Chapter 603: Ghost Ancestral Tree

Chapter 603: Ghost Ancestral Tree

“Grarrr!” The devourer let out a roar that shattered the heaven and earth, signifying its happiness at being free once more. It ferociously leapt outside in an invincible manner. At this moment, it was the most vicious creature in this world; the five Fiend Lords and their army were not comparable to the devourer.

“Chmmpp! Clangg! Clackk!” Biting sounds appeared. Wherever the devourer went, only corpses would be left as these fiends got torn apart. The five Fiend Lords didn’t last very long before they were torn limb from limb as their black flesh flew everywhere.

This was the embodiment of horror; the devourer was like a meat grinder that only left mangled meat behind. This scene caused the legs of all the spectators to tremble in fear.

However, an even more dreadful thing happened. The five Fiend Lords who were the first to be bitten suddenly came back to life and stood up again. Earlier, they were torn into countless pieces with meat flying everywhere, but in a short amount of time, these little pieces came together, allowing them to crawl back up.

And it wasn’t just the five Fiend Lords, the other fiends quickly came together as well as their torn pieces combined once more.

The imperial ancestors were not only astonished at the devourer’s terrifying power, they were even more aghast due to the fiends: “Just what are these ghastly creatures?”

After being torn into countless pieces, they were still able to reform — this was too abhorrent. These creatures were virtually immortal!

“Die!” The five Fiend Lords angrily shouted. They no longer wanted to attack the devourer and instead rushed together to kill Li Qiye.

However, with a loud roar, the devourer arrived to quickly cull the masses with superb speed. Sounds of flesh being torn appeared once more as the five Fiend Lords were ripped into pieces in the blink of an eye.

Li Qiye didn’t even bother looking at this scene, and his cannons didn’t fire a single shot either. Although the army of fiends was very strong, the devourer was their nemesis. The devourer was still wearing the collar so it would only listen to Li Qiye’s commands. With the lock in his hand, no matter where or when, as long as he was there, the devourer would always be under his control.

He didn’t linger behind to watch this battle with the five Fiend Lords. Instead, he turned around to leave. He had more important things to do.

The battle had become a chaotic struggle. The devourer kept on tearing these fiends apart, but they came back together and got up time and time again.

Although these fiends were unkillable, the devourer continued its rampage while devouring the fiends’ thickest fiend energy. Because of this, each time the fiends were torn apart, their recovery speed would be a bit slower. The five Fiend Lords and their army had spent a lot of energy, and rebirth was becoming more and more difficult. It would eventually reach a point where they wouldn’t be able to fix their bodies if this continued on.

The fiendish energy that empowered these creatures was the most delicious feast to the devourer, so it was very excited. It had been a long time since it tasted something this delicious!

The devourer’s torture became increasingly cruel as it tore off the flesh and tendons of the five Fiend Lords. The thousands of the other friends were also ripped into thousands of pieces before the devourer let them go. It wanted to suck the energy of these things dry.

Anyone would be horrified at this scene, whether it was due to the might of the devourer or the resilience of the fiends.

“Ahhh!!!” A shrill shriek emanated throughout the Ancestral Realm at this moment. Currently, the sky of the realm was bathed in blood as the three bloodswords split the eight Grand Gods into numerous pieces. Meanwhile, the Heavenly God had been nailed by the trident into the ground; his blood dripped along the ground’s little crevices.

This scene was too distressing, especially to the ghost race. When was the last time the Ancestral Realm had been attacked like this? When was the last time the deities of the realm were completely murdered?

At this second, all the ancestors watching the events unfold felt that perhaps the Ancestral Realm would turn into ruins because of Li Qiye.

At this time, Li Qiye was still inside the basin, standing on a low hill. He had moved some of the bodies away to reveal the muddy ground. There was nothing except mud in this place, but Li Qiye had an extremely solemn expression as he slowly uttered: “Heaven Calculating, you little trickster, you better have gotten the spot right or else I’ll use your head as my chamber pot!”

