Chapter 61: Godly Might (1)

After teaching Leng Shizhi a lesson, Li Qiye originally thought that there would be peace for some time. However, not many days had passed and trouble had come to his door again.

“First brother, first brother, not good, not good.” As Li Qiye was cultivating in the courtyard, Luo Fenghua and several panicked disciples rushed in.

The appearances of Luo Fenghua, along with his fellow disciples, was extremely scruffy; especially when there were purple bruises all over their bodies. From just a glance, it was clear that they had been taught a lesson.

Seeing their current shapes, Li Qiye furrowed his brows, and he asked: “What actually happened?”

“Sectional Leader Zhou went to the Cleansing Jade Peak. He, he found reasons… to teach us a lesson.” A disciple explained the current situation with two or three sentences.

So it was earlier this morning, Sectional Leader Zhou who was no longer teaching the Dao at the Cleansing Jade Peak suddenly returned. He gathered all three hundred disciples and decided to check their cultivations.

Before Li Qiye become an instructor, Sectional Leader Zhou was the one who instructed the Dao for the three hundred disciples; the opinion of the disciples regarding him wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. Normally, Sectional Leader Zhou just routinely taught the Dao, and after the lesson was over, he quickly left. Outside of these lectures, the disciples normally had a difficult time finding him.

On top of this, his lecture was nothing out of the ordinary and didn’t give special attention to any disciples; to him, Dao instruction was merely a mission from the sect.

This was precisely why the three hundred disciples, regarding Sectional Leader Zhou, didn’t have a good affinity towards him. However, it also was not bad, it could only be considered the affinity between a senior and a disciple.

Today, Sectional Leader Zhou suddenly came to check on their cultivation. From the beginning, the disciples didn’t think anything of it; after all, before, it was only Sectional Leader Zhou whom taught them the Dao. His wanting to examine the disciples of the Cleansing Jade Peak would be viewed as a normal occurrence.

However, the moment the examination took place, his attitude completely changed. After a period of time, he said that this disciple was practicing a qi deviation merit law, then another was practicing a completely wrong style, then he scolded a different disciple for acting on his own initiative at picking a merit law…

The one that was scolded the worst by Sectional Leader Zhou was Zhang Yu. Zhang Yu had previously destroyed his cultivation to re-practice the Jade Spiral Merit Law; this matter caused Sectional Leader Zhou to personally gave him a good beating.

Not only Zhang Yu, but other disciples, such as Luo Fenghua who brought up a few objections, also received a beating.

Li Qiye’s Dao instruction, compared to the Sectional Leader Zhou’s, was much more mysterious and profound. This was something that the three hundred disciples had unanimously agreed upon. After experiencing Li Qiye’s lessons, many disciples’ cultivations increased by not a small amount; some had even experienced exceptional leaps. There were even disciples whose cultivation had frozen, but after Li Qiye’s lesson, their Dao was like the water flowing into the river.

One could say, regarding Li Qiye’s Dao instruction, all of the disciples at the Cleansing Jade Peak were completely convinced; especially the ones with great talents like Luo Fenghua, they were clear regarding excellence and mediocrity.

So, at the moment when Sectional Leader Zhou said that Li Qiye Dao’s instruction was not worth a coin. Luo Fenghua and his fellow disciples couldn’t hold back and immediately objected, so they were ruthlessly beaten by Sectional Leader Zhou.

With this result, the intelligent group of Luo Fenghua suddenly realized that something was amiss. In the past, Sectional Leader Zhou had never disciplined them, but now he suddenly raged a storm, without knowing right from wrong. They now knew that Zhou was here not for the sake of examination, but to cause trouble. On top of that, the targets weren’t them, but their first brother Li Qiye, they were merely cannon fodders.

This was why Luo Fenghua and his group decided to take advantage of Sectional Leader Zhou’s inattentiveness while raging a storm; they sneaked to Li Qiye’s place to report. Maybe, Sectional Leader Zhou had intentionally let them go.

Hearing the narrative from Luo Fenghua’s group, Li Qiye’s gaze gave off a feeling of concentration; the corner of his mouth tilted deviously and revealed a cold smile.

He had no grievances with Sectional Leader Zhou. In theory, Sectional Leader Zhou did not need to find faults with him like this, not to mention, examining the cultivations of the Cleansing Jade Peak disciples was no longer Zhou’s responsibility! Most importantly, currently, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and the Nine Saint Demon Gate have an in law’s relationship, and Li Qiye was a crucial piece. At the sect, even the protectors wouldn’t want to look for trouble with him, let alone an ordinary sectional leader.

Presently, Sectional Leader Zhou suddenly jumped out to find faults with him. If there wasn’t someone behind the scene planning, or if he didn’t have a powerful backing, even if he was ten times more courageous, he wouldn’t dare to do this.

“Come, we will go see. Let’s take a look at this extraordinary Sectional Leader Zhou’s ability to put forth stormy winds and waves.” Li Qiye stretched his body and cheerfully smiled.

Luo Fenghua and the others didn’t dare to neglect the words, so they busily followed behind Li Qiye to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, with Li Shuangyan to the side!

Although Li Qiye was happily smiling the whole time on the way, Luo Fenghua’s group was a bit nerve-racked. These few were not stupid, they have faintly smelled the struggle within the upper echelon of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

The group of Li Qiye had arrived at the Cleansing Jade Peak, and sure enough, they were met with Sectional Leader Zhou causing a storm. The disciples didn’t dare to make noises; many of them were more or less wounded. At the moment of Li Qiye’s arrival, Zhou was still yelling at another disciple.

