Chapter 562: Azure God-Monarch

Chapter 562: Azure God-Monarch

“A God-Monarch!” Some didn’t know who the Azure God-Monarch was, but this title alone demanded respect and fear.

When a Virtuous Paragon began on the Path of the Grand Era, they still would not be considered powerful relative to the others in this realm. Only when they were able to erect their own countries or be bestowed a divine title would they be considered formidable. However, if they were bestowed the title of God-Monarch, then it would be even more amazing. These were great and terrifying Virtuous Paragons, so the world called them God-Monarchs.

Many people took a deep breath at this time; they felt as if they were inside a glacier. A person who was called a God-Monarch was actually lying inside the divine coffin — this was plenty enough to influence the outcome.

Even legendary masters had to be wary and retreat before such experts. Only generals under an Immortal Emperor would be able to compete against such an existence.

The royal lords and ghost kings who added oil to the fire were now shivering and almost wet themselves.

They tried to urge the throne of bones to destroy the Thousand Carp River, but now there was a God-Monarch at this place. Such an existence could destroy a sect or a country as if it was child’s play.

The ancestor inside the Ancestral Mountain went quiet for a moment before slowly speaking: “Excuse me, so it is the Sacred Ancestor. Who would expect that the inheritor of Immortal Emperor Qian Li was still in this world.”

At this time, even this legendary master had to withdraw his arrogance. Although he could sweep through all the ancestors of the great powers, he was still far too lacking compared to an existence of the God-Monarch level.

“The Sacred Ancestor of the Thousand Carp River is still alive? This is a mythical figure!” An ancestor remembered an old fossil-level character.

Another ancestor quivered and gasped: “The Azure God-Monarch is the Sacred Ancestor of the river sect. Legends state that he was the grand-disciple of Immortal Emperor Qian Li. The tales say that when the Sacred Ancestor was very young, he was personally taught by the emperor. During his teen years, he was brought along by the emperor as a leader of the cavalry in his army.”

“He was taught by Immortal Emperor Qian Li?” A group shuddered with fear after hearing this news.

This was indeed an old man that had lived for many years, an existence that once carried out military expeditions for the emperor. No matter what battle records he had, his existence itself was enough to show the Sacred Ancestor’s power.

The crowd trembled while thinking that such a heaven-defying existence was actually inside a divine coffin not too far away from them.

“No matter what, we demand justice since he killed our Myriad Bones Throne’s daughter-in-law!” The ancestor inside the ancestral mountain deepened his voice.

At this point, everyone held their breaths. No one could interrupt a conversation between these leaders. The ghost race didn’t dare to say a word or try to escalate this situation any further. They already removed any thoughts of taking advantage of the Thousand Carp River at this time.

Who would dare to scheme when there was a God-Monarch lying right there? Unless they were tired of living, no one would do so.

“How could there be enmity without a fateful causation? Love and hate, gratitude and grudges, everything has a beginning and an end.” The feeble voice came from the coffin once more: “Let the youth settle their own matters, let their fists speak for justice. Victory or defeat will be decided by themselves; the loser can only lament their lack of skills!”

The Sacred Ancestor’s stance was very clear, and that was to let Li Qiye and Di Zuo fight without any interference from the Myriad Bones Throne. The outcome would be decided by their own strength and fortune.

The ancestor in the mountain went quiet for a bit before answering with a deep tone: “Very well, we’ll decide it like that!” He chose to proceed with a one-on-one because he had complete confidence in Di Zuo.

After the Myriad Bones Ancestor confirmed the situation, Di Zuo stood out and coldly spoke: “Come out and fight to the death!”

“It is a shame that you must fight. Well then, let’s fight.” Li Qiye replied and looked at Di Zuo with a smile.

He stepped in the air to fly to the sky. While watching Li Qiye ascend, Lan Yunzhu eagerly waited to spectate this battle. She was not worried at all about him since she had absolute confidence in Li Qiye. She knew that even Di Zuo wouldn’t do and that Li Qiye’s victory was assured.

Di Zuo quickly followed suit and stood proudly on top of the nine heavens. The two of them confronted each other with sharp glares.

“Boom!” With a blast, a surge of imperial aura pierced the firmament. With more explosions, three more imperial auras shot up to the sky as an endless radiance spread right behind Di Zuo like a fan.

Four invincible imperial auras swept through the entire Water Realm and annihilated it. Countless people prostrated right away. Even Heavenly Sovereigns palpitated in fear as their legs began to fail them.

