Chapter 605: Immortal Emperor Fei Yang

Chapter 605: Immortal Emperor Fei Yang

“Hummm—” The dried up Ghost Ancestral Tree began to shine as its withered leaves slowly spread.

“Boom!” But at this time, a beam of light soared out from the basin full of corpses. The ground was opened and all the corpses were blown away.

“Rumble!” A cave appeared with even more dead bodies. However, these bodies belonged to extremely powerful existences when they were alive. All were at least Virtuous Paragons, and some were even Godkings!

All the ancestors that were spectating with their mirrors drew deep breaths in surprise. What was this place? It had so many heaven-defying corpses!

In the center of these corpses was a darkness; one could faintly see an ancient coffin inside. It had a very archaic style, and very few had seen such an old design before.

“Boom!” Four invincible existences stepped out from the darkness that contained the coffin. Myriad worlds dimmed when these existences walked out. While protecting the coffin, they headed towards Li Qiye.

After leaving the darkness, the blood energy of the four terrorized the entire heaven and earth. Who knew how long these existences had been living for? However, their blood energies were still majestic and grand as if they had never aged through the eons.

This was their most terrifying characteristic. Although the five Fiend Lords and the Heaven Outcast True God all had unbeatable auras, their blood energies had signs of aging. In contrast, the blood energy of these four had zero signs of aging. It was as if they were able to stay young for millions of years.

The ancestors before the mirrors whispered: “Are these… our ancestors?”

All four invincible existences had characteristics of the ghost race; they had a human appearance on the outside but had nether energy surrounding their bodies. This nether energy did not resemble the evil sensation from the five Fiend Lords and instead had a magnificent atmosphere along with a violet shade.

Violet was the defining color of the ghost race. Only the ghosts had violet blood in this world.

“Grawrrr!” When the four invincible existences stepped towards Li Qiye, the Ghost Devourer went back to his side and roared. It had the posture of wanting to pounce and bite these four beings.

Li Qiye had just revived the tree. He stroked the devourer and calmly said: “Don’t worry, don’t worry, they are not my match, just watch.”

“Boom!” At this moment, the four existences took action. Just imagine, all four were incredible and each of them was not much weaker than Heaven Outcast, so their combined presence reached an astonishing level. The stars in the sky started to fall one by one.

Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed in the face of this oncoming attack. The devourer wanted to rush out but was pulled back by him.

“Bang!” At this second, a banner swept through myriad realms in an unbeatable manner across the eons. No one saw from where this imperial banner came from as it planted itself into the ground.

“Boom!” The next moment, back at the Soaring Remembrance Village in the far Distant Cloud, a boundless imperial aura assaulted the entire Sacred Nether World as the roars of dragons and phoenixes appeared. A person who had reigned over the eras took one step and reached the Ancestral Realm, then with another step, he reached the center of the basin.

“Bam!” This person swept forward with his imperial banner and blew away the four invincible existences in one blow. This was true invincibility! Other usages of the word were just fake.

This one man and banner stood at the apex with Golden Dragons and Divine Phoenixes hovering around him. All existences in myriad worlds prostrated before him along with devils and gods.

A supreme figure with a towering style, the one and only across eternity. Despite the long years, this person was still free and proud — still as domineering as ever. The imperial aura that was being emitted from his body caused the entire Sacred Nether World and its inhabitants to tremble. At this minute, even Virtuous Paragons lost all of their power as their knees met the ground!

“Die!” The four invincible existences cried out and soared forward with their great weapons. They utilized ancient and grand arts. A single attack of theirs could kill a deity!

“Scram!” The supreme figure swept his imperial banner to end all upheaval. No matter how strong one might be, all would become ashes if struck by this imperial banner.

Four heads flew in the sky as blood spurted like springs. All four invincible existences were slain by one banner! This was the true zenith of power!

A few old ancestors recognized who this supreme figure with matchless style in their mirrors was: “Immortal Emperor Fei Yang!”

An archaic ancestor looked at this figure and murmured: “The Soaring Banner, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang… He’s still as domineering as ever after so many years! The most brilliant emperor, the one who soared the highest out of them all!”

After hearing this, the group of ancestors before the imperial mirror became astonished while looking at the supreme figure holding his imperial banner. Even Virtuous Paragons would have to prostrate before him!

Another pale ancestor asked after seeing this: “Is the emperor alive again? Or is it because of descension?”

