Chapter 570: Titanic Crescent’s Three Ancestors

Chapter 570: Titanic Crescent’s Three Ancestors

Many became sentimental when they saw the Ancestral Mountain depart. A genius met his end in such a fashion; this induced a sense of regret and sadness and also reminded everyone that the competition for the throne was extremely cruel and brutal. Even the most brilliant genius might eventually turn into mere bones.

When it was all over, three old men stepped out to the dismay of many, including the ghost race. Everyone took a deep breath because all of these men were of the ancestor level.

They stood out and created an oppressive atmosphere. It seemed that the sacred ground was determined to reclaim their Declivity-Mountain Bell.

“What do you want? You wish to play with the numbers advantage?” Li Qiye remained calm before the three ancestors who were all Virtuous Paragons.

“Fellow Daoist Li, you should return our Declivity-Mountain Bell back to the sacred ground; this is our heirloom.” An old ancestor cheerfully smiled: “If you are willing to give it back, we will definitely not let it be for nothing.”

Li Qiye looked at the three ancestors then burst out in laughter. He shook his head and said: “Never! If your descendant threw this thing out, you all should understand that it was the same as throwing a meatbun at a dog. Your descendant lost only because of his own inability. As for the Declivity-Mountain Bell, I will gladly accept it.”

His words caused the three ancestors to change their expressions. One of them gravely spoke: “Junior, take a step back and realize the vastness of the heaven and earth. Having one more friend is better than gaining one enemy. Opposing our sacred ground is not a wise decision!”

“I don’t feel anything unwise about it because the feud was already formed. So what if I take the bell?” Li Qiye leisurely spoke while staring at the three.

Another ancestor’s expression darkened as he said: “Young Friend, the path is still long, do you really think you are invincible?” He continued on: “If you really think so, then we wish to try your invincible techniques!”

His words caused everyone to glance at each other. An ancestor of an imperial lineage was asking for a spar with a junior — this was a lowly act, the same as bullying someone younger.

Li Qiye laughed and looked at the three to say: “You want to give me a try?”

The ancestor gazed at him and said: “I wonder if you dare to fight or not? An invincible friend like you must not be afraid to fight, right?”

Another ancestor added: “Young Friend is the number one in the contemporary era with peerless courage and is unbeatable in this world. If you think you can hold onto the Declivity-Mountain Bell, then don’t be reluctant about one fight.”

The third one tacked on: “If Young Friend doesn’t feel confident, then forget about it. Everyone can just calm down and you can give the bell back to us. We will definitely not mistreat you.”

The three ancestors worked together to dig a hole for Li Qiye to jump down. They assumed that Li Qiye was at a high from his recent victory. Moreover, declining a battle would leave behind a mental scar. The best course of action would be to rush on with this victorious momentum till the very end with a courageous dao heart. Because of this, the ancestors had planned a trap.

Their actions caused Daoist Bao Gui’s group to be very dissatisfied. The daoist scowled but didn’t say anything; he was waiting for Li Qiye’s command.

“Then are you three are confident in beating me?” He asked as he looked at the three ancestors.

“We don’t dare to claim so. At the moment, who in the Sacred Nether World doesn’t know of your illustrious fame?” One of the ancestors praised.

The second one commented: “We believe that Young Friend can sweep through all opponents and won’t mind a fight, but we still have to try at least once. If we lose, then we can only blame our own lack of skills, and the sacred ground won’t ask for the Declivity-Mountain Bell anymore. If you lose, then I hope you will return it to us.”

The third quickly joined in and said: “If Young Friend thinks you are at a disadvantage, then we won’t use emperor’s weapons or treasures, we’ll only use our personal abilities. You won’t have any objections to this, right? This must be as easy as waving your hand.”

The three ancestors were initially quite fierce with their demands, but at this time, their attitude had changed. It was as if they were only asking for a friendly spar, but the truth was that they were baiting Li Qiye into a trap.

Nevertheless, the crowd was judging their actions with disdain. Fairness? Not using any emperor’s weapons or treasures? These three were Virtuous Paragons that had lived for countless years while Li Qiye was a young man. No matter how heaven-defying he might be, he still would not be a match for Virtuous Paragons.

Li Qiye only chuckled at the three ancestors; this trivial scheme was not enough to enter his sight. He smiled and said: “If you guys are that confident, then very well, I’ll play with you guys once. Since we have already reached this point, being even a bit more arrogant will be fine. I will stand by this pond without lifting a finger. If you guys are so great, then come over here. If you can take it, then the bell will belong to you. All three of you can come at once so that we won’t waste everyone’s time.”

Li Qiye’s response truly shocked the three ancestors. Although they were trapping Li Qiye, them scheming against him was one thing, but being looked down by him was a different matter.

“Young Friend is so confident with such a big tone.” One ancestor annoyingly said.

Fierce Li Qiye was strong till the point where others were in awe of him, but that was only to other young experts. The ancestors of the great powers were all undyings that had lived for countless moons and were not necessarily afraid of Li Qiye, at least, not at this moment. They were Virtuous Paragons after all!

Moreover, the sacred ground was an emperor’s lineage, and its ancestors had weathered countless storms and life and death experiences. However, they were victims of this junior's derision; this made them quite annoyed.

Li Qiye glanced at the three of them and said: “Spare me the polite pretense that aims to lead me to jump in. If you don’t want to keep any face, then I’ll satisfy your wish. There is no need to scheme back and forth. All three of you just come here. If you can take the bell, then it will belong to you again.”

“Young Friend, you must keep your word!” The three ancestors were quite exasperated. One of them even latched on this opportunity while the iron was still hot and said: “We will not take responsibility if you are hurt; as the saying goes, weapons do not have eyes…”

Li Qiye interrupted him and waved his sleeve dismissively: “Okay, I know what you want to say, so spare me these pretentious words. Just come over here, I am waiting by the pond. I won’t lift even a finger.”

Li Qiye’s response raised a lot of questions. He proved his strength by beating Di Zuo just now, but he was about to face three ancestors. Moreover, they were from an emperor’s lineage! All of them were extremely powerful existences. At the very least, they were Virtuous Paragons of the first level.

It was impossible for any young person, no matter how powerful and devilish they might be, to challenge ancestors from emperor’s lineages.

There was a huge gap between Virtuous Paragons and Heavenly Kings. Even a peak Heavenly King would be easily slain by an ordinary Virtuous Paragon; it was an insurmountable gap between the heaven and earth.

Challenging one paragon alone was enough to make others think that Li Qiye was crazy, but challenging three at once was simply too arrogant and domineering. What was even more overbearing was his declaration to not lift even a finger while awaiting their attack!

Even Daoist Bao Gui’s group jumped out of their skins due to Li Qiye’s declaration because they felt that this was an impossible venture. Li Qiye was absolutely brilliant, but there was still a distance between him and paragons.

“In that case, we’ll do as you wish.” One Titanic Crescent Ancestor spoke right away.

To these three ancestors, this was a chance given to them by the heavens. It was too fortunate and they would never let it go. Who could they blame if Li Qiye had a deathwish? Everyone heard Li Qiye’s words, so even if the three of them killed Li Qiye together, the river sect couldn’t say anything.

The three slowly surrounded him with a very cautious attitudes without the slightest hint of carelessness.

If another young man challenged the three of them in this manner, then they would immediately reach out with their hands to instantly kill that courageous fool.

However, they had all seen Li Qiye’s devilishness. Although they didn’t believe that he alone could challenge three ancestors, they still acted with vigilance. They wanted to slowly figure out his plan to avoid an unfavorable scenario.

At this point, everyone held their breaths while concentrating on watching the scene play out.

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