Chapter 551: Declivity-Mountain Bell

Chapter 551: Declivity-Mountain Bell

The Saint Child and Evil Child were very strong, even stronger than sect masters and royal lords from ordinary great powers. It was a shame that they were born in the same era as the three heroes and were eclipsed by them. People usually talked about Di Zuo, and this tended to make them forget about these two.

“Die!” The two of them shouted together. A light reached the sky and, in just a split second, the worldly energy was completely sucked in by them. The power of the world’s myriad dao was borrowed at this moment.

A grand dao as bright as a galaxy surrounded the two of them. Their blood energies surged like a storm as all the dao hovered around them, giving them a majestic energy.

“Heaven’s Will Secret Laws!” Seeing their states left the crowd astonished.

The two of them directly used Heaven’s Will Secret Laws; they clearly wanted to kill Li Qiye right away.

“Open!” In response to the approaching Heaven’s Will Secret Laws, Li Qiye roared.

“Boom!” With a loud boom, his Life Wheel spun quickly as the Yin Yang Sea of Blood opened up. An endless amount of blood energy poured into Li Qiye’s body; it seemed as if his body was capable of holding a thousand seas. This blood energy shot all the way up to the high firmament and dispelled the clouds for thousands of miles.

At this time, it was as if Li Qiye’s back was carrying a blue sky. Places that his shadow touched had a never-setting sun. The nine worlds became bright and darkness had no place to hide. All the grand dao circled around his body.

“That’s a Heaven’s Will Secret Law as well!” A group was shocked to see Li Qiye reveal his own Heaven’s Will Secret Law.

A great character looked at it and startlingly exclaimed: “No! This isn’t Immortal Emperor Qian Li’s Secret Law, which one is this?”

Everyone knew that Li Qiye was the river sect’s Guardian. If he was going to use a secret law, then it should be Immortal Emperor Qian Li’s. However, he was using a different one, so how could others not be shocked?

Three people were using Heaven’s Will Secret Laws at this moment. Li Qiye’s back carried a never-setting sun, and his body was the embodiment of day. Behind the Titanic Crescent Saint Child was a gigantic deity while the Ghost Insect Evil Child poured out a ghastly energy; the Nether Insect King flew out of his boil and sucked up all the energy of the grand dao to turn into an extremely frightening evil insect.

In just a flash, the three of them decided to battle it out using their secret laws, causing many spectators to be dumbstruck with envy and jealousy. Only descendants of imperial lineages would have such luxurious means!

“Boom!” The Evil Child and Saint Child finally initiated a pincer attack on Li Qiye. The deity of the Saint Child came crashing down while the Evil Child’s insect devoured the world and even the universal laws within. It opened its mouth, aiming to bite Li Qiye.

Meanwhile, with the never-setting sun on his back and an endless amount of energy, Li Qiye’s sun grew bigger and bigger. In just a moment, this sun changed the world completely.


The suppressing deity and devouring insect along with the never-setting sun clashed together and tore open the sky. The three of them then jumped up to the higher firmaments and used their strongest momentum to attack the enemy.

“Bang!” The three secret laws shot out their ultimate might. Li Qiye’s never-setting sun had the advantage as the new world created by it immediately repelled the deity and the evil insect.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” In the air, the Saint Child and Evil Child were forced to take several steps back as their expressions greatly changed.

“Nine stars and ten palaces! It seems that with this power, even an Ancient Saint could fight against Grand Sovereigns!” All the ghost cultivators and even the big shots were jealous after seeing this scene.

Everyone knew that Li Qiye had nine stars and ten palaces and were already jealous after watching him massacre thousands on that day. But now, Li Qiye alone blocked the Saint Child and Evil Child, not to mention that he even had the upper hand. Everyone then realized the horrifying properties of the nine stars and ten palaces.

The Saint Child and Evil Child gritted their teeth after being reminded by the crowd. Their eyes were reddened with jealousy by Li Qiye’s achievement. They would trade their Grand Sovereign cultivation for nine stars and ten palaces right away if they could.

They were both incredible talents, but it was not easy to achieve nine stars and ten palaces. Even a supreme genius like Di Zuo wouldn’t be able to have nine stars and ten palaces.

While watching this scene, Lan Yunzhu didn’t know what to say. The surprise of the masses was within her expectations. She even knew that having nine stars and ten palaces was a matter of the past since Li Qiye was about to have nine stars and twelve palaces.

