Chapter 612: Void Imperfection Physique

Chapter 612: Void Imperfection Physique

Shi Hao couldn’t help but scratch his head after hearing this and said: “I guess so, I didn’t think you were an alchemist either. In the Stone Medicine World, there are very few humans and human alchemists are even rarer.”

Li Qiye smiled in response. It was indeed true that there were very few humans in this place; this was a world of golems and demons.

Li Qiye handed some refined jades over to Shi Hao and said: “Go buy some more training ingredients, it will be good for you.”

Shi Hao shivered while holding the refine jades in his hand. At his age, he still hadn’t seen jades of such a high level. This prompted his startled response: “But…”

Li Qiye commanded: “Go. If you don’t utilize this time well, then I might not have time to teach you later.”

Shi Hao understood that Li Qiye wanted to teach him so he gratefully bowed to him. He put away the refined jades and quickly went to the city to buy more ingredients.

Li Qiye grinned while watching Shi Hao leave. He suddenly remembered training talents back then and showing them a path. For millions of years, Li Qiye had done this many times. Many invincible alchemists and array-masters had come from Li Qiye’s tutelage.

Li Qiye went back to his room while Shi Hao went to the city to shop. At this time, Li Qiye had opened thirteen palaces and no longer needed to stay in the Ancient Saint realm. This was his time to reach Heavenly Sovereign.

Everyone knew the importance of this realm; this was the grand path towards the golden throne! It was the realm where cultivators from different rivers all came together to the same ocean. At this level, following the dao of someone before them was no longer relevant. This was the time for cultivators to derive and form their own dao to pave their future path.

However, this was only true for other cultivators. For Li Qiye, this realm was no different from the other ones. With thirteen palaces, supreme profundities and grand dao mysteries were simple in his eyes.

The crux of this realm was to communicate with the grand dao and derive their mysteries. When Li Qiye’s thirteen palaces emerged with an explosion, layers of divine rings appeared around his body.

For others, each time they derived a dao, it meant the appearance of one divine ring. The more they could derive, the more divine rings they would have which would further increase their cultivation.

However, derivations of the dao and understanding its heavenly mysticisms was not difficult to Li Qiye. He was above the heavens with his palaces, so which heavenly grand dao could challenge him?

Because of this, with a single glance, he could see through all mysteries of any dao. As he carefully focused his mind and saw through the dao, divine rings pulsed around his body.

Anyone would be shocked at this scene since countless cultivators required many years just to understand one grand dao. Even geniuses were not exempt from this rule. But now, Li Qiye was comprehending grand dao as easily as flipping his own palm while divine rings continued to stretch around his body.

How could others not be moved by this speed of comprehension? Even the most supreme genius couldn’t exceed Li Qiye. However, this was understandable because the thirteen palaces rendered everything trivial.

He channeled a cycle of releasing and recalling blood energy for a while before putting away his palaces. His Life Wheel then began to create a new Inner Physique.

At this moment, Li Qiye’s chest contained two Inner Physiques; one was the Hell Suppressing Inner Physique and the other was the Soaring Inner Physique. Both of them were at minor completion.

In his chest, the Hell Suppressing Inner Physique was as heavy as a mountain and as dark as night; it sat there imposingly as if nothing in this world could move it. Meanwhile, the Soaring Inner Physique emitted a pulsing immortal ray like an undulating ripple on the water’s surface. Each time this Inner Physique moved, time itself was affected.

Li Qiye was not in a hurry to push these minor physiques into grand completion because this was not an easy feat. It required the empowerment of a huge amount of blood energy as well as a great cultivation. Otherwise, those who rushed them forward would die from the physique tribulation.

Normally, grand completion Immortal Physique users were all Virtuous Paragons. It would be impossible without this realm’s power backing them to surpass the tribulation.

Because of this, many geniuses with incredible natural physiques, such as intrinsic Saint Physiques, were able to cultivate an Immortal Physique extremely quickly. At a young age, they were able to reach a grand completion Saint Physique only to die in the end from the tribulation. The reason was very simple; although they cultivated their physique very quickly, their cultivation couldn’t catch up.

At this moment, Li Qiye was creating the third Inner Physique in his chest. With the experience from creating a second one, he was very familiar with adding one more.

