Chapter 524: Lost Alchemy Garden Of The Immortals

Chapter 524: Lost Alchemy Garden Of The Immortals

“No.” Lan Yunzhu glanced at him and said: “Is there such a thing? I’m afraid it doesn’t exist in this world. Even if our patriarch had come to the Prime Ominous Grave, it most likely would’ve only been once. The patriarch wouldn’t have been able to find out the safe and dangerous spots.”

“I’m sorry to say that I came across an old map that had the safe and dangerous spots marked on it.” Li Qiye smiled and added: “I’ll also tell you an exclusive secret.”

“What is it?” Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but ask.

Li Qiye smirked and said: “Gather a lot of antiques, such as old books or maps. Then, your harvest will be completely unexpected. All of my knowledge came from these items.”

“Bah!” Lan Yunzhu looked at him with one eye and said: “Uncle, I’m not stupid. It is fine if you don’t want to say it, but don’t try to trick me. The Prime Ominous Grave is one of the twelve burial grounds, so how could the secrets of this place be contained in old books and maps? If that was the case, then there wouldn’t be any secrets about the twelve burial grounds.”

Li Qiye only laughed and didn’t deny this notion while Lan Yunzhu angrily glared at him.

He took her to a grassy field. It was not large, only around ten acres. There was absolutely nothing here, let alone King Medicines and Sacred Trees. Not even the most ordinary spirit medicines could be found.

In the middle of the field was an old stone tablet that had nothing special about its appearance.

“Uncle, you took me all this way just for this stone tablet?” Lan Yunzhu looked at him and said: “Don’t tell me that there is no secret about this tablet. I won’t accept such an answer.”

Li Qiye took her across numerous streams and hills while ignoring many King Medicines and Sacred Trees. This was definitely not because he had too much time on his hands.

Li Qiye replied with a smile: “You are right, this place is the secret.” Li Qiye took out the Prime Ominous Key. The key was like the unveiling of a decree as dao runes began to move with ancient words emerging on its surface.

“Thunk, thunk, thunk!” These old characters carved themselves into the ancient tablet, causing it to become shiny.

Lan Yunzhu had seen this before back when Li Qiye opened the grave, so after seeing these ancient characters on the tablet, she held her breath in anticipation.

“Clangggg!” The old tablet shifted itself, revealing a door where it used to be.

Li Qiye reached out with his hand and said with a smile: “Please enter. You can now see what true King Medicines are.”

Lan Yunzhu didn’t know what was beyond the door. She took a deep breath and was ready to accept a pleasant surprise. She entered first while Li Qiye followed right behind her.

“Rollll—” After they entered, the tablet shifted back to its initial position, and the door disappeared as well. No one else knew that there had been a door here.

After going inside, Lan Yunzhu’s jaw dropped as she became astonished at the scene before her eyes.

It was too shocking. This place seemed to be a world of its own with plenty of waterfalls and hills. The gentle breeze gave the sensation that it was a paradise.

However, this was not the important part. The crux of the matter was that the vegetation here were not ordinary grasses or trees, they were all incredible King Medicines and Sacred Trees.

“Immortal Phoenix Grass, Galaxy Tree, Spatial Flower, Bewildering Bamboo…” All of these items were written down in the records, but very few people had seen them since the start of time. These immortal grasses and sacred trees were beyond the scope of alchemy. Using these things to refine pills would be wasting the heaven’s creations.

The Immortal Phoenix Grass was like a phoenix gently flying on a branch as it emitted the cries of a phoenix.

Lan Yunzhu looked at it and murmured: “Legend has it that this grass only shows up where an Immortal Phoenix made its nest.”

The Galaxy Tree gently swayed with the wind and had the appearance of stars descending to this world. The body of the tree was not large, but stars kept descending from it as if it was the sky itself.

As for the Spatial Flower, one of its tiny buds began to bloom. The moment it finished blooming, it was as if ten thousand years had passed; the endless time was flowing inside its petals.

Lan Yunzhu wanted to watch the flower bloom, but Li Qiye quickly stopped her: “Don’t watch when it is blooming or else you will grow old along with it. No matter how powerful you are, you won’t be able to stop its withering properties.”

