Chapter 563: Myriad-Form Rend

Chapter 563: Myriad-Form Rend

“Bang!” Di Zuo stomped one of his feet, causing the sky to shake. With an ensuing series of explosions, the sky turned into a sea of flames as many volcanos erupted and spewed out an endless stream of lava, making it seem as if the end of the earth has come.

The sudden cataclysmic change in the scenery horrified everyone. Di Zuo’s action took everyone by surprise since even the previous generation didn’t recognize this new move: “What is this technique?”

Such a display of power caused many hearts to palpitate.

“Open for me!” Li Qiye’s eyes became serious when he saw the erupting volcanoes, then he unleashed his fists.

“Boom!” The void broke apart as this extremely tyrannical fist flipped everything over like a storm. The volcanoes were knocked over by the dragon-like force of this fist and exploded, creating an extremely spectacular scene.

When these volcanoes were destroyed, it gave off a very tangible feeling as if doomsday had come, causing people to be very nervous.

“Die!” Di Zuo roared and appeared again after the disappearance of the volcanos.

A screech of a Qilin appeared as Di Zuo walked forward step by step; each of his steps carried a heavenly rhythm as if the world was dancing below his feet.

Every single step resonated with the heaven and earth, creating ripples in the sky where he then disappeared once more.

“Xhiii!” A Qilin suddenly screamed as one ran out and trampled over the space with a burning heavenly flame and a majestic and unstoppable aura. This Qilin had the power to destroy this world and its beautiful sceneries.

It then pounced forward towards Li Qiye, aiming to trample him with its hooves. This was even more terrifying than being crushed by all the mountains in the nine heavens. Li Qiye could be turned into paste by this Qilin at any time.

“Just in time!” Li Qiye shouted as he laughed out loud. He jumped up and met the hooves with his gigantic hands. In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye caught all four legs of the Qilin. Despite its world-destroying power, the Qilin was still overturned by Li Qiye.

He was like the reincarnation of a tyrannical king. One of his hands flipped it over while another two tore it into two halves, causing blood to spill everywhere.

Although many knew that it was not a real Qilin and was only the derivation of one from the dao, it was still a very shocking scene to see Li Qiye tearing it apart.

“Click—click—click!” Di Zuo’s steps continued to resonate with the grand dao, creating even more roars.

“Rumble!” The earth quivered at this time, along with the expressions of many.

They saw a group of Qilins running down from the sky. This divine beast that was rarely seen in ordinary circumstances was now as numerous as a cavalry of horses. They powerfully rushed forward as each of them bullied the world; their heavenly flames were incinerating all in their path.

Li Qiye went forward to meet these numerous Qilins. One of his fists exploded the head of one while he kicked another. In just a split second, Li Qiye maneuvered all over the sky and unleashed a barrage of blows onto this endless beast tide. Many Qilins died with their brains spurting everywhere while others were ripped into pieces.

At this point, Li Qiye was in the middle of countless Qilins, and he killed all that were in his way. His massacre painted a grisly picture as flesh and blood spattered all over his canvas.

At this minute, he was like a Tyrannosaurus in a humanoid form and created a bloody path among the numerous Qilins.

If the endless Qilins were like an unstoppable flood, then Li Qiye was like a pillar standing firm, splitting up this wave of beasts. He didn’t use any techniques or laws, but he was still able to relentlessly kill them with just power and speed.

“Click—click—click!” Di Zuo’s footsteps still rang on as even more Qilins rushed out with great speed. At this time, the sky had turned into a world of Qilins that burned up the entire firmament.

An infinite supply of Qilins came out from this nest where one could never kill all of them. No matter how powerful Li Qiye may be, he would eventually run out of strength.

“Di Zuo didn’t only tame the Scarletflame Qilin, he also created a unique art...” An older ghost king murmured after understanding the current event.

This was a new art created by Di Zuo — the Qilin Step. He was very proud to be able to create it.

An ancestor from a great power emotionally commented after seeing this powerful and domineering art: “Worthy of being a peerless genius of the ghost race. He was able to create a unique art at such a young age.”

