Chapter 611: Teaching

Chapter 611: Teaching

Madam Zi Yan answered: “I have sent a message to the Qing Clan. They will represent the Giant Bamboo Country for this Alchemy Conference. However, we still need other candidates, so you all must find other young alchemists. It doesn’t matter whether they are vagabond alchemists or already have a sect; as long as they are capable and willing to contribute to our country, then they will be greatly rewarded. Of course, if your lines have disciples who are willing to participate, then that will be even better.”

All the subjects and demons quickly glanced at each other. Madam Zi Yan’s command was easier said than done.

Although the Stone Medicine World had the most alchemists, the good ones were highly sought after no matter where they went. Those who were a bit talented would have already been snatched away by the big lineages, especially the young ones. Young alchemists were highly loved and always caused competitions for sects who wanted them to join.

Although the Giant Bamboo Country was a big country, it had no advantage over the leading ones.

Madam Zi Yan spoke: “I know this is not easy, but the conference this time is too important to our country. The Alchemy Kingdom has promised that if we do well this time, then we will have a chance.”

A Demon Monarch voiced his opinion: “This is a huge matter to our country, so we monarchs will do our best to support Your Majesty to seize this chance at the conference.”

The madam replied: “That would be best. Fellow Monarchs, try your best to recruit talented alchemists. We will begin our recruitment and train a group of alchemists. Even if we don’t win anything this time, maybe we will have some improvement for the next one.”

With her command, the subjects and monarchs agreed and immediately carried it out.


Back at the Jadeblood Mountain in Li Qiye’s room.

At this time, he sealed the room with the pentagate again and took out one thing — a single stone.

To be more exact, this was the Immortal Stone that he had taken from the pond inside the Prime Ominous Grave’s Water Realm. He finally found the time to take it out after so many battles.

He was quite relaxed when cultivating in this place, so he remembered this stone all of a sudden. Since it was in the middle of the pond, it surely was an amazing Immortal Item. Of course, it naturally was not a match for Lan Yunzhu’s Night Era Flower.

He had researched this stone recently for a long time and finally figured out its mysteries. Li Qiye held a sharp knife and slowly carved along the runes on the stone. This Immortal Stone was initially very tough, but it became much more brittle when Li Qiye cut along the runic lines.

After going through many layers carefully, the things inside finally saw the light. They were six long swords. Each of them emitted a different color; six swords, six colors. When they hummed, different symbols appeared as well as strange images. Six swords, six different symbols.

Li Qiye was quite surprised to see this as he gently stroked them and murmured: “Although their inherent properties are not equal to the secret among secrets’ Night Era Flower, with enough refinement, they are still quite promising.”

Li Qiye propped up the six swords to look at them meticulously. After some time, he clearly understood their profundity. He searched inside his sea of memories before reaching a sealed recollection. He looked through it and whispered: “I have a sword art that is very compatible with these six swords; what a coincidence that it is also here in the Stone Medicine World...”

Li Qiye put away the six swords as well as the pentagate before stepping out of the room to take in a breath of fresh air. The moment he went outside, he could smell the medicinal fragrance. He followed this scent to find Shi Hao opening a cauldron in the yard.

Shi Hao quickly reported after seeing Li Qiye: “I gathered enough materials for a fate pill cauldron just in time to increase my proficiency at refinement.”

Having said that, he focused on turning on the flame of the cauldron. He was only a Junior Alchemist at the entry level, so he didn’t have his own method of pill refinement. His cauldron technique along with flame control were all common, so he wasn’t afraid of them being stolen; he had no qualms with Li Qiye watching at the side.

Because his skill was limited, after telling Li Qiye, he didn’t dare to become distracted and focused on the pill cauldron.

He was very careful, or rather, nervous to the point of trepidation. He ignited the flame and carefully refined the medicinal ingredients.

It was not that his nature was careful, but rather he had no other choice. It was not easy for him to gather enough materials for a single attempt at fate pills.

One pill cauldron required a huge batch of ingredients. Even the ingredients for a single transformation fate pill was difficult to gather for Shi Hao. Because of this, he didn’t want this cauldron to be ruined. He followed a strict order and abided by the guideline step by step.

