Chapter 509: Obtaining The Treasure

Chapter 509: Obtaining The Treasure

Nightsea was known to only have Yang Nightfish, so the existence of this turtle was already amazing in itself. This turtle definitely had to be a creature with intelligence. After hearing Li Qiye, it immediately nodded.

“That’s good, I like sensible people.” Li Qiye said as he smiled. Li Qiye then solemnly took out a bottle and carefully poured a drop of Myriad Star Water. The small bottle of Myriad Star Water had been used several times already, so now Li Qiye treasured every single drop.

“You… You are too wasteful! You are feeding a turtle Myriad Star Water!” Lan Yunzhu’s heart was bleeding. This was not her first time seeing Li Qiye’s wasteful extravagance. Back at the Thousand Islands, he had done something similar, but now, it was ridiculous to the point where he actually fed a turtle this valuable water.

She painfully said: “Do you not feel any remorse for doing so? Do you know how valuable this water is? This is something even Immortal Emperors desire, yet you are giving it to a turtle! You… have gone too far!”

“What? This... Is the legendary Myriad Star Water only meant for Immortal Emperors?” The daoist stammered after hearing this. He couldn’t help but stare in a daze with his tongue tied.

He had only heard of this supreme celestial item while other people actually questioned its existence. One drop of Myriad Star Water was even more valuable than a drop of emperor’s blood. And now, Li Qiye had actually fed this turtle an item more valuable than emperor’s blood!

If this sort news were to be spread, countless people would be frightened to death. Some would definitely question the legitimacy of such a statement.

“This is way too luxurious, way too prodigal...!” After a long time, the daoist finally managed to utter one sentence. He wouldn’t have believed such a thing if he didn’t see it with his own eyes. He had seen extravagant spending before; some who hailed from emperor’s lineages would use Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades as their pocket change.

However, those people were nothing compared to Li Qiye. Using Myriad Star Water to feed a turtle — who could be more wasteful than him? Being wasteful to such an extent was beyond literary description. A drop of Myriad Star Water could reverse life and death in a last-minute situation. Such a precious item was a priceless treasure.

Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “The turtle requires Myriad Star Water to stimulate its potential. Otherwise, it can’t go into that place.”

The turtle knew that this drop of water was good stuff, so it stuck out its tongue and sucked in the water without wasting any.

“Buzzz!” The moment it swallowed the liquid, the flames erupting on its body became even stronger. The universal divine chains intertwined with the fire as if they were about to become an immortal chapter.

In the blink of an eye, these chains covered the entire turtle as if it was a turtle shell.

“Is it worth it? A drop of star water is even more precious than emperor’s blood.” After seeing the turtle taking in the water, Lan Yunzhu asked.

“Completely worth it.” Li Qiye nodded his head instantly and replied: “If I can obtain this creation, then it would absolutely be worth it.”

“If? Only if?” Lan Yunzhu glared at him and said: “Do... Do you know what the word ‘if’ means?”

It wasn’t as if Lan Yunzhu had never seen treasures before. On the contrary, since she came from the Thousand Carp River and was its descendant, she had seen many unparalleled items. However, one drop of star water was not something just anyone could get. One could negotiate with emperor’s lineages for emperor’s blood, but the star water couldn’t be bought even with money.

Using the star water to make a gamble was too grand. The daoist shuddered; witnessing such decisiveness was quite rare.

Li Qiye smiled and responded: “It shouldn’t be a problem unless something unexpected happens.”

Lan Yunzhu angrily glared at him and said: “You should have just given it to me instead of wasting it like this.”

Li Qiye retorted by pointing at his lips and teased: “If you kiss me, then I can think about giving you a drop of star water.”

Her face was immediately flushed red as she angrily cursed: “Go to hell! Shameless!”

Li Qiye only laughed in response. Then, with a buzzing sound, ten palaces appeared and slowly opened. A tree branch appeared from within one of the palaces.

“Ten palaces...” The daoist absent-mindedly murmured after seeing the ten palaces above Li Qiye’s head.