This third one already had its initial form created. It emitted an extremely pure light without any stains or mundane flaws. It was transcending as if someone had grown a pair of wings to become an immortal.

Anyone who saw this holy light would have all of their impure thoughts erased. Nothing in this world could taint this light.

Void Imperfection Physique — one of the twelve Immortal Physiques! In the Physique Scripture, the Void Imperfection and Soaring Immortal Physiques had the same origin; both were born from the word “Pure”, the purest of pure.

Because they shared the same origin, Li Qiye was able to cultivate the Void Imperfection Physique very quickly and easily.

This extremely pure physique was untouched by myriad dao while myriad laws avoided it. It could be said that, in this world, very few merit laws could hurt this physique.

Prior to this, Li Qiye had already cultivated the Hell Suppressing and Soaring Physiques, allowing his body to become the most terrifying of weapons. Just imagine, when he successfully cultivates the Void Imperfection Physique as well, how formidable would his power be?

With a swing of his hand, three Immortal Physiques would activate all at once with devastating potency. If the opponents counterattacked with a divine saber technique, it would be useless against the untouchable Void Imperfection Physique. The shockwave of the saber wouldn’t be able to get close!

If the saber technique and merit laws became useless, then even the strongest cultivator’s blade slash would lose the majority of its might. Li Qiye would then unleash an extremely fast and heavy punch to destroy the divine saber and slay his foe.

Defenses were also useless against Li Qiye’s three physiques since the most fortified merit law would become useless against the Void Imperfection. Therefore, Li Qiye could swiftly rush through all defenses and use his limitless momentum to kill his cowering enemies in an instant.

The Void Imperfection Physique was a good addition to the Hell Suppressing and Soaring Physiques. He would be able to avoid all merit laws and bypass all defenses and offenses, allowing the destructive power of the other two physiques to reach their maximum potential.

When facing Li Qiye’s attacks, any powerful enemy would immediately activate their strongest barrier. However, what if this barrier was useless against Li Qiye? The unsuspecting enemy would then suffer the impact from the physical physiques and suffer terrible consequences!

For all of the reasons above, Li Qiye chose the Void Imperfection Physique after much deliberation to create a perfect system.

After recovering for a period of time, his wounds had nearly healed completely. Only a bit more time was required before he would be able to reach his former state. Meanwhile, he was also teaching Shi Hao how to refine pills. The boy was very hard working and didn’t dare to make mistakes during Li Qiye’s guidance.

Li Qiye’s alchemy dao was peerless, so with only a little bit of teaching, Shi Hao already gained enough for a lifetime. With the combination of Li Qiye’s teaching and his own effort, Shi Hao’s pill refinement ability soared forward.

Li Qiye was very satisfied with Shi Hao’s progress. He was a firm believer of effort being able to make up for insufficient talent; a lazy person would be worthless even if he was the most talented genius in the world.

Time quickly passed. Half a year went by before anyone knew it. It was also time for Shi Hao to harvest his Jadeblood Bamboo stalks.

On this day, he was digging away across the mountain and was jubilated at the sight of his bag full of stalks.

This was the best harvest he ever had since he became a county envoy. In just a short half a year, seventy percent of the bamboo transformed three times, ten percent transformed four times, and the remaining twenty percent transformed twice. This truly astounded him! In fact, even he wouldn’t have believed it if he didn’t dig them up with his own hands. It was virtually impossible for them to transform four times in just half a year since normally, it would require at least five to ten years!

Four transformation Jadeblood Bamboo stalks were worth a lot of money! It was something he never dared to imagine before. He would have been satisfied with two transformation stalks since it was enough for him to gain some merits. Now, his contribution would skyrocket after this new development.

He rejoiced at the fact that just a few more batches of stalks would make it easy for him to enter the county’s government.

Shi Hao gathered all of the stalks then asked Li Qiye: “Brother Li, I am about to go turn in the stalks in the city. Do you want to come along?”

Li Qiye thought about it and coincidentally, he had nothing else to do so he nodded and said: “Very well, I want to take a stroll anyway. I’m about to rust from staying in the house all day.”

Before leaving, Li Qiye specifically told Shi Hao: “Never tell a third person about the alchemy formula or refinement method, not even those you are close to. Otherwise, it might get you killed.”

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