Chapter 517: Arrogant Stone

Chapter 517: Arrogant Stone

Xian Fan reached the top and found that there was a stone the size of a water basin. It was grey without any sheen and completely inconspicuous like a random pebble on the street. If this stone was located at a different location, no one would give it a second glance.

Due to its ordinary appearance, nobody would think that this stone was very precious.

“Is this stone really as magical and amazing as what the legends say?” It wasn’t just a couple people who had this thought since many felt that it was quite out of place in relation to its myths.

“Yes it is.” An older person said: “Not to mention anything else, so many have failed already, not just the group of Sir Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui. Two days prior, an ancestor of the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom came and wanted to forcefully take it away, but he couldn’t move it at all.”

Having heard this, the group gasped and asked for confirmation: “Even an All-Eras ancestor couldn’t move it?”

The ancient kingdom had two emperors so its ancestor must be very brilliant as well. An ordinary ancestor from a regular great power couldn’t compare with him. However, even an amazing person such as this couldn’t move this stone one bit — this was a very horrifying thought. The ancestor was for sure a Virtuous Paragon, but he still failed to move this ordinary stone.

“Is that stone really so heaven-defying?” Lan Yunzhu had dual saints talents and was very sensitive, but she still couldn’t feel any special aura emanating from the stone.

Li Qiye looked at the stone and replied with a smile: “If you can obtain it, any price would still be worth it. This unique stone is different from all the other stones. Even the prosperous eras of the past would find it difficult to give birth to a stone like this. Immortal Emperor Ming Du tried to forcefully take it away, but he was not successful either.”

“Even the emperor failed after using force?” Lan Yunzhu’s heart sank. She asked once more: “The tales indicate that emperors are the only existences that can forcefully take destiny stones away — is this not true?”

“No, this is correct.” Li Qiye nodded his head and said: “However, this is not an easy thing to do. If an emperor does so too often, they would suffer a backlash. This stone over there may be unique, but if an emperor risks their life, maybe they would be able to take it away. However, the price is too high.”

At this time, Xian Fan was sitting at the top with one hand placed on the stone. His blood energy circled around his hand in the shape of a dragon and phoenix. Although this energy was not very dense, the roars caused people to palpitate. It felt like a divine wave smashing them into the air. Xian Fan’s blood energy was indeed too powerful.

These waves of energy caused others to lose their colors. No wonder why Xian Fan could fight evenly against Di Zuo.

This blood energy from his palm eventually descended on the stone, aiming to harmonize with it. However, this stone spared him no face and shot this blood energy right back at him.

Nevertheless, Xian Fan was a brilliant talent and he did not give up very easily. His energy surged as a true dragon shot out from his palm while an immortal phoenix circled his wrist. The aura of the phoenix and dragon were extremely domineering. If this aura erupted, then even the sky would collapse and the stars would fall.

Such a mighty and aggressive gesture caused others on the mountain to change their expressions. Xian Fan’s power was enough to reign over the younger generation.

Thunderous rumbles resounded as the entire mountain shook. The blood energy that danced on his hand was extremely aggressive; it smashed into the stone like a flood. Xian Fan wanted to harmonize his energy with the stone.

Another loud bang came out as if the world was blown apart. Although Xian Fan’s blood energy was overbearingly mighty, the backlash from the stone was even more heaven-defying. Xian Fan was forced to take several thumping steps back.

Because of the armor he adorned, one couldn’t see Xian Fan’s expression. However, everyone could imagine his shocked expression. It was probably just like the rest of the spectators: “Amazing, that stone is really amazing. A heaven’s proud child like Xian Fan would probably be happily accepted by a nine accumulations destiny stone, but that rock denied him.”

A ghost cultivator nodded his head and commented: “Sir Di Zuo’s true fate weapon was refined from a nine accumulations destiny stone. I heard that he was chosen by two nine accumulations stones, then he picked one afterward. Sir Di Zuo really wanted this stone, but unfortunately, he was rejected as well.”

“What a shame.” The human cultivators were quite disappointed at Xian Fan’s failure.