The news of Li Qiye having nine stars and ten palaces had already been spread everywhere, but seeing it was completely different from just hearing about it. Witnessing it with his own eyes left the daoist shaken.

At this point, the withered stump that resembled a hand flew out of one of Li Qiye’s Fate Palaces and fell onto the turtle’s back. Its branches then seemingly turned into tentacles and latched onto the turtle’s body.

The turtle had a shell made out of divine chains and a withered trunk that looked like a hand, so its appearance became quite strange. The daoist and Lan Yunzhu didn’t understand the logic behind this combination.

“Why did you put the branch on the turtle’s back?” She then curiously asked. She had seen this withered trunk before, back when Li Qiye obtained it on the islands. At that time, he used a precious young leaf and grinded it into a liquid in order to obtain this tree trunk.

Seeing the dried trunk with little shoots full of life, Li Qiye smiled and replied: “The turtle is the guide. No one can enter this Secret Realm’s lake. Only death awaits those who fall in, but an existence like this Yang Night-turtle is able to survive. Of course, the turtle itself can’t take the item, so it requires the tree trunk to be accepted by the Secret Realm.”

The daoist, who was skilled in calculating, recognized that this tree trunk was extraordinary, so he curiously asked: “What kind of divine tree is this dried tree?”

For it to be accepted by this Secret Realm, this tree trunk must have a heaven-frightening origin.

“At the very least, it is a divine tree that you cannot calculate or else you will suffer the heaven’s punishment.” Li Qiye said with a grin.

Li Qiye then let go of the turtle and patted its back: “Go, help me get that thing and you will be free.”

The turtle then crawled into the lake and instantly disappeared below the surface.

Li Qiye sat by the lake and calmly watched the water. Although he had a relaxed demeanor, his intense gaze towards the lake showed that he was very serious.

Lan Yunzhu sat next to him and looked at the lake as well. She didn’t dare to speak; it was as if she thought that speaking would disturb the existence in the lake.

Previously, the daoist had read Li Qiye’s palm and was scared out of his wits. Now, Li Qiye’s seriousness made him wonder what the defining treasure of this place could be. What item could make him so solemn?

Time passed by, but the lake was still very calm. It was as if nothing had happened, as if the turtle had dived down and escaped.

After a long period of time, Lan Yunzhu became worried and quietly asked: “Could it be that the turtle has run away?”

“I’m not worried about it escaping.” Li Qiye shook his head and continued: “Even if it was ten times more courageous, it still wouldn’t dare to flee from me.” His eyes were still fixated on the water.

“What is the defining treasure of this place?” She inquired once more. Lan Yunzhu believed that Li Qiye’s horizons were wide; an ordinary treasure wouldn’t be able to tempt him. Something capable of such a deed must be unique in this world.

Li Qiye hesitated for a bit before eventually answering: “I don’t know.” After pausing, he added: “I hope that it is what I think it is, I really hope so.”

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but become surprised at this answer. His hesitation spoke plenty since it was quite rare to see such an expression on his face. He was not the indecisive type, but now, he was not certain and was lacking confidence.

This was something Lan Yunzhu had never seen before. Even when he said he wanted to destroy the Myriad Bones Throne, he was still full of absolute confidence!

However, this time was different. What was it that made him so unsure?

“Boom!” The entire Secret Realm shook as if something was affecting it. This caused the lake to ripple with waves while water shot up high and splashed everywhere.

“Success!” Li Qiye became ecstatic. He stood up to gaze at the rippling water.

Lan Yunzhu and the daoist became nervous as well. They stared at the surface, waiting for the turtle to appear.

After a good while, the surface calmed down as the waves receded, then the turtle finally emerged and swam to the shore.

It was apparent that the turtle was greatly fatigued; even a single step took all of its strength. The turtle shell created by universal laws had been completely shattered and cracks were visible on its body. Although it had swallowed a drop of star water, its wounds still didn’t quickly heal.

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