For young cultivators, creating a new merit law was even harder than embarking on a new grand dao. To be able to learn supreme merit laws in their sects was already very amazing, but creating their own?

Countless ancestors at a young age were not able to do so. They required many long years of training before finally becoming ancestors that could create a new merit law that belonged to them.

How could others not admire Di Zuo when he was able to do so?

“Rumble!” Others became aghast when they saw this terrifying world on fire, a world of Qilins.

Li Qiye had killed many of these beasts, but the endless supply continued to assault him, wishing to tear him apart.

Di Zuo had become a god of Qilins. He summoned all the Qilins from myriad realms in the Nine Worlds. All of them answered his call to kill Li Qiye.

This ferocious scene caused the young ghosts’ blood to boil.

One ghost cultivator swung his clenched fist and said: “This is how it should be, Sir Di Zuo is indeed number one!”

Daoist Bao Gui was worried for Li Qiye and wondered: “Is Young Noble going to be able to forge a path of escape?”

“No problem.” Lan Yunzhu looked at the sky and answered with absolute confidence. She believed that nothing in the world could trap Li Qiye.

Li Qiye became bored of this Qilin massacre as many more continued to come out. He roared and jumped up as the Thousand Hands appeared behind him: “Myriad-Form Rend!”

He then struck with his real hands while the myriad hands behind him attacked as well.

“Boom!” It was as if countless worlds were annihilated from the joint attack of these hands. An endless crescent arc appeared in the sky that was capable of slaying the nine heavens above and the underworld below.

This arc came out with an unstoppable force as blood poured down like rain. Countless Qilins were decapitated as their heads rolled on the ground and piled up to become mountains!

Myriad-Form Rend was one of the murderous variations of the Thousand Hands Against The Nine World technique; Li Qiye rarely used these moves. But now, this attack had shattered Di Zuo’s Qilin Step.

After the Qilins were annihilated, Di Zuo appeared once more. In just a split second, Li Qiye rushed forward with an unbelievable speed and unleashed a fist straight toward Di Zuo’s face.

Without any delay, Di Zuo returned a blow as well.

The collision of their fists caused time to stand still as a terrifying force delayed time itself. Everyone saw the two fists slamming into each other in the sky.

“Bang!” With a deafening roar, the two fists shattered the void, causing a terrifying black hole to appear.

“Pop!” Di Zuo was at a slight disadvantage so he was blown away. He needed to roll in the sky once before stabilizing his stance.

“How could this be?!” The young ghosts exclaimed in shock at this scene. They were unwilling to see such an outcome.

The older ghosts all stood up and screamed: “Li Qiye, at best, is only a Heavenly Sovereign, so how could he knock away a Heavenly King?!”

An old ghost king gently sighed and explained: “Nothing can be more devilish than having nine stars and ten palaces. People with eight stars are called Heaven Riders while nine stars users had an eternal prestige. Moreover, he even has the power of ten palaces, so at the sovereign realm, he can actually knock away a king. At this realm, having more palaces means having more power.” Despite their unwillingness, there was nothing else they could do.

At this point, Di Zuo stood straight and stared at Li Qiye before slowly speaking: “You’re powerful. The stronger you are, the more I want to kill you. Only by doing so will I be able to wash away my hate.”

With a series of blasts, palaces began to float above Di Zuo’s head. All of them lined up together to form a majestic kingdom, a great kingdom from an ancient past.

The ghost cultivators were ecstatic to see these Fate Palaces and applauded: “Ten, ten Fate Palaces!”

“Sir Di Zuo also has ten palaces!”

“Like I said, he is our ghost race’s number one genius!” A young one emotionally exclaimed.

Prior to this, Li Qiye’s ten palaces exuded an unbearable weight that caused the young ghosts to be unable to lift up their heads because their best genius was not as heaven-defying. But now, Di Zuo’s ten palaces was a reason for elation; their genius was no lesser than Li Qiye since he also had ten palaces!

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