng Shizhi, who was the disciple meant to inherit his legacy. With such a highly valued disciple being killed, it made his heart bleed. [4]

Li Qiye leisurely retorted: “If I truly conspired to betray, then this was a crime worthy of ten thousand deaths. Unfortunately, I am a victim. Originally, it was Sectional Leader Zhou who couldn’t tell black from white, and he accused me of bringing evil sect devil Daos into the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. After this, it was Protector Hu who suddenly brought a big group of law enforcement disciples that wanted to join the fray and kill me. They didn’t give me a chance to defend myself; this was definitely an evil plan…”

“There were too many coincidences in this matter. Isn’t this just trying to push me towards my demise? Why were Elder Cao and old man Dong together? The two of you were even faster than the other elders. Just like before, you two didn’t differentiate black from white, and you also wanted to kill me. Isn’t this just wanting to kill me before I could talk? Elder Cao, are you not conspiring with the Heavenly God Sect, ah? Elder Cao, you betrayed the sect and conspired with outsiders. This is a capital crime, infamous throughout eternity!” Li Qiye carefully conveyed the scheme, causing the disciples of the Cleansing Jade Peak to be frozen. Their first brother easily reversed the situation. Such a meticulous and articulate plan was just too dreadful. Their first brother’s intelligence was as vast as the sea.

Li Shuangyan, as an outsider observing the situation, was even more moved. Li Qiye killed the three leaders and Protector Hu without any restraint like it was just some minor inconvenience. Currently, his frank and confident explanation easily reversed the situation. This was simply one palm covering the clouds in the sky and one fist calming the torrential rains. Moreover, from the beginning to end, he was carefree. This matter to him was akin to eating breakfast, leaving Li Shuangyan horrified.

Li Shuangyan realized that Li Qiye was not simply mysterious. Today, she witnessed his calculating means when dealing with others; he was killing without seeing blood. [5]

Even Tu Buyu, who was standing to the side, had his eyes flash. Li Qiye’s actions today, even after living for a thousand years, astonished him.

In reality, this trivial planning was essentially nothing to Li Qiye. Back when he schemed against the whole world; that was a truly grand plan.

“Animal, your death draws near, and you are still running your mouth…” Cao Xiong was shivering from anger. This plan was formulated by his own hand, but right now, Li Qiye had put his king in checkmate. How could he not have his hands tied?

First Elder Gu Tieshou coldly said: “Little brother Cao, there are many doubts and unknowns. To say that Li Qiye is a traitor at this moment is just too simplistic.”

The thing he didn’t want to see the most was Cao Xiong and Dong Shenglong being together, but that was obvious at this point.

Aside from Gu Tieshou, the other elders and protectors were all also biased for Li Qiye, but they didn’t have any condemning evidence; they couldn’t say much.

“Old brother wouldn’t really trust this animal, right?” Cao Xiong was vomiting blood from anger. All of his planning came to nothing, and his two disciples died in vain!

Gu Tieshou coldly said: “At the very least, there are some dubious suspicions in this matter.”

Without evidence, he couldn’t punish Cao Xiong for conspiring with Dong Shenglong, but this matter left him extremely unsatisfied.

Cao Xiong retorted severely: “Good, good, Protector Hu and the others died for no reason then!”

At this point, he unleashed another hidden card, and he gravely spoke: “Even if Sectional Leader Zhou was confused, this animal having hidden intentions is the hard truth. This animal secretly stole the Kun Peng’s Six Variants!”

“Stole the Kun Peng’s Six Variants!” The protectors and elders that were currently present were shocked.

First Elder Gu Tieshou’s face became tightly constricted, and he glared intensely at Li Qiye. The Kun Peng’s Six Variants was the core Emperor merit law of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, and it was also the only Emperor merit law left behind that wasn’t incomplete! This matter was of grave importance, and this couldn’t be neglected.

Gu Tieshou stared at Li Qiye, and he asked with a serious tone: “Is this the truth?”

Regarding the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, Gu Tieshou couldn’t afford to not be careful.

Li Qiye asked in a very innocent manner: “What is the Kun Peng’s Six Variants?”

“Elder, don’t be fooled by him.” Sectional Leader Zhou found a chance to tie the board, so he loudly exclaimed: “I saw with my own eyes his usage of the Heavenly Transformation to escape from the Thirty Six Celestial Deities Sword formation of nephew Leng. These are thousands of genuine innumerable truths!”

“Elders, are you talking about this?” At this point, inside the Fate Palace of Li Qiye, a Kun Peng leaped out. The Kun Peng was as large as a fist and was extremely vibrant. The moment it jumped up, floating unstable magical runes gently followed the Kun Peng’s swaying back and forth. The galaxy rotated and brought the spectators to another universe. Each transformation of the Kun Peng was profoundly abstruse, with even the elders not being able to understand them!

[1] Idiom meaning absolutely true from many points of view. 

[2] Demon’s Spawn has two possible meanings. It is either used to describe an incredible genius or an extremely evil/terrible person – I took the liberty to use spawn here because it makes more sense than “Demon’s son”. 

[3] A load of crap here was actually “silent dog’s fart” – interesting phrase…

[4] Lost money and only got illness – basically betting money but you lose both your money and something on top. Basically scheme going really wrong.

[5] Killing without seeing blood: a praise for a calculating strategist; not having to take physical action.

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