Chapter 564: Kun Peng Versus Golden Dragon

Chapter 564: Kun Peng Versus Golden Dragon

Although Di Zuo didn’t also have nine stars like Li Qiye, having ten palaces was already amazing enough and worthy of pride.

“Nine deserves utmost veneration, ten embodies extreme perfection.” An ancestor from a great power lamented with melancholy: “This is indeed the world of the young now. I remember when I considered myself someone with great talents, but I only had eight palaces when I was at the Ancient Saint realm.”

Tian Lunhui stood in the far distance and lightly clapped his hands together while commenting: “Di Zuo is Di Zuo after all. He’s worthy of being the hope of the ghost race.” Even Tian Lunhui couldn’t help but sigh; this proved Di Zuo’s heaven-defying abilities.

“Friend or foe, Di Zuo is at the top of the younger generation. What a brilliant genius with his ten palaces.” Even Daoist Bao Gui of the river sect gently sighed.

Meanwhile, Lan Yunzhu calmly stared at Di Zuo’s ten palaces. She felt that this was very normal. If others knew how many palaces Li Qiye had, they would all have a heart attack. Even the dead would climb out from their graves.

“Let us begin!” Di Zuo uttered. The kingdom created by the ten palaces poured down a monstrous power. His entire body changed as shining golden scales began to appear.

At this moment, he suddenly disappeared. Before everyone was a huge Golden Dragon that crossed over the heaven and earth with its head that was bigger than a mountain. It looked down at everyone like an imperious divine dragon. A golden light as bright as a sacred torch shone everywhere and instilled the desire to prostrate in worship.

Di Zuo suddenly turning into a huge Golden dragon caused someone to shout: “What is that?”

No one had ever seen a real Golden Dragon in this world, but this gigantic dragon in front of them was very palpable.

“Is this a type of supreme technique?” The crowd was dumbfounded at this scene. The Golden Dragon had an aura that caused others to shiver. The weaker cultivators thought that they were meeting a divine dragon and wanted to kneel down.

“This is not a supreme technique or anything of the sort, it is the Tyrannical Dragon Physique!” A ghost king from the previous generation murmured: “To be able to refine a Houtian Physique to this level... It’s so unbelievable. Only Di Zuo would be able to do something like this.”

Di Zuo was born without a King, Saint, or Immortal Physique. He only had a Houtian Physique called the Tyrannical Dragon Physique.

This physique was not bad amongst the Houtian Physiques, but it was very lacking compared to even Xiantian Physiques, let alone the higher ranked ones.

Nevertheless, he cultivated this physique to the limit and then surpassed it, turning it into an invincible physique.

“Is Di Zuo trying to refine his body into a real dragon body? Perhaps he wants to become a True Dragon. However, I have never heard of this physique reaching such a level before.” Anyone who witnessed Di Zuo’s cultivation of this ordinary physique to this level became scared of out their wits.

“Maybe to Di Zuo, there is no strongest physique in this world, there is only the strongest person.” An ancestor bitterly smiled and commented.

Having ten palaces could overshadow many people, but now Di Zuo had also managed to cultivate the Tyrannical Dragon Physique to this level, so even ancestors of the great powers were ashamed before him. It made sense that the Myriad Bones Throne placed its hope in Di Zuo to become the Immortal Emperor in the future.

Any genius would lower their arrogant heads before the Golden Dragon in the sky. The normal Tyrannical Dragon Physique couldn’t become this terrifying since it was quite an impossible feat.

“Grawrr!” The dragon roar frightened the nine heavens! It then swooped down and bared its claws towards Li Qiye. This pair of claws caused the sky to collapse and the Yin and Yang to fall. No one knew how powerful these claws were; perhaps even a Heavenly King would not be able to withstand a blow and be crushed under this amazing force.

“Bang!” Another blast occurred as Li Qiye roared with his thousand hands that unleashed a barrage of attacks in the form of two gigantic fists. This was a standoff between two hands and the dragon’s claws.

“Rumble!” The dragon’s claws slowly pushed Li Qiye down into the ground. Even the gigantic fists were not a match for this pair of claws.

In a split second, the dragon whipped its tail with such an unbelievable speed that Li Qiye couldn’t dodge in time.

