Chapter 57: Alchemy Master, This Was Only A Hobby (1)

In the end, Elder Sun had followed Li Qiye’s suggestion, and he stopped feeding his Heavenly Cauldron with the Fire Dragon Plant; he started paying a high price for Amicable River Fire Plant, instead.

Sure enough, after one month, Elder Sun excitedly came to the Lonely Peak. At this moment, he had forgotten his status as an elder, and he was like a little boy. The extremely happy elder exclaimed: “Done, it’s truly done! Currently, the blood energy is flowing, and the medicinal property of the Heavenly Cauldron is stronger as well.”

Regarding this result, Li Qiye only had a smile. Medicinal properties, Heavenly Cauldrons, the Dao of alchemy… This area, if he claimed to be number two, then since the beginning of time, no one would dare claim to be number one!

Li Qiye’s nonchalant expression caused Elder Sun to change his demeanor. If it was any other disciple that was praised like this by an elder, they would surely be extremely pleased. However, to Li Qiye, this form of appreciation was only the daily norm.

“When you first joined the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, you had already learned the Dao of alchemy?” Elder Sun couldn’t help but change his expression, and his heart became appreciative of his talents. At this point, he was reminded of the first elder. In recent times, the disheartened first elder had suddenly regained his fiery ambition and supported Li Qiye. It seemed as if Li Qiye was truly worth grooming. Before, they underestimated Li Qiye, or, towards this disciple with a Mortal Physique, Mortal Life Wheel, and Mortal Face Palace; they thought he was essentially worthless!

Li Qiye only smiled once, and he said: “I only accidentally read some manuals; it was not enough for the Dao.”

“This still isn’t enough for the Dao?” Elder Sun immediately became silent. Li Qiye, regarding medicinal properties, had a complete understanding. Regarding his Heavenly Cauldron, his explanation could be considered to be uniquely exhaustive! Even Elder Sun would be ashamed of being compared to Li Qiye!

Elder Sun couldn’t help but say: “If you meet any difficulties with cultivation, you could think about practicing the Dao of alchemy a little bit. With your insight of medicinal properties, I truly think highly of you. Who knows, you could even be the second Alchemy God!”

Elder Sun was extremely optimistic of Li Qiye’s outcome. From his perspective, Li Qiye might be a cultivation piece of trash; however, if he was willing to step into the Dao of alchemy, he could be a genius medicinist!

“Alchemy God?” Another familiar name was mentioned by others, and Li Qiye couldn’t help but smirk.

Elder Sun was afraid that Li Qiye didn’t know who the “Alchemy God” was, so he hastily added: “The Alchemy God could be called the Primogenitor of all alchemists; one could say, the majority of dan refinement processes were created by him. Some even said, the name ‘Heavenly Cauldron’ was coined by him. During the Desolate Era, it all began with him creating a completed dan refining process; his contribution to the Dao of alchemy is incomparable by anyone else. It would not be an exaggeration to say that, since the ancient past to now, he has one of the highest achievements regarding the Dao of alchemy!”

As Elder Sun talked about the Alchemy God, Li Qiye couldn’t help but reveal a small smile. Alchemy God eh? He couldn’t be more familiar as this was a very good part of his memory.

That old little boy was indeed a genius at the Dao of alchemy; this point, no matter how much time had passed, even when Li Qiye was the Dark Crow, he would still have to admit.

Li Qiye with a smiling face; Elder Sun bringing up the Alchemy God caused him to reminisce some of the past during the Desolate Era. It was a time of many moons that were worthy of remembrance. During this era, he brought this old little boy to invade the Nine Worlds, going across the Forbidden Ground and Immortal Land. During those many moons, they used to eat so many pills for the sake of pill creations; they had created countless methods of dan refinement, and they had brought to light countless pill formulas. They had grown so many spirit plants that other people wouldn’t even dare to think about…

There were many moons brimming with excitement and danger. During those years, there were many creations, there many dangerous pill testing, there were even more explorations! During those many moons, when he was the Dark Crow, he had planned countless of times against the Heaven and Earth, countless of times ambushed powerful giants, and countless of times bathed the nine heavens and ten earths in blood! However, there were not many moons that could make him as sentimental as those years he spent with the Alchemy God.

During those many years, there was a lot more love for learning; the time of killing and the scent of blood was a lot less.

Since the ancient ages till now, whether it was alchemists or cultivators, they both thought that the Alchemy God was the pinnacle of the Dao of alchemy. This wasn’t only because he was peerless regarding pill creation, but more importantly, he created a complete system of the Alchemy Dao! For the Alchemy Dao, he created an immortal foundation!

In reality, no one knew; the foundation of the Alchemy Dao wasn’t just formulated by the Alchemy God alone. In this matter, there was also a Dark Crow that no one knew about, innovating new paths in the Alchemy Dao, and creating rules for the Alchemy Dao; the Dark Crow no one knew about had a huge contribution!

One could say that, without this Dark Crow, there would be no Alchemy God. Of course, this secret, no descendants knew about.

Thinking about those years, Li Qiye’s heart couldn’t help but let out a long sigh. If he had any regrets, his biggest regret would be that he had lost his memories regarding the world’s most precious alchemy manual. Once these memories were erased, there was no way to get it back. The reason was simple, he couldn’t find this alchemy manual later on. Even if it was only an incomplete part, he still couldn’t find it.

