Chapter 540: Competition

Chapter 540: Competition

The Jadewater Queen was the person who went the furthest for the time being, so her credibility was very high.

After hearing her words, a person excitedly spoke while slapping their thigh: “Just like what I speculated, how far one walks into the pond has nothing to do with cultivation!”

Meanwhile, Li Qiye only smiled at the Phoenix Maiden’s challenge and said: “No big deal. Taking dozens of steps would still be easy. All challengers, come forth. The losers will disappear, and if I lose, I will hand the Prime Ominous Key to the winner.”

How could Li Qiye refuse a challenge when the enemy came to his doorstep?

Li Qiye’s words caused the ghost cultivators to clamor and stare at him. He was like a fat piece of meat that everyone wanted a bite of.

“Who’s first?” Li Qiye looked at the Phoenix Maiden and slowly asked: “You?”

“Let me challenge you.” However, a sneer suddenly came about as the Ghost Insect Evil Child walked forward and smiled ominously: “If you lose, then hand over the key and get the hell out of here. The treasures of this place belongs to us, members of the ghost race!”

“Count me in!” Another person stood out and went together with the Evil Child. Of course, this was the Titanic Crescent Saint Child.

“You guys only managed to take eight and nine steps, yet you still want to challenge me?” Li Qiye was too lazy to look at them as he commented: “Your confidence is too unreasonable.”

“The winner has yet to be decided, so don’t act this arrogant so quickly!” The Saint Child said as he sneered; he was full of confidence.

Everyone knew that the Saint Child and Evil Child only took eight and nine steps respectively, but now, everyone was shaken to see them so full of confidence. They realized that these two didn’t try their best earlier.

Li Qiye glanced at the two of them and smirked: “Are you two representing your sects or the ghost race?”

“If I lose, then my sect will withdraw.” The Titanic Crescent Saint Child answered slowly: “If any sects or tribes wish to follow my sect, then we will share the treasures that are obtained!”

The Ghost Insect Evil Child also added: “Yes! Same goes for our Insect King Lineage.”

Their actions had been approved by the seniors of the two lineages, which was why they were able to speak so freely.

Geniuses like the Saint Child and Evil Child were unlucky to be born in the same era as the three heroes. Especially because of Di Zuo, who was greatly valued by many great powers; most of these great powers tended to support him.

Right now, these two wanted to borrow Li Qiye to increase their own prestige as well as re-establishing their sects’ position in the Misty Field and Green River.

Some great powers from the ghost race decided to reveal their position: “We are willing to stand together with the Insect King Lineage!”

“We are willing to stand together with the Titanic Crescent Saint Child!”

Many of them voiced their support for the two emperor’s lineages.

The Insect King Lineage had a very prestigious position in the western Green River, and the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground was also famous in the northern Misty Field. Recently, Di Zuo and Li Qiye were like kites who met the right wind, so many forgot about geniuses like the Evil Child and Saint Child. But now, if these two managed to rise up and gain the support of these great powers, then it would be killing two birds with one stone for the two emperor’s lineages.

Not only did their actions have a chance to seize the Prime Ominous Key from Li Qiye, this was also an attempt to gauge their supporters in their regions.

The sect masters and royal lords present were not stupid. They knew that this battle had no place for them. Eventually, the final victor to obtain the key would most likely be an emperor’s lineage, so they knew that they had to show their support towards these lineages first.

“Interesting.” The Jadewater Queen murmured to herself after seeing this scene.

Right now, the challenge was no longer a feud between Li Qiye and the ghost race, it was also a political contest among the ghost race. The one who created this situation was, of course, the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden!

At this point, many looked at Li Qiye and the two descendants. The Evil Child and Saint Child had always been referred to as geniuses by people. They had extremely high talents but were still far from supreme geniuses like Di Zuo.

Nevertheless, some ghost tribes were still optimistic with their chance against Li Qiye in this challenge.

“If you want to challenge me, then come at the same time. Don’t waste time going one by one.” Li Qiye looked at them and said: “You guys go first. I’m afraid that if I go first, I’ll just discourage both of you.”

“Such hubris!” A ghost loudly exclaimed with a sneer.

The two descendants also scowled. They looked at each other and took the first step into the pond, instantly disappearing.

Everyone quickly opened their Heavenly Gazes to watch each of their actions. They leisurely took the first five steps before their speed slowed down.

Now, eight steps have been taken. At this point, it was as if they were shouldering Mt. Tai on their backs as each step was as difficult as reaching the heavens.

Everyone stared at the two with bated breaths because these two could only go eight and nine steps earlier.

The influential ghosts were secretly worried for the two descendants. If they could only go this far, then they wouldn’t have any significant advantage over Li Qiye.

However, the Titanic Crescent Sacred Lord still had a relaxed expression as if he was still very confident in his disciple. He smiled and said: “My disciple shouldn’t have any problems going past twenty or thirty steps.”

Just as he said, from the eighth step onward, the initial weight was lifted off their backs and the two became much more relaxed.

A universal law as thin as a silk string faintly appeared around the Ghost Insect Evil Child’s body and led the way for him, allowing his steps to be as light as a feather.

It was the same for the Titanic Crescent Saint Child. In just a split second, a wave of light was being emitted from his body as if it was the protection of the gods. When this wave of light appeared, his steps became light. It seemed as if each step was not crossing one world but just walking casually across water.

“Eleven… Twelve… Thirteen…” A ghost began to count their steps as they quickened their pace.

More and more began to count as well, especially the disciples who came from the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground and the Insect King Lineage. They were becoming louder with their cheers, causing the atmosphere to be much more lively.

“How come they suddenly became so strong?” Everyone became surprised when those two made it to the fifteenth step.

Before, they already struggled at eight and nine steps; a single extra step was prohibitively difficult. But now, their steps were as light as the wind, so how could people not become astounded by this sudden change?

A predecessor expert figured something out and said: “There are heaven-defying treasures on their bodies, most likely Immortal Emperor Life Treasures.”

Not only one or two people realized this. A group began to understand that those two were carrying some amazing treasures.

Many great powers of the Sacred Nether World were here, and not just one or two emperor’s lineages brought emperor’s weapons. If these two had emperor’s weapons, then it meant that the sacred ground and the Insect King Lineage brought more than just one weapon.

This speculation caused many characters from the great powers to palpitate. These emperor’s lineages would be carrying immense firepower if they brought more than just one emperor’s weapon each.

These weapons were dreadful items, and they were the bane of those countries without one themselves. When two had the same cultivation and battle prowess, the person with the emperor’s weapon had an absolute advantage.

In just a blink of an eye, the Evil Child and Saint Child made it to the twentieth step. From this point, their pace slowed down since they were still affected by the pond despite carrying emperor’s weapons.

The Jadewater Queen spoke while watching on the sideline: “Unfortunately, they couldn’t understand even a little bit of the profound mysteries. Otherwise, with the powerful emperor’s weapons and some knowledge, they could go more than forty steps.”

“Twenty… Twenty-one… Twenty-two…” Clear and sonorous counting appeared when the two of them reached the twentieth step. The sacred ground and Insect King Lineage, along with some great powers, were cheering for the two of them while creating pressure for Li Qiye.

This was especially the case when the big characters were speaking; their thunderous roars caused others to be affected. These ghost powers wanted to create a surpressive atmosphere to assail Li Qiye’s psyche.

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