Chapter 557: Hundred Saints Imperial Formation

Chapter 557: Hundred Saints Imperial Formation

While the group helplessly looked at the water fish and turtle in the pond, a huge carp approached. It jumped out of the sea’s surface and quickly reached the pond.

“The Thousand Carp River’s people are here!” Everyone knew who was coming after seeing this huge carp.

In a flash, all eyes were on this carp’s back. The arrival of the river sect made many people unhappy, especially those of the ghost race.

“Hmph! Does the Thousand Carp River not know when to be satisfied and when enough is enough? After taking all the treasures in the nest, you actually came back to take a part of the great fortune in the pond as well?” A ghost clan master snorted and said.

The Titanic Crescent Ancestor quickly left his Blood Era Stone the moment the river sect arrived.

“Boom!” This ancestor stood next to the huge carp like a giant.

Although this ancestor was not the number one ace of the sacred ground, of course he was still very powerful.

“Junior Bao Gui, tell your disciple to give back the Declivity-Mountain Bell to our sacred ground or else we will declare war!” This roar caused the mountains and rivers to collapse. The Thousand Carp disciples fell down with weakened knees.

However, even when facing an ancestor from the sacred ground, Daoist Bao Gui was not afraid at all and was brimming with confidence. The Thousand Carp River came to the Prime Ominous Grave not just with protectors, elders, and high elders. If the sacred ground had an ancestor, then the river sect also had one as well.

As the strongest powers, which emperor’s sect didn’t have one or two ancestors to protect their sects?

“Senior, you are mistaken.” Daoist Bao Gui shook his head and explained: “One, Young Noble Li is not our disciple, he is our Guardian. Two, I have heard about our Guardian taking your bell; if he stole it, then he should give it back. But in a war, there is life and death and a victor and a loser. Our Guardian fought against your descendant, and the result was decided by their abilities.

“If you want the mountain bell back, then you should ask our Guardian. As for whether he agrees or not is a different issue.” Daoist Bao Gui continued: “The loser can only blame themselves for not being skilled enough. I trust that the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground, an emperor’s lineage, can handle losing gracefully.”

“Bao Gui Child, don’t try to mince words.” The Titanic Crescent Ancestor coldly responded: “We can let it go if it was another treasure, but not the Declivity-Mountain Bell! I don’t care what your river sect says, you must give us an answer or we will declare war!”

“I cannot guarantee anything in this matter.” Daoist Bao Gui shook his head once more and said: “Senior is talking about war? If your sacred ground wants to fight, our river sect is not afraid of anyone. You can pick the time and place!”

Daoist Bao Gui spoke with confidence and was undeterred by the sacred ground’s threat. This was not strange at all since the river sect was also an emperor’s lineage and was definitely no weaker than the sacred ground. Moreover, Immortal Emperor Qian Li was the last emperor of the Sacred Nether World, so the river sect’s true power was quite formidable!

The great powers held their breaths while watching the posturing of the two sides. Both sides were monstrous imperial existences. A war between the two would not be simple; there would be rivers that ran with blood!

“Good!” The ancestor looked at the daoist for a long time before declaring: “Then wait and see!” He then decisively walked back to his camp.

Even if the sacred ground wanted to fight against the river sect, this was not the right time. Without sufficient hidden cards, one side would lose completely.

“Rumble!” At around this time, the heavens shook and the grand dao shivered. In just a moment, a heavenly flame incinerated the surrounding area in an incomparably dominating fashion.

“Boom!” A gigantic foot slammed down on the pond, causing a loud blast to resound. The heavenly flame crazily withdrew and disappeared before a qilin appeared in the sky.

“Li Qiye, get the hell out here and accept your death!” A roar that collapsed the nine heavens cried out.

Many Royal Nobles and Enlightened Beings all kneeled on the ground. This roar caused their hearts to quiver; the weak couldn’t handle this fury.

A great character from the previous generation uttered after seeing the Crimson Flame Qilin in the sky: “Di Zuo!”

Di Zuo had arrived like a maddened god with his aura rampaging in the sky, creating powerful rain storms.

The sky became dark with his arrival as his furious flame burned the firmament. Even the heaven and earth shook before his rage.

