Chapter 544: Disappearance

Chapter 544: Disappearance

“Ninety steps!” In the midst of the two imperial descendants’ moment of sadness, Tian Lunhui had already taken the ninetieth step.

“Breaking one hundred is not a problem!” Tian Lunhui was not struggling at all with his pace, so the ghosts were extremely excited. Even the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground secretly bemoaned his talents. Their descendant was too far from reaching Tian Lunhui’s level, especially when it came to their dao insight.

Li Qiye saw Tian Lunhui take ninety steps and smiled before declaring: “Interesting, my turn to catch up.” He then placed his foot into the pond.

After Li Qiye entered, Lan Yunzhu began counting right away: “One… Two… Three… Four… Five…”

Fortunately, she was ready this time and was able to keep up with his pace.

“Li Qiye has entered!” His entrance into the pond quickly attracted the attention from the ghosts.

“Can he catch Sir Tian Lunhui?” Seeing his quick pace left a ghost expert nervous.

“Hmph! Sir Tian Lunhui is the strongest genius of our race. Even if Li Qiye catches up, he still might not be able to beat Sir Tian Lunhui. The last person to persevere is the winner, there is nothing great about being able to walk so fast…” This ghost cultivator only made it halfway before shutting his mouth.

“Ninetieth step!” Amidst the anxiety building up within these ghost cultivators, Li Qiye had already taken ninety steps, shutting up the ghost cultivators who held him in disdain. They couldn’t even swallow their words in time.

‘Is this brat still a human?’ Even an old undying from the ghost race cursed in his mind.

In an instant, Li Qiye had caught up to Tian Lunhui. Inside the pond, Li Qiye looked at him in the distance.

Li Qiye then commented: “Incredible talents. To be able to study the origin grand dao of the ghost race means that you are qualified to become an Immortal Emperor. Alas, it is a misfortune that you were born in the same era as me. I have seen your grand dao, now it is your turn to watch!”

Having said that, a bright light suddenly flashed as if it was the grand dao blooming, like a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. Li Qiye then went deeper into the pond as if he was blessed by a god. His speed was as fast as if he were flying.

Li Qiye was too fast so Tian Lunhui couldn’t stop himself from looking with his Heavenly Gaze. After seeing the expansion of Li Qiye’s grand dao, his expression greatly changed for he had lost his composure.

On the other shore, Tian Lunhui studied the grand dao and had an initial form in his mind. He didn’t know that Li Qiye had also learned a unique grand dao and had created its initial form as well.

This grand dao was much further along than Tian Lunhui’s own.

“111, 112, 113…” Lan Yunzhu was falling behind with her counting since Li Qiye became faster and faster to the point of no comparison. At this time, it was no longer one step surpassing one world in the pond, each of his steps brought about his own world.

The pond’s water no longer obstructed his steps, he was dragging the pond along. Each of his steps created a new world in the pond.

Now, he was the creator of worlds instead of the pond. He had reversed the primary and secondary relationship below his feet since he had now dominated the evolving transformations of the pond.

At this moment, even Tian Lunhui stood still. A mysterious aura encompassed his body so one couldn’t see his expression, but he was silent without the all-grasping style he previously displayed.

Meanwhile, the ghost race fell into complete despair. Li Qiye had shattered the pride of the ghosts as he drifted like he was flying inside the pond, completely leaving Tian Lunhui behind.

Before, they still had some hope of Tian Lunhui beating Li Qiye, but now, even if Tian Lunhui could take the one hundredth step, he would still be unable to defeat Li Qiye. The eventual victor was too apparent.

At the same time, a murderous glint as cold as mist appeared in the Phoenix Maiden’s eyes. She recognized the dangerous existence that is Li Qiye and placed him as the number one enemy of her husband. Li Qiye was no longer a simple, budding threat!

She felt that without eradicating Li Qiye, her husband definitely would not have the chance to shoulder the Heaven’s Will. It was not because of a lack of confidence in her husband, but because Li Qiye was too frightening and devilish. She realized that there would be no peace unless Li Qiye was annihilated!

