Chapter 65: Causing Clouds and Rains by Turning One’s Hand (1)

Regarding Li Qiye’s statement, Dong Shenglong’s eyes became severe, and he deeply shouted: “A bunch of nonsense and rubbish; you are spewing blood on my good name!” [1]

Li Qiye was unperturbed as could be. He faced the first elder and the other four elders before saying: “Elders, my words are the truth. If our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and the Nine Saint Demon Gate becomes in-laws, who would be the most unwilling to see this? If one wants to break the marital pact, the most direct and effective method would be to slay me on false charges. What is cheating one’s master and killing one’s ancestor? What is disrespectful to seniors? These are all false accusations. The true goal is to destroy our two sect’s marriage.”

These small schemes to Li Qiye, who had lived for countless years, were simply insufficient to reach the apex. If Dong Shenglong didn’t come, then he would need to waste his breath to justify everything. However, once Dong Shenglong had actually arrived, this was the same as giving him a living target.

Li Qiye leisurely and comfortably said: “Elders, protectors; I’m afraid the one wanting to betray the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is not me. It is an entirely different person. There is a person here that conspires with the Heavenly God Sect… That person conspires both internally and externally in order to hurt and massacre disciples.”

At this point, since it was such a big matter, the other protectors were all rushing over. Now, the entire upper echelon of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect were gathered at the Cleansing Jade Peak.

Cao Xiong reddened with anger and loudly yelled: “Traitor! Spewing blood on others is an unforgivable crime; one that can’t be redeemed even with ten thousand deaths!”

He wanted to cross over towards Li Qiye, but he was stopped by Elder Gu.

Cao Xiong furiously yelled: “Older brother, could it be that you really want to protect a traitor that killed his own sect members?!”

At this moment, First Elder Gu Tieshou’s expression became cold, and he unemotionally said: “Little Brother, the sect’s elders and protectors are all here. Regarding this matter, right or wrong, black or white, everyone will discuss towards a conclusion! Why is there a need for little brother to be so hasty at this moment?!”

First Elder was not a fool. This matter was strange, and it was seemingly unordinary. Dong Shenglong wouldn’t bring this matter upon himself! At this moment, First Elder’s complexion greatly soured.

Yet, at this time, Li Qiye interrupted and unhurriedly said: “Elder Cao is in such a rush to kill me for the sake of silencing. Elder Cao and this old fellow Dong conspired together to do evil things. They planned to murder me, and destroy the marriage between the two sects. Respect to all of our elders and protectors, right or wrong, black or white, I trust that everyone’s eyes are as bright as the snow; who is loyal and who is traitorous? It is easy to distinguish after one look.”

“Animal, since you are spewing blood on others, you cannot be left alive!”

Dong Shenglong deafeningly roared, and, in the blink of an eye, his blood energy soared to the sky; his Royal Noble pressure ran rampant, aiming for Li Qiye.

“Brother Dong, please have some self-control!”

At this moment, First Elder Gu Tieshou’s eyes shone fiercely with killing intent. At this moment, the normally peaceful First Elder had become a different person!

Dong Shenglong’s Royal Noble pressure hadn’t decreased, but rather it increased; a “Bang Bang” sound reverberated in the air. The frightening true energy floated above his head like the unyielding roar of a dragon. His Royal Noble pressure caused all of the protectors and elders to lose their colors.

First Elder Gu Tieshou scowled coldly; his blood energy immediately surged, and the sound of his longevity blood crashed against the shore, like a gigantic ancient thunderous Ming. The moment when his blood energy soared, there was the sound of a Kun Peng screaming. In the Fate Palace of the first elder, a Kun Peng jumped outside. The Kun Peng covered the sky, and it antagonized mother earth itself. At this moment, the body of First Elder had a continuous and powerful Royal Noble’s pressure!

Royal Noble; that’s right, First Elder Gu Tieshou was indeed a Royal Noble. This matter not only shocked the disciples, but it even shocked Elder Sun’s group. Cao Xiong especially squinted his eyes!

