Chapter 532: Opening The Coffin

Chapter 532: Opening The Coffin

“You are insane!” After hearing this, the ginseng was scared out of its mind as it jumped and exclaimed: “Do you even know what it is?!”

“It is not important what it is. What matters is that I want it right now.” Li Qiye cheerfully said: “Which is why I want to suppress the source of the primordial chaos.”

“You won’t be able to!” The ginseng coldly uttered.

“What if I open half of the wooden coffin? I don’t need to suppress it for too long, just one second is enough.”

“Half of the coffin? Are you crazy? Do you think you can survive after that?” The ginseng quickly replied.

“You are wrong. If I really wanted to risk it all, then I would still have a chance of living after opening the entire coffin, let alone half of it.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

The ginseng noticed that Li Qiye was not joking around, so it flew far away from the wooden nest and watched from the distance.

Li Qiye told Lan Yunzhu in a serious tone: “Leave this place and go down the mountain. Don’t come close or else nothing will be able to protect you.”

“Be careful.” Lan Yunzhu quietly said after seeing Li Qiye’s solemn expression. Then, she left without saying anything else.

After watching her get to a safe distance, Li Qiye took a deep breath.

“Boom!” Eleven Fate Palaces appeared. At this moment, they turned into a heavenly radiant kingdom full of spirit energy as if it was about to give birth to a deity.

The kingdom of these eleven palaces was extremely powerful, just like an ancient country with an accumulated power great enough to suppress everything.

He then opened the palace to take out the Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror. Li Qiye very rarely used this defining treasure of the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom. The mirror poured down a Yin Yang universal law and turned into two Yin and Yang fish. The two immortal fish swam by Li Qiye and used the grand dao of Yin and Yang to protect him.

This was far from enough. He also held the Elusive Heavenly Vase. This was the treasure that Immortal Emperor Qian Li left behind for him, something he had been searching for for a very long time.

“Thump, thump, thunk, thunk, thunk!” At this point, the clanking sounds of bronze resounded. Five bronze doors were taken out by Li Qiye. They surrounded him like five bronze walls.

Heaven Sealing Pentagate — another treasure Li Qiye obtained from Qin Guangwang.

“It is a shame that I am not strong enough, or else the pentagate alone would have sufficed.” He said with regret. At this time, he had no choice but to use all of his hidden treasures.

After preparing everything, Li Qiye also kept a drop of Myriad Star Water in his mouth without swallowing it.

“Boom!” In just a second, Li Qiye’s state reached its extreme. It was as if both of his Immortal Physiques had reached grand completion. Two physiques seemed like two True Gods had attached themselves to Li Qiye’s body.

He took a deep breath with one hand holding the wooden coffin and the other preparing to open it at any time.

“Crack!” After everything was ready, the middle of Li Qiye’s forehead suddenly split apart. At this time, his sea of memories appeared. This was a gigantic galaxy without an end. Gigantic Immortal Emperors’ universal laws began to lock the stars in the sky as if Immortal Emperors were on the defensive.

This was Li Qiye’s ultimate defense. After countless blessings from ancient existences and Immortal Emperors, this was his most fundamental possession.

This was his first time using it since it could be said that he was about to risk it all in this venture.

“This… This is too unreal!” The ginseng flying far away gasped at this scene.

Li Qiye had many treasures, and they were all heaven-defying to the point where it completely exceeded the ginseng’s imagination. The moment Li Qiye opened his sea of memories, the True Immortal Medicine in the form of a phoenix lost its mind since it suddenly understood something.

At the same time, Lan Yunzhu walked down the mountain and went very far away to look at the giant wooden nest. She wasn’t hovering in the sky to watch like the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng.

She didn’t want to see nor did she dare to watch. She didn’t hope that something unfavorable would happen to Li Qiye. She had known him for a while, and this was the first time he had such a solemn expression. It must be a heaven-piercing event for Li Qiye to show such a stoic demeanor.

“Rumble!” At this moment, the heaven and earth was eclipsed and the entire world trembled.

