Chapter 589: Heavenly Annihilation; Great Massacre

Chapter 589: Heavenly Annihilation; Great Massacre

This human ancestor didn’t want to see Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan die in this place since they were the hope of the human race. Their fiercest and most heaven-defying genius had entered the path of death, and his fate was unknown. If these two brilliant geniuses were also trapped here, then it was over for the humans.

One Ancestral City Ancestor declared with a serious tone: “If you all surrender now, the Ancestral City will not make it difficult for you. We will let your sects come and pay a ransom for their descendants.”

“Utter rubbish! Your words smell as bad as fart!” Monk Dazhi smiled and said: “Surrender? In your dreams!”

“Good, good. If you want to die, then we’ll lend you a hand. What can you do with just one hundred people?” The Titanic Crescent Ancestor’s eyes narrowed and revealed a sharp murderous intent.

“Bang—bang—bang!” However, right when he finished speaking, corpses flew everywhere along with blood like the blooming of flowers. The spurting blood was especially mysterious and beautiful.

“Ahhh!” These corpses were sent flying before their screams came out, then all of them shattered.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Even more bodies flew to the sky after a series of rapid collisions and flowers of blood appeared again. The speed was so swift that no one could see who the culprit was.

The army of one hundred thousand that was trapping the group of Lan Yunzhu had been penetrated. In the blink of an eye, both Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings were blown away. None of them could see the enemy before they were knocked flying.

“Break!” An ancestor from a great power that belonged to the ghost side took action and slammed his palm down to create a seal.

“Boom!” This ancestor’s seal was also shattered as he was forced to take three steps back.

The person rushing past everything was stopped by the ancestor so his figure became clear. This was a young man with a very ordinary-looking appearance.

The great army all took one step back in shock after seeing this young man as if they had just seen a ghost: “Li Qiye!”

“Impossible!” Countless people gasped while feeling the creeps after seeing Li Qiye before them.

The ghost ancestors were startled as well and exclaimed: “No way! No one has ever left the path of death alive!”

Even the human ancestors in the entrapment blinked their eyes to look at the living Li Qiye: “This is… unbelievable!”

Xian Fan took a deep breath as if they were seeing a ghost and said: “Is… is… this guy a person or a ghost? Coming out of the path of death… Is this… for real?”

Xian Fan had always been a person full of confidence and was quite heaven-defying. Xian Fan was not afraid of Di Zuo, but challenging the path of death was beyond Xian Fan’s scope.

Li Qiye dared to enter the path of death that no one else dared to, and he even came back out alive! How terrifying!

Even the Ancestral City Lord’s heart skipped a beat after seeing Li Qiye. On that day, he saw — with his own eyes — Li Qiye enter the path of death and was certain of his demise.

The world all knew that the path of death was one of no return. Even Godkings couldn’t escape this fate, let alone a junior like Li Qiye. He didn’t expect to see someone who he considered a dead man to come out completely unscathed.

“How could this be?” He took a deep breath while murmuring as his gaze was fixated upon Li Qiye.

This was the most devilish and terrifying being he had seen in his life!

Lan Yunzhu only smiled to see Li Qiye. She knew that there was nothing in this world that could stop him from stepping forward. Like Li Qiye said before, even the king of hell would not be able to take his life.

“Li Qiye!” The Titanic Crescent Ancestor’s eyes glared at Li Qiye as his hatred burned even stronger with a rolling murderous aura.

He brought this true treasure to the Heavenly Cemetery just for Li Qiye. However, by the time he arrived, Li Qiye had already entered the path of death. He wanted nothing more than to personally make mincemeat out of Li Qiye, and now, Li Qiye was standing right before him.

"You ignored the accepting heavens and barged into the unwelcoming hell! Little animal, this date next year will be your funeral's anniversary...” At this time, he didn’t carry the bearing of an ancestor at all.

Li Qiye interrupted him and said: “It will be the funeral anniversary of all of you!” He then smirked ruthlessly and declared: “I will massacre all of you today!”

With that, he flipped over his hands, revealing the Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror as his hands lit up.

The Ancestral City Lord’s expression greatly changed as he shouted after seeing the light in Li Qiye’s hand: “Watch out, he’s using the Resplendent Break!”

“Boom!” All the realms quivered as Yin and Yang stretched across the world. Two supreme True Immortals arrived to annihilate myriad worlds.

“Heavenly Annihilation!” Everyone shivered before this terrifying attack. The hearts of both sovereigns and kings thumped as they trembled in fear.