Li Qiye only shook his head while watching Shi Hao’s pill refinement technique. He couldn’t help but give some pointers: “Increase the intensity of the flame.”

Shi Hao hesitatingly said: “But…” He was afraid that the increase in flame intensity would ruin this pill cauldron.

“Quick, right now, increase the flame intensity three-fold!” Li Qiye raised his tone. His shouting carried a compelling force, causing others to listen without resistance.

Shi Hao palpitated as he increased the flame without much further thought. The smell of medicine began to permeate the air.

Li Qiye continued on: “Very good, do not use this technique when strengthening the fire. Use reverse fire manipulation.”

Shi Hao inquired immediately: “What is reverse fire manipulation?”

Li Qiye personally taught him and passed him the incantation. The incantation was quite short and Shi Hao had some talent for alchemy. After Li Qiye’s explanation, Shi Hao learned it right away and used it to fuel the fire.

Li Qiye pointed out: “Very good, you made a little progress. Pill refinement is not just about fueling the fire; these cauldrons have their own life, even the weakest ones are no exceptions. You need to communicate with your cauldron…”

Shi Hao’s talent at alchemy was not of the peerless level. On top that, he was just a beginner. Teaching him well was not an easy thing.

If it was someone else with the same talents and current ability, Li Qiye wouldn’t give a damn. After all, it would just be a waste of his time.

However, Shi Hao saved Li Qiye and his personality wasn’t bad; he was both hardworking and had a persevering attitude, so Li Qiye decided to teach Shi Hao, leading him onto the path of an alchemist.

Li Qiye didn’t always refine pills like other alchemists, but his pill refinement ability was without flaw. Many alchemy standards were created by him and the Alchemy God, so he possessed the best alchemy art in this world. Moreover, he also had the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon — no other inheritance from lineages could compare to this.

With a great teacher like Li Qiye, as long as Shi Hao was not overly slow-witted and could learn a little bit, his future would be very bright.

“Boom!” Shi Hao finished the cauldron and one fate pill fell into the bottle, prompting him to cheer: “Success!”

Fate pills were the hardest things to refine for alchemists; it was a test of their abilities. Afterward, he took out the fate pill and looked at the single transformation pill’s color with his eyes wide open.

He couldn’t believe it as he exclaimed: “This... this has twenty percent purity!”

One hundred percent was the best possible purity for pills and was signified by a particular color. However, no one was able to reach this level. Single transformation pills needed ten percent purity to take shape and only required one transformation ingredients. These lower level pills had weaker spirits as well as corresponding medicinal effects.

With these ingredients, achieving ten percent purity for single transformation pills was already not bad, but the pill in Shi Hao’s hand had twenty percent purity and also had a great color.

He was extremely emotional and tried to take a calming breath. He didn’t believe that this pill had been personally refined by him: “Such purity can increase a cultivator’s strength at the Provisional Palace level by twenty percent.”

Cultivators below the Inner Longevity realm could use one transformation fate pills. Prior to this, Shi Hao had refined pills before, but he only reached ten percent purity — this was the norm. This type of pill would allow Palace Foundation cultivators to increase their current cultivation by ten percent — a very ordinary effect. This type of fate pill was only at an introductory level and was not worth much.

But now, his new pill with fine coloring could boost a Provisional Palace cultivator’s strength by twenty percent. In just a short amount of time, Shi Hao’s pill refinement level had increased by two to three levels. He himself couldn’t believe it!

Li Qiye looked at the pill and encouraged him: “Not bad for now, keep trying. In the future, even if it is only a one transformation pill, you can still reach thirty percent purity.”

Shi Hao calmed down and slightly bowed towards Li Qiye: “Thank you, Brother Li, for teaching me this pill refinement technique.”

Li Qiye raised him up and said with a smile: “I only pointed out something by chance, it is nothing. This is the reaping of your own efforts.”

Shi Hao looked at him respectfully and asked: “Could Brother Li be a Grand Alchemist?”

Li Qiye chuckled and replied: “What Grand Alchemist, I only occasionally refine pills.”

The path of alchemy had several classifications. From lowest to highest, they are Junior Alchemist, Grand Alchemist, Alchemy Master, Alchemy Grandmaster, Profound Alchemist, Alchemy Saint, Legendary Alchemist, and Alchemy Emperor.

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