Chapter 558: Dark Star

Chapter 558: Dark Star

Anyone who heard Di Zuo’s murderous declaration would feel a cold chill. There was not much showboating or words, but it was already enough to show his determination and might.

“This is Di Zuo!” The great powers and races all retreated with shocked expressions. At this moment, no one wanted to provoke Di Zuo, who was the eye of the storm. Messing with him would surely be suicidal right now.

However, the ghost race was very excited. They wanted to yell louder, but they were afraid of creating a scene: “Sir Di Zuo!”

Another ghost cultivator tightened his fists and whispered: “Sir Di Zuo will surely slay the human ant, Li Qiye!”

Tian Lunhui was also there but was very far away. He stood on top of the ocean with a mysterious smile on his face.

At this moment, many looked up at the hovering formation in the sky and saw the one hundred saints powering it. They were afraid of this weapon that was fused with a formation. How many people could come out alive against such a heaven-defying and murderous attack?


Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu were riding the chariot to chase after the Diamond Carp. There was no sign of time passing by in this vast sea of stars as they continued their chase.

Finally, they had reached their destination. The Diamond Carp excitedly roared as it jumped up. The force caused starlight to shoot out for a very long distance. These stars flashed silver light, and one could sometimes faintly hear a metallic clacking noise.

The chariot had stopped as the two of them stood above it to watch the scene before them. Lan Yunzhu had witnessed miracle after miracle after following Li Qiye, so nothing could shock her. However, the scene before them still caused her to palpitate.

Before them was an inconspicuous planet or star that was of an incomparable size. This huge planet was completely black as if it was an evil star. This was not the worse part; it was also emitting a black flame that spanned for countless miles. This black flame could sweep through the nine heavens and the myriad worlds!

It was very difficult to see anything beyond the dancing and endless black flames.

This star spewed out an endless darkness. If it wasn’t floating inside the sea of stars with its silvery radiance, then one wouldn’t be able to tell that this was a star.

Lan Yunzhu had an uneasy feeling while looking at this strange star. It seemed that the endless black flames were creating a portal.

It was as if something terrible was within this star, and this portal was a pathway to hell itself or a world of devils. This would be anyone's first thought, but a Devil World didn’t exist in this plane.

After seeing this star spewing out endless black flames, the Diamond Carp was very happy as it kept on swimming. However, it only circled around it since it didn't seem like it could get close. Nevertheless, it appeared that the fish was enjoying the black light that touched its body.

“What is that thing? Is that what you were searching for?” Lan Yunzhu hesitantly asked while looking at this star in the void.

“We will know once we get closer.” Li Qiye responded with a smile. He then commanded the chariot to go even closer to the dark star.

“Bang!” With a deafening explosion, a storm erupted in this sea of stars when the chariot wanted to approach. This star spewed out a giant pair of hands to stop the two from coming closer. It seemed to be aiming to throw them away.

If the chariot wasn’t an amazing divine treasure, then it would have been flipped over. However, it was still forced back by the black flames.

Lan Yunzhu became dizzy as the chariot was pushed away. Perhaps if the chariot was any weaker, then the two of them would have been forced out of this sea of stars.

“Is that a living being?” Lan Yunzhu asked.

“Perhaps. No one knows the answer.” Li Qiye answered while gazing at the star.

The feeling of restlessness grew strong as she stared at this dark star a bit longer. She felt that something was extremely ominous about it. She then asked: “We can’t take away such a huge star like this, right?”

This was impossible since no treasure could take away a dark star such as this.

“Maybe there is a way.” Li Qiye looked at the star and murmured.

“You want to go in?” Lan Yunzhu exclaimed in shock.

She shivered after remembering what happened back at the wooden nest. However, the wooden nest was still bright; this dark star, on the other hand, seemed a lot more dangerous than the wooden nest. At least, on the outside.

“Maybe not.” Li Qiye said, then he took out the lamp: “We’ll know after we try. Go!” He then pushed the lamp towards the huge dark star.

Lan Yunzhu thought that these black flames would knock the lamp away, but the result was outside of her expectations.

The all-encompassing black flames did not stop the lamp. The strange part was when the lamp drew near the dark star, the star spewed out even more endless black flames towards the lamp. It was as if the lamp had an irresistible property in the face of the monstrous black flames.

“Rumble!” A series of explosions stretched out in the sea of stars. The black flames were like a flood that burst towards the star — a heavenly army marching to battle.

The little lamp crazily devoured all of the endless black flames. Meanwhile, the flames kept on surging on as if it wanted to light up the lamp.

No matter whether the lamp was sucking up the flames or if the flames wanted to light it up, in summary, all the black flames were gathering inside.

Anyone would find this scene to be unbelievable. The black flames that covered the void had a palpable force, yet before this rusty lamp, these powerful flames were like little fiery sparks that wanted to light it up.

Lan Yunzhu became dumbfounded since she couldn’t imagine that such a little lamp had such great power. If she didn’t know of its amazing origin, she wouldn’t believe this scene unravelling before her.

She now understood why Immortal Medicines like the Silkworm Dragon Soulgrass and the Ancestor Ginseng wanted to go with Li Qiye. This lamp definitely had unbelievable uses.

No one knew how much black flames the lamp sucked up or how much flames the dark star had expended, but the lamp finally lit up as a poofing sound came out.

The black flames that could incinerate the heaven and earth struggled to even light up this little lamp. It seemed that it was nearly drained of all of its sparks.

The lit lamp then flew back into Li Qiye’s hand. There were no discernible changes; it was still rusty with speckles. The only change was that there was a flickering flame in the middle of its wick.

There was a tiny black flame that emitted a black light. It was so tiny that spectators would be anxious because it could go out at any moment.

Lan Yunzhu carefully looked at the little flame and saw that deep inside, there was a layer of extremely thin golden flames. This was the result after it sucked up all of the black flames, prompting her next question: “What is this flame?”

“Good stuff, good stuff, my efforts have not been wasted.” Li Qiye raised the lamp and gently sighed.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but look at Li Qiye and say: “What is this lamp? What effect does it have?” She felt that this lamp was becoming more and more extraordinary. Her intuition told her that Immortal Emperor True Weapons were nothing before this lamp.

Li Qiye answered: “Hmm… Such a heaven-defying item shouldn’t be wasted in this world.”

Lan Yunzhu looked at him and asked: “What kind of usage wouldn’t be considered wasteful, then?” She felt that Li Qiye basically didn’t understand what the word “wasteful” meant. He used Myriad Star Water like ordinary water, so was there anyone more wasteful than him in this world?

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