Chapter 531: Threat

Chapter 531: Threat

Li Qiye still didn’t lose his temper even after seeing the phoenix’s arrogant stance. He calmly smiled and said: “I already showed my goodwill by offering to exchange one star water drop with you. At the very least, I’m being a nice and peaceful person. I didn’t wish to force this transaction, so refusing to trade with me is making it very difficult.”

The moment Li Qiye finished his words, a deafening explosion resounded. “Boom!”

The Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng immediately got up and exuded its blinding five divine lights. At this time, it was no longer in the form of a phoenix, it revealed its true form — an extremely gigantic king ginseng. The giant leaves on its body took the form of a phoenix and its roots were big with little thin and long branches.

The moment it revealed its true body, it no longer hid its amazing power. With its five divine lights, it was like a god standing before Li Qiye.

“Thump thump!” Lan Yunzhu, who was standing by the edge, took in a cold breath and was forced back by the invincible and divine aura of the ginseng. The ginseng stood there like a true god, instilling fear and awe into all spectators. Its strength could cause even ordinary Virtuous Paragons to be frightened!

Meanwhile, the dragon roared and a phoenix cried out as they began to dance in the air. The four divine beasts with an incomparable posture began to circle around Li Qiye. The four bronze stallions also neighed then leaped up high, creating beams of lights like a rainbow. These unparalleled stallions had awakened at last.

With its invincible momentum, the chariot blocked the invincible aura coming from the ginseng, so Li Qiye was unaffected by this presence.

Li Qiye simply smiled at the ginseng that revealed its true form. Despite its formidable might, Li Qiye was still standing leisurely on his chariot as if nothing was happening.

“What a pity, you have taken the wrong move and won’t even get the drop of star water.” Li Qiye nonchalantly declared: “Are you aware of this? In an ancient era, a person once captured a True Immortal Medicine root and made tea out of it! You are very strong, but not strong to the point of being invincible. I’m standing here right now with at least five different methods to kill you in a single breath. However, I love peace and do not want to waste a heaven’s creation.”

“Snap!” Li Qiye suddenly had a small coffin in his hand. With a cracking sound, the coffin that was initially the size of a palm suddenly became a regular sized coffin. Li Qiye then held the coffin and slowly said: “Killing a True Immortal Medicine is indeed wasteful and an abhorrent act, right? Then we’ll play a different type of game. Do you believe that I will open this coffin or not? I trust that you know a thing or two about its origin.”

The ginseng retreated after seeing Li Qiye holding the coffin. It seemed that it was very wary of the coffin in Li Qiye’s hand.

Lan Yunzhu was startled and didn’t expect that this coffin would cause the ginseng to be afraid like this.

This coffin was the little coffin Li Qiye traded with Qin Guangwang, and now it had taken on a bigger form.

“Are you threatening me?” The ginseng didn’t open its mouth. Instead, it sent its divine intent forward.

Li Qiye smiled and said while carrying the coffin: “You are right, I am threatening you. Do you want to try me? I trust that I can open a little gap without any difficulty. Although once this coffin is opened, it might be a bit troublesome for me, you will become very pitiful. What do you think is your chance of escaping? I do think that if you can’t get away, then your fate shall be quite miserable. Believe me, this won’t be a pretty ending!”

The ginseng stared intensely at Li Qiye. If it had a face, its expression would definitely be one of ugly anger.

“I have five different ways to kill you, but they are quite complicated and I also don’t want to do so, so let us be straight with each other. I am threatening you with two choices: you can refuse my request or agree with my demand.” Li Qiye cheerfully declared.

Lan Yunzhu didn’t know what to say while standing at the edge. Now she understood that Li Qiye was a hoodlum with the blood of a robber. It was a tragedy for anyone who messed with him!

“What do you want?” The ginseng asked with its divine intent. A True Immortal Medicine was a very powerful existence, but today, it was being blackmailed by an insignificant human cultivator. The worst part was that it had no choice but to acquiesce.

Lan Yunzhu was astonished. She didn’t think that the ginseng would actually accept Li Qiye’s demand. She was quite curious about just what was inside the coffin that could cause the ginseng to feel so apprehensive.

