Chapter 543: Tian Lunhui’s Strength

Chapter 543: Tian Lunhui’s Strength

“The younger generation will surpass us with their free thoughts; they’re not like us conservative old men stuck in one place. Talent is one thing, but wisdom and understanding are a different matter.” The group of undyings hiding in the darkness gently lamented. They were all praising him nonstop.

The old undyings could enter the pond easily because they had sufficient strength. They were confident in their own cultivation and might, especially the ones from the emperor’s lineages. With emperor’s weapons along with their cultivation, if they risked it all in one shot, they would have a chance to enter.

However, Tian Lunhui’s actions gave them a new perspective. He was not like the Saint Child and Evil Child who merely used external help to enter. Instead, he used his own abilities and aptitude to understand the mysteries.

“Worthy of being a supreme genius of our ghost race.” An ancestor commented while being moved: “Even if he can’t become an Immortal Emperor in the future, he can still reach the top. If he chooses the path of the grand era, then with his talents, he will absolutely become a Virtuous Ancestor. His future accomplishments will be much greater than ours.”

The majority of ancestors from the great powers who were called old undyings were Virtuous Paragons, but ordinary Virtuous Paragons had a huge gap compared to paragons who trod on the path of the grand era. Those who walked on this path were existences that could form their own countries and be bestowed divine titles; they were comparable to Immortal Emperors!

Tian Lunhui’s flashing eyes continued to gaze at the pond as he tried to unravel its profundities. More and more universal laws formed in his eyes.

Li Qiye didn’t bother Tian Lunhui as he stood there, waiting. Even against someone who was called an unparalleled genius, Li Qiye still remained calm without any anxiety.

A while later, Tian Lunhui finally withdrew his gaze. His eyes returned to have the same old mysterious and indiscernible look.

“Fellow Daoist Li, I’ll go first then.” Tian Lunhui smiled and then took one step before disappearing into the pond.

“Hurry and look!” Heavenly Gazes were activated to watch his attempt. A ghost was counting his steps: “One… Two… Three... Four… Five…”

In the blink of an eye, he already took ten steps with ease. He was very different from the Saint Child and Evil Child who struggled despite relying on emperor’s weapons. He was not as fast as Li Qiye, but he appeared to still be very comfortable.

“Thirty!” The ghosts anxiously watched all of his actions. Tian Lunhui was the embodiment of their hope.

In a short amount of time, he managed to take thirty steps. The ghost race’s spirit was rejuvenated at this moment since Tian Lunhui still had a peaceful appearance as if he was taking a scenic walk.

“Incredible!” An ancestor hiding in the shadows gently sighed and said after witnessing this scene: “Back in our youth, our talents were far weaker than Tian Lunhui’s. Maybe even the Titanic Crescent Saint Child was superior to us.”

At this point, Tian Lunhui’s performance had convinced the old undyings and confirmed the fact that being powerful was not the most important aspect to entering the pond.

“Forty steps!” Another short span of time had passed, and Tian Lunhui had managed to take forty steps. His pace had slowed, but he was still relatively comfortable. The ghosts tightened their fists in excitement and hoped that he would be able to surpass Li Qiye to win the ghost race some glory.

Meanwhile, the Titanic Crescent Saint Child and Ghost Insect Evil Child were dejected. They constantly sighed and were no longer able to be arrogant.

If Li Qiye’s actions were humiliating like a slap to one’s face, then Tian Lunhui, as another genius of the ghost race, left them with their proud heads hung low.

Despite having lesser fame than the three heroes among the ghost geniuses, the Saint Child and Evil Child still had some hope. If they tried their best, then maybe they would have a chance to compete against the three heroes in the future.

But now, Tian Lunhui had shattered their arrogance. The uncrossable gap between them was too great, it was just like the heaven and earth.

On the other hand, the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden was silent. Tian Lunhui had the same status as her husband, but she previously wished and believed that her husband was a bit stronger than the other two heroes. Now, it seemed that Tian Lunhui was no weaker than Di Zuo.