It was as if, at this time, Immortal Emperors were visiting the wooden nest, and it wasn’t just one or two. Invincible imperial auras endlessly erupted as if all the emperors came back to life and had descended to this world.

The invincible presence suppressed all existences in the world and forced them to prostrate before its might. At this moment, even the most powerful existence would feel the limit of their being, a realization of their own insignificance.

“This is insane!” The phoenix ginseng’s heart jumped as it quickly landed on the ground and turned back into its true form, rooting itself in place.

“Rumble!” At this moment, it was as if the earth was shattering into pieces. The primordial energy inside the nest shot up for countless miles like a billowing tidal wave ripping apart the firmament in the sky. It was as if this wave wanted to take down the stars.

“Bang—bang—bang!” A series of explosions continuously rang out. The myriad worlds were in fear under this invincible divine aura. It was as if a battle between gods was taking place inside the wooden nest. True Gods had come down to participate, and the Immortal Emperors had finally arrived.

“Boom!” Finally, with a deafening blast, the endless primordial chaos was split apart like an ocean being torn asunder. This energy then drowned the celestials in the sky while even True Gods appeared to be insignificant.

Lan Yunzhu could only quiver under the imperial and immortal breath. She also felt that nothing else mattered in this world at this very moment. The phoenix ginseng’s expression also greatly changed, if it had one of course.

“This guy is crazy! He actually dared to open the coffin!” The phoenix was horrified. Luckily, it didn’t risk it before. If Li Qiye actually opened the coffin back then, then the consequences would have been disastrous.

It knew that the guy opening the coffin could suppress the center of the wooden nest for a short moment, but he himself would be wounded. Opening even half of the wooden coffin would be extremely terrifying; even True Gods would retreat before this display. Despite using countless protective treasures and even his most fundamental backup, Li Qiye was not so sure of his success. If his defensive methods were even a bit lacking, then he would absolutely die without a grave and turn into smithereens!

Some time later, the tranquility returned. Lan Yunzhu stood up as her heart was about to leap of out its cage. She shouted: “Uncle!” Then, she immediately rushed to the top of the mountain.

She ran as fast as she could. She immediately rushed to Li Qiye once she saw him lying next to the edge of the abyss. She was in dismay the moment she clearly saw his situation.

He was like a broken vase on the ground as his body was cracked into numerous pieces, creating a miserable scene.

He was not only cracked but was also roasted by a fire. His whole body was scorched and completely unrecognizable. It was already a miracle that he was still alive in this state!

“You… You… How are you?” Lan Yunzhu didn’t know where to start. She didn’t dare to touch Li Qiye lest he shattered into pieces. Her voice was trembling and on the verge of tears.

“Don’t touch me, I already swallowed some Myriad Star Water.” Li Qiye weakly uttered with a tone as fragile as gossamer.

She calmed down after hearing him speak. At the very least, he was still alive. She didn’t dare to touch him so she quietly stood there, waiting.

After a long period of time, Li Qiye’s body lit up. The wounds fell down like scales just like a snake shedding its skin.

An unknown amount of time passed, and the cracks on his body slowly fused together until there were no more wounds. He eventually stood up but stumbled due to his current feeble state.

“How are you now?” Lan Yunzhu quickly helped him up. She was both happy and scared since she had nearly been frightened to tears earlier.

“Hahaha! I did it!” Li Qiye loudly laughed. Although he was weakened at this moment, it couldn’t stop his excitement as he waved the thing in his hand.

At this time, Lan Yunzhu saw the thing Li Qiye was tightly gripping. It was a very ancient lamp full of rust, making it seem as if it had been thrown away a very long time ago.

This lamp was not eye-catching at all. No one would bother picking it up if they saw it on the streets. However, Lan Yunzhu faintly recalled that when she opened her Heavenly Gaze to look inside the wooden pavilion, it seemed that there was something like a lamp. [2. There is the word Qing in front of lamp, but I don’t know if it is blue or green or even “pure”, without further description. I’ll come back later when there is more information, but for now it is a lamp.]

Li Qiye coughed after his excited shout. Lan Yunzhu quickly rubbed his back and worriedly said: “Watch it, you have only just recovered.”

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