The sacred trees and other immortal grasses here were not simply ingredients, they were extremely terrifying existences. They had the power to cause even Virtuous Paragons to feel dread.

Although all of these kinds of vegetation were before her, even a genius like Lan Yunzhu wouldn't find picking any of them an easy task.

Despite the fact that they had no insect kings or other poisonous creatures protecting them, they themselves had horrifying power no weaker than a Virtuous Paragon.

“Where is this place?” Lan Yunzhu asked with an emotional tone. Seeing any one of these great treasures outside would already be more difficult than reaching the heavens, but from where Lan Yunzhu was standing, immortal grasses and sacred trees could be seen as far as her eyes could see. This shocking matter definitely couldn’t occur in the outside world.

Li Qiye smiled and replied: “It is anyone’s guess as to where this place really is, but you can call it the lost alchemy garden of the immortals.”

“The lost alchemy garden of the immortals…” Lan Yunzhu repeated.

This was the only appropriate name for it. How could any other place have so many rare and precious herbs located in one place? This could only happen in the lands of the legendary immortals.

This garden before her was probably the alchemy garden of the immortals that fell to the mortal world.

Lan Yunzhu calmed down then looked at Li Qiye to say: “The King Medicines growing outside were not the most precious things in the Wood Realm.”

“Correct.” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled: “There is no better place in the Wood Realm than the lost alchemy garden of the immortals.”

Lan Yunzhu suddenly recalled something, then she looked at Li Qiye and asked: “There are five great realms in the Prime Ominous Grave. The Wood Realm is not the only one with a secret grave; this lost alchemy garden is equivalent to the Heavenly Cemetery of the Earth Realm. They are both secret graves, right?”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “You are not stupid. To be more precise, all five realms have their own secret grave.”

Lan Yunzhu then murmured in response: “Legends state that Immortal Emperor Di Yu once entered the Heavenly Cemetery and obtained the method for eternal life. This was how future generations got to know about the Heavenly Cemetery.”

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “The truth is not like that. The key point is that the future generations didn’t know about the cemetery because of Immortal Emperor Di Yu. You will understand later.”

Lan Yunzhu then asked: “The Heavenly Cemetery is at the Earth Realm, then we have the alchemy garden at the Wood Realm. What about the Metal Realm and the Water Realm? If all five realms have them, then so should these two.”

Li Qiye gestured with his hand and said: “This I do not know. It is not like I know everything. If you keep asking me, then who do I have to ask for an answer?”

“Is that so?” Lan Yunzhu skeptically looked at Li Qiye because she was sure that it was not so simple. In her opinion, Li Qiye definitely knew a thing or two. She then had to say: “I got it now. Each secret grave of these realms has to be opened with the Prime Ominous Key! The world does not know that the key doesn’t just simply open the grave.”

Li Qiye flicked her forehead and said: “Smart. You are right, only with the Prime Ominous Key would one be able to enter these secret graves.”

“If you have the key, then how come you didn’t go to the other ones? Like the ones back in the Water and Metal realms?” Lan Yunzhu inquired.

People would go absolutely crazy if they knew this secret. These secret graves were unbelievable; this lost alchemy garden was a prime example. Anyone who entered would surely come out as a rich man.

Li Qiye shook his head with a smile and replied: “Hmm... I don’t know where the other secret graves are located.”

Lan Yunzhu fiercely glared at him and retorted: “Do you think I’m stupid? You even know about the Secret Realm, so how do you not know about the secret graves? Hmph, these secret graves are surely easier to find than the Secret Realm.”

“Okay, okay. Little Girl, you really are not stupid at all.” Li Qiye smiled, then continued: “There are a lot of rules for these secret graves, and it is not as simple as just going and taking the treasures. The secret graves in the Metal and Water realms do not necessarily have the things I need. My first rule for this trip is to find the things that I need, the other stuff will be for when I have enough time. Of course, unless a secret among secrets of the graves appears, I wouldn’t be able to go to all the secret graves.”

“What is a secret among secrets of the graves?” Lan Yunzhu curiously asked. She had never heard of this before, but since it came out from Li Qiye’s mouth, it would surely not be simple.

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