Chapter 594: The Prison On The Divine Island

Chapter 594: The Prison On The Divine Island

As Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan followed Li Qiye deeper into the island, they found that this place was not very large. There was nothing here outside of a few hills here and there.

Lan Yunzhu was a very sensitive person and could feel even the slightest bit of change. Due to this, as they infiltrated deeper into the island, she felt an indescribable sensation.

Lan Yunzhu said: “This island is really strange.”

Xian Fan had great talents and a heaven-defying cultivation, but her awareness was not as keen as Lan Yunzhu’s. She curiously asked: “What do you think is weird about it?”

Lan Yunzhu answered: “It is like a prison; it is as if the entire island is just a place to seal something.”

Li Qiye looked back while walking in front and nodded his head: “She is right. There are no Golden Dragons or Divine Phoenixes here. This is a prison, one that will be able to withstand the test of time.”

“Is it really a prison?” Xian Fan was shocked and asked for confirmation. The rumors outside had always stated that there were supreme treasures on the island. Some people swore that there were divine eggs on the island that had scenes of beasts flying around. However, Li Qiye said that this was only a prison. Xian Fan wouldn’t believe this from someone else, but she had no doubt when Li Qiye was the one to say it.

Lan Yunzhu emotionally asked after Li Qiye confirmed her intuition: “What character is imprisoned here?”

Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed when this matter was brought up. He replied: “An existence that no one has seen before the ages, an existence that has no legends.”

Lan Yunzhu inquired further: “Didn’t you say that there was an extremely terrifying weapon on this lost island?” She recalled Li Qiye say this once.

Li Qiye answered with a smile: “It is an evil fiend to other people, the most harrowing of them all, especially to the ghost race. But to me, it is a weapon capable of destroying all things.”

Lan Yunzhu took a deep breath. From her understanding of Li Qiye, she could faintly guess what he wanted to do.

At this point, Xian Fan interjected: “If this place is a prison for an invincible character, after millions and millions of years, perhaps this existence is already dead.”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “That would be true for others. However, for this being, that would be difficult even if it wished to die. If it could be killed so easily, people would have killed it already instead of imprisoning it here.”

Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan looked at each other. What kind of terrifying existence could manage to live on after being imprisoned for so long?

It didn’t take long for the three to reach the center of this small island. The central area was surrounded by four mountains, the four largest land masses on the island. Here was an empty plain without anything special, and it seemed to be paved with ordinary boulders.

These four might be small compared to mountains in other places, but the pitch-black mountains were very suffocating and oppressive. Anyone who stood here would feel that the four mountains could suppress gods and devils.

“Where is the prison?” Xian Fan looked around. There was nothing here, let alone a prison that entrapped a terrifying existence.

At this time, Li Qiye found a hidden spot amidst the plain. He observed for a bit before telling the other two: “Ladies, prepare yourselves. Don’t let yourselves get weak knees in a short moment.”

With a serious expression, Lan Yunzhu took a deep breath. The moment she arrived here, she felt an unease as if the most frightening fiend was hiding underground.

Xian Fan, on the other hand, glared at Li Qiye and said: “If you’re ready, then just go for it. We are not children.” She wasn’t being overly confident or anything since, with her cultivation, talents, and knowledge, very few things could scare her.

Li Qiye chuckled then quickly put on a serious expression to take out something. This was a temple the size of a palm; it didn’t look special at all.

Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan didn’t know that this little temple was initially very large. This was the ancient temple that Lu Baiqiu and Li Qiye found beneath the ocean.

At that time, Li Qiye used this little temple to locate the lost mythical island. Now, Li Qiye placed this little temple into the hidden spot; it was a perfect fit.

A clanking sound could be heard the moment the temple was placed inside. The plain emitted waves of light as complex runes wove together.

“Clank—” The paved stones on the ground began to move and suddenly, a gigantic monster crawled out from the earth.

Space fluctuated with this being’s appearance. Out came a destructive aura like the coming of an unbeatable fiend. This daunting aura was no weaker than an Immortal Emperor’s. However, the aura of an Immortal Emperor was one worthy of awe and respect while this monster’s aura caused the souls of others to flee into the clouds.

At this point, the monster opened its eyes. Although it had been suppressed and couldn’t hurt anyone, the opening of its eyes seemed to be capable of devouring the souls of billions. Even those at the peak would be scared out of their wits and think that this was the most terrifying fiend in the world!

Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan were both heaven’s proud daughters and supreme geniuses, but at this minute, both of their legs were shaking while they themselves were unable to stand straight.

“Ladies, be careful.” Li Qiye quickly grabbed their waists after seeing their unsteady figures. With his help, the two girls took deep breaths but still had trouble settling down.

Li Qiye reminded them: “Don’t look into its eyes.”

At this time, Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan saw the monster before them. It had the appearance of both a wolf and tiger — not that scary looking. The most frightening part was its long teeth that extended all the way down to its jaws. These were long and sharp teeth that could bite and tear through everything in this world!

Another horrifying aspect was its pair of eyes, so they should heed Li Qiye’s warning. It was a fiendish pair of eyes capable of swallowing up souls, like a monster that specialized in soul-eating.

Its aura was quite shiver-inducing. Even a God-Monarch wouldn’t be able to support himself in its presence. A Godking would be swallowed in one bite as well.

“Clank!!!!!” With an appalling murderous aura, the terrifying monster wanted to pounce forward after seeing Li Qiye and the other two. However, it couldn’t move since it was tied up by four huge iron chains.

The four iron chains were pinned deep into the four mountains as immortal lights radiated from each chain. Every single chain emitted a special image; one had a Golden Dragon biting it, another had a Phoenix pulling it, the third was protected by a Celestial Tiger while the last had a Black Tortoise lying on top.

However, what trapped this monster was not the four chains but rather the dense seals above them. All the chains were carved with formidable seals. Not to mention all four chains, any one of them alone had a seal powerful enough to kill a True God or any other deity. But now, all four were used to bind a single monster, and one could easily imagine their combined strength.

“The legendary True Immortal Steel! There are only nine types in the world, but four of them are actually being used right here!” Xian Fan emotionally exclaimed after seeing the four chains binding the monster.

True Immortal Steel was the best material to craft weapons. Countless people craved for them when they were casting their own weapons. Even the tiniest piece would allow these weapons to have extraordinary power.

Yet all four of these huge chains were crafted from four different types of True Immortal Steel — what kind of investment was this? Using such supreme treasures to lock this monster proved its horrendous nature.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but murmur while looking at these chains: “Golden Dragon, Phoenix, Celestial Tiger, Black Tortoise — four of the legendary nine True Immortal Steel. No wonder why people saw images of mythical beasts, so they were images emitted by these metals.”

Xian Fan’s heart was beating fast while she looked at this terrifying monster. It was a blessing that it was imprisoned; otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. Against such a monster, ancestors, legendary masters, and even eternal existences were insufficient. Even True Gods would only be delicious prey to this monster.

“Just what exactly is this thing?” Lan Yunzhu had to ask.

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