“One Immortal Emperor True Treasure, three Life Treasures... His first action was to take out four emperor’s weapons! Does he want to destroy the entire Water Realm?” Everyone became scared out of their wits as their expressions paled due to Di Zuo’s domineering move. Some immediately ran away from the Water Realm since this was simply too frightening.

Although Di Zuo had yet to reveal his own emperor’s weapon, he exerted the auras of these four weapons to show his determination to trample over Li Qiye.

“This is the strength of the Myriad Bones Throne!” The pale crowd was both envious and jealous. A young disciple actually had one true treasure and three life treasures! This was someone born with a golden spoon!

“Hmm! These emperor’s weapons aren’t bad.” Li Qiye slowly took out the Declivity-Mountain Bell and leisurely said: “If we are using emperor’s weapons, then we’ll make this fast. I will break your Immortal Emperor Yang Sheng’s true fate weapon back to its origin.” [2. Yang Sheng = Good health, growing, maintaining a healthy lifestyle; depends on the context. Maybe I would use Vitality to keep this name nice in English — Vitality Immortal Emperor.]

The people from the sacred ground were furious with hatred when they saw the Declivity-Mountain Bell in Li Qiye’s hand.

“The legendary Resplendent Break!” Di Zuo became serious as he gazed intensely at Li Qiye’s hand. He had heard of Li Qiye’s past battle record. His knowledge was profound, so he knew that this was a secret technique from the legends, a technique once used by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, a technique that had dominated an entire generation.

“That’s right.” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled and nodded his head to say: “You’re very knowledgeable, you guessed correctly right away. Truly worthy of being the descendant of the throne of bones.”

Di Zuo did not falter, however, as a divine shimmer flashed across his eyes. From emperor’s weapons to supreme divine and ancient treasures, he took out all of his treasures…

Their endless lights illuminated the firmament in a brilliant and blinding manner. However, he gave all of these invincible treasures back to the Ancestral Mountain and only left behind treasures that he personally refined, such as his own true fate treasure.

Many were reddened by intense jealousy when they saw Di Zuo pulling out so many great and unparalleled treasures. A sect master lamented while being dejected: “The Myriad Bones Throne is indeed worthy of its prestige. One sect with three emperors... Their resources are so great that others cannot compare to them at all.”

It was no wonder that these rulers were saddened. Di Zuo alone had more treasures than many of the great powers. This gap only left them feeling bashful due to their lack of money.

After transferring all of his great treasures and weapons, Di Zuo arrogantly stood there and coldly told Li Qiye: “Do you dare to fight without relying on external items against me?”

Li Qiye saw that Di Zuo was bare-handed, so he put away the Declivity-Mountain Bell and readied his fists. He smiled and said: “Very well, I look forward to a fight with fists the most. After all, it is my favorite thing to do.”

“Then let us begin!” Di Zuo coldly uttered. A sea of blood covered the sky and drowned the earth. Divine rings were spread around Di Zuo as they poured down brilliant lights like a waterfall. He was like a deity in the sky as his blood energy trampled the stars.

A ghost king of the Heavenly King realm was shocked as he murmured: “This is the level of a Heavenly King ah! Although there is still a bit to go before become a grand completion Hundred Heavenly King, even a Thousand Heavenly King would feel inferiority against such a powerful blood energy.”

Heavenly Kings also had different levels. From lowest to highest, they are: Hundred Heavenly King, Thousand Heavenly King, Myriad Heavenly King, Existence Heavenly King, Earth Heavenly King, and World Heavenly King.

This ghost king was not the only one who was astonished, all the other ghost kings and ancestors who were hiding in the darkness were clicking their tongues with praise.

Although Di Zuo was only a Heavenly King, the purity of his blood energy and Longevity Blood shamed even these ancestors from the previous generation. It was as if each of his Longevity Blood drops had been refined many times to contain the very best of essences. Each wisp of blood energy or drop of Longevity Blood had an amazing power.

In fact, being a Heavenly King at his age was already enough to shake others. When these ancestors were at his age, they were definitely not Heavenly Kings. This was enough to show how great his talents were.

Those of the younger generation were even more convinced by his abilities. The young ghosts all viewed Di Zuo as their idol and goal!

At this time, all the youths held their breaths as their eyes were glued to the scene. A battle that didn’t rely on treasures was the best way to show the strength of both sides.

Such a duel was not only stunning, it would also force both of them to exert their skills to their zenith.

Both of them were at the pinnacle of the younger generation, so to be able to witness their best techniques and most refined cultivation methods was like a feast for the youths. This was the best kind of lesson; anyone with even a bit of insight would be able to learn a lot from this battle.

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