Li Qiye was not surprised with this result at all. He smirked and replied: “If I tell you to follow me, then you surely won’t agree. I am not such an unreasonable person, I am quite humane. If you happily cooperate with me, then I won’t make such an outrageous demand. The same as before, I want five old ginseng roots, but five from the main branch.”

Li Qiye then pointed at the five thickest roots on the ginseng. These huge roots were not like ginseng at all, they were more like lone divine branches. They emitted a dazzling divine light where one sniff of their fragrance would be enough to cause people to flutter.

“You!” The Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng was furious. Surely it would have a reddened countenance from being crazily angered right now if it had a face. It felt that Li Qiye’s demand was too much. These were the five best and oldest ginseng roots it had. The ginseng wouldn’t even accept a drop of Myriad Star Water for just one.

“Think it over. Do you want me to open the coffin? Or do you want to trade the five old ginseng roots for safety?” Li Qiye deliberately added: “Of course, there is another option, and that is to try and attack me. However, I wonder if you have the confidence in breaking my defense in just one move or not? It is not that I’m looking down on you, but you alone will absolutely not break my defense!”

At this moment, the ginseng was gazing at the chariot. Just like Li Qiye had said, it had intended to attack Li Qiye. However, it wouldn’t be able to break through the chariot in just one move, and if it failed to do so, then the result wouldn’t be pretty.

Li Qiye slowly continued: “I’m sorry to say that if you can’t do it with one move, then I will open the coffin. Even a small gap wouldn’t be a good thing for you as you would then understand what a nightmare truly is.”

The ginseng was silent while full of regret. If it knew that it was going to be like this, then it should have just made the deal with Li Qiye in the beginning. At the very least, it would have gotten a drop of star water.

“Take it!” The ginseng plucked the five oldest ginseng roots and threw it over at Li Qiye while expressing its endless rage with the tone of its divine intent.

The five ginseng roots fell into Li Qiye’s hands like five divine branches. King Ginsengs of 3,000,000 years of age or even an Ancestor Ginseng couldn’t compare to a single root of these five.

“I very much enjoyed our transaction.” Li Qiye happily smiled and put away the five old ginseng roots. Although they were only little roots, they were the oldest from the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng. Their medicinal potency was even more frightening than an entire Ancestor Ginseng. As an item coveted by even Immortal Emperors, it was too heaven-defying; the other ginsengs were nothing compared to it.

The Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng ignored Li Qiye. It was quite furious after being blackmailed out of its five oldest roots by Li Qiye. It then turned back into a phoenix and sat in its nest.

Li Qiye then rode the chariot back to the edge and handed one root to Lan Yunzhu before speaking: “For you.”

“For me?” Lan Yunzhu was taken by surprise and stood there dumbfounded. This was not an ordinary item, it was the oldest root of a True Immortal Medicine and an amazing fortune. Even undyings or legendary existences would go crazy for such an item.

This one root alone would cause a war outside in the Nine Worlds since its worth was no less than an emperor’s weapon. For those on the verge of death, it was even more valuable than an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.

“Take it. Perhaps once you reach the top, you will have a use for it. Maybe it will even save your life one day.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Remember, do not tell anyone about it, not even your closest friends and family.”

She took a deep breath and couldn’t contain her excited emotions even after having seen countless treasures. After a long time, she solemnly put away the old ginseng root and said: “Don’t worry, only you, me, and the heaven and earth will know about this.”

She understood the gravity of this matter. A True Immortal Medicine could cause all existences in the world to become crazy. For this thing, even parents and children would turn against each other and masters and disciples would massacre their own!

Li Qiye then shouted at the ginseng in the form of phoenix and said: “Okay, because I am kind, I will remind you to leave this place for now. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee your safety.”

“What are you trying to do?” The ginseng asked with its divine intent.

“I’m about to open the coffin.” Li Qiye smiled and pointed at the wooden pavilion hiding in the primordial chaos at the middle of the nest: “I want to suppress the pavilion since I want the thing inside.”

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