Chapter 602: Five Fiend Lords

Chapter 602: Five Fiend Lords

In an instant, these ancient temples emitted a divine pillar of light that reached the sky. Unfortunately for them, these cannons could even suppress the Ghost-Devourer, let alone these temples.

“Buzzz!” After these old temples collapsed, an endless light spewed out from the highland, seemingly wanting to protect this land.

Li Qiye didn’t care for it and continued to fire his cannons. Eventually, this protective power could no longer hold and began to crack.

Meanwhile, inside Necropolis, the Ancestral Flow Master who was seated on her stone throne softly sighed and murmured: “With you shooting randomly like this, what will you use to fight that ghastly creature underground? If you focus all of your cannons to fire at it, then you might be able to suppress it for some time! But now, you unleashed half of your firepower all at once…”

“Boom!” Finally, the highland was completely annihilated by Li Qiye as a new vast landscape appeared before everyone.

This was a huge basin that spanned for millions of miles. The mist hovered around this place as if it was hiding a monster. Taking one step further was the same as descending into a world of darkness.

The most terrorizing and dreadful matter was that this gigantic basin was full of corpses. Countless corpses were piled on top of one another like a mountain or an ocean. No one knew how long this piling of corpses had been going on, but these corpses were still quite intact without any signs of decay.

Back in the Sacred Nether World, the elders were shocked to see this scene through their mirrors. There were too many to count from this gigantic pile of corpses.

Someone meticulously looked at these ancient corpses. From their features, one could tell that most were from the Desolate Era and they consisted of various races — ghosts, humans, golems, charming spirits… However, at least seventy percent were from the ghost race.

One ancestor muttered: “There must be at least ten million corpses here. This was the slaughtering of an entire realm!”

Anyone would feel a sense of creepiness while looking at this huge basin covered with corpses. No one knew why the sacred Ancestral Realm would have an ocean of corpses that mainly consisted of ghosts.

The near-death existence from the bone of thrones quietly whispered: “If the Ancestral Realm only relies on the Grand Gods and the Heavenly God, then it would have been destroyed countless times by the Immortal Emperors.”

Another ancestor was quite puzzled and asked his senior: “What do you mean, Ancestor?”

The near-death existence shook his head and replied: “The Ancestral Realm is not a good place at all. During the Desolate Era, our Immortal Emperor Wan Gu had attacked it as well. Alas, he was unsuccessful.”

This revelation shocked all the ancestors of the bone of thrones. One of them exclaimed with fright: “How… could that be? The Ancestral Realm… is the origin of our ghost race!”

Although the ghosts in the Sacred Nether World didn’t believe that their progenitor lived on in the Ancestral Realm, the great powers never denied the claim that it was the origin of the ghosts.

When it came to the possible places where ghosts originated from in the Sacred Nether World, the Ancestral Realm was the most likely candidate, just like the Eastern Hundred Cities for the humans back in the Mortal Emperor World.

Immortal Emperor Wan Gu was the first emperor of the ghost race, yet he had attacked the Ancestral Realm — this news would scare many people to death. It was understandable for Immortal Emperor Fei Yang or Immortal Emperor Qian Li to attack the Ancestral Realm. They were outsiders after all, and they would attack the realm so that the humans and demons could have more room to live.

However, Immortal Emperor Wan Gu was the pride and glory of the ghost race, so why did he attack the Ancestral Realm? There was no rational explanation for this.

The old ancestor of the throne of bones shook his head and said: “Among the ghosts in the Sacred Nether World, our emperor was not the only one to attack the realm. Do you all know why there are so many ancient clans living reclusively in this world? It is because there are many of them that had previously attacked the Ancestral Realm, such as the ancestors of the War Clan.”

All the other ancestors were quite astounded. One of the ancestors of the War Clan was an amazing Immortal Emperor, but the War Clan did not try to control the rest of the world like the other imperial lineages. After their emperor disappeared, the War Clan left the secular world; no outsiders knew where they were staying.