Regarding this matter, Li Qiye discretely shook his head. The old little boy, that year, was a madman. After becoming the Alchemy God, Li Qiye had reminded him to find a disciple in order to pass down his heritage. However, this old little boy went crazy; even though he left behind many valuable dan manuals for his descendants, but the most valuable one that was coveted by people was missing!

Li Qiye knew this crazy old man did it intentionally. He, in the end, did not want to pass down this alchemy manual!

As Li Qiye was reminiscing, his stunned expression made Elder Sun mistake that Li Qiye was thinking about being an Alchemy God; that he had been successfully convinced by Elder Sun.

“How about switching to the Alchemy Dao? If you really want to switch to the Alchemy Dao, I will teach you my entire life’s knowledge! In the future, you will become the strongest alchemy master in our sect. Later on, you could climb to the elder’s seat, or even the sect master’s seat; this matter would be as easy as turning your palm!” Elder Sun couldn’t help but to urge Li Qiye even more because he saw the potential of Li Qiye!

If this was a different disciple, having just heard the elder wanting to take them in as a disciple, they would naturally be extremely excited; they would wish that they could immediately kowtow on the spot to formally become a disciple to the elder, but Li Qiye was acting unimpressed.

Li Qiye smiled, and he said: “Thank you, elder, for your support, but the Dao of alchemy is only a hobby of mine.”

Li Qiye’s words silenced Elder Sun. Black lines appeared on his forehead. If this was someone else, they would definitely think Li Qiye was being arrogant; however, at this moment, Elder Sun didn’t have this thought. In his heart, Elder Sun was crazy because Li Qiye was wasting his aptitude! [1]

Elder Sun was truly enraged; he actually wanted to go on a rampage, but he still calmed himself down. In the end, he said in a very lovingly manner: “You can think about this carefully again; if one day you change your mind, you can find me at any time.”

Regarding the good intentions of Elder Sun, Li Qiye could only smile back. Seeing Li Qiye’s attitude, Elder Sun could only sigh as he left.

In reality, Elder Sun’s hope didn’t die. Not a few days had passed, Protector Mo also appeared at the Lonely Peak. After his arrival and seeing Li Qiye, he opened his mouth and only stutterings came out. He wanted to speak but couldn’t. After half a day, he couldn’t say anything.

Facing Protector’s Mo hesitated speech, Li Qiye was aware; he smiled as he said: “Elder Sun wants you to convince me to practice the Dao of alchemy, right?”

Protector Mo was a little embarrassed; he awkwardly smiled and had to say: “My master indeed has this thought. Although, whether to practice or to not practice, in the end, it is still up to you. No one dares to force the matter.”

In fact, Protector Mo’s heart was clear that Li Qiye was a headstrong person, with his own path. He just didn’t have a choice to reject his master’s request.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “The Dao of alchemy is only a hobby to me; if I have time, I will think about it a little bit.”

Regarding this result, Protector Mo was mentally prepared; thus, he didn’t try to convince Li Qiye, and he went to report to his master.

With the blink of an eye, another three months had passed. The three hundred disciples in the Cleansing Jade Peak didn’t require a lot of Li Qiye’s attention. Li Qiye had also reached the grand completion of the Physique Accumulation rank, he was now at the Body Strengthening stage. He was ready to breakthrough to the third level of Physique Accumulation, Body Baptism!

This baptism, to cultivators, was extremely important. This was especially true for the geniuses with Xiantian Physiques and King Physiques; this level was even more crucial.

This level was an opportunity for all cultivators to mold their bodies for the first time! Body Baptism was not only based on cultivation; in order to mold one’s physique, the more crucial matter was the Physique paste!

Of course, for cultivators in terms of principle, the higher the Physique paste ranking was, the better it was for the body molding. However, within the process of cultivation, there were various restrictions.

As an example, one Xiantian Physique, for its first body molding, a Xiantian Physique paste would be the best. First, it would be easy to absorb the essence of the paste; second, because it was the first body molding, having the same rank of Physique paste as your own Physique was the most suitable.

In reality, within the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, at this rank, the majority of disciples during their first body molding did not have a choice; they could only choose a Houtian Physique paste.

The reason was simple, it was because no one had a different option. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was declining; regarding the matter of materials, it was highly limited. The disciples that could use a Xiantian Physique paste were the direct disciples of the elders!

Li Qiye pondered for a moment. The time he wanted the Physique paste was soon approaching, so he went to find the first elder.

In fact, he could have used the Physique paste earlier; however, because he wanted to stabilize the Yin Yang blood energy inside his Life Wheel, he pushed the matter of the Physique paste back.

Hearing Li Qiye’s intention, the first elder couldn’t help but be surprised. He looked at Li Qiye, and he asked: “You have reached the Body Baptism level of the Physique Accumulation rank?”

He calculated the time with his fingers. Li Qiye joining the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and his start of cultivation have not reached a year, but he had already reached the Physique Accumulation rank, at the level of Body Baptism.

With this kind of achievement, in any sect, he would be considered a genius. One has to know, Li Qiye had a Mortal Physique, Mortal Life Wheel, and Mortal Fate Palace. This was an impossible matter.

This, when First Elder responded, he looked at Li Qiye again; he asked: “You practiced the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law?”

[1] Black lines appearing on forehead means angry.

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