Right now, Gu Tieshou was meeting Dong Shenglong; each step was creating a new world. The Kun Peng floating on the peak of his head seemingly wanted to crack the earth and smash the sky. In the presence of a Kun Peng’s heavenly pressure, all existences were its devout worshippers!

Everyone didn’t expect First Elder Gu to be a hidden expert. Everyone had thought that he was just a Named Hero; a peak Named Hero at best. They didn’t believe that his true strength was that of a Royal Noble!

Right then Dong Shenglong, as an experienced Royal Noble, immediately changed his expression. As both of them were Royal Nobles, he felt a certain sense of threat because Elder Gu practiced an Emperor merit law. On top of this, it was the strongest Emperor merit law left behind by Immortal Emperor Min Ren: the Kun Peng’s Six Variants! This was the core Emperor merit law of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, and it was a great threat to Dong Shenglong.

“Good, good, good! Brother Gu is very secretive about his power. It causes others to misunderstand! Today, it seems like I have meddled in others business, and my kindness is being treated as being two-faced! If this is the case, then this Dong will first take my leave!” [2]

Dong Shenglong’s eyes sunk. After speaking, he turned around and left.

Dong Shenglong was a clever man. He knew that the current situation was disadvantageous to him. If he remained here any longer, he would be trapped inside. It was better to take a step back!

Cao Xiong’s expression was hard to look at to the extreme. First Elder’s hidden strength was able to repel Dong Shenglong. This situation suddenly became much worse for him.

At this moment, Li Qiye casually said: “It seems like there is someone who felt guilty and ran away first.”

This sudden reversal left Luo Fenghua’s group to be dumbfounded. What was called blocking the fierce waves? What was called repelling the powerful enemies with words? They finally experienced it today! Their first brother had already expected this, and he naturally was not afraid of the powerful opponents.

Cao Xiong fiercely yelled: “Traitor! You cheat your master and kill your ancestors, yet you still dare to say nonsensical words and spew blood on others?! Today, I will obtain justice for my dead disciples!”

Li Qiye watched Cao Xiong, and he slowly spoke: “Elder Cao, master cheating and ancestors killing? I have never done such a thing. If you want to frame someone, there are plenty of ways! Maybe Elder Cao is afraid that your schemes will be revealed, so you are hastily trying to silence me?”

“Animal, with these words of yours, this great seat can immediately kill you!” Elder Cao let out a deafening roar, and he headed towards Li Qiye to make a move.

“Little Brother, calm your mind; don’t be angry!” First Elder Gu Tieshou let out a roar. At this moment, Gu Tieshou had finally let loose a storm, and his Royal Noble pressure directly suppressed Cao Xiong.

Under this pressure, Cao Xiong squinted his eyes and aggressively said: “First Brother, do you truly want to protect this animal? He is killing his own sect members; if this type of disciple isn’t punished, this will render the hearts of other disciples cold. We will be shunned by others. From now on, our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s rules will no longer be enforced!”

Li Qiye let out a laugh then said: “Elder Cao had vowed that I had killed sect members. Please tell me then: how did I kill our own sect members? If you can’t, then using your position as an elder to conspire against a disciple, what is your plan and ambition!?”

Li Qiye instead returned a blow. The elders and protectors glanced at each other. In reality, everyone felt that this matter was not so simple. Dong Shenglong’s appearance was a hint that this was the case.

“Good, good, good… You are good for an animal with a razor-sharp tongue!” Cao Xiong coldly smiled, and he said: “Even if you could speak lotus-like and flowery words, it doesn’t erase the fact that you killed three sectional leaders, massacred Protector Hu, and murdered Zhi’er. The evidence is as visible as the mountains; how is this not killing one’s own sect members?”

Li Qiye spoke without any signs of panic or haste: “It could only be said that the three sectional leaders, Protector Hu, and Leng Shizhi had it coming; I was only acting in self-defense.”

“Good, good, good! As you can see Brother Gu, he still dares to defensively quibble! The evidence is like the mountains in front of our eyes!”

