Chapter 626: Second Encounter With The Arrogant Girl

Chapter 626: Second Encounter With The Arrogant Girl

The young man immediately sneered, showing a cold and serious glare as he said: “You have some nerve for a servant! If you know who I am, then you should know that it would be nothing for me to end a servant like you. Scram, I have more to say to your master so that he will understand who this capital belongs to!”

If it was before, then Bai Weng would back down, but now was different. He didn’t want Li Qiye to become annoyed and ruin all of their plans.

His expression dimmed as he said with a hardened attitude: “Young Noble Lie Jie, of course I know to whom this place belongs to. It is the territory of Her Majesty, the Demon King! If you have any issues with that, then go talk to the Ancient Pine Demon Monarch about it, but please take your leave right now.” Bai Weng ended with a shooing gesture by swishing his sleeve.

With this gesture, a group of disciples surrounded the young man’s group right away. Among them was Ancient Pine’s oldest disciple who had a great bearing.

The oldest disciple coldly looked at the young man and said: “Young Noble Lie Jie, please go back and do not disturb our Young Noble. If not, then you can’t blame us for any discourteous actions!”

The young man’s expression became ugly at this threat, but Ancient Pine’s disciples outnumbered his so he was at a disadvantage. He coldly glared at Li Qiye standing calmly to the side and deeply scowled.

Eventually, he pretended to be kind and smiled: “The capital is quite unpredictable. Watch out or you’ll be caught up in the storm without any help. As someone who lives here year round, I am giving you a friendly reminder that it would be best if you leave the capital.” With that, he turned around and left.

Bai Weng was quite unhappy with these threats. After the young man left, Bai Weng apologized to Li Qiye: “Young Noble, this was due to my lacking and I am ready to accept any punishment.”

Li Qiye said dismissively: “It was only a little bickering, I am not that pompous.”

Bai Weng continued on: “Don’t worry, Young Noble, I will report this to the Demon King right away so that the people from the Lie Clan will not dare to cause trouble for Young Noble anymore.”

To Bai Weng, Li Qiye was a peerless alchemist and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If he became unhappy and left, then Bai Weng wouldn’t be able to bear the sin.

“More trouble?” Li Qiye laughed out loud and said: “If he wants more trouble, then let him come. I really like it when people come looking for trouble.”

It was already a blessing that Li Qiye didn’t go cause trouble, but now others wanted to provoke him? They could only be tired of living if that were the case.

Despite this answer, Bai Weng was still worried and reminded him: “Young Noble, that was the young noble of the Lie Clan. This clan is quite influential at the capital since they have a Fire Source; it’s quite amazing.”

“They have a Fire Source?” Li Qiye was slightly surprised and had to ask for confirmation.

Bai Weng quickly answered: “Yes. The Lie Clan became rich very early on, and they occupied a large piece of land in the middle of the capital. I heard that this was a treasure land with a Fire Source underground. Because of this, for some time now, the Lie Clan always produced amazing cauldrons, so they became quite good at alchemy. They are considered an alchemist clan in the capital.”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after thinking about the Fire Source under the capital.

Bai Weng continued on: “The truth is that the Lie Clan in the Giant Bamboo Country is not considered a big power; their strength is not as great as a demon monarch’s. However, it is worth mentioning that the Lie Clan and the Qing Clan, another alchemy clan in the country, are relatives. Sometimes, even the imperial family has to be cordial to the Qing Clan. Because of this, the Lie Clan became more arrogant from having this backing. But don’t worry, this is not a big deal. With one word from Her Majesty, the Lie Clan wouldn’t dare to touch Young Noble.”

Li Qiye only chuckled and didn’t say anything. To him, both the Lie and Qing Clans were only little characters not worthy of further inquiries. If these characters were smart, then they would stay far away from him, lest they suffer his crushing wrath!

Li Qiye, along with Shi Hao and Bai Weng, ventured into the commercial streets of the capital. Li Qiye smiled after seeing the busy avenue.

How many people knew that this prosperous capital was only a barren hill a long time ago? Once upon a time, this was an abandoned land with very few visitors.