At this minute, everyone’s hearts started to beat faster since his wild rage had caused them to become frightened out of their minds. They feared this inevitable storm.

Di Zuo had rushed out of the Heavenly Cemetery. He initially went in there not for treasures, but to train. However, the Phoenix Maiden’s death caused him to abandon the cemetery. He had actually made it quite deep inside, so it was very unfortunate that he gave it all up.

However, Li Qiye was nowhere in sight upon his arrival. Di Zuo directly demanded from the daoist: “Daoist Bao Gui, hand over Li Qiye!”

Daoist Bao Gui shook his head and responded: “My apologies, but the Guardian is not with us.”

“Good! If he is not here, then I’ll take care of all of you first!” Di Zuo spoke as his murderous fury covered the sky. He then threw out an item to imprison the huge carp.

“Boom!” With a loud explosion, it was as if a huge grave had opened and hundreds of skeletons crawled up. These skeletons exuded a terrifying presence, and they covered the sky with the reach of their hands. Before anyone could react, these skeletons came together to form a huge mountain of bones.

“Rumble!” When the grand dao poured down from this bony mountain, both it and the huge carp disappeared.

At this second, a boundless imperial aura shot to the sky. At this moment, it drowned out everything and only left behind a great sealing formation.

This great array opened a new space that hovered in the sky with one hundred giants sitting in a meditative pose. Each of them wore a divine armor and exuded a breath just like an Immortal Emperor. It was like a kingdom of the heavens and these one hundred giants were the supreme deities.

There was no trace of the river sect any longer. The huge carp, Daoist Bao Gui, and its disciples had all disappeared.

The aura exuded by this great formation and its one hundred deities was quite terrifying. Even the previous generation felt apprehensive while their legs quivered.

They looked up to the sky and a Heavenly Sovereign stuttered: “... What… is that thing?”

An ancestor from a great power spoke with a greatly changed expression: “It is the Hundred Saints Imperial Formation! Rumor has it that this formation is one of the strongest emperor’s weapons of the Myriad Bones Throne. It is a fusion between an emperor’s weapon and an emperor’s formation.”

“The legendary formation created personally by Immortal Emperor Wan Gu?” After hearing this, everyone felt a chilling sensation. Even the undyings from the other great powers took in cold breaths.

This was both an emperor’s weapon as well as a formation. Legend states that after Immortal Emperor Wan Gu shouldered the Heaven’s Will, he found one hundred of the strongest wise sage skeletons and personally refined them into an emperor’s weapon. Afterward, he fused a heaven-defying formation inside using an extremely great method. [1. Immortal Emperor Wan Gu is the founding emperor of the throne of bones. Wan Gu means Myriad Bones, so Myriad Bones Immortal Emperor.]

The tales went on to say that even as an emperor, he still exerted countless efforts to create this emperor’s weapon. Later on, he left it behind in the sect and it continued to be the number one ace of the throne of bones. Since time immemorial, many Virtuous Paragons with hidden agendas had snuck into the throne, but all of them died miserably to this formation.

Rumor had it that this formation could suppress a Virtuous Paragon to death with ease since they couldn’t escape from the power of the one hundred wise sages!

Di Zuo was allowed to bring such a terrifying killing card wherever he went, so it was very apparent how much the throne of bones valued him.

Di Zuo immediately unleashed the formation to kill the river sect. He didn’t mind starting a war with them; perhaps the river sect never entered his sight.

Such a domineering style and decisiveness caused everyone to draw cold breaths!

“It is over for the river sect.” Seeing that there was no activity inside the formation with the suppression of the one hundred deities, a ghost cultivator excitedly said: “With the suppression of the one hundred saints, the elders of the river sect won’t be able to do anything about it no matter how strong they might be.”

After entrapping the river sect inside the formation, Di Zuo didn’t bother to give it another glance. He stood by the pond like a supreme god, causing others to quiver. His voice then emanated throughout the Water Realm: “Li Qiye, if I don’t personally slay you, then I will cease to be a person and will never leave this place!” These words were firm and decisive like a javelin pierced into the ground. [2. This is just an expression to show decisiveness. The contrast to person here is animal. Basically, he is saying that he is cursing himself to become an animal unless he kills Li Qiye.]

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