Chapter 547: The United Crowd

Chapter 547: The United Crowd

The Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden sighed in relief and revealed a smile after seeing many great powers criticizing Li Qiye. At this time, she was certain of victory and did not believe that Li Qiye could walk away alive.

There were many ghost experts here today, including Heavenly Sovereigns, Heavenly Kings, and even a few hidden ancestors from the great powers. The ancestors from the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground or the Insect King Lineage could definitely give him a fatal blow. As long as these old men who were hiding behind the curtains took action, there would be no chance for him to escape.

The situation was escalating towards her desired outcome, giving her great confidence. She wouldn’t let him escape today, she had to destroy the number one enemy for her husband — Di Zuo!

Li Qiye, on the other hand, didn’t care for this excited and united crowd. He simply stood there at his leisure. He only chuckled at the barrage of attacks from these great characters.

After a while, he dryly coughed and deliberately spoke to these excited great characters: “Forget about the excuse. You can say that I’m plotting to destroy the ghost race or whatever, but I’ll play to your heart’s content. I do not mind killing a few more tens of thousands, so leave alive or stay here and die without a grave — it’s your choice.”

Li Qiye paused here and gazed intensely at the Phoenix Maiden. Then, he declared with a smile: “However, even if you had your greatest army here, you still wouldn’t be able to stop me… Today, she must die!”

The maiden felt a chill from Li Qiye’s stare. His attitude was outside of her expectations. Anyone who withstood this constant barrage from the great powers would surely be in shambles. Even a genius with great courage and decisiveness, when facing the entire ghost race, would know of their harsh situation. They might even choose to compromise.

However, Li Qiye didn’t seem to care at all. Despite the hundreds of ghost tribes crying for his punishment, Li Qiye was still unperturbed. Perhaps, he didn’t care for the ghost race despite their considerable forces at this location.

The maiden felt a dreadful sense of foreboding. She didn’t know where his confidence was coming from, but she understood that no one could hinder his path.

She gathered her strength and met his gaze while feeling a cold sensation inside. She could tell by the look in his eyes that he was looking at a dead person. However, she didn’t care for her own life. Rather, she was worried about Di Zuo having such a frightening enemy like Li Qiye.

She then calmly spoke: “If my death can wake up the ghost race’s vigilance, then my death would not be without meaning!” She was prepared for the worst as she declared in a solemn demeanor: “You wish to destroy the ghost race’s future and hope, but your scheme will fail! Even if I die, I must stop your plan and destroy your scheme against the ghost race!”

“This woman’s mind is sharp. With her support, Di Zuo could have swept through the Sacred Nether World in the future.” Lan Yunzhu lamented while looking at the Phoenix Maiden’s calm expression of self-sacrifice. She was also a genius so she understood how effective this move was. The maiden was ready to die, but not for the ghosts, it was for Di Zuo instead.

“You must ask me before killing the young lady!” The gigantic Bronze-Carapace King gravely spoke; he was full of justice.

“That’s right! Do not let this human’s scheme come to fruition! You must walk through our corpses if you want to kill the Phoenix Maiden!”

The young ghost cultivators’ blood were boiling due to the Phoenix Maiden’s calm attitude. They shouted: “For the ghost race! Do not let this human brute hurt the Phoenix Maiden!”

“Yeah! Do not let the human race’s devious plan succeed! Our ghost race will not allow Li Qiye to massacre our disciples as he pleases!” Taking advantage of the aroused crowd, many great characters decided to add wind to the fire. They wanted to use others to kill Li Qiye no matter the reason.

“Good, then I’ll do as I please.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Who wants to go first? I’ll give you a hand by stomping on your corpse.”

“You’ll have to ask for my permission first!” The Bronze-Carapace King roared. The giant with two hands capable of sealing the sky slammed the ground hard with surging blood energy. This was a strike that shook the heaven and earth.

This attack was not only the strongest blow from the insect king, it was also a move exerted by countless disciples from the insect tribe at the same time.

“I’ll fulfill your death wish!” Li Qiye did not retreat against the gigantic hands that smashed down from the insect king. Instead, he met it with full force. The Thousand Hands technique appeared as a grand world was lifted by them.

In this second, all of his hands suddenly transformed into a pair of hands as it was utilized to its strongest point. At this moment, the force of this pair of hands could shatter the earth and break the stars.

“Bang!” With a loud noise, their hands collided violently. Both sides had to take several steps back as their feet dug deep into the ground.

After seeing the full-frontal assault by both sides where they both took steps backward, the ghost experts gasped: “Does this brat really only have the power of a Heavenly Sovereign?”

The insect king’s cultivation was at the Heavenly Sovereign realm and, right now, with numerous disciples taking the form of a giant, all the disciples’ blood energy and power became his. Nevertheless, the insect king only managed to duke it out evenly with Li Qiye. How heaven-defying was this?

“Crack!” The insect king’s gigantic hand fragmented into pieces after another full-on collision with Li Qiye.

As these pieces fell down, people finally saw the insects made from bronze being smashed apart. This meant that, with that one blow, many insect disciples were killed.

However, the worst had yet to come. From the bodies of these insects came little larvae in fainter bronze colors.

These little larvae crawled out from the corpses and instantly came together again to form a new hand. The dead and broken bodies that fell to the ground looked just like flakes of skin. This scene terrified those who had never seen these insects in action before. They were clearly killed, yet new insects still crawled out from their corpses. What a frightening ghost tribe!

“Rumor has it that each disciple of the Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe all have three lives. Could this rumor be true?” A person quivered and asked after seeing this scene.

Anyone would feel a terrorizing sensation in the face of such an opponent. What a wicked thing to be able to be reborn from one’s own corpse!

“Human junior, I cannot be killed. I have the protection of my disciples and you will never be able to kill us all!” The insect king coldly shouted: “Now, it is time for you to die!”

With a great roar, his gigantic body suddenly became a huge mountain that carried a powerful weight and majestic force descending onto Li Qiye. Such a huge mountain was more than enough to flatten him into meat paste.

This sudden transformation shocked the spectators. The techniques of this insect tribe were so bizarre.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye remained still without batting an eyelash against the huge mountain crashing down at an unbelievable speed.

“Clank!” At this moment, a giant lock emerged from his body as countless refined flame universal laws covered his body. In the blink of an eye, nine suns rose from behind his back like nine sealed suns, and these gigantic chains made out of laws were dragging them out.

“Boom!” The nine suns suddenly exploded. The location where Li Qiye stood had turned into a sea of flames. Endless refined sunfire incinerated the sky and all creations!

“No!” Screams resounded the moment this endless refined sunfire encompassed the gigantic mountain.

The huge mountain was burnt into countless sand particles as they fell down and no longer had the power to suppress Li Qiye.

Under the Nine Suns Locking Heaven’s refined flames, even these insects that were shielded with their bronze carapaces were killed. Little larvae crawled out from the burnt corpses, but they were also incinerated before being able to escape.

“Buzzz!” Many powerful insects were not killed by this fire and managed to escape to the four directions like dispersed bees without a nest.

However, inside the endless refined sunfire, countless chains as thin as silk shot out and instantly penetrated these insects, killing each escaping insect one by one.

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