She understood that upon reaching this level, geniuses became nothing and were not worth putting in one’s sight. At that realm, Di Zuo would only be an insect, not to mention these other two.

“Nine stars and ten palaces!” The Titanic Crescent Sacred Lord secretly cursed. If such a brilliant talent was his disciple, then there would be no fear of him not being able to compete with Di Zuo.

The Saint Child and Evil Child were full of hate. This was a hatred towards both the nine stars and ten palaces and the people who brought it up. They were driven crazy by this achievement.

They took a deep breath and took one step closer to stop Li Qiye. The Saint Child coldly spoke: “Li Qiye, there is still time to surrender!”

“Don’t waste words, take out your killing moves. Otherwise, there will not be a chance later on.” Li Qiye lazily said as he glanced at them.

“Hahaha, Brother Titanic Crescent, if he wants to die, then we can give him a hand!” The Evil Child laughed ominously.

“Clankk!” With a clear sonorous sound, the Evil Child took out a treasure. This was a huge bell, and it floated above his head with ghastly head-like apparitions that covered the sky with a nether energy. These heads seemed very miserable as they screamed out in despair as if this bell had refined countless lives.

“Evil Bell!” The ghost cultivators were alarmed at the sight of this bell. A royal lord gasped then said: “This is Immortal Emperor Chong Huang’s strongest Life Treasure. It is only weaker than his true fate treasure.”

Another expert from a different race knew the origin of this bell and said with dread: “It was once called the emperor’s weapon with the evilest tendencies. It once annihilated an entire tribe and devoured hundreds of thousands of lives!”

This bell was one of Immortal Emperor Chong Huang’s favorite weapons. Legend states that it was refined from the skull of a Myriad Evil Insect. This insect was the cruelest and most bloodthirsty poisonous insect. The emperor killed one of them and used it to refine this evil bell.

The tale further told of how he used this bell to kill many of his enemies, and how he used their souls to further augment this bell. It was the reason why there was so much energy of hatred and resentment in the sky.

Other people were certain that the Evil Child had an emperor’s weapon, but they didn’t expect it to be the strongest Life Treasure of the Insect King Lineage.

“Whoosh!” Space and time fluctuated. The Saint Child no longer hid anything and took out his secret move; a treasure appeared as well!

His treasure was also a huge, black bell. It seemed to be cast from a dark metal. With a glance, its heavy weight was very apparent. There were not too many outlines nor runes on it, there was only a picture of a majestic mountain surrounded by clouds and fog.

Although there were very few carvings on the bell, it didn’t diminish the mountain’s majesty. It was as if this bell could suppress the nine worlds.

“That is the Declivity-Mountain Bell. The sacred ground is going all out and gave the bell to the Saint Child!” The spectators were lost in both surprise and admiration after seeing this huge bell.

Someone who had never seen this bell before rolled their eyes and asked: “Is this the heaven-defying treasure that Immortal Emperor Ju Tian obtained from Necropolis?”

Another great character answered while looking at the bell: “This is it. Legend states that Immortal Emperor Ju Tian greatly benefited from this bell. Although it didn’t directly help him become the emperor, I heard that the value of this bell is no less than an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.”

The crowd didn’t quite expect for him to bring along the Declivity-Mountain Bell as opposed to another emperor’s weapon. The tales of Immortal Emperor Ju Tian obtaining this supreme treasure from the Ghost River back at Necropolis were told for generations. Later on, many went to the Ghost River just because of this tale since they wanted to become the second Immortal Emperor Ju Tian.

Although a treasure couldn’t turn someone into an emperor, Immortal Emperor Ju Tian indeed gained a lot from this particular bell. It was told that he put a countless amount of effort into this bell, and some people even believed that the emperor didn’t think of it as a mere weapon.

Of course, this was just gossip; outsiders never had the chance to interact with the Declivity-Mountain Bell so no one knew of its magicalness.

To this day, the sacred ground had always treasured this bell. And now, it actually gave it to the current Saint Child. They hoped that the Saint Child would be like the young Immortal Emperor Ju Tian and comprehend some of the bell’s profundities.

The sacred ground believed that only when the Saint Child could completely control the bell would he be qualified to compete with a supreme prodigy like Di Zuo. The Saint Child carried the same belief; he yearned to control the bell just like his emperor ancestor so that he could have the ability to compete with the three heroes!

Li Qiye looked at the Saint Child’s treasure and narrowed his eyes while revealing a smile. He couldn’t help but lick his lips and say: “Declivity-Mountain Bell!”

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