There was no doubt now that her husband’s arch-rival was not just Li Qiye, there was also a supreme genius like Tian Lunhui. However, Li Qiye was different because he was a human; this allowed the maiden to create many schemes against him.

On the contrary, Tian Lunhui left her powerless. He came from the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom and was referred to as the reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor. It could be said that he had no weaknesses. Methods that the maiden could apply to Li Qiye would not work on Tian Lunhui!

“Sixty steps!” Finally, Tian Lunhui had reached the sixtieth step — the same as Li Qiye.

“Well done!” A thunderous applause came from the ghost race. They were in high spirits and waited for Tian Lunhui to defeat Li Qiye!

Long Zuntian, with brilliant talents as a heaven’s favorite for a generation, couldn’t help but lament: “Amazing.” He nodded his head and continued on: “Such talents and aptitude make him no less than Di Zuo.”

At this moment, he was the dao mentor of Di Zuo. Although his cultivation was weaker than the great powers’ ancestors and legendary masters, his vision and talents were much greater than theirs.

Now, he himself personally praised Tian Lunhui, so one could imagine how frightening Tian Lunhui’s aptitudes must be.

At the boundary of the sixtieth step, Tian Lunhui was no longer full of himself. Instead, he became even more serious. Taking sixty steps to a genius like him was not worthy of pride; right now, this only meant that he was at the same starting point as Li Qiye.

His mysterious aura became even thicker as he immersed himself within and his image became faint.

This aura condensed and created a grand path that slowly paved itself before his feet, allowing him to walk deeper into the pond.

The path below him was extremely enigmatic as if the universal laws forming it came from the origin of the grand dao. These universal laws originated from the beginning of the ghost race — full of primordial aura.

“What is that? Is it a treasure?” Many great characters from the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground emotionally asked.

Another ancestor responded in shock: “That is his grand dao! He is already building a grand dao for himself at such a young age! Such a bright future... If not an Immortal Emperor, he shall still become a Virtuous Ancestor!”

An ancestor from the Insect King Lineage was even more perceptive, so he murmured with a changed expression: “Tian Lunhui’s grand dao is so similar to our ghost race’s origin dao; it’s not just simply great. Could it be that the Prime Ominous Grave has something to do with the ghost race?”

With the grand path laid out below him, Tian Lunhui began his slowly walk forward. His pace was not fast but was full of confidence, surprising all the spectators.

“This kid’s talents are indeed matchless.” After seeing the grand dao paving the way for Tian Lunhui, even Li Qiye nodded his head approvingly and commented: “He seems to have grasped a great enlightenment on the other side of the golden sea, resulting in great benefits.”

This was indeed the case. The enlightenment on the other shore had helped Tian Lunhui a lot.

The ghost experts counted his steps from his steady pace. Once he reached the seventieth step, the ghost race cheered: “Step seventy!”

At this point, the grand path below him still continued forward. It seemed like taking more than eighty steps was not an issue.

All the old undyings made their judgement known: “He has a chance to reach one hundred steps!”

In fact, even the old undyings were not confident of reaching one hundred steps, unless a legendary master personally went out. Ordinary Virtuous Paragons like them would not be able to reach this boundary.

However, their eyes dropped to the floor when a young genius like Tian Lunhui possessed this ability. The gap between talents was as clear as day.

“Step eighty!” In just a moment, the ghost race screamed excitedly. Some ghosts even raised their chins while sneering at Li Qiye. Right now, they had assumed that Tian Lunhui’s victory over Li Qiye was guaranteed and that they could finally quench their anger.

After Tian Lunhui reached the eightieth step, the group of geniuses like the Evil Child and Saint Child were completely overshadowed. They didn’t dare to think about it too much since the distance between them and Tian Lunhui was too big.

Right now, they were Heavenly Sovereigns. Even if Tian Lunhui was at the same realm, his enlightenment and talents, to them, made an uncrossable divide.

Cultivation was no longer a metric of measurement when it came to supreme geniuses like Tian Lunhui. One extra palace within the same level of cultivation was already a huge gap, let alone the ability to grasp the grand dao.

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