At this moment, Daoist Heaven Calculating in the distant parts of the Sacred Nether World suddenly felt a chill down his spine as if a ghost was watching him.

Li Qiye took a deep breath then took out the Ghost’s Origin Ancestral Key. With a pop, the key suddenly exploded.

It looked like a wooden ruler, but now, all these little wooden pieces were splitting apart. “Buzz!” These little pieces of wood then came together once more and, like metal, melted together to form a golden key!

At this time, Li Qiye pushed the golden key into the little hill below his feet.

“Clangggg—!” The sound of metal doors opening appeared as the hill cracked, revealing a cave. Inside the cave was a not-so-large tree. The body was not too big; two people could hug it completely. It appeared to be very ancient as if it had been growing for countless eons. Each branch, each leaf had experienced tens of millions of years as the tree passed through the arduous and endless river of time.

However, this tree that had experienced the endless time had been dead with withered leaves and dried branches for a very long time now. Nevertheless, this dead tree was still exuding waves of universal laws — the beginning of life. Each law contained the power of the heavenly grand dao, the primal source of this world.

This dead tree seemed to have given birth to countless existences and was the start of life. Moreover, the fallen universal laws took root on the earth and protected this sky. It was the reason why this place continued to exist.

However, there was a terrifying anomaly — a corpse was attaching itself to the root of the tree as it just lied there. This big corpse was lying head down so one couldn’t see its face. The root of the tree was growing from the chest of the corpse. No one knew whether this was its initial state or if someone else planted it on this corpse.

Inside the Myriad Bones Throne, the near-death ancestor suddenly sprung to life once more. He got up from his bed and screamed: “The Ghost Ancestral Tree!”

The other ancestors standing before the mirror lost their minds after hearing these words and exclaimed in unison as well: “The Ghost Ancestral Tree??”

One ancestor gasped then asked: “Ancestor, is it… really the Ghost Ancestral Tree? It really exists in this world?”

Up till now, everyone thought that the tree was only a legend. Too many ghosts disputed its authenticity because this tree had a connection to another interpretation, a different theory of the ghost race’s origin.

The near-death ancestor sat back on his bed and spoke with a feeble tone: “Although… I have never seen the real Ghost Ancestral Tree… Immortal Emperor Wan Gu had left behind a book that contains a picture of this tree!”

This answered moved all of the Myriad Bones Ancestors. If the tree really existed, then what they believed to be the origin of the ghost race was actually false!

Li Qiye looked at the corpse under the Ghost Ancestral Tree and heaved a sigh of relief as if a gigantic weight had been lifted off his back. He murmured: “Fortunately that isn’t it.”

“Coughh—” The ground below the tree cracked as a pair of devil hands reached out. No one had climbed out just yet. An ancient yet awe-inspiring voice appeared: “Who is disturbing my slumber?”

This ancient yet substantial voice caused all the ghost ancestors back in the Sacred Nether World that were staring into the mirrors to palpitate. The Ancestral Realm had always claimed that the ghost progenitor was sleeping within, so now that such a voice was ringing from the earth, how could the ghost ancestors not become alarmed? Could it be that their progenitor was about to come into being?

All of the ancestors’ eyes were fixated on their mirrors. A monster crawled out of the ground; its characteristics consisted of a gigantic body, a human head, and a snake’s body. Countless towering bone fragments protruded from its back. It also had a huge horn the color of crimson blood.

However, the most terrifying characteristic was the strange image that appeared behind its back. One world of just pure-white bones, a world of silence, a world of death. At that place, countless white bones paved the road and were the foundation for the pavilions and temples — the dwelling of a death god. Anyone would feel creeped out looking at this world built by bones; they would feel uncontrollable dismay.

Myriad realms and worlds trembled before this monster. It emitted a terrorizing aura that was perhaps only a bit weaker or even equal to the Ghost-Devourer’s.

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