Chapter 54: Yin Yang Sea Of Blood (2)

Zhang Yu’s face was sometimes white and sometimes green. There were important intricacies; he understood this. Five years of sweat and blood was suddenly ruined since he had wasted these five years of cultivation.

“If you can’t decide at the moment, you should go back and think it over. After you have figured it out, you can come find me.” Li Qiye did not force him. One’s road, in the end, had to be walked by the person personally; if he lacked this decisiveness, then wanting to polish a firm Dao willpower would just merely be empty words.

“I, I destroy! I, I will practice the Jade Spiral Merit Law!” Li Qiye had only just finished his words before Zhang Yu had already gritted his teeth and firmly said what he had thought with strong determination.

Li Qiye only nodded his head, and he didn’t say anything else. He told Li Shuangyan, who was standing by his side: “Destroy his cultivation; he will start all over again.”

With regards to Li Qiye, the current Li Shuangyan was without the slightest hesitation, and she immediately took action.

Eventually, Li Qiye had finished examining the cultivation of the disciples. One could say that the majority of the disciples didn’t have any major flaws. The only big flaw was the grave situation of Zhang Yu.

After the Dao examination of all of the disciples, everyone was on track. Li Qiye began to let go, allowing his disciples to self-cultivate, reaffirm their Dao foundation, clear their moral stance, and correct their merit laws. Then, the next step was for them to personally cultivate. Thinking up to this step, Li Qiye had already led the Cleansing Jade Peak on the road of cultivation. He would no longer support them one by one. He would let them go on their own cultivation path; however, once in awhile, he would take the time to pass on the Dao instructions for those disciples.

For countless moons and ages, even Immortal Emperors were groomed by him. Li Qiye was more clear than anyone that no matter how fantastic a disciple’s talents were, if he didn’t let go and held their hand the whole way, then those disciples, in the end, would not be able to grow. He would have no way of holding up a direction by them self! Without experiencing the rain and wind, how could one meet the rainbow?

After letting go, Li Qiye started to focus on his own cultivation. In reality, because of the Dao instructions for the Cleansing Jade Peak disciples, Li Qiye had really slowed down his own cultivation speed.

Currently, Li Qiye was at the Physique Accumulation rank, at the Blood Strengthening stage. Moreover, his Blood Strengthening stage had already reached grand perfection as he stepped towards the Body Tempering stage. To Li Qiye, this was a good time to temper his body one more time.

At this moment, Li Qiye took out an ancient box. If Li Shuangyan was here, maybe she would be able to recognize this ancient box. This was the ancient box taken from the Saint Cavern of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. In fact, the elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, as well as Demon King Lun Ri, did not know what was inside the ancient box. Perhaps even Demon King Lun Ri found it strange that Li Qiye did not select an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, but chose this nameless ancient box instead. What could actually be inside?

In principle, when a disciple reached the Physique Accumulation rank, at the Blood Strengthening stage, the sect would reward them with a Longevity Treasure! However, currently, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had been declining, and their treasure storage was limited. If they had to reward a Longevity Treasure for even the outer disciples, the treasure storage of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect would not be able to handle it!

A Longevity Treasure’s major role was to prolong life and nourish the blood. Longevity Treasures and Fate Devices were the two major treasures of a cultivator; the majority of cultivators all have a Longevity Treasure and a Fate Device! [1]

A Fate Device, whether it was a Life Treasure or True Treasure, its main effects would be to protect the Fate Palace and attack the enemy. Under the majority of situations, only on the battlefield would there be a need for a Fate Device.

A Longevity Treasure was different, it was necessary at any moment. A Longevity Treasure could prolong the life of a cultivator, but it could also strengthen the flesh and strength of its possessor; it could even refine the longevity blood of a cultivator.

A Longevity Treasure, in battle, could also have great effects. When the blood energy was depleted in a battle, one could activate the Longevity Treasure, and in a short time, it could replenish the missing blood energy. It could even provide a burst of strength for the cultivator, increasing his combat effectiveness!