A supreme existence from a time of antiquity shook his head and explained to his juniors: “Both are wrong. This is most likely just an eternal battle intent. Who would expect that the emperor still hadn't let this matter go after suppressing the Ancestral Realm for a millennium and left behind an eternal battle intent. This is him wanting to fight against the Ancestral Realm to the very end.”

Right after Immortal Emperor Fei Yang swept through the four invincible existences with one banner, a peerless and ancient voice emanated from the coffin within the darkness: “Fei Yang, you shouldn’t provoke me. In the past when you were still in this world, you were not able to kill me, let alone your battle intent.”

This voice was filled with an unquestionable prestige and frightened people to their very soul, causing them to want to kneel!

Immortal Emperor Fei Yang’s battle intent didn’t answer, but Li Qiye took the opportunity to do so with a smirk: “That is the past and not the present. Without the Ghost Ancestral Tree, do you still think you are a match for an Immortal Emperor?”

The ancient voice from the coffin rang in response: “Well, well, well… A human junior actually dares to act presumptuously in my presence? However, I still have to thank you for reviving the Ghost Ancestral Tree; it saved me a lot of effort. With its revival, I can now truly be eternal and indestructible for all eternity!” [1. The expression “well, well, well” here in Chinese carries a sense of disbelief while facing blatant disrespect. I don’t know if there is a better English word to pick for 好 when it is used in this context.]

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Although I have never seen you, monster, I know a thing or two. I don’t care if there are any other fiendish creatures underground, all shall end today!”

“The times have changed… So even an ant would act so haughtily.” The voice in the coffin was not angry at all. Instead, laughter could actually be heard.

“Whatever you say. However, before you die, I have one thing to ask.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “In the past, a person had come here. If I remember correctly, all of you have been rotting in here for too long and were on the verge of dying, but nothing happened afterward. You all needed a corpse, but the corpse under the Ghost Ancestral Tree is not the person I am looking for!”

“I understand.” The old voice from the coffin appeared in response: “You are talking about a certain person, right? The one with the matchless spirit. Yes… That person was truly a priceless treasure, but they are not in my possession.” [2. “Matchless spirit” can also mean beautiful/elegant; however, given the context, I believe it makes more sense to interpret this adjective as someone with some sort of superior characteristics having to do with cultivation. If this person was a good candidate to feed the tree, then matchless spirit makes much more sense than beautiful/handsome/elegant. But keep in mind that it can also have this meaning, otherwise the author would just use the regular words to describe the physical appearance instead of this one.]

“Is that so? I’ll find out after I flip your lair upside down.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“You’re merely an ant!” The ancient voice shouted. A hand reached out from the coffin as strange images appeared. There were scenes of Immortal Monarchs and prostrating True Immortals with countless celestial deities chanting their scriptures. It was as if he was once the ruler of myriad worlds with innumerable inhabitants, a ruler that was once adored and supported by all the gods and devils.

This strange image was too shocking. Even the strange images of Immortal Emperors would, at best, be at this level.

One ghost ancestor stood up before the mirror and whispered: “Is this really our progenitor? Could it be that he had become a True Immortal, the king of all of them?”

The hand stretching towards Li Qiye prompted Immortal Emperor Fei Yang’s battle intent to take action with his Soaring Banner. At the same time, Li Qiye let go of the devourer as it pounced forward with a roar.

Myriad laws shattered from this attack that was accompanied by a deafening explosion. The entire basin collapsed as well. Although the hand couldn’t catch Li Qiye, it managed to stop the Soaring Banner and pushed back the devourer.

This scene was too devastating. The hand managed to stop an attack from an emperor along with the devourer, who had its infamous strength.

Li Qiye sneered coldly and uttered: “You’re just a devil underground yet you’re pretending to be a True Immortal?” Having said that, he took out the lamp. The black fire shot out a black beam towards the hand.

“Boom!” All the strange images shattered and the hand revealed its true shape in front of everyone.

This was an unnerving hand without any skin; it was ladened with red pieces of muscles. However, these muscles were not originally part of the hand and instead had been peeled from someone else then attached to it. These fresh muscles gave off an extremely creepy feeling.

The ancient voice from the coffin appeared once more: “It seems like you all are forcing me to come into being.” At that time, a clanking sound appeared as the coffin was opened and a person stood up from within the darkness. It merged with the dark so one couldn’t see its shape. This was the king of darkness, the tyrant of the night.

When this person stood up, there was no startling atmosphere or horrifying suppression. However, at this moment, countless ghosts prostrated uncontrollably. Not many among the ghosts were able to remain standing.

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