Chapter 64: God of War Formula (2)

Even Sectional Leader Zhou, who was lying on the ground, found strength from an unknown source, and he tumbled out of the Cleansing Jade Peak.

“First Brother, yo-you should run away.” After the law enforcement group, along with Sectional Leader Zhou, had escaped, the Luo Fenghua group also regained their wits and immediately knew that this would be trouble. Killing sectional leaders and a protector – this matter, regardless of what sect it happened at, would be a huge crime that was punishable by death!

“Escape, why do I have to escape?” Li Qiye nonchalantly said. His current appearance didn’t look like he had just killed people, it was exactly as if he just did some tiny trivial things.

“But, yo-you just killed Protector Hu and his group.” Luo Fenghua and his group felt fear and trepidation in the face of a disaster. At this moment, they finally realized what a vicious person was like. Luo Fenghua’s heart was pounding; fortunately for him, that day when he had challenged his first brother, his first brother didn’t care. Otherwise, the consequences would have been inconceivable! His first brother killed protectors and sectional leaders like they were nothing; for him to kill just a disciple, it was not a big deal.

Li Qiye smilingly said: “This is called self-defense, not murder.”

The Cleansing Jade Peak disciples suddenly became silent. A calamity was about to come, and the punishment was an inescapable death; yet, this first brother was still acting as if nothing had happened.

At this point, Li Qiye looked at Tu Buyu, and he said: “Your God’s Fist was excellent.”

An unforgettable memory for Li Qiye; regarding the God of War Formula, it appeared in his mind. Unexpectedly, Tu Buyu was practicing the God of War Formula! This was outside of Li Qiye’s expectations.

Tu Buyu maintained his kind and cheerful smile while replying: “Of course not, of course not. Compared to the immortal techniques of First Brother, my ability is like an insignificant worm’s.”

Li Shuangyan’s face became serious. Today, the God of War Formula might have been forgotten by the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, or maybe they have never heard of it; however, she had heard of a legend. In his youth, Immortal Emperor Min Ren practiced the God of War Formula. He used this technique throughout his life. Moreover, this formula was rumored to be a renowned ancient method from the past; it was extremely heaven defying.

For unknown reasons, after Immortal Emperor Min Ren had shouldered the Heaven’s Will and became an Immortal Emperor, he didn’t pass down this formula. Out of all of Min Ren’s disciples, none have practiced this technique.

Immortal Emperor Min Ren had even passed down his Heaven’s Will secret techniques to his disciples and left them in the sect, but he never chose to pass down the God of War Formula; this matter left everyone perplexed.

Regarding Tu Buyu’s ambiguous attitude; Li Qiye only smiled, and he said: “The God of War Formula is fine, and the God Slaughtering Formula is also fine; however, your cultivation is not important. What is important is… that you don’t stand in my way! Otherwise, death without mercy!”

“First Brother said too much.” Tu Buyu hurriedly said: “First Brother is wise and powerful like a god; your talents exceed the sky. This little brother has always wanted to be your heavenly thunder, and I will strike whenever you command. One word from older brother and I will rush into the fire and smoke without any hesitation.”

Tu Buyu’s words rendered the Cleansing Jade Peak’s disciples speechless. Tu Buyu was clearly much, much older than Li Qiye, he could even be the grandfather of Li Qiye, but his ass kissing ability was without equal.

“I originally thought that Nan Huairen’s ability to ass kiss was matchless, but, today, it seems like Nan Huairen has met his match.” Li Qiye looked at Tu Buyu. In reality, to him, whether Tu Buyu’s words were true or not was not of importance.

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Tu Buyu didn’t become angry, and he maintained his amiable smile; this caused others to be unable to predict his mysterious intentions.

“Traitor, accept your death!” At this time, an angry roar exploded throughout the entire Cleansing Jade Peak. A gigantic hand traversed the heavens and came crashing down. It seemed capable of crushing the entire Cleansing Jade Peak into dust.