Li Qiye opened the ancient box, and inside the box were two objects, lying down like blood pearls; two drops of blood pearl, seemingly ordinary. They were formed by the condensation of two drops of fresh blood.

However, with meticulous observation, one would find that the two blood pearls seemingly hid an endless amount of blood energy; it was as if they were two huge seas of blood. Plus, these two blood pearls were different, one blood pearl seemingly had a circular Golden Sun, slowly ascending, while the other blood pearl was akin to a circular Mysterious Moon, floating up and down without break!

“Yin Yang Sea of Blood…” He grasped the two seemingly ordinary blood pearls in his palm. Li Qiye gently sighed, reminiscing; the bloody battle that year seemed like it was just yesterday.

That year, Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s grand Dao had been completed, shouldering the Heaven’s Will, commanding countless heavenly generals, and sweeping through the nine heavens and ten earths; nothing could have blocked his path! Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s first battlefield, he became an Immortal Emperor while shouldering the Heaven’s Will, it was an ancient Forbidden Burial Ground with tremendous viciousness!

As the Dark Crow during that moment, his form was becoming unstable; however, he still hoped to see Min Ren’s first battle. To any Immortal Emperor, the first battle was very important; it was an opportunity to refine the Heaven’s Will.

Li Qiye chose an ancient Forbidden Burial Ground for Min Ren! Even though, at that moment, Li Qiye did not personally lead the army; however, he still watched this battle’s murderous scene as the heaven fell and the earth was rended, killing to the point where the sun and moon no longer shined.

That year during this battle, the heaven’s dome was broken, and ten thousand fields were stamped out! In the end, Immortal Emperor Min Ren, with his horse leading the charge, penetrated into the deepest depths of the ancient Forbidden Burial Ground.

That year in the deepest depths of the Forbidden Burial Ground, one of the spoils was this ancient box currently in front of him! That year, Li Qiye was approaching his deep slumber. From his personal perspective, he had hoped that Immortal Emperor Min Ren would use the Yin Yang Sea of Blood to craft an Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasure that belonged to just him.

However, because Immortal Emperor Min Ren had accepted the Heaven’s Will, he had complete confidence in himself. He personally had a Longevity Treasure that was already frightening through the eons, so he was not willing to waste this treasure. In the end, he rewarded the treasure to Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon who exerted the most effort in this battle, as a praise.

Afterward, Li Qiye went into his deep slumber, and he didn’t further inquire on this matter. He assumed that Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon had already used the Yin Yang Sea of Blood to create his own Longevity Treasure, until the moment that he opened the Saint Cavern. He now realized that Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon didn’t use this treasure.

The moment that he opened the door, he finally understood that, when Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon told him to take care of the Nine Saint Demon Gate in the future and that he had left an indescribable treasure within, he was referring to the Yin Yang Sea of Blood.

“Dnggggg” When Li Qiye dropped the two blood pearls into his Life Wheel, his whole body shook. Instantly, there were two seas of blood encompassing his whole Life Wheel. With the blink of an eye, his Life Wheel reddened with bright auras, and it flooded through his entire body.

Within the sea of blood, the highest formidable vital energy came out; instantly, his Life Wheel was on the verge of fragmenting, and the Fate Palace became unstable. Even his physical body suffered from the impact. Countless amounts of vital energy pushed forward as if it wanted to break the body of Li Qiye!

“Bang… Bang… Bang…” At this moment, the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, with the most powerful gesture, pulled the two seas of blood, filled with vital energy, with its utmost potential to bring the vital energy from the seas of blood into the Life Wheel.

If it was any other longevity merit law, it essentially wouldn’t be able to pull this type of vital energy. A small horse can’t pull a large cart as, naturally, the pulling would be unsuccessful. However, the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law was heavenly defying. The stronger the blood energy, the more energy was used to pull even harder. Instantly, the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law had brought a large amount of vital energy into the Life Wheel.

