Chapter 607: Destruction Of The Ancestral Realm

Chapter 607: Destruction Of The Ancestral Realm

The dark existence had been certain of victory, but he didn’t expect to jump into Li Qiye’s trap instead!

At this time, Li Qiye slowly spoke: “The emperors have waited till this day throughout many long eras. That year, when the five ancient clans were still in the mortal world, the emperors started a crusade against you. Alas… they were not successful. Because of that, they told their clan members to leave the secular world, forcing their imperial lineages to close down. Nevertheless, they still left something behind, hoping for a day to reverse the tides. That day is today.”

The dark existence didn’t answer. Although the thirteen emperors were not real, their battle intents were enough to threaten him.

Li Qiye spoke: “Emperors, go for it. Carry out your wish today.”

In the blink of an eye, thirteen emperors wielded the Origin Sealing Spear that hovered in the sky. It emitted waves of universal laws; each law represented the will of myriad worlds and the source of different races.

This primal power clashed with the entire Sacred Nether World. The emperors with this spear sent out a power capable of suppressing all things. Even unbeatable existences had to kneel before it.

“Die!” The dark existence screamed out and threw out his most terrifying weapon. He was not optimistic in any way, but he had no choice other than to recklessly fight.

“Boom—boom!” The collision from the two sides was so horrifying that it suppressed everyone else. This battle overwhelmed even those who were very far away from the realm.

Eventually, the Origin Sealing Spear finally pierced the body of the dark existence. His body exploded as the darkness evaporated and was replaced with his spilled blood.

“Nooo!” The dark existence screamed miserably after suffering this wound. Right upon his death, a bright light shot out from his body — his True Fate. Although his life had been ended due to this fatal blow, a wisp of divine intent still managed to sneak away.

This divine intent opened up a portal to escape to the endless void. The thirteen battle intents quickly gave chase and Li Qiye gave a command to the devourer. The devourer roared then quickly rushed into the void as well.

After the portal disappeared, the path to the void disappeared along with it. The world became silent. Li Qiye didn’t chase after this dark existence since he had other things he needed to do.

The Sacred Nether World was completely quiet, so quiet that one could hear their own heart beating. The thirteen battle intents disappeared, and a long time later, people could finally heave a sigh of relief. People who were kneeling on the ground finally stood up.

The ancestors before their mirrors were still not able to calm down as they looked at each other with confusion. Even though they were amazing characters, they were still shocked by the recent events.

Meanwhile, back in the basin full of corpses, Li Qiye stood there silently. There were no more fiends climbing up from the ground.

The ancestors were also anxiously watching him while waiting to see if there were any more powerful existences that would climb up or not. However, after a long time, there were no signs of activity.

One ancestor then commented: “It is over for the Ancestral Realm.” No one expected for it to end this way.

Another ancestor took a deep breath and said: “There will be no more Ancestral Realm or Ancestral City from now on.” This ghost didn’t really know how to feel at this moment; it was a mix between happiness and bitterness since the Ancestral Realm carried a great significance to characters of the ancestor level.

It had been standing strong for so long, but now, it had finally fallen. It was defeated not at the hands of invincible Immortal Emperors, not at the hands of existences that had lasted for eons, but at the hands of a human junior.

Anyone would be caught off guard by such an unbelievable development. From beginning to end, Li Qiye never truly fought; without a single technique, he managed to destroy the Ancestral Realm. This was even more frightening than if he personally destroyed it with his own power.

Although in actuality, it was the thirteen emperors who destroyed the realm, Li Qiye controlled this grand plan that had been in the making for millions of years.

“Buzzz!” With radiating light, the Ghost Ancestral Tree poured down a universal law that took root deep in the ground. Li Qiye then focused his thoughts to sense the situation underneath.

He felt a change underground and whispered in a serious tone: “This is…”

After a long time, he recalled this universal law from the tree and slowly turned around to look at the distant horizon. His gaze pierced the Ancestral Realm all the way to Necropolis.

“Go!” He let go of the Ghost Ancestral Tree. The tree flew up, crossing the realm and flew into the Sacred Nether World.

Everyone watched with bated breaths. This was the Ghost Ancestral Tree whose myth indicated its relationship to the origin of the ghost race, yet Li Qiye was letting it go. If it was anyone else, then they surely would have taken possession of this one and only divine tree, so many were in disbelief of Li Qiye’s decision.

The tree traversed the Sacred Nether World’s realms and instantly reached Necropolis, then it took root at the Ancestral Flow. Many existences slumbering at this place suddenly woke up.

The master of the Ancestral Flow, who was sitting in her stone chair, also got up and felt something was amiss. Her eyes shot out a light towards the Ancestral Realm to the spot where Li Qiye was standing and quietly murmured: “You… what are you trying to do?”

Li Qiye stood in the middle of the basin and gently sighed as he looked towards Necropolis: “This is the most I can do; the rest is my own business.”

Li Qiye shook his body, creating a clanking sound as the Primal Ancestral Armor fell down.

“Buzzz!” The armor flew out of the realm and back to the Kingdom of Heaven.

When he took the armor from the kingdom, he made it clear that it was only a temporary loan. Now that the feud was over, it was time for him to give the armor back to its owner.

He took a deep breath at this time and asked: “Please help me one more time with the last of your firepower.”

With that, the ninety-nine cannons around him rearranged into an array once more to form one gigantic cannon where all of its power was sent into a final shot.

It destroyed the basin and all became ashes. The power of this final shot caused everyone standing before their mirrors to tremble.

Such a shot was more than enough to destroy an imperial lineage; how terrifying was this?

After exerting all of their firepower, the cannons suddenly dimmed. With a loud explosion, all ninety-nine cannons sank down from the islands as if nothing had happened.

Inside the realm where the basin was destroyed, a maelstrom appeared before Li Qiye. This maelstrom resembled many galaxies intertwining. This silver maelstrom was very mysterious, and no one knew where it connected to.

Li Qiye looked at the maelstrom and murmured: “The mystery of the Ancestral Realm is not the thing I am looking for, but I’ll give it a try.” Having said that, he stepped into the maelstrom.

The moment he did so, back at Necropolis, the Ancestral Flow Master’s heart started beating faster as she yelled out: “Don’t try it!”

Unfortunately, Li Qiye did not hear her pleading. He took out the lamp and used its light; its black flame then shot into the silver maelstrom.

“Boom!” The black light swept through the maelstrom and angered it. A huge vortex that spanned for countless miles was set off like a tidal wave, drowning the Ancestral Realm.

Li Qiye was covered by this silver vortex, but he maintained his composure. He took out the pentagate, the Yin Yang mirror, and other treasures to protect his body then screamed: “I don’t care if you are alive or not, I want an answer today!”

In this instant, his forehead split open and a boundless imperial aura was freed. It seemed as if Immortal Emperors were walking out of his sea of memories. He used all of his secret moves to attack the deepest part of the silver maelstrom.

It was clearly provoked from being attacked by Li Qiye. Inside, countless stars exploded, their blasts heading straight for Li Qiye with unstoppable momentum.

Li Qiye did not give up as he roared and used his invincible weapon to unleash a Resplendent Break.

Meanwhile, imperial auras raged like a storm in Li Qiye’s sea of memories. With an extremely dominating pressure, the auras fought the silver maelstrom!

“Boom!” Finally, a loud detonation occurred as everything exploded. At the last minute, Li Qiye felt as if his body had ruptured.

This blast shook the entire Sacred Nether World. The Ancestral Realm was blown into pieces by the silver maelstrom at this moment; everything had become ashes.

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