At this moment, Li Qiye had entered the corpse-filled basin while the spectators in the Sacred Nether World watched with bated breaths.

A black smoke emerged and filled the entire basin upon Li Qiye’s intrusion, then a terrifying voice appeared: “You shouldn’t have come to this place!”

Ferocious black shadows rose from the mountain of corpses. They emitted a murderous air like fiends crawling out of the ground.

Thousands of ghastly creatures rose up from the ground as well. These creatures emitted an evil aura that instilled fear in all; it was clear that they were extremely powerful. These ghosts were led by five creatures with crowns on their heads. The sentence from earlier was uttered by one of them.

These creatures looked like humans yet also ghosts; some had three heads and six hands, others had fiendish horns, and some had terrifying deformed bone spurs protruding from their bodies…

The ancestors examining these creatures all took a deep breath since the five commanding ghastly creatures emitted a shiver-inducing aura. One ancestor asked himself: “Are these five Godkings?”

Five creatures of the Godking level — these were dreadful existences capable of sweeping through the entire world!

“So it is the five Fiend Lords.” Li Qiye was still very calm in the face of these thousands of fiends while he looked at the five fiends with crowns.

He continued on: “Immortal Emperor Fei Yang decapitated all five of you in the past, making your heads roll like potatoes. After such a long time, all of you finally managed to find your skulls again.”

One of the five Fiend Lords said with a devious smile: “Hahahaha! Naive fool, we are eternal!”

“Eternal?” Li Qiye burst out in laughter then slowly uttered: “Don’t flatter yourselves. Your so-called eternality is only because you all obtained the Ghost Ancestral Tree!”

All the ancestors stared at each other, perplexed, after hearing this. To the ghost race, the Ghost Ancestral Tree was only a legend, and no one had seen it before. For millions of years, many ghosts didn’t believe that this tree existed in this world, that it was only a lie told by future generations.

But now, Li Qiye revealed such a shocking secret; this was too hard to believe.

One of the five Fiend Lords smiled ominously: “Hahaha! What an interesting little human. No wonder you made it all the way here, you know too much!”

Another one added: “You ignored the accepting heavens and barged into the unwelcoming hell! Today will be your funeral!”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye responded with a smile before taking out the ancient temple and released the Ghost-Devourer.

The devourer instantly appeared before everyone. While Li Qiye stroked it playfully with one hand, his other hand was holding the Ghost-Devourer Lock.

Li Qiye then chuckled and said: “I know you guys are very amazing, so I have prepared a gift for you fiends.”

The five Fiend Lords became aghast after seeing the devourer and exclaimed: “How... How could you have let it out?! Impossible!”

The other ancestors didn’t know what the devourer was, but it was surely formidable judging by the five Fiend Lords’ frightened expressions.

They all wondered: “What is that thing?”

Lan Yunzhu softly sighed and said: “Ghost-Devourer — an existence from the legends. Outside of Immortal Emperors, no one would be able to stop it in this world.”

The five Fiend Lords had cold countenances at this time; they appeared to be fiends from hell as they cried out: “Kill!!!”

The five lords led their army of fiends, heading for Li Qiye. With their roars, they were able to devour the sky and swallow the moon. A terrifying fiendish energy swept through myriad realms with enough momentum to turn the entire nine heavens into the legendary hell.

Anyone who saw this scene wouldn’t be able to help themselves from shivering, especially those from the ghost race. They couldn’t believe that the Ancestral Realm, the origin of the ghost race, had such terrifying fiends. When these fiends came out, the Ancestral Realm no longer had the appearance of a sacred ground, it was more like a realm of fiends.

An imperial ancestor suddenly thought of something and commented quietly: “What if the Ancestral Realm was never our ghost race’s origin?”

Back at the Ancestral Realm, the five lords led their fiends to attack as they terrifying howled. Li Qiye let go of the chain, but the collar remained on the Ghost-Devourer’s neck.

He let go of it and slowly spoke: “Go, have a taste of these fiends. You’ll love their taste!”

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