However, the Yin Yang Sea of Blood origin could flood the whole sky. Even an Immortal Emperor would be interested. The Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, at this current cultivation, couldn’t use all of the vital energy; thus, it couldn’t move all of it into the Life Wheel!

Suddenly, monstrous waves of vital energy drowned out Li Qiye’s body and Fate Palace. This extreme vital energy was on the verge of destroying his body and Fate Palace in the blink of an eye.

In this very dangerous moment, Li Qiye’s Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique finally bursted. The sound of “Bang, Bang, Bang” rang aloud as if the heavenly chains of hell were dragged. Each heavenly chain was akin to one million soldiers in power, and each of them suppressed this vital energy that had covered the sky. Using an extremely oppressive presence to forcefully bring the energy into the physical body of Li Qiye, he pressured it into the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique!

Meanwhile, inside the Fate Palace of Li Qiye, the Kun Peng’s Six Variants turned into a gigantic Kun Peng. It opened its mouth and sucked a large portion of vital energy. This swallowing process was as if the Kun Peng could suck in an endless sea. The Dao foundation turned into a Kun Peng, countless vital energies were absorbed, and sent to the True Fate! Instantly, the True Fate inside the Fate Palace became blindingly bright, extremely spectacular!

Under the suppression of the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique, and Kun Peng’s Six Variants, in the end, the two seas of blood inside the Life Wheel of Li Qiye finally calmed down. The two seas of blood combined together into one, one yin one yang, and, like a Yin Yang fish, it swam without breaks inside the sea of blood.

At this time, the Yin Yang Sea of Blood was feeding the Life Wheel of Li Qiye, strengthening him with vital energy. The Life Wheel, in turn, with vital blood, washed the muscles and bones of Li Qiye’s entire body. Each strand of vital blood was spread throughout the bone marrow of Li Qiye; it gave him the feeling of a new body – he was reborn!

Unknowingly, Li Qiye had achieved the stage of Body Tempering. Borrowing the Yin Yang Sea of Blood to refine his vital blood, he then used this to wash his Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique; this caused his Physique to have a minor improvement!

The Yin Yang sea was like the Yin Yang fish, they were moving constantly inside his Life Wheel. At this time, the sea of blood was seemingly calm; however, Li Qiye knew that with his current cultivation, he couldn’t even utilize one part out of the ten thousands of the Yin Yang Sea of Blood! If he could truly activate the heavenly power of the Yin Yang Sea of Blood, this would frighten the heaven and shake the earth, the blood would penetrate the nine firmaments, and the Gods and Demons would tremble!

When Li Qiye withdrew his cultivation, without realizing it, Li Shuangyan was outside of his door. At this moment, Li Shuangyan’s beautiful pair of eyes stared at Li Qiye intensely.

“What devil merit law are you cultivating?” At this point, Li Shuangyan’s countenance was incomparably emotional. She originally was inside her own pavilion sitting down, but suddenly, she felt an ancient and vast vital energy beginning to flow; however, all of a sudden, it disappeared.

This change was only for a moment, but it didn’t escape the heavenly sense of Li Shuangyan; she knew this fluctuation was from the body of Li Qiye.

Because the vital energy and blood energy was too powerful, it raised Li Shuangyan’s suspicion. She thought that he was practicing a devil merit law!

Facing Li Shuangyan’s question, Li Qiye was only smiling, and he then said calmly: “Do I need to cultivate a devil merit law?”

Li Shuangyan, with a surprised look, glanced at Li Qiye for a split moment. In the end, she didn’t inquire any further, and she then turned around and left.

[1] Longevity Treasure and Fate Device are the sub-categories for Life Treasures/True Treasures.

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ImmortalEmperorBao's Thoughts

Since a friend brought this up, when Li Shuangyan was asking if Li Qiye was using a devil merit law, she was implying that he was using an evil technique in order to have such power.  Devil merit law is akin to selling your soul to the devil for great power, almost like a forbidden technique of sorts.