Chapter 596: Legend Of The Devourer

Chapter 596: Legend Of The Devourer

Although legends stated that the Ghost Progenitor was slumbering there, it was only a legend and no one had seen the progenitor before. The realm’s background was even more mysterious. To sum it up, it was too archaic and had existed before there were written records from the ghosts.

Xian Fan couldn’t help but curiously ask: “If no one else knows and there are no records, then how do you know?” This was Xian Fan’s first time hearing about the mythical existence who tried to create life despite coming from the Immortal Kingdom.

“Well, that is… a secret.” Li Qiye answered mysteriously.

Xian Fan was not satisfied with this answer, but what could she do except glare at Li Qiye?

Lan Yunzhu brought the topic back to the Ghost-Devourer: “Then the devourer was captured later on, right?”

Li Qiye nodded and said: “Yes. That existence exerted a lot of effort to capture the devourer again. However, it was no easy task to capture such a monster without the lock.”

“Then what about killing it?” Xian Fan inquired.

“This idea was indeed feasible since that existence could kill the devourer. However, killing it required killing himself because, as you know, the devourer came from his rib. Without killing himself, it would be virtually impossible to kill the monster...

“... Eventually, that existence caught the devourer after many earth-shaking events. Some of these events even shaped the final direction of the ghost race itself.”

At this point, Li Qiye stared at the distant horizon and continued: “After capturing the devourer, that existence imprisoned it in this unknown island. Due to a couple of events, that existence didn’t wish for the devourer to see the sun again, so he sunk the island down into the depths of the ocean for eternity.”

“As for what happened next… You already know the story. Both the devourer and the lock disappeared and no one saw them again.” Li Qiye smiled and added: “The devourer had always been in the depths of the sea, unknown to everyone. No one knew that there was a monster suppressed there, a monster that had swept through and bloodied the myriad realms. They didn't even have an inkling of its tale.”

Lan Yunzhu looked at Li Qiye and now understood that he appeared back at the Thousand Islands just for the devourer. All of his plans came into fruition today!

All the cultivators and sects with a bit of greed in the Sacred Nether World assumed that the lost mythical island hid an amazing treasure, such as divine eggs, so both the young and the old risked their lives to reach the island only to meet their demise due to the mist.

“So this ends with you coincidentally picking up the Ghost-Devourer Lock right when the lost mythical island came into being. You got yourself quite a bargain from it.” Xian Fan said as she leered at Li Qiye. She didn’t know the truth or the process, but she felt that the whole thing was not as simple as he made it out to be.

Li Qiye only responded with a smile. The person who picked up the lock was not Li Qiye but an ancestor from the Heavenly Dao Academy, and of course, he didn’t pick it up randomly from the street.

This ancestor was quite knowledgeable. Although the lock appeared to be a regular chain collar, he knew that it was an extraordinary item. After picking it up, he didn’t simply throw it away. However, he couldn’t find the use for the lock. This was not surprising since no one had ever seen the devourer before. If Li Qiye didn’t have a trustworthy source, he wouldn’t have been so determined to tame the Ghost-Devourer.

Since this ancestor from the academy couldn’t research the lock thoroughly, he left it behind at the academy where it was forgotten. It wasn’t until Li Qiye demanded it from the academy that it saw the light of day again.

“Who is this legendary existence?” In the end, Lan Yunzhu asked. Such an unbeatable existence shouldn’t be nameless, but she had never heard of this person before.

Xian Fan also couldn’t contain her inquisitiveness and chimed in: “Is he an Immortal Emperor? Which one was he?”

“I also don’t know the name of this legendary existence.” Li Qiye beamed and said: “However, he was certainly not an Immortal Emperor and rather something even greater. That era was even older than Immortal Emperor Gu Chun’s time; there were no Immortal Emperors back then.”

Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan stopped asking after this because they knew they wouldn’t get an answer. Immortal Emperor Gu Chun was the first to bear the title of Immortal Emperor, and this was during the Desolate Era. This was a very long time ago to the present, and many things were not written down. They were all to be lost in history.

If this existence was even older than Immortal Emperor Gu Chun, then he had to exist back in an untraceable era, so it was not strange for future generations to not know of his name.

Li Qiye then told the two of them: “Now that this is all over, it’s time to leave.”

The three then left the island. The monk was not at the Heavenly Cemetery and no one knew where he went.

Li Qiye was busy so he didn't wait for the monk before leaving the Prime Ominous Grave. Very few cultivators stayed behind at the grave after such a big event; even those who stayed behind had all began to leave.

