Chapter 514: Dragon Mountain’s Destiny Stones

Chapter 514: Dragon Mountain’s Destiny Stones

“All right.” Li Qiye teased her and said: “Because you are my fiancee, I will lend you a hand. If I can find a dao fusion destiny stone that is suitable for you, how will you repay me? With your body?” Li Qiye then gently touched her chin.

Lan Yunzhu gave him a charming glance and coyly smiled to say: “Uncle, do you want to be an old ox who eats young grass? My standard is very high, and you might not be the type that I like.”

Li Qiye flicked her forehead in response and said: “Girl, keep teasing me and I’ll really taste you completely.” Li Qiye’s words made her blush; she could only give him a scornful glare.

They then went to the mountain. Below their feet were bright destiny stones of different shapes and colors.

The two began to look at each of these stones. Some of them had the shape of burning metal while others looked like multi-faceted jewels. One that was more exceptional took on the appearance of a piece of Soaring Immortal Sacred Gold…

Although they were called Destiny True Stones, they were not pieces of rock. There were indeed some that looked like stones, but the majority of them were sacred metals.

Stepping on so many destiny stones caused the hearts of many people to beat faster; they were full of desires.

Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu weren’t the only ones at the Divine Dragon Mountain at the moment, many cultivators gathered here. Some were alone while others were in groups of three or five. There were even entire sects who came together just to test their luck.

Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu’s arrival caused many people to turn their gaze towards them: “Fierce Li Qiye and Fairy Lan of the Thousand Carp River...”

There was no need to elaborate on Li Qiye since his notoriety has recently been on the rise. With his demonstration of one battling tens of thousands, any ghost — including the big shots — would be wary when they saw Li Qiye.

It was the same for Lan Yunzhu. She was a famous beauty in the southern Distant Cloud and even the entire Sacred Nether World. She was the descendant of the river sect with dual saint talents, causing her fame to spread far and wide. Some people considered Lan Yunzhu and the Phoenix Maiden to be the two heaven’s proud daughters of the Sacred Nether World.

Lan Yunzhu had many admirers in these parts, so it was particularly intriguing when she came here with Li Qiye.

“Could it be that Fierce Li Qiye and Fairy Lan are both here to test their luck?” Someone commented after seeing the two of them.

A ghost cultivator who didn’t like Li Qiye sneered: “Pah, a human like that Li fella would, of course, come here to test his luck. People like him always want easy fortune.”

A human cultivator didn’t like these words and retorted: “Your Di Zuo is also the same. Just earlier, he also came here to test his luck.”

The ghost cultivator only scowled since he had no comeback.

Lan Yunzhu stepped on a bunch of destiny stones. Although only stones with four accumulations or less were here at the lower part of the ridge, it was a shame to not bring them back. Moreover, it was easy to do so since one didn’t need their acceptance.

Lan Yunzhu felt that it was a waste to ignore them, so she crouched down and picked up a few to bring back. Even if she didn’t use them, she could give them to the ordinary disciples back at the river sect.

However, Li Qiye stopped her from doing so. He shook his head and said: “We don’t need to waste time on these types of destiny stones. Also, this place is the Prime Ominous Grave; things here cannot be taken away so easily, especially at the Divine Dragon Mountain. These Existence Destiny Stones have Metal-eating Insects guarding them. They are currently hiding below these stones, so if you take them, these insects will fly out.”

Lan Yunzhu shuddered after seeing so many stones down on the ground and took a deep breath to ask: “Then all of these stones have Metal-eating Insects watching them?” At this time, she realized that they were not only standing on top of destiny stones, but also a monstrous insect nest. Maybe this entire mountain was their lair. Her scalp tingled at the thought of standing above so many insects.

Li Qiye saw through her expression and replied with a smile: “Don’t worry, if you don’t take away destiny stones with four accumulations or less, then the insects will not take the initiative to attack you.”