Cao Xiong had rushed to the scene after hearing about his disciple’s deaths. His fiery rage soared, and he hurried to the Cleansing Jade Peak in order to behead Li Qiye. Cao Xiong was like a furious lion with imposing momentum, and his every strand of energy made others incapable to even breathe.

Cao Xiong’s huge palm swatted downwards, carrying the power of tens of millions of Jun. This one palm could smash the entirety of the Cleansing Jade Peak! A Named Hero was still a Named Hero after all, and, at this level, one stomp would cause the grand earth to shake three times! This was a lord of an entire region!

When Cao Xiong’s gigantic hand covered the whole sky, the Cleansing Jade Peak disciples lost their color; their faces became pale, and they were without any signs of blood. An angry Named Hero could cause blood to flow for one thousand miles. One palm from a Named Hero was enough to destroy mountains and rivers.

“Open…” Hearing the roar, Li Shuangyan, who was standing beside Li Qiye, immediately made her move. In a flash, Li Shuangyan was unyieldingly solitary; her whole body was like a flourishing lotus flower, with each of its petals being blindingly translucent. The worse part was that the petals were gigantic and were enough to uphold the heavens. The moment the lotus flower was in full bloom, it could support the nine heavens and ten earths.

“Bang!” Li Shuangyan didn’t make any visible movements, but she was able to easily deflect the gigantic palm from Cao Xiong; the palm could no longer reach the ground.

Li Shuangyan, with a natural born Pure Crystal Physique, one of the twenty-four Emperor Physiques, had already reached grand completion after cultivation. She currently practiced one of the eighteen Saint Physiques that was the Pure Jade Physique with a little bit of success!

The Pure Crystal Physique, when reaching grand completion, could rank up into the Pure Jade Physique. Once this physique appeared it would be like a lotus in full bloom, it utilized an incredibly powerful stance to obstruct Cao Xiong’s one palm.

“Princess Li, this is our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect punishing a traitor, do not intervene!” His disciples were killed, how could Cao Xiong remain without rage?

Even though Cao Xiong didn’t dare to completely turn against Li Shuangyan, his speech was still full of confidence.

Li Shuangyan still hadn’t said a word. Her blooming lotus physique blocked Cao Xiong; he had reddened his complexion to the point of shivering anger. As a Named Hero, he was still no match for Li Shuangyan.

One couldn’t blame Cao Xiong for being weak, it was just that Li Shuangyan was too strong. Within the younger generation, she was renowned; even throughout the entire Mortal Emperor World, she would still be considered strong.

“The Nine Saint Demon Gate’s reputation is naturally well deserved.” At this moment, a cold voice spoke up. He took one step forward, and the constellations immediately changed directions. His blood energy immediately enveloped the entire Cleansing Jade Peak. His Royal Noble pressure was like a sharp sword that caused pain and soreness to the bystanders.

The Cleansing Jade Peak disciples were frightened as one disciple involuntarily cried out: “Guest adviser…!”

Guest Adviser Dong Shenglong: the number one character of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. As an experienced Royal Noble, the moment he stood forward, countless amounts of people drew cold breaths. At the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, a Royal Noble was truly unbeatable. That was not even mentioning that Dong Shenglong was an experienced Royal Noble, and even his title was bestowed upon him by the Mortal Emperor! It was exceedingly difficult to see through him.

Dong Shenglong walked step by step, with the grand Dao crying out harmoniously. Under his feet was an interwoven grand Dao formation, it carried the momentum of mountains and rivers as well as the boundless world’s spirit energy from under the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. This combination of powers pressed down upon Li Shuangyan; this vast energy was like the rolling vast ocean and an earthen bull that capsized its gigantic body and caused the entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to be caught up in its shocking momentum. [1]

Li Shuangyan’s elegant countenance sent out bleak coldness with her slender arms gently motioning. Under one dragon slaying technique, she had successfully blocked the advancing formation of Dong Shenglong.

