Chapter 560: Di Zuo Waits For The Battle

Chapter 560: Di Zuo Waits For The Battle

Lan Yunzhu looked at his expression and found it strange because she had followed him for a long time and had a decent understanding of him. When he narrowed his eyes like this, it was either a very important matter, or it was time for him to carry out a massacre.

However, she felt like it was neither of these cases this time; his emotions seemed to be very complicated at this moment. She then teased with a mischievous smirk: “Uncle, don’t tell me you have a crush on someone? Just tell me, what kind of girl is worthy of being your secret crush?”

Li Qiye answered with a smile: “Little Girl, your uncle has never had a secret crush before. If I really liked someone, then no matter whether she agrees or not, I’ll still take her home. These are my true colors!”

“Oh? You sound just like a pervert with no fear for the world.” Lan Yunzhu responded with a grin. She then looked at him again: “Then what’s with this expression? Is it love or yearning? Or remembrance maybe?”

She understood Li Qiye and could read more from his expression than others. Right now, she was the only one who spoke and teased him in this manner.

“All wrong.” Li Qiye gently brushed over her hair and smilingly answered: “Girl, you are still young and there are things you don’t understand. Certain things in this world requires you to make a choice.”

Lan Yunzhu angrily glared at him and said: “You speak as if you are older than me or something. I only called you Uncle a couple of times yet you actually think it is for real?” Lan Yunzhu playfully said: “Maybe I’m older than you and you have to call me big sister!”

Li Qiye only chuckled then looked at the huge dark star to say: “We’ll leave this place for now. The objective has been achieved and it is time for me to visit the Heavenly Cemetery.” The two of them then rode the chariot swiftly through the sea of stars.

“Splash!” The sound of waves splashing with starlight shining everywhere appeared as the Diamond Carp chased after the chariot. It didn’t attack and instead only happily followed them.

Lan Yunzhu saw this and asked: “What is it doing?”

Li Qiye looked back at the carp and answered: “It wants to follow us because the lamp, along with the black flames, is in my hands.”

“Are we bringing it along too?” Lan Yunzhu continued. Such a fish would surely be a divine creature since even a Virtuous Paragon wouldn’t be able to catch it.

Li Qiye shook his head in response: “It won’t leave like how the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng didn’t want to leave the wooden nest. It will only see us off for a while.”


The initially lively pond became very quiet after the arrival of Di Zuo. The experts from the great powers all stood in silence. No one talked loudly.

Di Zuo stood by the pond like a statue of a god suppressing this world. The moment he stood there, no one dared to come closer to the pond.

The great formation was still hovering in the sky. The hundred giant saints’ suppression caused others to be out of breath and quiver in fear.

Di Zuo had been waiting for Li Qiye’s return this whole time. He stood still without any movement. Not even a strand of his hair fluttered as if the wind didn’t dare to approach him.

His aura was like a majestic mountain. This powerful imperial aura seemed as if it came from a kingdom in the heavens. This was accentuated by the golden door behind him that exuded its heroic and grand atmosphere. It was as if one would see an Immortal Emperor right away if they opened that door. That was how awe-inducing and reverence-demanding his presence felt.

Di Zuo stood there, unchanged, without any sign of emotions, but his breath was like a storm and tore apart anything that dared to come close.

“Although Di Zuo and the Phoenix Maiden had not married, their feelings for each other were quite strong.” A sect master who was close to the Divine Spark Country spoke: “No matter what, Di Zuo will get revenge. He won’t let her death be in vain.”

Many knew that before her death, the maiden asked people to tell Di Zuo to not take revenge for her. Di Zuo had heard her last words, but he still came and stood by the pond, waiting for Li Qiye. He was determined to see this through to the very end!

From this, it was easy to tell that the love between them was deep despite not having an official ceremony.

He stood there day by day without asking anything. He let go of treasure-hunting and training in the Prime Ominous Grave as he waited for a life and death battle with Li Qiye.

Today, the Ancestral Mountain had also arrived. All the great powers retreated at its sight since any of them would tremble before this throne-like mountain from the Myriad Bones Throne.

It descended quietly yet still carried a grand and solemn atmosphere. No one knew how many experts and ancestors they brought along, but the mountain itself was enough. This mysterious mountain represented the throne’s prestige and was enough to cause all the powers to be wary.

More days went by as the water fish and turtle slowly went away. The whirlpool in the middle of the pond seemed as if it would close at any time.

A few people lost their patience, especially the young ghost cultivators. They really wanted to see Di Zuo take care of Li Qiye. One of them couldn’t help but sneer: “Hmph! Maybe that human ant Li Qiye is too afraid to show his face so he is turtled up in his lair.”

In the recent times, they had been suppressed by Li Qiye so they wanted nothing more than to see Di Zuo teach Li Qiye a lesson.

At the same time, the ghost cultivators from the previous generation were worried about something else as opposed to the impatient young ones. A royal lord spoke with jealousy: “Since Li Qiye has entered for quite some time, maybe he obtained a big fortune from the tales just like Immortal Emperor Di Yu.”

“It doesn’t matter what big fortune he got since in the end, he won’t be able to escape death.” Another sect master was also jealous of this possibility, so he snorted and said: “No one will be able to come help Li Qiye. The elders and masters of the river sect are trapped in the Hundred Saints Imperial Formation, so who would be able to help him?”

Many instinctively looked at the formation hovering in the sky after being reminded of this. Their hearts felt another chill just by looking at these gigantic deity-like saints.

Ever since the river sect’s people were sucked into the formation, there wasn’t a single sign of activity from within. It was as if all of them had died inside.

At this point, the cultivators of all races shivered with fear. This was the Thousand Carp River, an extremely powerful emperor’s lineage. Daoist Bao Gui’s group were famous experts back in the southern Distant Cloud. Their elders also included Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings.

Such a powerful team was actually suppressed this easily by Di Zuo. This not only demonstrated his strength, it also indicated the throne of bones’ might!

Many ghost cultivators had trouble breathing in such an oppressive atmosphere. One of them nervously asked: “Will he be able to kill Li Qiye?”

This worry was reasonable. Recently, Li Qiye had been too mighty; he had swept through everything, and no one had been able to halt his steps. Even Tian Lunhui lost to him in the most recent bet. One should know that Tian Lunhui was just as notorious as Di Zuo.

A senior cultivator told this disciple: “It no longer matters how strong Li Qiye is since only death awaits him once he returns. Even if he beats Di Zuo, he will still die because the throne of bones will not spare him. No one can save him now since his enemy is Di Zuo, the throne of bones, and even the entire ghost race. He alone won’t be able to prevent his inevitable demise.”

Even more days passed by with Di Zuo standing still by the pond. With the passage of time, his aura didn’t diminish and instead became even more powerful. It felt like a storm tearing apart the heaven and earth and was untouchable by any of the cultivators near the pond.

Eventually.... “Splash!”

Li Qiye finally left the whirlpool in the middle of the pond with Lan Yunzhu in tow.

Di Zuo’s eyes became as sharp as a divine spear the moment he saw the two appear. This sharp glare went straight through the entire pond, causing even the water to stir.

“They finally came out!” An ancestor from a great power shouted when he saw them appear in the pond.

After hearing this, the atmosphere suddenly became lively once more as the oppressive atmosphere was lifted. All the cultivators from the races became alert, and those who were sitting or lying down stood up at once.

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