Chapter 656: The Huangfu Clan’s Vengeance

Chapter 656: The Huangfu Clan’s Vengeance

“So they are finally here?” Madam Zi Yan’s glare became serious as she tried to confirm the situation.

Ancient Pine quickly responded: “They still haven’t entered the capital and are staying on the outskirts. Their ancestor sent a message to Brother Eagle’s group and wants our Giant Bamboo Country to give an explanation regarding Huangfu Hao or face the consequences.”

It turned out that after being blown away from the capital, the Huangfu Clan expended a lot of effort before finding him. Huangfu Hao was found on the verge of death. Although he managed to survive, his wounds were quite grave, so he would be bed-stricken for some time.

The Huangfu Ancestor quickly brought Huangfu Hao back for treatment. After his wounds stabilized, the people from the Huangfu Clan regained their calm and refocused their attention. How could the people from the Huangfu Clan swallow this anger? Because of this, the ancestor brought a group of experts from the clan, demanding an explanation.

Madam Zi Yan’s visage became cold as she stated: “So if we say no, they will massacre our capital.”

Ancient Pine had cold sweat running down his face as he said: “Most likely. It seems that the Huangfu Clan won’t give up unless we give them an explanation. If they actually attack, I’m afraid the Eagle Demon Monarch’s group won’t be able to withstand it.”

Madam Zi Yan scowled while showing a cold glare. She knew very clearly that there were many great powers in the Alchemy Realm who had been eyeing their country. However, all of them had been living together peacefully. Nevertheless, with such a good excuse at the moment, how could the Huangfu Clan let this great opportunity go?

In addition to all of this, Huangfu Hao desired a marriage alliance with her, so their clan could use this as leverage as well after this event. It was killing two birds with one stone!

“Your Majesty, what should we do?” Ancient Pine hastily asked.

With a serious gaze, Madam Zi Yan austerely declared: “If the Huangfu Clan wants to play hard, then we shall entertain them. Our Giant Bamboo Country is not so easily bullied.”

“I’m only worried that behind the Huangfu Clan is the Alchemy Kingdom. They had been in-laws for several generations.” Ancient Pine couldn’t help but worry.

Madam Zi Yan coldly replied: “When the soldiers come, let the generals deal with them; when the flood arrives, let the earth halt it.” [1. Worry about it when the time comes is the meaning behind this phrase.]

“We absolutely will not falter in the face of the Huangfu Clan coming to our gate. Go beseech our ancestor to come into being. I will take full responsibility.” Although Madam Zi Yan was a woman, she was not soft at all. In fact, she was even more decisive compared to the rougher sex.

“It’s only a Huangfu Clan, there is no need to make any extraneous effort.” At this time, a lazy voice came about. Li Qiye slowly said: “There is no need to ask for your ancestor to come out, leave this matter to me. This matter started because of me, so let me finish it.”

Having heard this, Ancient Pine couldn’t help but stare at Li Qiye. Madam Zi Yan also became serious and said: “The Huangfu Ancestor is an unfathomable Virtuous Paragon who has been renowned since thirty thousand years ago.”

She only said this out of concern for Li Qiye. Even a Heavenly King like her was very wary against an existence of the ancestor level. Her strength alone was not enough to fight the Huangfu Ancestor; this was why she wanted to ask a Giant Bamboo Ancestor to come out of his seclusion.

Although the madam thought very highly of Li Qiye, this didn’t mean that the current Li Qiye could confront a character of the ancestor level.

In fact, ever since he got here, he had never personally taken action so she didn’t know of his exact cultivation. However, in her opinion, he was not stronger than the Heavenly King realm.

And if he wasn’t stronger than a Heavenly King, then he was not qualified to contend against an ancestor. A Heavenly King was insufficient when the opponent is an ancestor.

“It’s only a Virtuous Paragon, not an Immortal Emperor — no big deal.” Li Qiye said in an indifferent manner: “If they want to come, then let them. We can just use this chance to wipe them off the earth. Don’t let even one of them think about escaping.”

These casual words silenced both Ancient Pine and the madam.

Only a Virtuous Paragon — this might be the most arrogant phrase they had ever heard! Even an ordinary power would have only one Virtuous Paragon. This was a terrifying existence, someone capable of plucking the stars and seizing the moon in the sky, someone who could reverse the heaven and earth! It could even be said that a Heavenly King was not worth mentioning before a Virtuous Paragon.

But now, in the mouth of Li Qiye, he was “only” a Virtuous Paragon. How carefree and easygoing was he to utter such words? It was as if an ancestor of a great power, to him, was essentially insignificant.

Ancient Pine hesitated for a moment before having to voice his mind: “But… but… This is a Virtuous Paragon! A Virtuous Paragon capable of killing tens of thousands with one hand!”

While he recognized Li Qiye’s peerless alchemy skill and knew that he could definitely become the Alchemy Emperor in the future, Ancient Pine had no confidence regarding Li Qiye’s cultivation.