“Bam!” He was blown very far away by its tail, spurting out a mouthful of blood.

The dragon immediately gave chase to the airborne Li Qiye. Its claw came down once again, intending to crush him.

Suddenly, the roar of a Kun Peng appeared as Li Qiye turned into a Primordial Kun Peng and used its fastest speed to evade the dragon claws by soaring high into the sky. Afterward, it came down with its own pair of unstoppable claws aimed towards the Golden Dragon.

“Rumble!” At this moment, the earth shattered as the sun and moon lost their brilliance. One was a Primordial Kun Peng blotting out the sun while the other was a Golden Dragon; both were fighting chaotically in the sky then down to the ground and even into the sea!

This contest was a cruel one; the Kun Peng’s sharp claws tore off a huge piece of flesh from the Golden Dragon. The dragon retaliated by biting the Kun Peng’s wings. The two fought till the point where blood spattered everywhere. The sky was being punished over and over by their might.

The battle was so astonishing that it rendered spectators unable to turn away. Even for the ancestors of the great powers, this was a brilliant battle. In fact, this was the most exquisite fight they had ever seen.

A Kun Peng versus a Golden Dragon was an unthinkable match up. Although they were not the real mythical beasts and only derivations from the dao formed by Li Qiye and Di Zuo, their forms were extremely substantive. They exuded divine auras just like the real deal.

The ghost ancestors didn’t like Li Qiye, but after watching the battle, they had to marvel at him: “Both of them are heaven’s proud sons of this generation. They’re the peak of the human and ghost race.”

They had to admit that Li Qiye was very strong. Despite their hatred for him and wishing to kill him, they had to admit that only someone like Di Zuo was a match for Li Qiye. Those who relied on emperor’s weapons to defeat their opponents like the Saint Child and Evil Child were not comparable to Di Zuo and Li Qiye!

The two beasts continued to destroy the sky. In the end, the Primordial Kun Peng suddenly shifted its gigantic body as it suddenly disappeared and turned into a Kun Peng the size of a fist. It used an unbelievable speed to suddenly land on the Golden Dragon’s back.

The little Kun Peng’s claws focused all of the primordial energy of the Nine Worlds and then slammed it into the dragon’s gigantic body. This attack was extremely tyrannical as it carried a cataclysmic power.

“Boom!” The Golden Dragon fell to the ground because this claw had penetrated its body. Right when it was about to touch the ground, the huge body disappeared and Di Zuo was exposed. He then jumped up again with great momentum.

Although he didn’t touch the ground, his shoulder was stained with blood. Clearly, he was at a disadvantage with the last exchange. Li Qiye’s claw didn’t only destroy his dao body, it also pierced his shoulder.

The Kun Peng disappeared as well, revealing Li Qiye’s real body. He looked a bit ragged but was not wounded.

Earlier, it was only a battle between their dao bodies. Despite blood spewing everywhere, the two had not been truly wounded until Li Qiye’s last blow to Di Zuo’s shoulder.

Despite the bloody wound, Di Zuo didn’t look at his shoulder at all. A sacred light emanated from the wound and quickly healed it. At his level, such a wound was nothing. As long as his True Fate was still there, even a destroyed body would not be enough to slay him.

He took a deep breath and gazed at Li Qiye with a profound look. However, he still maintained a calm expression. For a top genius like him, the stronger the opponent, the calmer he would be. In fact, his battle intent would only rise!

“Good, good, good, just to my liking.” Di Zuo emitted a powerful aura. At this moment, he was like a vast sea with boundless energy.

There was now a substantial change to his aura; it was no longer like a raging storm, it no longer was an unrestrained fury that wanted to tear apart the world.

He was particularly calm and solemn at this moment. It was as if he had become one with the grand dao and had an atmosphere of righteousness. This aura was befitting of his position — the descendant of the throne of bones. He was no longer happy or sad as he became one with the world. Di Zuo was the heavens, and the heavens was he. He was as eternal as the grand dao with his noble presence.

However, this calm Di Zuo caused people to quiver with thumping hearts. His breath was something fearful; it was as if he had become the ruler of the earth, the majestic king of the dao!

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