Meanwhile, the ghost cultivators heaved a sigh of relief because both Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui had failed before this.

If Xian Fan had been successful, then it would be the same as slapping the face of the entire ghost race. This would have meant that the most powerful genius of the ghost race was not equal to that of the human race.

Xian Fan couldn’t help but become dejected after failing to gain the stone’s recognition. He didn’t linger for long and he didn’t care to look at the other nine accumulations stones before leaving either.

“Uncle, it is our turn.” Lan Yunzhu smiled and said to Li Qiye.

“Oh? You also want that stone? But I feel like you don’t have a chance, and this is not just me looking down on you. That stone is very arrogant.” Li Qiye smilingly responded.

Lan Yunzhu let out a light and charming smile and said: “Uncle, nevermind that stone. Although I am conceited, I do not think that I am better than an Immortal Emperor. I’m more interested in that other stone you talked about earlier.” Lan Yunzhu then tilted her head in a playful manner and looked at Li Qiye to say: “Uncle, do you dare to bet on you getting the approval of that stone as well? You are a person full of confidence, right? Let us see if you are better than Di Zuo, Tian Lunhui, and Xian Fan by getting that stone’s approval.”

Li Qiye’s interest was piqued as he narrowed his eyes to say: “If that stone accepts me as its master, what will you do?”

“Uncle is boasting again.” Lan Yunzhu showed off another graceful posture and smilingly responded: “Rather, you should phrase it as what you will do when you lose.”

“If I lose, then I will give you an amazing item worthy of someone like you.” Li Qiye grinned and continued: “However, if you lose, then undress tonight so I can have a look.”

Lan Yunzhu chuckled and said while being slightly flustered: “Perverted Uncle, wait until you win, then we can talk!”

Lan Yunzhu turned around and went towards the top. After taking several steps, she wanted confirmation so she turned back to ask: “Do you dare to take this bet, Uncle?”

“Sure, you think I’m afraid of you?” Li Qiye chased after her and the two walked shoulder-to-shoulder up the mountain. This attracted the gazes of many others. Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu had been staying at the base for a very long time, so this sudden climb garnered quite a bit of attention.

One person speculated: “Could it be that Li Qiye and Fairy Lan also want to give the stone at the top a try?” This was reasonable because anyone who came here would want to give it a shot. Lan Yunzhu had even more reasons to do so. She was the river sect’s descendant and someone with dual saint talents; her talents had been discussed and praised by others for a very long time.

Recently, Li Qiye had also become famous for his ferocity and how he was quickly catching up to Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui. He was a gifted genius, so it was not strange for him to want to give it a try.

A ghost cultivator sneered and said: “Hmph! That Li guy has no chance of success. How could he be better than the likes of Sir Di Zuo? And even if he is Sir’s equal, Li Qiye absolutely will not be able to surpass him! Sir Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui had both failed, and even your human race’s Xian Fan failed as well. That Li guy certainly can’t do it!”

This was not the ghost race being conceited. It was just that their most wonderful geniuses had tried and failed, and the same goes for Xian Fan. They didn’t believe that Li Qiye could do it and felt that no matter how powerful he was, at best, it would be on par with Di Zuo. This was already a high evaluation for him.

Meanwhile, the human cultivators hoped that Li Qiye would be successful. Alas, they didn’t have too much hope. Outside of Chan Yang, all the best geniuses in the Sacred Nether World had tried to gain the approval of this stone. None of them had succeeded, and the human cultivators didn’t feel like Li Qiye could surpass all of them either.

From the halfway point of the ridge and up, all the destiny stones were above the Existence level. There were even nine accumulations stones when Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu got there.

Standing at the juncture, Lan Yunzhu said with a wide smile to Li Qiye: “Uncle, ready? Let us see which one of us is more popular.”

[spoiler title='517 Teaser']Xian Fan reached the top and found that there was a stone the size of a water basin. It was grey without any sheen and completely inconspicuous like a random pebble on the street. If this stone was located in a different location, no one would give it a second glance.

Nobody would think that this stone was very precious due to its ordinary appearance.

“Is this stone really that magical and amazing like what the legends say?”[/spoiler]

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