Seeing Li Qiye, the other disciples couldn’t help but move their gazes towards Li Qiye, asking him for help.

“Li Qiye, these things you have taught!” Li Qiye had just arrived, but he didn’t even have the chance to speak. Sectional Leader Zhou had already pointed at his face and loudly yelled: “As the Dao’s instructing senior, not only have you brought in heretical notions to teach to the ignorant disciples, but you also lead them into the devil’s path; what is your motive behind this? To poison the fellow disciples like this, this crime cannot be pardoned!”

Li Qiye hadn’t opened his mouth, but Sectional Leader Zhou already had an accusation ready for him.

“Sectional Leader Zhou, who the hell do you think you are?” To Sectional Leader Zhou’s accusation and yelling, Li Qiye didn’t want to look at him any further, and he slowly said: “If you are sensible, then get the hell out of here. In my jurisdiction, it is not up to you to wave your hands and dance with your legs; what do you think you are worth?”

Li Qiye opened his mouth and immediately, the most arrogant and rudest words came out. Sectional Leader Zhou, who had mentally prepared, was still shocked for a little bit. He thought that Li Qiye would retort him, and he had many words in his mind ready. No matter what, today he would indict Li Qiye the crime of teaching the devil Dao’s path. However, he didn’t expect for Li Qiye’s first words to be so unbridled and aggressive.

“Impudence!” Sectional Leader Zhou returned to normal, and he angrily yelled: “As a disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, you are unfilial and rebellious, disrespectful to a senior, would cheat on your master and kill your ancestors, and rebel against the sect…” [1]

“You talk too much…” Not waiting for Sectional Leader Zhou to finish his yelling, Li Qiye took out the Serpent Punishing stick and fiercely struck forward.

“This thing doesn’t know whether he wants to live or die!” Sectional Leader Zhou saw that Li Qiye had made a move towards him. He became angry, screamed angrily once, and his big hand aimed towards Li Qiye. To him, for Li Qiye to make the first move, nothing could be better.

At the same time, Zhou did not put Li Qiye into his eyes. This was only a bag of straws disciple, once he actually made a move, it would be as easy as turning one’s own hand.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…” However, the result was far from Sectional Leader Zhou’s expectations. Within the blink of an eye, Zhou had been beaten by Li Qiye to the ground. The Serpent Punishing stick aimed for his face and unleashed a myriad of rains and winds until he was covered in blood.

Sectional Leader Zhou, within the sect’s thirty-six leaders, could only be considered ordinary, with an average cultivation. He was no more than a Warrior Canopy cultivator.

Under the Heaven’s Primal rank, any cultivator in front of the Serpent Punishing stick would only have one fate, to be beaten.

“Ahhh…” Sectional Leader Zhou was a big character, but after a hard beating from the Serpent Punishing stick, he was unable to bear this agonizing pain, and couldn’t help but to let out a miserable shriek. At this moment, Zhou’s appearance was completely tattered, lying down on the ground. Tiredness encompassed his whole body along with blood. Especially his face, which was beaten to a mushy pulp by Li Qiye.

Seeing this domineering sight caused the disciples of the Cleansing Jade Peak to be in awe. Sectional Leader Zhou was one of the thirty-six leaders, as well as a second generation disciple, a senior of the third generation disciples.

Plus, Sectional Leader Zhou was already a Warrior Canopy expert, but in the end, he was still beaten and rolled on the ground because of Li Qiye. He was not able to defend himself against the fury of the Serpent Punishing stick.

This time, the disciples couldn’t help but shiver once. They were all beaten badly by the stick as well, but from seeing this, maybe it wasn’t something to be ashamed about; even an expert like Zhou was still thrashed like he was a dead snake!

“Protector Hu, save me…” In the end, Sectional Leader Zhou let out a pathetic bellow, calling for help.

“Impudence! What are you doing!” After the scream for help, in the blink of an eye, a deafening roar echoed in the air, and a large group of men, that carried a menacing aura, entered the Cleansing Jade Peak!

This group that suddenly rushed in the peak was not small in size. Outside of the ordinary disciples, there were also three sectional leaders and one protector. Besides these men, Leng Shizhi was also part of this group.

A patrolling law enforcement team of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect suddenly appeared at the Cleansing Jade Peak, this was “too coincidental”!

Moreover, this patrol team for the sect… was too luxurious. Outside of the normal law enforcement disciples, there were also three sectional leaders led by a protector. Even the number one man of the younger generation, Leng Shizhi, was also in this group.

This type of team, if a disciple was found to do anything “illegal” and was caught by three sectional leaders, one protector, and a genius like Leng Shizhi, it would be evidence made out of steel. No matter what the “crime” would be, this would be irrefutable evidence and irrefutable proof; one couldn’t wash this suspicion clean!

At this moment, Sectional Leader Zhou was pathetically lying on the ground and pitifully exclaimed: “Protector, Li-Li Qiye was disrespectful to the elders, and planned to kill a senior. He conspired against me, h-he, he wants to rebel against the sect, and cheat the master as well as kill the ancestors…”

Seeing this scene, even though Luo Fenghua and his peers were young, but they weren’t dumb, especially the smart ones like Luo Fenghua. Everything suddenly became clear.

Luo Fenghua and his peers felt their blood running cold, cold sweat overflew their whole bodies. Currently, Sectional Leader Zhou was lying bloody on the ground, and Li Qiye was caught at the scene by Protector Hu and his enforcement group…

[1] Zhou threw out four idioms in one sentence here to attack Li Qiye’s character, quite beautiful. 

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