Chapter 52: Immortal’s Teaching Is Only As Good As This (2)

First Elder’s words this time were sonorously powerful and imposingly compelling. It was no longer a question. When he spoke these words, there was no other road; the other elders had to agree.

The aura of First Elder was aggressively frightening, and, in the blink of an eye, it shook the hearts of the other elders. Even Cao Xiong’s expression couldn’t help but greatly change!

The support of the four elders, for the first elder, had been shaken in these last two or three years; however, today, when the first elder suddenly exerted his imposing aura, it made the other elder’s hearts tremor and linger in the middle. It was as if their old brother from that year was now present again. That year, the first elder was the one who made all the big decisions for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. and, that year, the first elder’s imposing aura was just like this.

Cao Xiong’s expression soured; during these recent years, his ambition for the sect master’s seat had not lessened. However, the first elder was downhearted and decadent, this made Cao Xiong not put him in his eyes. After all, he was not necessarily worse than the first elder! If they were to complete for the sect master’s seat, again, the first elder was not his opponent. [1]

Now, the first elder suddenly, and abruptly, started a storm, and this made Cao Xiong once again realize that the first elder was still the pillar of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!

“If older brother thinks that Li Qiye is worth grooming, then I support older brother’s decision.” In the end, Elder Sun, master of Protector Mo, was the first to express his opinion.

The third elder was silent for a moment, and he then finally expressed his view as well: “If older brother truly wants to groom Li Qiye, the let it be so. Hopefully he won’t betray your heart’s blood." [2]

These words were, without a doubt, an agreement to the first elder.

The fifth elder was contemplating as well, and he then said: “This time, I agree with older brother’s decision.”

Suddenly, all four elders agreed to accept this decision. This decision was made, not because of Li Qiye’s merits, but because of the first elder. The four elders faintly felt that the first elder’s ambition had not decayed. They hoped that the first elder could, once again, shoulder the burdens of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Earlier, Cao Xiong had many little calculations in his mind, thinking about how to not let Li Qiye obtain the King Physique paste; however, the sudden reversal rendered all of Cao Xiong’s schemes unusable. It made Cao Xiong startled, and he stood in the same spot, unable to accept the reality.

At the Cleansing Jade Peak, Li Qiye had beaten the three hundred disciples for more than ten days, and he then molded the disciples, regardless of their cultivations and flawed techniques.

To this day, the three hundred disciples at the Cleansing Jade Peak were convinced by Li Qiye in both their words and their minds. Even the arrogant Luo Fenghua, towards Li Qiye, was convinced with both his words and his mind. [3]

Xu Pei became the oldest sister of the three hundred disciples. Xu Pei’s age was higher than Li Qiye by not just a little; however, she was timid and lacked her own opinions. Under the devil-like training in these last ten days, Li Qiye was trying to polish Xu Pei; not only in her incompleted techniques, but also her Dao willpower in order to increase her confidence.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had quickly passed. Today, Li Qiye climbed to his high stand. In reality, Li Qiye didn’t come alone. Serving by Li Qiye was no longer Nan Huairen, but Li Shuangyan.

The truth was, this was not Li Shuangyan’s first time accompanying Li Qiye to the Cleansing Jade Peak. The first time she had visited, there was a large wave within the three hundred disciples. After all, to these disciples who were not officially in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, a heavenly goddess like Li Shuangyan was an existence in the legends.

The descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, princess of the Old Ox country, the heaven’s prideful daughter, and a cultivation genius. Any of these titles was enough to startle these disciples. To some of the disciples, Li Shuangyan was unreachable.

However, under Li Qiye’s instruction, Li Shuangyan recently had been showing up with Li Qiye to the Cleansing Jade Peak more often, making the three hundred disciples slowly accept Li Shuangyan’s existence.

Li Shuangyan was perplexed regarding Li Qiye’s ruthless Dao instructions; however, within a few days of witnessing Li Qiye pointing out their black hearts, revealing the incomplete and flawed techniques of the disciples, and this caused Li Shuangyan’s heart to shake! [4]

She could tell that the Serpent Punishing stick was a magical treasure. However, with just the Serpent Punishing stick, it wasn’t enough for Li Qiye to correctly point out the flaws of many techniques. Without a doubt, Li Qiye grasped the profound truths behind these methods and techniques.

The Cleansing Jade Peak’s disciples weren’t practicing peerless merit laws, but, in order to grasp the profound truths of dozens of merit laws and understand the mysterious arts, was this such an easy thing?

Moreover, many of these foundational merit laws came from the hands of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. The simpler the merit law, the more majestic the aura; to truly grasp the profound truths was not an easy thing.

Without a doubt, currently, Li Qiye had never practiced these merit laws, but he had grasped the profound truths of these techniques! Such a phenomenon was shown by a thirteen year old boy with a Mortal Physique, Mortal Life Wheel, and Mortal Fate Palace; this was truly inconceivable!

Li Qiye, on his high platform, looked at his fellow disciples, and he started to speak: “Today’s lesson is a lecture on the foundational mysteriousness of the Jade Spiral Merit Law. This is one of the most basic merit laws in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, and one third of all disciples practice this merit law. If a disciple does not practice this merit law, they could choose to not listen.”

Currently, Xu Pei was the leader of the three hundred disciples. She suddenly heard Li Qiye’s announcement, and she couldn’t help but exclaim: “Older brother, we… Our lesson today isn’t getting hit?”