She trusted her intuition since it had always been on point. At this moment, she thought of many different plans to destroy Li Qiye no matter the price! She had to eliminate her husband’s number one enemy!

“150…” At the 150th step, Lan Yunzhu suddenly paused and hesitated since she couldn’t count any longer. This was because Li Qiye had disappeared! Even when she utilized her Heavenly Gaze to its limit, she still couldn’t see his figure.

“Gone, why can’t I see through it?” It wasn’t only Lan Yunzhu, others also lost sight of Li Qiye. The Heavenly Gaze lost its effect after the 150th step!

“What happened? The limit of the Heavenly Gaze is 150 steps?” At this time, the gazes of Ancient Saints, Heavenly Sovereigns, and even the old undyings failed.

“There is also another possibility!” A ghost expert thought of the worst case scenario and said: “Maybe Li Qiye has failed just like the Bronze Tree Ancestor that had disappeared. Haha, if one forces their way in without having sufficient capabilities, then they will disappear and die without a corpse!”

With this reminder, many felt that this was very possible. Li Qiye’s sudden disappearance could be attributed to his failure just like several great characters earlier. A fate of dying without a body remaining!

“This was him seeking his own death and for thinking that he was really invincible. Walking like flying? Now it is over, he even lost his own life.” The ghost race thought of this possibility and gloated from others’ misfortune.

Meanwhile, the great characters remained silent. They didn’t know what was going on but were secretly hoping for this to be the case.

In their eyes, Li Qiye was too devilish. In the future, once Li Qiye’s wings hardened, he would be a huge threat for the ghost race unless they made peace with him.

However, in the Sacred Nether World, the ghost race was the master, so how could they bow down to a little human? This was why all the great characters and ancestors hoped for Li Qiye’s true disappearance. This was perhaps the best outcome.

“What a shame, the Prime Ominous Key has been lost. We will just have to wait for the next generation for the key to appear again.” A ghost cultivator lamented, but it was still said with a gloating tone.

“Or there is another possibility.” At this point, the Jadewater Queen used her divine reflection and calculated. The divine reflection of the Charming Spirits was extremely heaven-defying, especially one of an unfathomable spirit like the queen. No one knew the level of her divine reflection.

She pondered for a while and said: “Perhaps Li Qiye doesn't want others to see the profundities of his grand dao so he is hiding in the pond. Perhaps it is no longer the pond ruling over Li Qiye, but it is he who has control over the pond. Li Qiye’s steps were creating worlds, they were no longer the pond’s worlds.”

Compared to the other ghosts, Tian Lunhui appeared to be calm — not happy or proud. He kept on using his Heavenly Gaze to scan the water’s surface, hoping to find traces of Li Qiye.

At this moment, he was no longer in the mood for competition because Li Qiye’s grand dao had shaken his mind. Tian Lunhui had studied the origin grand dao of the ghost race, but it seemed as if Li Qiye’s grand dao was even more heaven-defying, so much so that it escaped the boundaries of grand dao.

This was why Tian Lunhui wished to see Li Qiye’s grand dao once more, aiming to see through its mysteries in hopes that he might learn something from it.

Unfortunately, regardless of his efforts, he couldn’t see Li Qiye’s shadow.

In fact, on the other shore, the grand dao Li Qiye learned from observing the nine ants had escaped the boundaries of grand dao. Because of this, it was understandable that Tian Lunhui would be dumbstruck.

It had to be said that Tian Lunhui was an amazing and discerning genius. With just a glance, he instantly understood that Li Qiye’s grand dao was marvelous!

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Maiden sighed in relief with Li Qiye’s disappearance. Similar to the great characters, she also hoped for Li Qiye’s disappearance and death. It would save her a lot of trouble if he met his demise in the pond.

“This brat is the most devilish person I have ever seen.” Long Zuntian said as he stared intensely at the pond. As the most brilliant genius of the previous generation, he was not like the other ghosts who believed that Li Qiye had died.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but hold her breath. In this place, she was the only person who cared for Li Qiye’s safety. She had seen him create many miracles, but his sudden disappearance still made her worry. Despite her confidence in him, this emotion was unsuppressible!

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