Having heard this, she breathed a sigh of relief since she had seen first-hand these terrifying insects. A few were manageable, but a swarm of them meant big trouble.

The majority of visitors didn’t come to this mountain for Existence Destiny Stones. After all, they were still relatively easy to find outside. People didn’t want to waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for ordinary destiny stones.

Cultivators didn’t stop at the base of the mountain and instead traveled to the middle ridges, aiming for stones with four or more accumulations. Some were even here for the nine accumulations stones.

A sect master led a group of disciples forward and ran all the way to the top. The sect master told his disciples: “Time is precious. First look for good destiny stones to see if any Deity Destiny Stone will recognize you.”

On their way up, a disciple noticed all these Existence Destiny Stones paving the way and felt that it was too much of a waste, so he couldn’t stop himself. However, the sect master noticed this right away and scolded him: “Little demon, come. Don’t waste time here and put your own life in danger! Existence Destiny Stones will have Metal-eating Insects guarding them! It is not worth your life!”

Under the sect master’s leadership, they all made it to the ridge safely. The disciples then began to look for Grand Form and Deity level stones that were suitable and would accept them.

Of course, there were also those who were tired of living. An old Heavenly Sovereign came to the Divine Dragon Mountain and his eyes immediately lit up. He then said with a sly smile: “I intend to create a sect so this many stones is just right for me.”

He then swung his sleeve to pick up dozens of destiny stones, but at the same time…

“Buzzz!” A bunch of Metal-eating Insects flew out from the ground.

This old sovereign snorted with extreme confidence as he spewed out a bunch of Extreme Yang Fire from his mouth. In the blink of an eye, these surging refined flames incinerated many insects. He then boldly proclaimed: “Insignificant insects!”

With that, he suddenly took out a bottle and opened it to suck up all the destiny stones.

“Buzzz!” However, this time, a Metal-eating Insect bigger than a thumb flew out.

Knowledgeable cultivators that were nearby became alarmed the moment they saw this insect: “Oh god, it is a Metal-eating Insect King!”

This old man confidently sneered: “This little insect dares to act so cockily?” He wanted to spew out more Extreme Yang Fire, but an abrupt scream came out instead: “Ahhh!”

The Insect King ignored the Extreme Yang Fire and penetrated the old man’s body in an instant.

“Crack crack!” This old man was devoured by the insect without a bone remaining.

This scene shocked everyone. A Heavenly Sovereign had no power to fight back against a Metal-eating Insect King — how frightening was this?

It wasn’t until the insect king crawled back into the ground that the aghast cultivators approached the area.

“Hahaha, this is the result of arrogance.” One cultivator quipped: “Two days ago, an amazing Heavenly King dug out a divine stone and met an insect king. This insect king ate him completely, yet a Heavenly Sovereign still dares to oppose one?”

Another pale cultivator recalled: “These insects are too ferocious. I heard that four Heavenly Kings from the Nether Crossing Swamp combined their strength yesterday to open a sealed cave, and they also met an insect king. The four of them ignored the treasures and fled instantly.”

After seeing the fate of this Heavenly Sovereign, the rest of the cultivators didn’t dare to touch any of the Existence Destiny Stones anymore. Losing one’s life for these destiny stones was not worth it.

However, such a scene was only the prelude. People calmed down and once again rushed to the mountain to find their own destiny stones.

At this time, someone found success. A young cultivator excitedly exclaimed: “Hahaha! I got a six accumulations destiny stone!” He then placed his hand on the stone. It was as if the stone had its own life; it jumped up several times and the cultivator immediately took it away.

Another young cultivator got pretty lucky and was accepted by three destiny stones, all of which were jumping alongside him. He was quite hesitant since he didn’t know which one to pick.

His master happily stroked his beard after seeing his disciple being accepted by three stones and said: “Hu Zi’s talents are really good for you to be accepted by three stones at once. One of them is even a six accumulations stone!”

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