Li Qiye beamingly smiled at Xu Pei, and he said: “What, our younger sister is addicted to being beaten? One day without a beating, and your whole body wouldn’t be comfortable?”

“N-no, not at all…” Li Qiye’s words immediately made Xu Pei blush; her face reddened, and she immediately shook her head to deny.

In fact, when Li Qiye had started his lecture, the other disciples were expecting it as well. Li Qiye had beaten them for the last ten days, so they were almost numb to the painful sensation.

With his lecture starting, all three hundred disciples didn’t leave the field, and they stayed to listen in amazement. Currently, the three hundred disciples had absolute faith in Li Qiye. Li Qiye was already able to point out the flaws in their techniques; currently, when he was speaking about profound truths, it definitely would not be worse.

Currently, the disciples had forgotten that Li Qiye’s entrance to the sect was later than them. His talent was worse, and his age was also young. Before they knew it, Li Qiye had become the oldest brother in their hearts; the prime disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

At the moment Li Qiye finally started his lecture, the disciples immediately lost their thoughts, and they listened with great pleasure.

Not mentioning the three hundred disciples, even Li Shuangyan, who was known as a genius and standing next to Li Qiye, was also carefully listening; she would not regain her flippant thoughts for a long time.

The Jade Spiral Merit Law was the most basic merit law of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; it could refine the Life Wheel and Fate Palace, and it belonged to an all-purpose type of merit law. It was well received in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. In reality, this merit law in the sect was not considered confidential or anything. Any disciple could spread this method – even to the mortal world – because this method was too ordinary; it was definitely an all-purpose common merit law.

This type of merit law, in the Grand Middle Territory, was as common as the hairs on an ox. This type of merit law, to the new disciples of many sects, was disdained as beneath contempt.

However, this most rudimentary foundational merit law, today, in the words of Li Qiye, was like the deluge of heavenly flowers and the golden spring rushing forth from the earth. Li Qiye continuously spoke, using simplicity to solve complications and shallow light to enter the profound darkness. From his mouth, profound truths came out in the form of words; this caused listeners to become dazed like they were intoxicated. [5]

If there was a person who was still completely showing conscious towards anything but the lesson, they would wonder whether this was only a rudimentary foundational merit law. The Jade Spiral Merit Law, under the preaching of Li Qiye, had become a true guiding principle of cultivation.

In fact, the Jade Spiral Merit Law was, indeed, a true guiding principle of merit laws. Even though it was coarse, it still contained the blood and thoughts of the human race in the long searched road of the grand Dao.

The merit law was inherited since the Desolate Era. During that era, ten thousand races were trying to find the grand Dao. One could say that the Jade Spiral Merit Law was one of the beginning merit laws of the many immortal sages – from the human race – at the start of their cultivation. Even though it was superficial, but this was an excellent merit law for new beginners. This merit law was fair and honest as well as gentle and mild; it was suitable for laying down the first foundation.

In that year, when Li Qiye and Immortal Emperor Min Ren had built the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, they had taught many disciples this merit law. However, later on, when the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect obtained Emperor merit laws, not many disciples were willing to learn this merit law any longer.

Currently, only the disciples who had not officially entered the sect was willing to study this method! In reality, it was because they had no other choices.

Once Li Qiye had finished his lecture, many disciples had still not regained their wits for a long time. Li Shuangyan was the first to regain her composure, and she couldn’t help but quiver in astonishment!

Li Shuangyan stared at Li Qiye with amazement. The Jade Spiral Merit Law, this ordinary merit law that couldn’t be any more ordinary, she had read it multiple times. For a genius like her, this foundational merit law, she had only needed to read it once to understand the profound truths within.

However, after having heard Li Qiye’s lecture, she immediately thought that her understanding of this merit law, prior, was superficial and shallow. Under the teachings of Li Qiye, this coarse merit law became the general principle of the Dao.

These profound truths, these understandings – this was impossible to imagine. Even her master, Demon King Lun Ri, wouldn’t be able to preach such mysterious truths.

Moreover, these truths of Li Qiye were not unbending and stiff; these truths, from this merit law, in the words of Li Qiye, seemed to say that he was already a grandmaster of this merit law. [6]

How could Li Shuangyan know that, after Li Qiye had read the Jade Spiral Merit law, his memories regarding the method came back? The profound truths of this merit law, it wasn’t only just Li Qiye’s enlightenment throughout the ages, but it was also the combination of the blood and thoughts of countless human race ancestors in the Desolate Era. Li Qiye was simply combining the profound truths of this merit law in one place.

That year, this merit law was considered to be one of the most important foundational merit laws of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s most powerful generals had all practiced this merit law.

Only later, when Immortal Emperor Min Ren had obtained the Heaven’s Will, and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, having an Emperor merit law, was the moment the descendants looked down on practicing this method.

[1] Downhearted and decadent raw texts were 2 idioms, four words each. Heart (became) Ash Mind Cold, Dejectedly Crippled Old Weak were the eight characters.

[2] Heart’s blood meaning expectation.

[3] Another idiom, to be convinced by someone with both their words and their minds is to completely respect that person.

[4] Black heart here meaning her hidden thoughts.

[5] Five four-words proses just in this paragraph.

[6] Unbending and stiff here meant that the content was more or less regurgitated, not natural.

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