And this was the truth. In the Stone Medicine World, many genius alchemists had very average talents for cultivation. Even an Alchemy Emperor, regarding cultivation, couldn’t compare to a God-Monarch or Godking.

In addition, Li Qiye hadn’t shown his cultivation to Ancient Pine. Li Qiye was extremely young, so despite Li Qiye’s supreme dao of alchemy, Ancient Pine believed that he was but an insect before a Virtuous Paragon.

Li Qiye lazily smiled and said: “So what if it is a Virtuous Paragon? Even a Godking would only come to seek his death. Leave this trivial matter to me.”

Ancient Pine was completely speechless at this time. These words were even more preposterous and audacious! Godkings were existences at the top of the nine heavens, individuals who were capable of sweeping through the world! But now, Li Qiye dared to make such a reckless statement. How could Ancient Pine reply to this?

If it was someone else, Ancient Pine would already have berated him for this ignorance. Although he didn’t dare to yell at Li Qiye right now, he still felt that Li Qiye was a bit too unreasonable.

And so, he turned to the madam for an answer. She pondered for a moment then stared at Li Qiye before slowly speaking: “Do you really think we don’t need to invite an ancestor?”

“Since when have I told a lie?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh and say: “Don’t worry, with me here, Virtuous Paragons are merely clouds in the sky. If the Huangfu Clan is too dumb to scram, then even if they have the Alchemy Kingdom as their backing, I will still exterminate their clan to their very roots!” Having said that, his eyes narrowed.

The Giant Bamboo Country had a special position in his heart, so if the Huangfu Clan dared to touch this country, he didn’t mind massacring their whole clan!

Those who dared to offend the Giant Bamboo Country would be killed without mercy! This was one of his uncrossable bottom lines.

Madam Zi Yan slightly nodded and formally said: “Since you have such confidence… Very well then, we’ll leave this for you to deal with.”

Although she did feel that his words were somewhat arrogant, her intuition told her that Li Qiye was not the type to bluster. In fact, all of his actions seemed to be premeditated, so she had faith in him.

“Your Majesty...” Ancient Pine was startled by Madam Zi Yan’s decision. To say that the country was being encroached by an army right in front of their gates was not an exaggeration. Right now, the Huangfu Ancestor was right outside, but their lord was leaving this catastrophe to Li Qiye and didn’t even invite an ancestor, so how could he not be scared out of his skin?

Over the years, Madam Zi Yan had been a great ruler. All of her decisions had been admirable, but now, Ancient Pine, who was counting on her to resolve this dispute, didn’t expect for her to throw this matter over to Li Qiye.

“Demon Monarch, summon all the other monarchs. This time, all the problems will be personally dealt with by Young Noble Li. All monarchs and disciples must follow his orders.” Madam Zi Yan slowly declared. Although she was not very loud, her voice carried a powerful resonation that left no room for questions.

Ancient Pine paused for a moment but didn't say anything in the end. He left and carried out the order. To him, although this decision was a bit crazy and could even be said to be insane, he still chose to follow Madam Zi Yan’s command.

After Ancient Pine left, Li Qiye asked with a smile while looking at the madam: “It seems that you have a lot of confidence in me, ah?”

The madam couldn’t help but meet his gaze and softly say: “Are you confident in this?” These words were very gentle and pleasant like soft water that could drown listeners in pleasure.

Li Qiye looked at the madam and smilingly stated: “I like women like you.”

This response caught her off guard. Once she composed herself, she smiled back at him. Of course, she was not misunderstanding Li Qiye’s intent. She didn’t feel that he was teasing her or taking advantage of her.

At this moment, she believed that Li Qiye had no need to take advantage of her. With his attitude, it seemed as if even the goddess of all nine heavens would not be much to him. Even the fairies from myriad domains would wish for his loving embrace.

He was the most confident and indifferent person she had ever met.

The moment the monarchs received her order, they all stood there while looking silly. One monarch couldn’t help but say: “This, this is a bit too crazy.”

“Perhaps... this is Her Majesty giving Young Noble Li a chance to gain more experience.” Another monarch replied.

This speculation made the monarchs looked at each other. This made a bit of sense since if Li Qiye were to rule the country in the future, he must experience storms such as this to hone his skill.

Despite their skepticism, they eventually carried out her order and gathered around, awaiting Li Qiye’s command.

Seeing the eighteen monarchs sitting there while waiting for his orders, Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile wryly. He shook his head to say: “It’s only a little matter, there is no need to make such a big deal out of it.”

Madam Zi Yan didn’t reveal her stance on this situation while the monarchs remained silent. Their extremely dangerous predicament was not exaggerated at all since they were under siege by a Virtuous Paragon ancestor. But now, Li Qiye was saying that it was only a minor matter... This was the most indifferent person they had ever met!

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