First Elder Gu Tieshou looked at Li Qiye, and he gravely said: “What happened? For what reasons did you kill the three sectional leaders, Protector Hu, and Leng Shizhi for?”

Li Qiye innocently said: “Dear elder, I was only acting in self-defense. Protector Hu brought along the law enforcement team, and they suddenly appeared at the Cleansing Jade Peak. They suddenly wanted to make a move on me; they wanted to kill, so I could only fight back. Their reasonings and Elder Cao’s were the same. What is cheating one’s master and killing one’s ancestors? What is disrespectful? This must be a conspiracy!”

“You fart!” His face turning red, Cao Xiong yelled: “From the report of the law enforcement disciples, Sectional Leader Zhou asked for help, so Protector Hu and the law enforcement team went to the Cleansing Jade Peak! You… This animal with the heart of a vile serpent only wants to cause chaos. After you had been seen through, you wanted to kill and silence everyone!”

At this moment, Sectional Leader Zhou, who was hiding behind Cao Xiong, came out and said: “Dear elders and protectors, the truth was really just like this. Li Qiye wanted to conspire against me. So I, I, I asked for help. Protector Hu and the law enforcement team ran here to help, but I didn’t think that this person’s heart was vile just like a serpent… He massacred Protector Hu’s group.”

Gu Tieshou stared at Li Qiye, and he gravely asked: “There was an event such as this?”

At this moment, the elders and protectors couldn’t help but glance at each other. Li Qiye, an ordinary disciple, wanted to murder Sectional Leader Zhou? This matter was just a little bit unreasonable.

Li Qiye smiled, and he slowly explained: “Elder, I don’t know what this conspiracy is about. Even if it is a conspiracy, then how could Sectional Leader Zhou survive until now? I was able to kill Protector Hu; if I truly wanted to murder him, I could kill him easily like it was nothing. I spared his one life; the disciples of the Cleansing Jade Peak all saw with their own eyes. I was only teaching Sectional Leader Zhou a little lesson. I didn’t think that Sectional Leader Zhou was such a bag of straws to the point that even a Physique Accumulation disciple like me was stronger than him. Sectional Leader Zhou’s skill was not refined; you can’t blame this matter on me.”

Cao Xiong gravely said: “Nonsense, you are clearly a spy sent by another sect with hidden cultivation! You wanted to conspire and cause chaos. You were found out by Sectional Leader Zhou, so you wanted to kill and suppress his voice!”

Li Qiye smilingly said: “Elder Cao, you are the one spewing blood on others. Ask the Cleansing Jade Peak disciples: what was the reason behind my teaching Sectional Leader Zhou a lesson? From my perspective, I’m afraid that Sectional Leader Zhou was instructed by others, and conspired against me. I have the responsibilities of Dao instruction for the Cleansing Jade Peak. It could be said that I was nervous with trepidation. For Dao instruction, I exhausted much blood and sweat, but Sectional Leader Zhou was definite in his accusation that I was teaching the devil arts! He said that I brought a devil Dao to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect! Since he insulted my sweat and blood’s effort, as long as I have a single drop of courageous blood in me, how could I endure this?”

“You clearly brought the devil arts into the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect! I was afraid that the disciples would succumb to the devil Dao. In order to save them from your poisoning, I had to stop them.” Sectional Leader Zhou contended with absolute confidence.

Li Qiye loudly laughed, and he said: “Whether it is the devil Dao or not, everyone’s hearts know the truth. One person can lie, but the Cleansing Jade Peak’s three hundred disciples cannot all lie. Whether I was teaching the devil Dao or not, dear elders and protectors, don’t be hesitant to ask the disciples a little bit!”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Gu Tieshou examined the disciples currently present. He randomly called for one disciple and inquired: “What method did your first brother teach you all?”

[1] More direct translation: One speaking recklessly, one speaking foolishly, holding blood in mouth to spew on someone else – three four words phrases.

[2] Two-faced here original words were the lung and river of a donkey, meaning he had hidden bad/animal intentions.

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