Chapter 519 - Most Arrogant Stone Accepts A Master

“Don’t do it, don’t do it, he absolutely can’t do it. Please don’t succeed.” The ghost cultivators were secretly cursing Li Qiye since, at this moment, everyone was hoping for a miracle to occur.

Before, it would be a miracle if the stone accepted a master, but now was a different story; it would be a miracle for the stone to not accept Li Qiye!

This was a stone that didn’t care for an Immortal Emperor and had been tested by countless people in future generations. It would be a miracle of an entire generation if this stone accepted a master. However, Li Qiye had reversed this today. It seemed very natural for the stone to accept him as its master.

Li Qiye went next to the stone and slowly sat down. Everyone had bated breaths as their emotions danced at each of Li Qiye’s actions.

He simply sat down without any flowing blood energy and doing any impressive actions, he only gently stroked the stone.

“Old friend, it has been a while.” Li Qiye smiled and said. His stroke caused the stone to slightly shake, along with the hearts of everyone else.

“Please don’t accept him!” Someone murmured. No one knew who said this out loud, but this was the general consensus in everyone’s minds.

Luckily, the stone only slightly shook once, then it didn’t move again. People heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this; it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off their backs. However, they still didn’t dare to make a sound while intensely watching the peak because they knew that it was not over.

Li Qiye smiled and said after seeing the stationary stone: “Such an arrogant stone, I wonder how long you intend to stay here?”

To everyone’s pleasure, the stone remained quiet. One of the spectators excitedly uttered: “This is a miracle, the heavens have eyes!”

Many people nodded in agreement. The stone not accepting Li Qiye caused everyone to become relaxed and excited.

However, Li Qiye was still very calm. He had a smile on his face with his hands against the ground while gazing at the sky. His demeanor was as if he was speaking with an old friend: “Do you remember when Immortal Emperor Qian Li came? You didn’t accept him. I had always thought that maybe it wasn’t the right time back then, not to mention Immortal Emperor Ming Du before him. But today, I have personally come so the past doesn’t matter anymore, right?”

The stone was still immobile like before. The people on the mountain were still nervously waiting; they didn’t know what Li Qiye was saying to the stone, but they were waiting for a miracle to happen — for the stone to not accept Li Qiye as its master.

“I know you are very arrogant.” Li Qiye said with a grin: “But I’ve seen even grander displays of arrogance, you know? For me, nothing is impossible as long as I truly set my mind on it.”

The stone was still silent, but Li Qiye was not in a rush. He continued on with a cheerful demeanor: “There are too many unbelievable things in this world, such as slaying gods and ending immortals. How do you feel about these matters? Or maybe you feel like massacring gods is nothing? Then how about killing an Immortal Emperor?”

Standing by the side, Lan Yunzhu was very puzzled as to why he was telling this stone these things. Killing gods was already a terrifying thing, but killing an Immortal Emperor? Frankly, this was impossible.

“Or maybe you think that killing immortals and gods is nothing?” Li Qiye smiled and added: “If I want to crush a rock, no matter what kind of rock it is, as long as I am determined… then I think I can find a few methods. Just as you think killing immortals and gods is nothing, with a determined will, crushing a rock is nothing to me as well. If I can’t have it, then even the most precious and priceless item would not be worth a coin in my eyes. Since I can’t have it, why hesitate in crushing it? What do you think about this?”

This time, the stone finally reacted by slightly fluttering.

The distant cultivators from the ghost race felt their hearts beat faster after they saw the rock shake. Many prayed for a miracle: “Please don’t accept a master!”

At this time, Li Qiye cheerfully continued: “Although I am fierce, I am not vicious.” He then proceeded in a calm manner: “I adore talents and treasures, so I won’t crush you today. The heaven and earth took countless generations just to give birth to a stone like you — this indeed was not easy. If I crushed you, it would be quite wasteful.”

Li Qiye then patted his hands after standing up and said: “If you want to continue staying at this damned place for this generation, then I trust that you will be missing out on the most brilliant and colorful era since the start of time. There has never been such an era before, and you would also miss out on the most supreme master across the eons.

“But if you’re content and would rather stay here, then I don’t mind. There are a myriad of weapons in this world, and if I so desire, then even the best weapons will eventually come into my hands. I don’t need you.” With that, Li Qiye turned around to leave.

All the ghost cultivators could finally breathe again. They were all jubilated, and the same applied to the human cultivators. At this minute, they felt as if this was the happiest moment of their lives.

“Hahaha, Li Qiye is only so-so—” A ghost cultivator happily sneered. However, before he could finish, his mouth was opened wide again; it was big enough to fit a goose egg!

“Thump!” Right when Li Qiye turned around, the stone suddenly jumped up into his palm.

“No!!!” Someone miserably bellowed. This howl was sadder than the cry of someone who had just been cut by a knife.

“F*ck, is there no justice in this world?” An emotional genius pointed up towards the sky and cursed: “Heavens, do you not have eyes? Are you just bullying weak people like us? It would still be fine if you gave him all the destiny stones in this world, but just not this most arrogant one! How will we little cultivators live from now on?”

“A miracle didn’t happen. Damn! This world is not fair!” A ghost cultivator exclaimed.

The ghost cultivators were the ones who suffered the biggest blow right now. Li Qiye had upstaged Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui, the two biggest pride of the ghost race. In just an instant, Li Qiye’s brilliance had contributed to the momentum of the human race.

On the other hand, the humans had mixed feelings; they didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. In summary, a myriad of emotions ran rampant in their minds. A human sect master wryly said: “The appearance of a heaven’s proud son like him is indeed a source of pride for us humans. However, such a devilish monster like him will sweep through this generation and rend the path of all the other geniuses. From now on, anyone who wants to reach the peak must surpass this devil first.”

In this short period of time, everyone had different feelings. The human cultivators couldn’t help themselves from becoming jealous of Li Qiye. He was the favored son of the heavens — so unfair.

“This is the right choice.” Li Qiye rubbed the rock and said with a smile. He then put it away while others gazed at him with crazed and reddened eyes.

However, it was meaningless to be jealous of Li Qiye since one couldn’t steal away a destiny stone. Even if it was successfully robbed, the stone would not accept them as its master and would just escape.

“Thump, thump, thump!” All of the destiny stones right below the peak also jumped as if it was the happiest moment of their lives.

The cultivators became quite lost when they saw such a scene: “What is going on?”

“One at a time, no rush, no rush.” Li Qiye smiled and said, then he spread his palm. He took in the majority of the eight and nine accumulations stones as well a portion of five, six, and seven accumulations stones.

He threw back a few eight and nine accumulations stones. Some of the five, six, and seven accumulations stones were unwilling and looked as if they were staring at him in anticipation.

“Go back and grow with time. All of you will have a chance, and your future will not just end here.” Li Qiye said as he waved his hand. Finally, these unwilling stones bounced back to their original places.

In just a moment, the Divine Dragon Mountain became vacant. The eight and nine accumulations stones had almost all been taken by Li Qiye so not too many remained.

This scene broke everyone’s common sense as their eyes almost fell to the ground.

Even Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help herself from becoming astonished. Li Qiye causing all the stones to compete for him was already shocking enough, but she became speechless after he obtained that other stone as well. A devilish genius was indeed different, they were way beyond one’s imagination. And it wasn’t just this, he even took away many stones — this also broke the common convention.

Everyone knew that cultivators could only pick one destiny stone. Even if they were accepted by many, after picking one, the other stones would not follow them.

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