Some ancestors of the great powers reacted much faster and immediately fled after hearing the words of the city lord.

“Heavenly Annihilation! Noooo!” A Heavenly King cried out with unwillingness.

The mirror and its Heavenly Annihilation immediately massacred all the ghosts in its path.

This was the ultimate attack of an Immortal Emperor True Treasure. Normally, people called them a Heaven’s Will Attack while others shortened it to Heavenly Annihilation. [1. In Chinese, Heaven’s Will Attack takes up 4 characters while Heavenly Annihilation only takes up 2 characters.]

“Ahh!” Mountains made out of corpses were piling up. The bodies fell down continuously wherever the light of the mirror shone. This Heavenly Annihilation was almost like an Immortal Emperor personally unleashing his most powerful blow. Heavenly Kings were nothing, and even Virtuous Paragons were mere ants.

As the immortal light flashed forward, several tens of thousands of experts were annihilated. There was a chance of surviving an Imperial Massacre, but all worlds would be destroyed under the might of the Heavenly Annihilation! [2. Imperial Massacre is the ultimate attack of a Life Treasure; Heavenly Annihilation is the ultimate attack of a True Treasure.]

“Noo!!!” One ghost ancestor couldn’t escape in time. His slow reaction was rewarded with getting struck by the immortal light. Even an ancestor was turned into dust by this blow.

“Suppress it!” Three Ancestral City Ancestors, the Titanic Crescent Ancestor, and the Insect King Ancestor, all with emperor’s weapons, cried out together.

In just a moment, two true weapons and three life weapons — with the help of five ancestors — aimed to suppress Li Qiye’s Heavenly Annihilation.

“Boom!” The myriad dao broke apart under this huge explosion. The remnant forces of the collision shot out, causing the stars to explode. This spectacle was truly horrifying.

The three Ancestral City Ancestors were blown flying into the sky, spilling blood as their emperor’s weapons cracked. As for the two true treasures, they felt threatened by this attack so they unleashed their most powerful imperial aura to protect themselves. Nevertheless, the Titanic Crescent Ancestor and Insect King Ancestor also vomited blood.

Luckily, they had true treasures so their situation was much better than the other three ancestors. These three ancestors felt a sharp pain as their emperor’s weapons had been cracked. Although these cracks were tiny, the damage still decreased their weapons’ power.

Even emperor’s weapons could break and turn into trash before the might of the Heavenly Annihilation, unless they were true treasures.

Everyone felt a chill running down their spines. Not just the ghost experts that maintained a distance from Li Qiye, but even a few frightened ghost ancestors quickly retreated.

Without an emperor’s weapon, even these ancestors couldn’t escape death in the face of the annihilation. Even the Ancestral City’s ancestors that had such weapons were blown away, so one could easily imagine their own demise.

The three Ancestral City Ancestors flew back and noticed the discolored expressions from the other two imperial ancestors. One Ancestral City Ancestor encouraged: “Don’t be afraid, he can only use the Resplendent Break once. There won’t be a second round!”

After hearing this, the other ancestors calmed down and breathed a sigh of relief then proceeded to surround Li Qiye.

Meanwhile, the rest of the other ghost experts ran extremely far away. They were much more cautious and didn’t want another taste of the Heavenly Annihilation.

The Insect King Ancestor said spitefully: “Little animal, what can you do without the Resplendent Break?” His expression was quite ferocious with the boil on his head moving back and forth. Even if his expression wasn’t so twisted at this moment, it was still frightening enough.

The Resplendent Break was once the best secret technique of Immortal Emperor Fei Yang; it allowed him to dominate an entire generation. However, it had a fatal flaw — it required a long time before being able to release a second blow. Moreover, this second blow required a massive amount of blood energy and would instantly drain one’s blood energy!

The ancestors trapped inside were quite alarmed to see Li Qiye under siege by five ancestors. There was no way Li Qiye could handle this since they even had true treasures. If Li Qiye couldn’t unleash another Heavenly Annihilation, then the five of them were more than enough to kill him.

“We have to help him!” The human ancestor anxiously said.

Lan Yunzhu noticed Li Qiye’s calm demeanor and shook her head to say: “Don’t worry, wait and see.”

Li Qiye looked at the five ancestors with imperial weapons in their hands and a frightening surging aura then smiled to say: “Is that so? It is definitely difficult to unleash another Resplendent Break in the same day, but that is only for other people, not me.” An explosion came out right after his words. Twelve palaces appeared to form a new firmament.

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