“Bang.” Under this technique, the force went straight downwards into the Cleansing Jade Peak; this caused a chasm to form in the ground.

Dong Shenglong’s eyes couldn’t help but become cold. After one move, he realized that he had met a worthy foe. What was frightening him inside was that Li Shuangyan was so young, yet she was an aspiring Royal Noble; this aptitude was too terrifying. One had to be aware that the difficult Dao era had just come to an end not too long ago, yet Li Shuangyan was already aspiring to be a Royal Noble; this talent could cause others to tremble.

“Brother Dong, what matter is worth troubling you!” At this moment, a profound sound loudly rang out. Immediately afterward, five people came down from the sky. This was the first elder along with the other four elders!

The first elder had arrived, and Dong Shenglong recovered his step and slowly said: “Brother Gu, your traitor is fierce; I was only interested in helping your sect.”

Cao Xiong could come here, so the first elder would have also received the news from a disciple. He knew an important matter had happened, so he brought the other elders along as well.

At this point, Li Shuangyan withdrew her physique’s stance, and the lotus flower disappeared. Cao Xiong severely shouted: “Traitor, accept your death!”

His yelling finished, and he sent one strike that was aimed to behead Li Qiye.

Regarding Cao Xiong’s attack, Li Qiye didn’t even twitch his brows once.

The first elder immediately stopped Cao Xiong, and he gravely said: “Little Brother Cao, don’t be hasty. Let us hear what Li Qiye has to say.”

Cao Xiong angrily yelled: “Older Brother, he is a subordinate that offended his superiors, killed sectional leaders, and he murdered a protector. These are sins of cheating one’s own master and destroying his ancestors; what else is there to say? This animal must be decapitated in order to cleanse the sect.”

First Elder maintained his deep tone, and he said: “Brother Cao, right or wrong, the sect will have an answer. If he had committed a great sin, then why do you feel the need to rush and take his life? Wait until a verdict is available; executing him then wouldn’t be too late.”

“Brother Gu, this person is vicious. Not only is he ruthless and cold-blooded, but he killed his own sect members. Moreover, he conspired with outsiders, betrayed the sect, and he planned to cause chaos. If this person is allowed to live for one more day, then it would bring greater risk to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.” Dong Shenglong, who was standing to the side, assisted Cao Xiong.

“This matter is of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. This is not the time for an outsider to point their finger!” The moment when a storm was looming; Li Qiye, as the main character, was acting leisurely without any care. He continued: “The business of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is not up to an outsider to run their big mouth!”

Li Qiye gazed directly at Dong Shenglong; he was clearly provoking him.

Li Qiye’s words frightened Luo Fenghua’s group. First, he killed the sectional leaders and a protector, and now he was provoking a Royal Noble adviser; this was courting death! Luo Fenghua’s group was shocked and thought: didn’t first brother think the matter was grave enough already? He was even going against Dong Shenglong.

“If I am an outsider, then what about princess Li standing beside you?” At this moment, Dong Shenglong’s gaze exuded a chilling aura that pressured others, and he coldly said: “Junior, you conspire with an outsider, plotting to cause chaos, and you still have the nerves to talk big?”

“Where did this old turtle came from to grumble in front of my presence?” Li Qiye was utterly tired of Dong Shenglong’s appearance, and he said: “The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and the Nine Saint Demon Gate are in-laws, this is no secret. Princess Li is still considered part of our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect! What now? Our in-law relationship is causing the Heavenly God Sect to feel pressured, so they sent a damned old man like you to break up the relationship between our two sects? Therefore it is clear that you, this old turtle, dispatched the traitors in our sect and wanted to murder me, destroying our marital pact.”

[1] The part about the ocean and bull might be weird, but they rhyme with each other in the raw, actually this whole paragraph was nearly all four words poetic phrases.

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