It wasn’t until a long time later when Li Qiye planted a bamboo tree then collected some life force at this land that people began to migrate here. Then, after some more years, the Giant Bamboo Progenitor established her country and built the capital right here. A big city came from this, protecting the prosperous land inside.

Bai Weng was very familiar with the capital, so he led Li Qiye to several old shops to find a good cauldron for Shi Hao. However, after going to several shops, they still couldn’t find a suitable one for him.

During their trip, Bai Weng only acted as the guide and didn’t dare to voice his opinion. Li Qiye’s alchemy skills far exceeded his, so his vision for picking cauldrons was definitely more qualified as well.

They went to another old shop. Bai Weng left for a while as Li Qiye and Shi Hao looked around in the shop. The owner recommended several decent cauldrons that had great backgrounds, but they also couldn’t enter Li Qiye’s sight.

As for Shi Hao, he remained silent the whole time. He had limited knowledge as a Junior Alchemist. He felt that an ordinary cauldron was already very good. As for those with great backgrounds, he didn’t even dare to imagine owning one. Li Qiye was in complete control during this shopping trip.

After they finished looking around, Bai Weng ran back while being completely out of breath. He quickly spoke to Li Qiye: “Young Noble, I went and asked around. There is an auction at the Golem Square. The first half of this big auction will contain a Heavenly Cauldron. It has already been running for a while now, but I obtained some tickets. Do you want to go and take a look?”

After hearing Bai Weng, the old shop’s owner added: “The Golem Square is not only auctioning one cauldron.”

When they reached the store, Bai Weng secretly told the owner that Li Qiye was an honored guest of Ancient Pine. Who in the capital didn’t know Ancient Pine, one of the eighteen monarchs? Thus, the owner immediately understood that Li Qiye was an extremely esteemed customer.

The owner provided an introduction to the auction: “I heard that the place is auctioning two cauldrons. The first is in the beginning half as the main draw. The second has an unknown origin since the square won’t release it to the public. However, people say that its origin could scare people to death! It is placed at the end of the auction. Only honored guests will be able to participate in this latter half.”

Li Qiye stroked his chin and mused: “Scare people to death, hmm?” He wanted to see just what this cauldron might be.

Bai Weng was good at reading people. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone to ask for more information at the Golem Square and obtain an entrance ticket for Li Qiye.

“Do you want to go, Young Noble?” Bai Weng asked.

Li Qiye smiled and answered: “Yes, we should go take a look at this cauldron with the frightening origin.”

The purpose of this trip was to find a cauldron for Shi Hao. The best places to find cauldrons for alchemists were the most dangerous locations.

However, Shi Hao’s cultivation was limited and couldn’t go to these dangerous places, so Li Qiye decided that he would buy a good one for him.

The Golem Square was the biggest auction site in the capital. All the items here were either amazing or had a great origin.

Not just anyone could participate in the Golem Square’s auction. For each of their auctions, they would release a limited amount of tickets. Only those with tickets were eligible to participate, and only the rich or the powerful were able to obtain these tickets.

It had to be said that Bai Weng was very attentive since it was not easy to grab a ticket from the square in such a short amount of time.

The auction had already started before the group arrived. There were all kinds of strange birds and carriages outside. Just from this sight, it was apparent that all the participants were quite influential.

Not long after their arrival, there was a rumbling in the sky as a carriage trod the sky above and landed at the square.

The carriage stopped and a girl stepped out. The moment she saw Li Qiye, her eyes became sharp like an arrow.

“The road is always narrow for enemies!” The girl coldly said.

Bai Weng was aghast and had quivering legs the moment he saw the crest on the carriage.

Li Qiye heard her voice and turned around to see this girl glaring at him, so he calmly asked: “Who are you? Do I know you?”

Li Qiye’s attitude made the girl tremble with rage. She was the arrogant girl that Li Qiye had met last night. Li Qiye pretending to not know who she was was a bit exaggerated, but he really didn’t pay her any mind. If he hadn’t met her again today, then he would have already forgotten about last night’s encounter.

The arrogant girl was even more furious because Li Qiye was acting as if he didn’t even remember her. This enraged her even more than when he chose to oppose her!

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