Chapter 583: Thirteenth Palace

Chapter 583: Thirteenth Palace

Shrill screams reverberated throughout Southern Tang City. Although it had many experts that included a few Heavenly Kings, there was too big of a gap between the city and the Insect King Lineage. Moreover, the lineage didn’t only have more Heavenly Kings, even an ancestor presided over the events in the sky. The two sides were not comparable.

Any cultivator who had the strength to resist was massacred by the lineage while the weaker cultivators were sucked into the bowl. They would be part of the sacrifice.

Southern Tang City carried a heavy stench of blood after the resistance was quelled.

“Take them all away, leave none behind.” The Insect King Ancestor’s voice echoed in the sky.

In a short period of time, the sun had finally risen, and Southern Tang City that had stood strong for millions of years was now deprived of people, creating a disturbing silence.

The city streets that were painted red under the sunlight were completely empty. The only things left were dead corpses scattered on the ground; these were the remnants of those who opposed the imperial lineage.

The wind now carried a creepy stench of blood. Southern Tang City — once a famous land for humans at the Nether Border was now a city devoid of life!

On the same day still early in the morning, the demons, Heavenly Devils, and those of the Blood Race among others at the Nether Border had their big cities invaded. They were quickly defeated by the great powers and imperial lineages from the ghost race. Regardless of their race, all the mortals were taken away while the cultivators who resisted were all killed.

Panic quickly spread across the races in the Nether Border. Mortals everywhere quickly fled after hearing the news. However, the Nether Border was too big for mortals, and it was also ruled by the ghosts; if their cities had fallen, then they had no remaining haven.

The safest place was most likely the southern Distant Cloud, but it was very far from the Nether Border; it was millions and millions of miles away. Without a portal from a great power, none of them could reach the Distant Cloud.

Under such a desperate situation, the great powers of the ghost race that weren’t participating absolutely wouldn’t help the fleeing cultivators from the other races, let alone mortals. Cultivators, at least, could run into the deep mountains and dangerous territories, but where could mortals hide?

With the Heavenly God Decree, the ghost powers quickly left the Prime Ominous Grave to carry out the order; it didn’t matter whether they were willing or not. The big shots from the ghost race rushed for the territories with mortals from the other races as secret portals were opened one after another.

The great ghost powers swept through seven capitals and dozens of other big cities and towns to capture five to six million mortals from the other races.

Such a big operation was unprecedented since several big countries were destroyed in the process. This had never happened before! Although the ghosts and the other races didn’t get along and had occasional conflicts, mortals were excluded from these struggles.

This time, the great powers didn’t have a choice. This included a few reclusive ancient clans that held this order with great contempt; they couldn’t resist the order of the Heavenly God. Not just anyone was as powerful as the Myriad Bones Throne and could ignore the decree.

Of course, some powers also volunteered with excitement to carry out this decree, especially the lineages who already wanted to take advantage of the situation or wanted to exterminate the other races.

Although resistance could be found everywhere, the Nether Border was still the world of the ghosts so the other races had limited forces. Moreover, the ghosts expended all of their strength for this crusade. Even a monstrous existence like the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom listened to the decree. The struggle of the other races’ cultivators was completely useless.

The battles went on throughout these cities and ended with cultivators killed and mortals captured. Very few managed to escape from the grasp of the ghosts.


Deep inside the path of death at the pond, Li Qiye was still cultivating. Explosions came after another as a divine light filled his palace meridian. Right now, one could see an outline of a new palace!

Li Qiye tried his best to use the essence of the pond to build the thirteenth palace, unique throughout all the ages.

Anyone would lose their mind if they saw this scene. There were twelve palaces hovering above his head while another was being built inside his meridian. This was an impossible matter, but right now, this miracle was occurring due to Li Qiye, a miracle across the ages.

“Boom!” The thirteenth palace finally appeared inside and wanted to leave the meridian. If it could successfully leave without shattering, then Li Qiye would be successful.

“Xshhhh!” However, right when the palace intended to leave, the sky suddenly struck down with innumerable streaks of lightning. Each bolt was the size of a mountain range; even the most powerful of existences would be incinerated by such a force.

Li Qiye, however, didn’t even bat an eyelash. He took out the Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror.

“Buzzz—” The mirror poured down an endless immortal light as waves of universal laws protected Li Qiye. The Yang and Yin fishes swam around his body to form an extremely powerful defensive line, protecting him from the lightning tribulation that descended like rain.

“Bang—bang—bang!” Lightning struck down like a waterfall, but the mirror managed to block it all.

During all of this, none of the lightning managed to even get close to the headless man walking around the pond. It was as if the headless man was powerful to the point where even the tribulation was afraid of approaching!

As the lightning tribulation continued like a raging storm, Li Qiye was focusing on the thirteenth palace. He wanted it to leave his meridian. As long as it could leave, Li Qiye’s goal would then be achieved.

“Punish!” However, right when this last palace was about to fly out, another firmament suddenly appeared in the sky alongside the lightning tribulation. This was a different sky, a different firmament like the home of immortals.

Suddenly, the will of this firmament descended, and the Yin Yang Mirror couldn’t stop this will from attacking the thirteenth palace.

“Punish!” This one word was the will of this firmament and was completely unstoppable. No treasure could stop it, and even someone with the strongest body would turn into ashes.

Anyone would be scared to death if they were to see this scene. The will of the heavens descending was something unheard of. Even the most heaven-defying genius wouldn’t face such a thing when undergoing their Physique Tribulation, Life Reduction, or Fate Calamity. However, this firmament had now appeared and declared its intent.

To be able to alarm the high heavens to the point where it sent down a tribulation like this was comparable to the ascension of an Immortal Emperor! Without a doubt, opening the thirteenth palace was something forbidden by the heavens!

The heavens decided to punish Li Qiye in light of him opening the thirteenth palace in such a terrifying manner.

“So what if you are the heavens?! I am above the heavens!” Li Qiye roared in the face of the oncoming wrath.

“Boom!” With a blaring blast, the twelve Fate Palaces disappeared from above his head and turned into its own firmament.

With this new firmament, Li Qiye’s will soared above the nine heavens. His firmament exuded an endless stream of light after his command.

“Seal!” As the wrath of the heavens was about to descend on his thirteenth palace, Li Qiye used his supreme will to seal this punishment. At this time, his will was no weaker than the will of the heavens. His supreme will intertwined with the boundless momentum of his firmament as if he was the ruler of the heavens and myriad worlds.

“Boom!” An enormous blast resounded as Li Qiye’s will stopped the wrath of the heavens from above.

Anyone who saw this scene would turn crazy! Who in this world would dare to oppose the will of the heavens? Li Qiye, at such a young age, didn’t only oppose it, he was also trying to seal it — how frightening was this?

“If the heavens wishes to oppose me, then I shall seal the heavens!” At this time, Li Qiye’s domineering aura filled the atmosphere. He courageously stepped forward in a manner showing that no one, not even the heavens, could stop his determination! [1. Heh, this time it’s Nahct’s note! He originally said “I will seal the heavens!” but I couldn’t resist changing it.]

The wrath of the heavens was sealed as countless divine lights detonated in the sky as if the firmament was raging. At this moment, a boundless image descended onto the world as another invincible will of the heavens arrived!

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