Lan Yunzhu finally heaved a sigh of relief after leaving the grave. She had quite an amazing harvest this time, but the most important part were her broadened horizons. The knowledge she accumulated from her entire life so far was not equal to what she had seen and heard during this short trip. These couple of days in the grave allowed her to see many magical and miraculous matters.

Lan Yunzhu looked at the grave one last time before speaking: “We can finally go back now.”

Xian Fan also wanted to go back to the Immortal Kingdom. Her trip was over and her results were quite fruitful as well.

“No, it is you guys who will be returning.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “I won’t be going back to the Thousand Carp River.”

“Where do you want to go?” Lan Yunzhu felt unease after hearing Li Qiye; her intuition was normally very accurate.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes towards the horizon and answered: “The Ancestral Realm! It is time to destroy the Ancestral City and annihilate the Ancestral Realm.”

“Are you joking?” It wasn’t just Lan Yunzhu, even Xian Fan jumped after hearing this. Anyone would lose their mind after hearing this.

This phrase was no longer classified as being arrogant, it was stepping into the realm of impossibility. Even an imperial lineage would not be able to do such a thing. For example, Xian Fan’s Immortal Kingdom didn’t have this capability even after mustering all of its strength.

Li Qiye looked at Xian Fan, in her elemental armor, and asked: “You think I am kidding?”

Xian Fan met his gaze while being silent. Li Qiye was not joking at all! However, destroying the Ancestral Realm was an appalling undertaking.

“The Ancestral City is one thing, but do you know how terrifying the Ancestral Realm is? Not to mention the numerous members of the Divine Guard and the nine Grand Gods, the scariest part is that the Heavenly God had reached an unfathomable level. Rumor has it that the Heavenly God had easily slain an eternal existence once. Some predicted that even if the Heavenly God was not comparable to an Immortal Emperor, obtaining the title of Godking shouldn’t be an issue for him!” Xian Fan solemnly said.

The Godking title was not something that could be bestowed to just anyone. Even those who called themselves Godkings were not necessarily accepted as such by the masses. Only when all the worlds accepted the title bestowment would the person be considered a true Godking.

For example, the Sacred Ancestor of the Thousand Carp River who was extremely ancient and heaven-defying. Even Immortal Emperor Qian Li praised his cultivation, but the Sacred Ancestor was reluctant to call himself a Godking. Others also only considered him a God-Monarch. This powerful and genuine God-Monarch didn’t dare to take the extra step of pronouncing himself a Godking.

“Godking? So what?” Li Qiye nonchalantly stated: “An Immortal Emperor might be interesting, but even an emperor wouldn’t be able to stop my determination to stomp the Ancestral Realm!”

“Because of the matter with the blood ceremony?” Xian Fan asked. As a fellow human genius, Xian Fan didn’t want Li Qiye to die early. She believed that if he could continue on his path, then he would definitely become the Immortal Emperor!

“No, only a personal vendetta.” Li Qiye replied with a smirk.

Lan Yunzhu noticed his firm determination, making her heart heavy; she couldn’t help but advise: “The Ancestral Realm is eternal. Even an Immortal Emperor wouldn’t be able to eradicate the Ancestral Realm. Legend states that even the most heaven-defying Immortal Emperor, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, who had once turned the realm upside down in his rampage couldn’t destroy it completely and could only suppress it for thousands of years. Immortal Emperor Qian Li, our patriarch, also took a trip to the Ancestral Realm, but nothing came of it.”

Li Qiye noticed her worried appearance and gently stroked her hair before saying: “I know. Since the start of time, among all the emperors in the Sacred Nether World, it wasn’t just Immortal Emperor Fei Yang and Immortal Emperor Qian Li who attacked the Ancestral Realm…

“... However, this doesn’t mean that emperors are not strong enough!” Li Qiye continued: “Emperors are indeed wondrous, but they didn’t wish to risk their lives. More importantly, all of these emperors lacked a certain something, but I have this ‘thing’ that they did not!”

“But…” Lan Yunzhu still couldn’t help but say: “This is something easier said than done; it is simply impossible if even emperor's couldn’t do it…”

Li Qiye interrupted her and added: “Girl, don’t worry about me. Even the grim reaper won’t take this thing and the king of hell won’t keep it. More importantly, a few things should come to a conclusion; this is personal!” Having said that, he coldly glared at the far distance.

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